Carrie Underwood: ‘Fiance Would Love me Even if I Got Fat’

Monday, April 19, 2010

Carrie UnderwoodCARRIE Underwood isn’t worried about putting on weight — she’s adamant her hockey hunk fiance will love her no matter what her size.

The award-winning singer — who’s engaged to Ottawa Senators star Mike Fisher — insists she watches what she eats and takes care of herself, but is adamant it wouldn’t be an issue for her future husband if she started piling on the pounds.

“Mike would love me if I weighed 800 pounds,” Carrie told OK! magazine at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas Sunday.

“I’m taking care of myself, which is what I always hope to do for anything. I constantly have events coming up, whether it’s ACMs or other awards shows or some television appearance.

“I’m always trying to be my best — not just to look my best, but to feel my best, too. I’m on tour right now, so I have to keep myself healthy and take care of myself. It will be more of that.”

Carrie then spoke about her time as a contestant on American Idol.

“Whenever I was on Idol, I was just hoping to stay there for another week,” she said. “That was as far as my calendar would go. I don’t think anybody could’ve possibly predicted any of this. Just because you’re on Idol or you win Idol doesn’t mean you’re an instant superstar.

“There’s a lot that goes into it, and a lot of it has to do with luck. A lot of it has to do with luck and fans and God. There’s a lot of different factors.”


  • OldGoat34

    I doubt Carrie should bank on Mike not Caring all men want their wives to stay Healthy and attractive.and for most of us excess weight isn’t attractive or Healthy.Thankfully Carrie is a Vegetarian so that will help as will her fitness routine.Plus I don’t think she’ll want to put it on except for babies anyway.

  • Zorin

    Love me..lets even see if they make 4 years of marriage.

  • Matt

    Totally agree with you, Zorin :D