Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lindsay LohanLINDSAY Lohan says her dad is a “foul” man.

The actress is still trying to get over her father Michael Lohan’s intervention attempt earlier this month and insists his constant accusations she is abusing prescription drugs are false and disgraceful.

“I think it’s just foul, some of the things that get said by my dad,” she said. “No one should ever have to worry about their father saying those things publicly against them… it distracts from all the work that I’m doing.”

Lindsay has also hit out against her party girl reputation and insists she is just a young woman having fun.

“I don’t really pay attention to it all,” she said. ” It’s a very build-you-up-to-take-you-down industry. It’s not a crime to go out and have fun with your friends.”

Despite all the problems in her life, Lindsay — who was dropped from upcoming movie The Other Side in the last few days — is adamant things are going well for her.

“I’m in a really good place,” she said.

Former child star Lindsay has not appeared in a hit film since she had a bit part in Bobby in 2006. Her last movie, I Know Who Killed Me, in 2007 flopped.

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  • cyrus b buttfuck

    foul indeed. I milked a cow. The milk was warm. I drank it. I puked. Then I went to bed. The next day I tried out the hen house. I collected eggs. I dropped the eggs. They cracked. I cried. I went to bed. Next I tried to shear the sheep. The daddy sheep hit me with his head and those antler things. It hurt. I fell down and scraped my knee. I cried. I went to bed. The end.

    Mr. filthy convict blowhan is a nutcase. a true fruitcake of the most horrid sort. he is a snake slithering about the shit covered ground sliding about looking for any signs of cash or treasure to steal not earn. he is a freak. should be locked up for another 26 years and beaten about the head and face with a large potato. however i do appreciate his attempts at having his daughter tossed in prison. that is precisely where that spoiled, inhuman, defective, lazy, drug addled, ass neck, fuck twit belongs. the police should launch an investigation into the activities of the nutbag lindsay to see just how much crack cocaine and methamphetamine she is ingesting or snorting or smoking or ramming up her stink pipe.

    • cyril tuna fish

      maybe i was a little harsh there..i was only kidding lindsay…i love you…that was just a joke…poor taste…lindsay doesn’t do any drugs and even if she did how the fuck would a phugly, ugly, repugnant, simpleton retard like me know???

      • MsThang

        How do you know Lindsay doesn’t do drugs? You live with her? You two are friends? Look I’m not a expert in this situation, and I’m even a dear fan, but it is OBVIOUS she is on something. She is an intellegent girl who had dreams of Directing at one point in her life, with so much ahead of her, and when you KNOW your good at what you do and are willing to learn something new and you put all that on hold just because. She’s not in her right mind. Whatever she’s on it’s an addiction and it’s taking over her life. I want the old Lindsay back but she obviously needs Rehab and a physciatrist.

      • crudely refined

        yeah, it would appear to be that way. she is too far gone. she won’t be able to return to a coherent state of mind unless she is placed/forced into a rehab/lockdown situation. she needs to go to prison so hopefully some judge will recognize this fact and save her life….but it seems like anybody with the power to set forth such a chain of events doesn’t care enough to do such. sad sad situation for lindsay. she has a disease and no one seems to be able to find the way to help her but make no mistake about it…..i have been in this EXACT situation with a family member and i was completely powerless…there just is no way to help the addict, only if they want the help to change will it work. unfortunately some people are destined to die in this sad, horrible, tragic manner.

  • Just Bob

    But what do you REALLY think?

  • cyril tuna fish

    wait a minute….lindsay garners 2 comments?????? wtf? is she that unpopular? nobody even wants to attack her? usually all of us retarded keyboard psychopaths go on the warpath when any story appears on this site..ANY story…check out how many comments were generated by the story regarding Mrs. Jackson and her grandchildren…tons…this blows me, i mean blows my mind that she only gets 2 comments and one of the comments was a comment about the comment!!?? you mean we as a people are finally behaving like a civilized people with actual functioning souls?

  • gray

    this ain’t a story. Chelsea Handler’s sex tape is a story. Check it out at

  • Ali

    Dude, we’re all so over Lindsay Lohan! I think it’s a cheap thrill ride to watch the demise of someone who just had it all and then threw it away as fast as she could. No one can GIVE you self-esteem. No one. She’s kinda suicidal, IMHO.

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