Kristen Stewart Vs Keira Knightley!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Keira KnightleyKRISTEN Stewart is facing competition from British beauty Keira Knightley.

Keira is said to be top choice with Twilight teen Kristen to replace Angelina Jolie as the new hitgirl on Wanted 2.

“As soon as Angelina declared herself out of Wanted 2, Keira was in the running,” says a movie insider.

“The producers feel she and James McAvoy can bring the same kind of chemistry to the project as they had on Atonement. Kristen is the other choice but it would be very much a different dynamic.

“One of them look certain to get the role.”

Angelina’s character, Fox, was killed off at the end of the first film, but director Timur Bekmambetov had previously told of his plans to bring her back in the second installment.

“We know how to do this, but it’s still tough to do, because there is a bullet inside her head,” he said.

“But there has to be a reason for her to come back — and we know the reason. I think we found the reason for her to come back.”

Kristen is scheduled to film the fourth Twilight film, Breaking Dawn — which will be released in two parts — around October this year; although the film’s producers have not yet specified a start date for shooting, which has affected actors involved with which other projects they are able to take on.



  • To Webmaster Adam

    STOP HARASSING STEWART! Can you live one day without putting that innocent, hard working girl on your board with your offensive and vile comments? Why ? To encourage attacks by your cronies and ‘In – staff – haters? The DOG BREEDERS commenting on recent movie releases?
    Did they run out of shitting space ? ? Why don’t you just open a special column for them?

    How about this title.
    Kristen Stewart v. Mather Theresa
    Better yet: Kristen Stewart vs. Princess Diana,
    Or Kristen Stewart vs. world peace .
    Or Kristen Stewart and the real reason to Volcano eruption up north.

    • Bev

      Adam firstly, if I’m one of the in staff haters I want to know where are my wages??
      You have a real thing about dogs and sh*t don’t you??
      I’m presuming Mather is Mother and you seem to have picked two dead people for KS to go up against so even you musn’t have much faith in her, you should be giving the opposition a fighting chance at least by being able to breath. With the expressions on KS’s face I don’t rate her chances on world peace and I’m sure Iceland love to know that they are known as ‘up north’.

    • Katie

      Mother Theresa,Princess Di,Kiera knightely,the real reason the volcano erupted up north beat KS hands down every time. Sorry but they do. :grin:

    • Katie

      Webmaster-I have a question.If you are not supposed to write gossip for a gossip column then what are you supposed to write? The weather? :lol: With the people that leave comments like Comment #3 you should rewrite it with corrections just to piss the person off. :lol:

  • So BS

    Kristen is not interested in this movie. It was one of the offers she got. Interesting, that you bring her so often with made up stories. She is very private and non scandal producing. You must dig really hard to find anything on her.
    There are many celebrities you can comment on, who are just begging for your attention . Why her? How about Kate Gosslin?? Always ready for a show.
    You should not compare the people. It creates hostility. Unless that is your aim.

  • Viruses here, here

    VIRUSES, ROACHES COME OUT. There is a fresh board for YOU. Ready to shit on.
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    Dog breeders, it’s time for movie reviews.
    Pick up your courage and cunning power.

    • Bev

      I think you will find that you commented first so who’s waiting for who??? And the only hater on her so far as been you.

    • Katie

      @comment at 12:35 pm-Your here early.You got up at 6:35 am if you live in the US to spread the love of yours.Learn to spell.I think you meant to spell it “towards”. Do you get your point across by typing some in caps and some in lower case.Don’t blame it on the computer when the computer is smarter than you. :lol: :cool:

    • Katie

      Bev-Hey girl.Any new songs? The person who left the ocmment can’t spell,uses vile language and doesn’t make sense half the time. They are sure making their point. :lol: They complain that the webmaster is writing gossip for a gossip column,if your not supposed to write gossip what are you supposed to write :?:

      • Bev

        I haven’t seen any but I still haven’t seen the ones you talked about yesterday either, maybe I need glasses :lol:

      • Bev

        personally Katie I think some people just sit there twiddling their thumbs thinking where can I go and who can I let out my anger on.

  • Amy

    Did we just had a board like that a day ago? Comparing Stewart to Angelina J.?

    • Bev

      If you look just a little further up this board you will see the other boards that have been recently done, they’re written in red :)

  • Ashleigh

    OMG keira knightley cannot be compared to kristen stewart lol!!! keira is a terrific actress, she was fab in pride and prejudice and atonement, and deserves an oscar!!

  • Whatever

    Keira is by far one of the best actresses in the world. To put these two names together in any fashion is like oil and water. The oil is the matted greese from Kristen’s nappy hair.

    • Bev

      Kiera is a great actress and your right about oil and water :)

  • dane

    i think kristen is just too young to portray the role but then after i saw her previous movies i think she can do this she is amazing especially in cake eaters,keira is also a good actress ive seen pride and prejudice and atonement,but i love to see kristen doing some chick flicks i think most of her movies were indie films.

  • Katie

    I think Kiera Knightely should get the role.Isn’t the role for an action movie :?: We all know that a certan person is a little clumsy. That would cost the movie alot if they have to keep taking their star to the hospital when she falls and gets hurt doing a action scene.

    • Bev

      Hi Katie and Ashleigh if you’re still around. I just don’t think that KS could pull this off at all, I don’t think she is good enough and as much as I have liked Keira in what I have seen her in I don’t think It would be right for her either but I think Kate Beckinsale for one could do it. :)

      • Ashleigh

        hi Bev how are you? how was your weekend? yeah maybe youre right, but then keira and james had great chemistry together in atonement so they would work well together.

        also just want people’s opinion on this- why do you think Rob keeps praising Kristen’s acting?? can he not see what we see? he calls her the best of her generation- seriously?? to me this means they must be together- love is blind as they say ;)

      • Bev

        Hi Ashleigh, I don’t think there together, but have you ever had a friend that other people don’t like but you can see more in them than they can, maybe that’s what its about or maybe he does think her actings good who knows??
        Your right about Keira and James in atonement I just have at this moment can’t see it but if she gets the part she may turn out to be great in it.

  • angela

    i love kristen to death!!!
    i love her so much but i wold rather want kiera knightley to be on wanted 2!!!

    • Bev

      Kiera would do it better :)



  • Rose

    common Keira is by far better than the other….i really can call kristen an actress


  • Bev

    Well it looks like Keira is winning the vote :)

    • Katie

      Bev-Go Team Kiera! :lol:

      • Bev

        LOL!! Katie

  • dANIEL

    should de KEIRA ! …she and James would rock that movie!
    Stewart …sucks like actress


  • Lily

    keira comparing to kristen OMG! this is funny…..YOU HAVE TO GO FOR KEIRA! there’s no way that someone with brain pick kristen

    James mcavoy and Keira were extremely hot in atonement, they are the perfect couple for Wanted 2


    ONE WORD: ¡¡¡¡KEIRA!!!!!!

  • Bev

    Katie I hope you’re keeping score on this :lol:

  • Jen

    I actually really hope that Keira will do this. I think her and James McAvoy had terrific chemistry in Atonement. Plus Keira is an amazing actress and somebody with theatre experience who could bring a lot to the role. I also like Kristen, I think she is a good actress, but I think she’s a bit too young for a role like this.

  • Bev

    I think I would have to say now that everybody is convincing me that Keira would be a good choice for this film so she gets my vote :)

  • D

    I can’t believe there is even the question there. No way Shrew could hold a candle to Keira Knightley.
    As for ‘Wanted 2′. I can’t understand why they made the first one, let alone a sequel. It was just AWFUL. Well, that must explain why Shrew is/was up for the part. :D

  • D

    Wait! It just occured to me! They had Shrew in the running for the part due to her multi-fucntional bullet mo’fo dress! :lol: Need extra ammunition for a scene? No problem, THIS actress would come equiped with her own props!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Keira is the far better choice for the film. As far as Rob praising Kristen’s acting ability,she praises him as well. It’s called’ mutual admiration society’ , but neither one of them are good enough yet for any serious roles for’ big’ people. They make films that take a month or so to film, little cheapos, indies, and thats what they are when we see them. Don’t expect too much. Keira, on the other hand is a seasoned, multi faceted actress.

  • Jane

    KEIRA is the actress for that role, Kristen can’t act!
    keira can’t fight in potc the writers said keira could habe been stunt double, cause she was amazing on fights, so she would be perfect, and better than angelina,other person who can really act, is just called “actress” for her beauty

  • A. Real

    Love kristen. Love Keira. Both delicate and light. Not a role for Kristen . KK will not get the role either. Just a talk.Kristen is an indi actress, does not need that commertial crap.

    • Robert

      shut up kristen is a really sh*t actress….Keira is not a commertial one.
      Keira will get the part….they just know she by far better

  • Robert

    GO KEIRA GO KEIRA! ….that would be a nice movie to see

  • Eris

    Keira is way more suited for the role. Kristen Stewart is awesome and popular and all, but theres noooo way she can replace an Angelina Jolie character. SHes too wimpy to be a tough chick. I love Kristen! But this is a casting issue, not a popularity contest*

  • http://facebook ybet

    duh?! isnt it obvious? Kristen is way better than Keira. I saw her in Pride and Prejudice flirting with Mr. Darcy. And she looks ridiculous. Kristen, who played Bella Swan in twilight, is really cool. she’s stunning. so, to make it short… KRISTEN IS COOL!!! better for the role, i mean. i would love to see her in an action movie.

  • Jack



  • Leo

    you right ……Keira has something sexy and lovely, she can handle diferentes roles very good .Kristen can do that already saw her in twiling and she her performance was as boring as eat a hotdog without ketchup

  • pikachu

    i think Keira Knightley would suit the role very well coz she’s very beautiful and action movies really suits her…

  • angela

    Kristen…without a boubt!! :) :) :)

  • eagles125

    Definetly Keira

  • suzy mendes

    keira is the most beutiful person I have ever seen, plus she is a much better actress than Kristin. So I hereby appoint keira for the role of Wanted2