Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Want Custody of Jesse James’ Kids

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse JamesSANDRA Bullock has “no plans” to seek custody of her estranged husband’s children.

A rep for the actress — who was left devastated when she found out Jesse James had cheated on her with a string of different women — insists there will not be any kind of custody battle over James’ three kids.

“She has absolutely no plans to get custody of Jesse James’ children,” the spokesperson told RadarOnline.

Sandra, 45, was believed to be caring for Jesse James Jr, Chandler and Sunny while their dad was seeking help for sex addiction at Sierra Tucson in Arizona.

But new pictures show the tattooed biker back at his Huntington Beach, Ca home with his children.

Although Bullock has never had any children of her own, just last year she hinted at the possibility of adoption.

“If I waited too long, it’s because we were supposed to do other things,” she told InStyle magazine. “If it is just too late? There are millions of children on this planet that I would be honored to call my own.”

Meanwhile, as Sandra gears up to file for divorce, insiders say Jesse — who recently left sex rehab — has finally come to terms with the fact his marriage is over.

“Jesse is finally admitting to himself that he blew it. The marriage of five years with Sandra Bullock is over and he only has himself to blame,” a source told the PopEater website.

“His stint at the Arizona rehab facility helped Jesse understand what he has done to his wife and his family. He is a beaten man.

“Jesse removing his wedding ring is a big deal. As long as he wore his wedding ring, he believed there was some hope. Now, he is finally admitting to himself and everyone else that any chance of getting back together with Sandra is dead.

“It’s a good thing he likes being alone — because his bike is the only friend he has at the moment,” said one insider. “Jesse still can’t believe what a fool he has been. He had everything in the world and blew it.”


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