Angelina Jolie ‘Proposed to Brad Pitt’

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittANGELINA Jolie clearly wears the trousers when it comes to her relationship with Brad Pitt!

According to insiders, it was Jolie who went down on one knee and asked Pitt to marry her.

The actress — who’s shooting new movie The Tourist alongside Johnny Depp in Italy — is said to have decided it was time to make Brad her husband during the couple’s stay in Venice.

“Angelina has fallen in love with Brad all over again – and she wants to make it official by getting married,” a source said.

“Once she made up her mind the only thing left to do was tell Brad.”

Recent reports claimed Brangelina — who raise six children together — are already planning their nuptials and are keen for their big day to be an intimate affair.

“Brad and Angie are exceptionally private people, and they pride themselves on being humble and not wasting money,” a source close to the couple told America’s OK! magazine.

“So some over-the-top, beachfront affair with hundreds of guests isn’t going to happen.”



  • livitup_1978

    These two are so dysfunctional. Any hollywood insider will tell you that it’s all but over for them, yet they continue to pull the strings along because it’s soo good for their careers. A wedding, a new baby, a thousand photo-ops or hundreds of humanitarian, tear-filled trips later, and it STILL won’t convince me. Even howard stern claimed they were over a few months ago. They just can’t accept everybody knowing about it. Either that, or the other rumor is true: they break up all the time but find it mutually beneficial to get back together, like two parasites feeding off each other’s fame.

  • twocents

    Who knows? It might be true this time. I wonder what they’ll do with the settlement money from the UK paper they sued, News Of The World (NOWT). They sued a few months ago and the settlement money is still in negotiations. Will they donate all of it to charity? If they don’t marry, the noble thing to do would be to donate it to charity. Tabloids here in the US always print rumors of a break up, but I guess it’s not worth suing tabs here because the tabs here are keeping their names viable and aren’t as easy to sue. Besides, they may be either getting money from the tabs here to print up stories or they may have someone leaking stories to the tabs, or as I have said, they don’t care because the tabs keep them in the limelight. This may have all been a set up from the beginning to cash in on a lawsuit, outside the US.

    • Pamela

      People want to see them fail because…………………. SHE STOLE HIM FROM ANOTHER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jrsygrl

    It just kills people that these two could be happy. Maybe it is because they are both so beautiful. No one wants to believe that they do what they do for charity out of a sense of commitment, maybe because we can’t believe people can be talented, beautiful, giving and kind.
    Whatever everyone’s hang-ups are get over them. You people who criticize constantly talk in circles and it really says more about you than them. As far as I am concerned I am glad I live in a world where there are people who give of themselves like they do, and raise their children the same. If they want to get married, hurray for them, if not, hurray for them. The rest of you losers get a life.

    • Pamela

      Can anyone name ONE of Angies friends??? her bro dont count

  • donethat

    Yeah, that’s right, Brad already did the oceanfront wedding with hundreds of guests that cost millions of dollars with his first wife. Guess he’s above it now. LMAO. It’s more of a “been there done that” mentality than anything else! Plus, Jolie has zero friends …so it’s not like she would have anyone to invite. For one of her first two marriages, she didnt even have her mother there. Please dont talk about how they pride themselves on being humble and not wasting money ! Brad Pitt spends millions on art work. He also wastes money on silly pieces of furniture that he likes to refer to as art – $200,000 for a 2 seater table! This bogus wedding will never happen … it’s just more rumors to deflect from the unhappy relationship.

  • Rox

    Brad how is Angie’s friend? Her brother. She says he looks pretty good.

  • Theresa

    Dont do it bradley. It’s not gonna fix anything.

  • Amy

    Dear Brad,
    We miss you. Please come back from Crazyville.
    Love, the humans

  • jensux

    pam and livit are two of chinifer ass wipes! go do your filthy job now and stay in that whore’s page! you two are dumbfucks!

  • jensux

    i want to see the day when chinifer and all of her minions of maggot fans would kill themselves when brad and angie finally say ‘i do!’ that’ll be that day, hahahaha

  • jensux

    hatersssssssss!!! go f**k yourselves and do us a favor pls, take that cabo whore with u! hahahaha

  • peacemaker

    If Brad remain with AJ for 5 years, which still counting months and year. This shows that they are happy together. Couple never can fake a relationship just for limelight,that’s non sense. Only low mentality, can accept this idea. A normal reaction of unhappy person, is to end that relationship. Either married or live in couple. Topic about having best friend?, you can only pick a few. Friends, maybe 50,100,thousand,or millions like fans,they are all your friends, for they respect you and love you. They might be strangers, but not AJ & BP to them. AJ and BP love their fans, people around the world that they help and meet. Also remember playing in the movie, is far from your own personality. Event, maybe, but different situation. Some get that idea and jump into conclusion. what you all read in tabs and webs sites are base on writers personal opinions. Unless if it’s personal interviews given by the Stars. I am for sure, that this couple are real people,good and kind at heart. It reflect in their action, works, charity and family bonding. Action speaks louder that all words combine in photos and videos. Millions of fans will be happy if it’s real, that they will settle down.

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      peacemaker, I’m sure unlike so called Robsten that Brangelina is true or was & maybe they (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) are staying together simply for the sake of thier many (I’ve lost count) children. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Fariborz

    how sweet.

  • Lirpa Niluap

    To everybody who are judgmental: DON’T JUDGE THEM BASE IN YOUR IGNORANCE. You don’t know what’s the real story, the status of their relationship. Be fair enough. Who among you will spend money, effort doing such charity works? Have you ever lend yourself for someone who is in need? Think of it.

  • twocents

    Angie had to propose to Pitt?? I’m laughing my butt off. She had to do backflips to provide him with the large family he so desperatly wanted since he was with Jen. Jen said MAYBE two would be enough. Note the fact that she said MAYBE. She could have easily adopted or gone through fertility as Angie did with the twins. My guess is she strung Brad along not caring for his wishes, just caring about her career, which she still does to this day. She has even laughed about how Brangie have such a large brood. I really don’t think Jen cares, she’s probably happy that she’s not in Angies shoes with 6 kids to raise.

    • Jodie

      I disagree with you twocents that story about Jen not wanting babies is not true and even Brad Pitt acknowledged that. Jennifer Aniston said on Oprah “I never said I didn’t want babies” Angelina lies.”I would never have sex with a married man because my father did that to my mother” liar a few months later she is pregnant with Shiloh and they lied about their relationship from the beginning with Mr. Mrs Smith they were having sex while Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married. Jolie even refused to wear the tan underwear in the bed scene going nude under the sheets teasing Brad Pitt while making that movie. If you think this couple has no problems your mistaking. Have you noticed how Brad Pitt has aged in just 5 short years not even a shadow of how he used to look when with Jen Aniston. Jolie has a history with going after men she wants with no regard for anyone and an example is Billy Bob Thorton and Laura Dern who was engaged to Billy Bob. Laura Dern stated I was out of town and I come home to find my fiance got married to Angelina Jolie. It’s gross and disgusting and this union between Brad Pitt and Jolie won’t last I guarantee you that. Jolie is still young and gorgeous and she will go with who she wants. Brad is ugly these days.He wears that ski cap his ugly beard to hide his nasty skin from drinking way too much. One more thing kids don’t make couples stay together and they are so wealthy splitting up would not be a problem for them.

  • jensux

    twocents, what a BS u wrote there. are you saying moms with 6 kids to raise should have wished they never had kids to live like this horse-faced cabo slut? no way! moms with many kids are happier in terms of fulfillment than sluts who parade their beach bod hoping to find a guy to hook up with. where is happiness in that?

  • Jodie

    I have to say this dysfunctional couple will not get married. I just don’t buy in to it. They have had to many problems and Brad Pitt has aged like an old man in just 5 short years he is not even a shadow of his former good looks and that happened to be when he was with Jen Aniston and it has been reported Jen is no longer attracted to him and never had intentions of getting back with him. The kissing affectionate pictures that they deliberately wanted out there like the Super bowl and this family bullshit is just that bullshit. It was Angelina who said a few years ago after Shilo and Pax that she would film one movie a year and be a stay at home Mom. She has made film after film after film.They won’t marry Angelina Jolie is not into old Brad Pitt’s ugly ass anymore and who is Brad Pitt to judge Jen Aniston for being on the cover of a magazine that Brad Pitt happens to like disgustingly and arrogantly accusing Jen Aniston trying to get his attention. He has an ego maniacal issue and has Brad Pitt looked in the mirror lately I mean the guy is ugly with that beard and ski cap and dresses like a bum and his skin is god aweful. The fact they have kids does not make a failing sham relationship work and it is going to be a matter of time before they split. Angelina is wealthy gorgeous and sexy I just don’t see her staying with Brad and she has a mind of her own and tends to be attracted to who she is attracted too with no regard for anyone. She goes for what she wants. I don’t even think a make over would help Brad Pitt’s ugly looks. Johnny Depp is hot and that is why Brad Pitt is in Venice to make sure she doesn’t flirt and he is so jealous. They Won’t Marry and if they do it will be doomed to utter failure.

  • twocents

    @jensux….who are you to judge who is happier? women with children or those without? To each his own, some women want children and therefore are happier, others don’t and are therefore happier. I myself have never wanted children from an early age, and I’m as happy as can be. I know of married couples who have decided not to have children and they are happy also. You are looking at things from your own narrow minded perspective. You are projecting your feelings onto others, and are therefore coming to the wrong conclusion. Please try to broaden your thought process. Let me give you an example just in case you still don’t understand my point. Oprah has said she doesn’t want children. Do you think Oprah is less happy than women with children??

  • jensux

    @ two-cents, then why did you say that Chinifer must be happier than angie who has to care for six kids? didn’t you just imply that perhaps, women with kids aren’t happier? who’s being narrow-minded here, moron!!!

    oh wait, did you ever feel that your mom would’ve been happier if you and your siblings (if any) weren’t born? then i pity you if you feel that way… perhaps, your mom would’ve been happier after all, hahahaha

  • angelina

    think about it all over again brad…she will always be a man eater & a homewrecker.would you love seeing her cheat on you every now & then? MARRIAGE IS NEVER A SOLUTION! you can be a good father to your children without having to marry her.IT’S NOT WORTH IT! don’t let her control you…

  • anne

    I wish them all the BEST!!! together for life…