Jessica Simpson ‘Drinking Too Much’

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jessica SimpsonJESSICA Simpson has started to party like she’s 19 again — and her friends and family are worried sick.

The single singer/actress/realty TV star is said to be drowning her sorrows with booze.

Sources say the frumpy 29-year-old has been downing whiskey and is piling on the pounds again.

“Jess seems really depressed right now,” dished one insider. “I think she’s drinking way too much and eating terribly. We’re really worried for her.”

The pal said Jess started on a downward spiral when her brief romance with rocker Billy Corgan hit the skids.

“When it didn’t work out between them, Jess started feeling bad about herself again and she seems to be drinking way more than usual,” dished the insider.

“Jessica is a beautiful, intelligent girl but her confidence is shot. She needs to look on the brighter side of things and realize the answer lies within — not in the bottom of a bottle.”


  • anonymous

    What do you people do? Recycle same old crap from last year or what.There has been nothing on booze & drinking for a very long time or any pics That show Jessica as drinking etc. Big deal she has a drink at a dinner table. Whoa so she has a glass of wine. This so called source of yours is on crack so print that cause this story is garbage & Billy is a man playing in a boys world with some young chick old enough to be his daughter or pretty soon granddaughter.

  • alli

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  • anonymous

    I think the same garbage got drudged up last year about same time & same month.. Had to look in the archives for this one Im sure..
    Such garbage.