Lady GaGa Embarks on Baby Food Diet?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lady GaGaLADY GaGa has embarked on a dangerous “baby food diet” in a bid stay slim, insiders say.

The Poker Face hitmaker has allegedly been living off baby food — which is not giving her enough energy to sustain grueling performances — leaving the star’s friends fearing for her health.

“Everyone is really worried about GaGa,” a source told Britain’s Heat magazine.

“She’s not eating healthily at all.  She’s substituting meals for jars of baby food.”

Recent reports claimed GaGa is considering plastic surgery because she thinks she looks like a man.

“It seems GaGa can barely get through a concert without blacking out during a break or even collapsing on stage,” a source said last week.

“She’s running on empty and not taking proper care of herself at all.

“She’s desperately unhappy but keeps talking about having thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. She really thinks that could fix everything.

“She’s in a really bad way right now. She puts up such a guard that no one ever really knows what she’s feeling. She thinks she looks too manly and spends hours looking at herself.

“She’s thinking about a whole host of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, cheek implants, boob job and thigh and bum lift. She’s completely preoccupied with overhauling her looks.

“Everyone’s worried about her and is begging her to take a break and get some perspective and work on her self-confidence. She could be relaxing, but she won’t slow down.

“Her amazing work ethic has got her to where she is today, but I don’t think she realizes she can ease her foot off the gas now that she’s such a success.”


  • jordy

    its these people who hate gaga thats made her want to change people says shes a man..i think she wants to prove them wrong!
    gaga dont change anything your wonderful and should never change!

  • lilmonster4ever

    jordy i completly agree with u gaga is a beutiful and talented person i dont think she should ever change espeshaly for other peoples aproval.

  • Kevin_FTW

    We loved Stefani and we love Gaga, people are wanting to look like you now, take that power and never change.

  • lol

    what a piece of crap

  • Philip

    There is an interesting post at the Health Journal Club that makes the case that people should just not eat anything that wasn’t a food 100 years ago. If interested you can read on it here.

  • Sue D. Carson

    Keep Going!

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  • Clyde Morvay

    “When you were seven, grandma was baby sitting Jesus” -my cousin Tommy is hilarious!

  • Melany

    She looks like that her diet is not necessary

  • Dijeta

    Baby food diet is not good for health!

  • zac

    dont ever change i love you the way you are gaga