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Posted by Adam

Conan O'BrienCONAN O’Brien is still unhappy with Jay Leno!

During an interview with 60 Minutes, Conan insists that had the tables been turned during his late-night dispute with Jay, he knows what he would — and wouldn’t — have done to his big-chinned former network buddy.

“He went and took that show back, and I think in a similar situation, if roles had been reversed, I know — I know me, I wouldn’t have done that,” O’Brien, 47, says.

“If I had surrendered The Tonight Show and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well — and then … six months later. But that’s me, you know. Everyone’s got their own, you know, way of doing things.”

When asked what O’Brien would have done instead he said he would have “done something else, go someplace else. I mean, that’s just me.”

Earlier this week, Leno came under fire from David Letterman.

“I loved it, I thought it was very exciting,” Letterman said on his show. “It was great fun.

“I love Jay summing the whole thing up — ‘Yeah, well, we both got screwed’. I said, ‘No, wait a minute Jay, you both got screwed yet you’re the only one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed, exactly?’”

When Letterman’s guest Dr Phil suggested that Leno “got a bum wrap” — the host replied, “He got everything he deserved. Believe me, he got everything he deserved.

“It was good fun and I couldn’t get enough of it and I wish it was still going on. I loved Jay saying, ‘Well, you know, my show got canceled too’. Yeah, but you got your old show back. Hilarious.

“I’ve known Jay since 1975 and when we first met and were hanging around everyone loved Jay because he’s so funny, so engaging, so compelling — you can’t not love him. But then there’s also this other side of him — and I think he’d own up to it — he’s just a complete boob.

“He can’t help himself. And it’s just a lot of fun now that we were able to say, ‘Oh, here’s the Jay we all remember’.”

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  • Al

    I still do not understand why CONAN O’Brien is still unhappy with Jay Leno. This was a business decision made by NBC Management. He got a lot of money. He is not good as he thinks he is. I do not know what makes him think of this entitlement mentality that he must be the one when Jay is 1000 times better than him.

    • lane

      TOO funny. Have you guys heard about fellow latenight host Chelsea Handler’s comedy sextape that she made ten years ago? It fianlly made it online. Check out

      • SteveR

        It is not what you think that matters to NBC it is what the ratings say that counts. When Conan was there he lagged behind Letterman, Leno is beating Letterman, it was all about the money. They would never have considered Leno back if Conan was doing well. Conan is a cry baby he could have stopped this whole thing by just being good enough, but he wasn’t and that is was is eating at him now.

      • chrisp

        SteveR – you & only you got right.

    • Harlan Lovestone

      And Jay Leno is better??? I think not! I’ve heard leno tell jokes and I have been amused by his humor, but I can recall laughing out loud very often if at all. However, Conan has made me laugh out loud during his years as a host and Conan is not even a stand up comedian. But Conan seems to be a genuine nice and funny guy.

      I think David Letterman hit it on the head, Jay Leno can be a wonderful guy, but he also has a dark side which he has displayed by helping to oust Johnny, David, and Conan from the tonight show seat. Jay won’t even let anyone sub for him as far as I can recall, he’s probably afraid they will pull a “Leno” and steal his show. Rosie O’Donnell even said he nixed her from being his replacement host back in the 90′s.

      Conan has a right to be upset. The Tonight show was his dream. How would you like it if someone destroyed your dream? Doesn’t feel good does it? I am sure he has worked in Hollywood long enough to understand how the biz works, but Jay taking the Tonight Show back was kind of creepy. I guess Jay won’t be satisfied till he dies holding that crown like the queen of England. Leno ended up with everything he wanted and Conan got the shaft initially in this deal. Leno succeeded in getting rid of his rival and next in line for the Tonight Show.

      As for some people saying Conan has done the same thing to Lopez, no he has not. Lopez asked Conan to join TBS. I think Conan decided that he didn’t want to be a part of the stress involved with network TV and the ratings war. He can earn a nice check at TBS, hopefully employ his old crew and gets Fridays off to be Dad. That’s a sweet deal, but the Tonight show was his dream and I am sure he wishes things would have been different.

    • Debbie

      I’ve watched Jay, Conan, Jimmy & Dave on NBC and all three programs weren’t very good. Right now, the best network late night program is George Lopez or Wanda Sykes(yes, TBS & Fox are networks.) They’re funny, guests engaging, band talented, and audience interactive and fun. Much better shows for network TV.

    • Showbiz crap

      Seriously, what is up with this website and their wording of titles. They blow everything out of proportion. This website sucks major cock n balls.

    • Alex

      You Kidding me right? Jay Leno, is like a two face personality, time bomb. Know why I know this because I worked around the dude. He has two personalities, three if you include what one day will be revealed to national T.V. and taint him like, shooting paintball on a standing dummy. Lets just say, its only a matter of time, because we falls, he will fall harder than anyone has fallen before. For now he can play the innocent but for those that know him, hes nothing but a three timing face old school funny guy, who is on the verge of destroying himself.

    • katie in St. Paul

      Actually “Al”
      Jay Leno was the one who intitially wanted a 5 year timeline to leave his show. Contracts were written up promising Conan he would be hte new “Tonight Show ” host. As the time came up, Leno had what appeared to be a tantrum over leaving the show. They even gave him a “mini” Tonight Show airing earlier in the evening. That wasn’t good enough for him. A lot of people got screwed over, but Jay wasn’t one of them. Conan has no “entitlement” mentality, it was *JAY LENO* that went back on a done deal. Now *that’s a sense of entitlement. Personally I think Harvard educated Conan is *one million* times funnier than Leno ever has been, but then again, I have an IQ over over 130.

  • Cynthia Wilson

    Face it Conan……….Jay is funny and you’re not.

    • Ray

      No, not really.

    • Jack Wilson

      More like the other way around. Jay sucks NBC cock and Conan has talent.

    • Kevin

      Jay funny!?!?! More like crude, demeaning, sexist.. and I could go on with ways inwhich he isn’t funny. I never laugh back when I’ve watch him a few times. Conan is hillarious!! I laugh and enjoy every show!
      Mainly old people like Jay. Why I don’t even know.

      • Matlock

        Old timers like Cynthia up there like Jay because starting @11:35 Jay Leno puts them to sleep at night with his lame monologue and shitty jokes. “Did you hear about this folks…it’s in the paper…no, really.” Who needs to pay for Ambien when Jay Leno can knock you out for free. Fuck you Jay Leno and Cynthia. Eat shit.

  • Paul

    Conan rules and Jay is the most boring person on the planet. And NBC management, DUMB DUMB DUMB. There has been a dark cloud over there forever with management.

    • Kevin

      I think it’s because they’re old. Out of the loop so to say. No idea what is good any more.



    • Kevin

      I agree with you on Conan. Some reason people still follow Jay though. I think it’s a late night habit for a lot of old people to watch him. He could bomb, which I’m sure he often does, and people will still watch the mind numbing entertainment.
      Ellen would do fine at late night, not compared to Conan though. I stopped watching her during the day because it always seems to be the same day after day.

    • nicoleroles

      Here here, sorry Jay. But I will be staying loyal to Conan on this one. Letterman should know. He has been there. Pretty much when I see Leno now, I just see Conan being screwed. I don’t like it. I’ve actually tried to watch Leno, yeah that only lasted about 30 sec. It’s like staying friends with someone who royally screwed another friend. I just can’t do it. But for all of those who didn’t like Conan to begin with, well obviously it just doesn’t matter to them. What I would like to see is an apology press meeting. Let’s see if Leno can pull a Tiger Woods. lol. Go Team Conan!

  • Rick

    Jay Leno’s funny??? When the president of the US gets more laughs and has better material at the “correspondent’s dinner”……….you know it’s time for the dog track. Problem with Jay is his dogshit humor makes him think he’s already at the dogtrack.

  • tanfa

    Jay didnt have to go anyware Jay was forced to gave him the tonight show and Conana Yes Conan distroyed its legacy not Jay with all this fiasco he provoked 5 years ago who the heck is he to say where jay had to go or not or what to do with his life.

    Yes perhaps the jay leno show was a reduced version of the tonigh show but or maybe a poor lead but why was jay not free to accept nbc offer it didnt work and he was a bad way of nbc to fix the mistakes they made in taking awy the tonight from jay and maybe it boomed and was terrible a comple failure it but at the end of the day people are free to watch what they want and manay people did not want to watch Conana’s version of the tonigh show

    People are free to turn the THE CHANNEL and coco being the samart that that he is knows that well so why does he contnue to pretend like he doesnt know how show busness works.WTF!!!!!!!

    Why didnt I like Conan’s tonigh show

    for me it was a borring version of late night
    it wasnt funny or enteritaning I only liked some skits or street pieces

    Conana could not dilever an entertaing monolgue or intersting interviews on his new show
    It felt odd and out of place like he was trying to be someone else many times he acted like he was jelous of his guest or rude I dont get it.

    When he lost me as a fan and (I tell you I was die hard ) when he blamed Jay leno for “taking his dream away”

    whether you like jay as a comeidan or not or find him talented or not or a good person or not
    He gave the show to coco to keep If jay were oh so “evil”to give or take shows away he would of never given it to conan HE IS NOT THAT POWERFUL and all this time regarless of all the nagative comments from the press conana fans and coco himself jay has i been positive t up and taken it with so much grace and class he is my hero

    Why I think coco failed on the new show
    he couldnt keep the fans he had myself and he couldnt think of new strategies to garnish a new fanbase plain and simple theree is no one to blame perhaps nbc shoudl of worked iwth him more time but how the heck it escapes me is this Jay’s fault?

    why do I contnue to be disapointed in Coco
    because he is bitter and self righous when he says he isnt he hasnt relfected even when he has he has he seems to be saying the same things and acting the same way as he did before he left nbc

    he takes no blame for the mistakes or choices made well I guess pyschologically its easier to find a scape goat like Jay and its also very profitable to market youself as a victim, martyr or media underdog when he is not and he knows it. I have to give to the guy he is very astute and his pr people are as well.

    he literaly cred himself into a gig and oh took away goerge lopez time slot in the process and because he he did it and not jay that is just “fine” becasue “he is so brilliant smart and hip”

    another thing I dont get is this who doesn he say that he didnt have enough time to build an audicence He had a show for 17 years and the deal that he forced on NBC was 5 years ago was that not enough time to think of something to garnish new fans ?

    Why is al the focus from the media and coco fans all what Jay should of done how day show of acted or if Jay should listen to his critcs? I wonder Does Conan have an inner criic or listen to constructive critism?

    it doesnt seem like it so far

    its also easy to cry over 30 milion dollars in the bankand 7 months at a dream job
    How many of us with real finacial isssues and real personal hardships have that kind of money and how many of us have had a chance at our dream job and yet we suck it up and keep a stireght face

    us normal folk dont have the chahnce to to be on a tv show and bash and defame the people who suposssidly wronged us publicly and get publicity to go cry on a tv show for bitting the hand that fed us, and made us famous? IN MY BOOK THAT THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR MAKES CONAN AN INGRATE !!!!!!!!!!

    many of us havent had a chace yet yet AT REACHING OUR FULL POTEIENTIOL BECAUSE REAL LIFE IS HARD but we contnue to work on somday attaing our dream with honesty and dignity and try to do our best and be our happyest at our job or what ever we choose to do we do have because we do count our blessings and thank god every day

    we do this without sour grapes and without pandering and most of all with out trampling oever other peoples dreams and reputations

    coco might be a media darling, a hero for many but he is no longer a hero in my book I wish him the best for passed laughs and they were many but I cant stand that little “quality” that he doesnt like eaither


    I guess what when can say at the end of the day is “you can do anyting you want in life unless, conan obrien wants to do it too” or how does it go?

    • Allie Starz

      I want the drugs you are taking. Don’t be selfish. Please list the entire medication list of the exact medications you are taking because I want some.

    • Harlan Lovestone

      You are dreaming, Jay Leno has money to BURN!!!! All Jay had to do was go to another Network. That simple. He should have spoke up for Conan and said “hey NBC I’m not taking that chair back. I had my time and it was great. So you better give the young guy a fair chance, even I struggled to find my groove when I started hosting weekly”

      That would have been the classy thing to do. Instead Jay essentially never left the tonight show all he did was change the name and move it to 10pm and when that didn’t work he was gonna go for 11:30 and wonderfully for him he’s back in his old spot. Joy!

    • Kevin

      Your rant makes very little sense.. No idea where you get your information or how you form your ideas. But wow.. why don’t you just write a book about it.
      Then you can read it over and over.

      Conan was, is, and always will be a better late night talk show host, compared to Jay! You’re either old or like crude and sexist jokes (of which Jay does very often).

    • Matlock

      wall of text… translation: blah, blah, blah
      shut your hole

  • Phil

    Wow. People actually like Jay Leno?! He is so bland and generic and completely hokey at that. Conan gets a little too silly sometimes, but they don’t even compare.

    • Kevin

      Agreed! I don’t understand why Jay still has the show!? Not funny at all..

  • Phil

    WTF was that tanfa??? A burst of verbal vomit? Why not try proof-reading and punctuation? And maybe cutting it down by about 80%…

  • Phil


  • http://yahoo linda

    I think this was all just trumped up by the network owns to get rid of Conan and Jay both.I wouldn’t be surprise to see a show like Lets Make A Deal takeing Jays’ place.Thsy started this.I don’t think Jay should try to put the blame on Conan.

  • Leroy

    What a whiner. Conan the spoiled rotten little brat. Yeah, the little red headed sissy that just hasnr figured out yet that he is not funny and it wont be long before he is looking for aother gig. Sit down and shut up Conan; your embarrassing yourself. And for Letterman; I’d rather be a boob than a chump and a sex addict.

    • Kevin

      Stating that you wouldn’t do what someone else did isn’t being a whiner. I’m sure he was asked the question on how he felt about it.
      Jay’s days are numbered since most his fans are so old that they’ll die out and he can go around doing gigs at nursing homes.

  • JAI

    Well, that’s good, because you are.

  • Hoodleclaus

    Johnny was funny, Eddie Murphy is funny, Bill Cosby is funny, Chris Rock is funny,Red Foxx was funny, Red Skelton was funny, but neither of these two are funny.

  • jake barrett

    well lets see. jay got the boot and, then conan didnt do well as his replacement. jay didnt do well with the show he was forced to do, so the nbc stupid management who started the who thing, wanted to go back as they were. conan didnt want to go back, as he wanted more time to try to be as good as jay had been. so conan said NO. did not pass go, but, did collect 45 million dollars. in my book, nbc is the idiot and the guy that did all this should be fired by comcast, as they enter the door of ownership. comcast doesnt need idiots. so they also need to fire a lot more dingalings that have ruined the network ….and taht includes msnbc, also. so, all in all, yes i agree with letterman (which is rare) that jay is a boob….but, not completely. had conan knocked em dead, jay would be polishing cars and collecting unemployment

    • Robert P. Largeass

      I agree 10000%. NBC (nothing but clunts) has turned into a God awful network. They used to be king of television. They had class, everyone wanted to emulate them. They have turned into this sophomoric and inferior product. Just an embarrassment compared to what NBC used to represent. I am not going to go into each area that they FAIL in as I have done that already elsewhere and I don’t care if they fail anymore…because they don’t change. They remain stagnant although with Comcast maybe we will see improvement. There should be multiple firings with the introduction of Comcast. That would indeed make me happy to see those responsible for all the failings at NBC let go.

    • Kevin

      Not quite.
      Conan’s humor is very different compared to Jay’s. Plus it’s geared towards the teen to 40′s group. Jay is more for 50+. So that’s an adjustment for someone to try bring on new viewers when they aren’t really his type to begin with.
      It would have built up to a great show in time. A few months is not enough time. Plus they pre-empted Conan with Jay! Big mistake. Because Jay’s viewers were a fraction of the typical prime time shows during that time slot.
      So your opinion is misguided and not substantiated with sufficent facts.
      Conan was put in to a no win situation.. unless he was given more time. He would have turned things around. He’s very smart and his following would have grown to far more than Jay and Dave.

  • R.Davis

    Jay should not have been taken off late night in the first place. Conan hads never been funny, just silly. I think Conan is a witty interveiwer, but not a good comedian. jay is where he belongs. Conan is a much wealthier man. Letterman gets cudos for consistency. Actually if it werent for the battle between Jay and Conan, Lettermen would have no good material either. What we need is now is a funny Black man to host a show. Where is Arsenio when you need him

  • http://showbizspy Ross Montelbano

    Guys, give it up. Conan’s ratings were horrible where he was. Jay’s ratings were horrible where he was. Conan is gone and Jay’s ratings are better than Letterman again. People like Leno better at night. Me too. Nuff said.

    • Kevin

      Ofcourse Jay’s rating are better.. he has that older audience, 50+ in age aka baby boomers people who want to end their night watching the tonight show. Plus Jay has a prime time show prior to his which draws in the audience to stick around and watch him. Conan just had Jay prior to him. Jay’s audience is a fraction of the typical Prime Time show.
      Conan was never given a chance. Jay should have lost his show and it should have had a prime time show put in his place. Then Conan’s ratings would have went up.

  • R.Davis

    Exactly Ross,
    Now I think Jays bandleader is about to make a career ending mistake. As a guitarist I’m sure hes bored to death playing only a few bars of others songs everynight. But I;m sure he paycheck reflects one who has written most of he songs. Its hard being Jays sidekick, but he doesn’t seem as subserviant as most os the sidekicks are on latenight

  • rosa malta

    Jay Boob is more necessary for NBC because his simple, basic and superficial humor level appeals for the average mass audience which is the majority of the couch potatoes = consumers that believe and buy everything that is sold by the show $pon$ors during the commercials and the show itself. Conan, on the other hand, is more intelligent, creative, daring and versatile and appeals to a more sophisticated, witty and younger audience that requires and demands a multilevel of humor with plenty of info and subtle brilliance in between and all over the lines…and that’s of course a more selected audience, and more $elective too, meaning even the sponsors must be ones selling $marter products. Jay is the past. Conan is the future. Watch it!

  • Jane

    I never liked Conan. He’s not funny, first of all, and all those weird movements are disturbing. He didn’t have any problem making a deal with NBC to oust Jay and profit from it. His ratings were low on the Tonight Show; people were not watching him. Jay consistently gets the ratings and you don’t on this show. Now Conan’s moaning that Jay stole his show. TV is about ratings. You had further opps with NBC and declined them, and now you have another show and $40 million for doing nothing. Grow up and stop whining, Conan! See if you can develop a little class.

    • Mary

      I never liked Jane. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. First of all, Jay consistently sucked @ 10pm and was fired but he sucked several NBC executive cocks to get his old job back after being fired. You had NBC pay Leno to leave and then Conan to come and then Leno to come back and then Conan to leave. Where does it end and where does it begin? Shut up and stop whining about Conan, Jane. You stupid cunt. Shave down and stop whining. See if you can develop a little intelligence.

      • Not Buying It, Guy

        I love when misogynist men think a woman’s username is all it takes to get to revel in their misogyny. Fuck you, tinydick!

  • Dave

    Letterman here…..Jay Leno sucks. “Nuff said”.

  • a tiny bung hole layered with tuna


  • two bits and a piece of cake

    okay, say Coonan wants to improve his singing voice. he needs to hit the pipe more. have a big hit of the crack, then before he exhales, he runs out on stage and attempts to hit the note while expelling the crack smoke. if this fails, he pulls down his panties, squats down on stage and grunts, groans and drops a deuce on the stage and sees if that clears the pipes up a bit. just a couple of helpful hints to improve his voice quality…take care coonan…

    remember kiddies….crack is whack….NEVER EVER smoke that horrific shiyt.

    another helpful reminder….grunt, groan and drop.

    okay kidlets, bye..take care now.

  • http://yahoo shelbby eubanks

    mr o’brien, i believe you got screwed and the network should have put leno at 11:30 p.m. or found him a slot at another time. you should have to give up your time slot and i hope you don’t. by the way i like your show better!!!!!!

  • Robert P. Largeass

    I agree 10000%. NBC (nothing but clunts) has turned into a God awful network. They used to be king of television. They had class, everyone wanted to emulate them. They have turned into this sophomoric and inferior product. Just an embarrassment compared to what NBC used to represent. I am not going to go into each area that they FAIL in as I have done that already elsewhere and I don’t care if they fail anymore…because they don’t change. They remain stagnant although with Comcast maybe we will see improvement. There should be multiple firings with the introduction of Comcast. That would indeed make me happy to see those responsible for all the failings at NBC let go. Amen.

  • cadiebell

    I think Conan needs to stop blaming Leno and step up to the plate and concentrate on his own upcoming show. Doing well in the ratings is the best revenge. Anyone can whine but it takes a big man to stand up straight and look to the future.
    But this is just all publicity for his upcoming show in November. He doesn’t want people to forget him before November.

    • Kevin

      Who says Conan is blaming Jay? You need to read it again.

      Conan states that he’d do it different than Jay. He wouldn’t screw over another, just like he didn’t screw over Jimmy.

  • Tito Hugehead

    The Chin sucks. Boring. not funny. not fun. Conan is pretty funny. His face frightens me when he makes those faces.

  • Ellyn

    I’m sick of Conan’s whining.
    The show never should have been taken
    away from Jay in the first place.
    He was #1 in the time slot last May
    and NBC execs are the stupid “boobs”.
    Jay should have been allowed to retire
    on his own terms just as Johnny did.
    Conan, take your money and shut up.

    • Ed

      Look Ellyn, I don’t know who the hell you think you are for even mentioning Johnny Carson and Leno in the same paragraph much less web page. Johnny Carson is the be all end all for late night. You shut your monkey jizz swilling mouth because you do not deserve to breathe our precious air you filthy troglodyte. Go crawl back into the vile feces ridden hole you escaped from and take back Leno with you.

  • LMN

    Conan was let go as you should all recall because his ratings were terrible and NBC wanted Jay back to get the ratings up again. Jay should never have been removed in the first place. Be honest with yourselves – were you on Jay’s side when he got ousted and Conan was put in when he never should have – what’s the difference? Conan is not the “good guy” here. This was a few years in the making. Conan is not that funny – Jay is, but not as strong as David Letterman.

    • Tito Hugehead

      that’s not entirely true. it is well known throughout the inner circles at nbc that conan was constantly expelling bad smelling gases during production meetings. Constantly. although many fellow writers and assistants complained to the highest echelons at nbc, nothing was done except for minor attempts at neutralizing the offending gases like charcoal tablets left by his work area. conan would feel it was his right and privilege to dispense wind blasts directly into the nostrils of his fellow employees. so you see, conan may indeed have instigated a lot of the difficulties experienced at nbc.

    • Steve

      I was elated when it was announced 5+ years ago that Conan would take over for Leno. NBC knew they had a talent in Conan, obviously, and didn’t want him to leave the network. NBC took care of the screwing on that. Yes, Leno was screwed, but by the network. Leno screwed over Conan by making his demands to have his show moved to it’s old time slot as The Jay Leno Show, or as The Tonight Show host. He screwed over Conan. Would you want to return to a job after you were screwed over by your company and screw over your successro in the process?! I think most would not. But Leno is a whiny tit-baby and got his demands met. What’s done is done, but still not fair. Conan did the right thing by not accepting NBCs proposal to move back to his old time slot. Major slap to the face.

  • Steve

    A lot of people may not remember, bur Jay Leno’s ratings were HORRIBLE when he took over The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson. Johnny was retiring and wanted Letterman to take over the show. NBC screwed him. Johnny didn’t want to have anything to do with Leno nor NBC – Johnny wrote some bits for Letterman and appeared on his show twice.

    Leno has never been hilarious, and he is not a good interviewer of his guests. You can see Leno get flustered and frustrated when his guest go off on tangents or off of Leno’s pre-scripted interview questions. Leno has had some decent moments, but his show started to lag over the last few years. He should’ve retired with grace after NBC decided to pull him as host of The Tonight Show.

    Conan was an unknown kid writer that no one thought would succeed as the successor to Letterman on Late Night. His ratings weren’t that great initially. NBC stuck by their decision to keep him, and they were right in doing so. I think Conan had a much better show on Late Night. He had more freedom on Late Night over The Tonight Show. He had to slow up his show and dumb it down for The Tonight Show audience. While I still think he was funny, and funnier than Leno could ever be, Conan was not as funny as he had been on Late Night. I think if people who didn’t stay up late to watch Late Night were able to watch that show, they would see that he is funnier than Leno. Leno zombie fans just didn’t want to deal with the change of hosts. Sadly, they got their not funny Leno back.

    NBC fucked up! They should’ve given Conan more time and not worried about Leno whining to get his old job back. I used to tune into Leno’s show because he always had great guests. I have refused to watch his show and immediately change it after the news. I can hardly wait for Conan to return to TV.

    • mithtuh tibbth

      i friggin love conan!!!
      i want to eat his fart dispenser. i want to snort his fots. i want to sniff his ass wax. i want to plunge me tongue way up far into his box of farts. i want to lick his fart shute. i want him to gush cum on my face and then wiggle and grind his fartbox on my face, nose, mouth, chin and put her arsesexstink all about my face so that i can smell him and taste him for the entire day, or longer. I want to spread my mangoop all across his gorgeous spectacular beautiful angelic cute delicious face. i want him to grab my almond sac and seed dispensing unit and rub that man meat all across his nose and face and then slurp it down his mouth and throat until i explode in heavenly pleasure…..uhhhhh…did i make that clear enough for y’all?

      • mithtuh tibbth

        jay leno is awful. he is so boring. you are absolutely right in that he should have retired gracefully but no. that greedy unfunny pig has to hang on, clutching so tightly with his stubby little pork sausage fingers to the desk on stage. that freak is so filthy rich yet he won’t go away and insists on shoving his boring shyt down our throats night after night. there is probably a fantastic, young, funny as shyt dude out there and he is not able to get a chance to entertain us because poor little jay won’t let go.

  • dan

    Listen…has anyone figured this out yet?

    Conan was so BAD that NBC paid him $45 million dollars to LEAVE and get Leno back. Conan and Andy Rickter sucked! HE COULD NOT DRAW THE NUMBERS. WHAT HAS LENO GOT TO DO WITH THIS? NBC ASKED HIM TO COME BACK. IT’s NBC THAT SCREWED UP . NOT J LENO!!!!

  • Mike

    I just wish this whole thing would end. Like many before me have said it was a very ugly situation for all involved. NBC execs are the bad guys here, they made the decision that started this whole ugly war between two very talented and funny people.

    It’s a shame that Conan was the one who ultimately got the axe, but at the same time he’s a very talented young man, he walked away with a pocket full of NBC’s money. He is now going to have his own show on another network 4 days a week. I’m certain that his fans will flock to him.

    I think he’s the real winner here…

  • http://yahoo Lannymann

    I still think Joel was better than Mike

  • really?

    I can’t believe everyone actually cares this much. Reading books is so under rated. You all should try it every now and again, amuse yourselves with something else.

  • altomaris1


  • Rob Lane

    Conan the hack, we watched a weeks worth of Conan after Leno went Prime time and thought this hack is funny?? A broken leg would be more
    Fun. He lost 3 million viewers, what does that tell you? The show was
    Lenos and his to take back from the king of flops.. Now he has been banished to Cable and Jon Stewart will clean his clock. What then

  • Cassie

    I personally have to say I think Conon is great. I watched every episode of his show and I hope they put them on DVD. I have watchd Leno show before this happened and after. He remains the same I big chinned smock who things he is funny. He is like the nerd who laughs at his own jokes but everyone else is starring. I cried Conans last day. I am happy ABC got him because NBC is awful. They have done the same thing to others in the past. Leno threw a fit and they couldnt say no. Cant wait to see Conans to show and i hope he burns leno again and again. It will always be funny. The old man should retire before his social security is up lol.
    Just and opinion so dont bitch at me.

  • tripphendrix

    who’s jay leno?

  • MLR

    I was a Conan fan, but have lost all respect for him in this latest whine fest. Who is he kidding, if NBC wanted to oust Jay and put Conan in the 10 pm slot, he would jumped at it.

    I have never been a big Leno fan but I don’t know where people get off saying Leno should have retired and let Conan have the slot. Why in the world would anyone give their job to someone else? Retirement is a completely personal decision.

    NBC made their decisions based on ratings.(and prematurely, IMO) Jay just honored his contract and did what his employer told him to do. Personally, I was warming up to the 10 pm Leno show and wished they’d let it go on for awhile longer to see what the ratings did. It takes awhile to find your groove with a complete change like that and I think Jay was on his way. Ah well.

  • pk

    Conan needs to grow up. There was a reason he was replaced on the Tonight Show. The ratings tanked after he took over. Get a clue, and quit being bitter about it.

  • http://none Jamie Jansen

    Conan was doing fine till the one thing that is unforgivable.. Low Ratings. If you don’t get the ratings you don;t get to stay on the air. It’s the one thing that drivers TV and any show on the air. The ratings have to be good or it’ bye bye.

    Now he is crying fowl to anyone that might be involved. Maybe he did the same jumping around on stage one too many times and tried the same old jokes one too many times. Who knows. What ever it was he got sower and people wee turning him off. So, the network turned him off with nothing else to fill the spot so they asked Leno to come back, knowing the ratings would increase and the sponsors would be satisfied with the high cost of advertising in todays market. The ruckus that was created brought the rating up for a while but Leno is faced with the same problem, the ratings better be good or he will be out as well.

  • Rod

    Jay is MUCH better for the TONIGHT Show and NBC saw this. Conan is not the guy to go to that time slot. The Tonight Show is an institution, after Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and then Leno for the past 50 years, …. YOu can’t have someone as irreverant and anti-religion go to that time slot – the audience is 30 to 70 year olds, … and they will not watch, … as was proven in the ratings.
    Letterman is GREAT where he is for whaht he does, … and O’Brien was great in his time slot, … his type of show NEEDS to be on later to survive.

  • Robert

    I can’t believe all the typos in the comments. You guys should concentrate more on your writing skills than your jackass comments.

    • tele tubby

      i agree. with what i don’t know.

  • Dan S

    For all of you who blame J Leno. Think about this….

    Wasn’t it NBC who wanted toi get rid of Conan….It wasn’t J Leno (Who had his own show anyway) who did this it was Conans rating..HE Stinks! Him and Andy Rickter what a bigger Idiot. Do you think NBC would pay 45 Million to get rid of Conan if he was doing the job? Hell NO!
    Conan couldn’t handle that spot. J Leno was doing a GREAT JOB NBC messed up by even thinking Conan Could Handle that spot!
    Leno Is BACK!
    When Conan was on I had to watch Letterman A bigger idiot then Conan!

    • DanDa Fag

      For all of you who blame Conan. Think about this…

      Wasn’t it NBC who wanted to get rid of Leno from late night. It wasn’t Conan (who had his own show @12:30 anyway) who did this to Conan’s rating was Leno’s shitty lead in. Leno Sucks all kinds of Ass! Like Dan’s wet shit caked ass. Leno what a moron. Do you think NBC wanted to pay Leno to come back? Hell No!

  • Robert

    I couldn’t agree more with Dan S.

  • tom m

    Leno is getting attacked by 2 of the biggest losers on the planet. Conan gets 32 million or 45 million or whatever to NOT work, and then has the audacity to say he got screwed, when his ratings were half of Leno’s at 11:30PM. The next time I laugh at a Conan joke will be the first time. Conan IS the joke. As for the philandering Letterman, the man is a complete disgrace. It is so obvious he fears Leno will recapture the late-night ratings battle, so he feels compelled to take pot-shots at him. Letterman is an embarrassment to his wife and family. He is a mean-spirited, vicious low-life that thinks he’s God’s gift to the planet and he could not be more incorrect. There’s only one late-night BOOB working at 11:30 PM, and he works in New York, not L.A.

  • Sue

    Let’s remember when Jay announced his “retirement”. He took the high road and never whined that NBC was giving him the boot. He graciously introduced Conan and welcomed him.
    This whole mess was started by NBC, who wanted Jay gone. So Jay was gone. Then, they wanted him back, so Jay’s back. He’s #1 again, where he was when NBC decided to get rid of him. As for our Red Headed friend, he’ll find somewhere to go. In the meantime, he’s got enough money to BUY his OWN Network!!!!!
    I’m a Leno fan, but the bottom line is, no ratings, no show!

  • denise

    Leno is much better. I never thought Conan was very funny. And I agree that it was a business decision by NBC, so Conan has no need to be mad at Jay. The sour grapes attitude is only going to hurt him. He needs to get over it. I wish my employer would give me millions to leave.

  • Heidi

    I want to Senor Conando co come back!!! I Love YOU xoxo

  • Jay Leno

    Yeah, I realize that Conan is better than me, but I figured I might as well use the sketches he does. I mean Headlines was originally done by Letterman, and I just thought it was great, so I took it and read things better. Jay Walking was done by Howard Stern under a different name originally, but people are scared of him, so I decided it would be better on my show. Look for the Year 3000 to show up soon on my show. I’m also thinking of renaming my trombone player Paddiwack and using him in sketches that are pretty much just LaBamba sketches, we shall truly unite under the comedic stylings of other people on The Tonight Show.

    • http://showbizspy joanne

      Love your show, especially when Terry Bradshaw is on. Wish you would show one of your cars each week.

  • steve

    I wish Jerry Seinfeld would become a late nite talk show host, he’d be the new Carson, he’d kill all of the no talent bozos on now. Conan was great but probably not right for the leno time slot. he was more appropriate for the late late slot

  • Victor Weinberger

    Bottom line is dollar. For over a decade Jay beat David Letterman rating wise. So David has no leg to stand on there.

    As per the Connanguy? People pay you money for rating on TV. Connan didn’t get them. Hence, if you would be the boss, you’d fire you too.

    NBC realized they made a mistake and corrected it. Connan doesn’t belong anywhere before the 12:30 time slot. And now that he showed he is a revengful sour puss, who will hire him?
    Enough said.

  • steve

    letterman’s been terrible since he went to CBS
    Leno is funny about 1 out of ten jokes, his writers(he has a lot) should be fired.
    after the news i watch seinfeld reruns, nightline, jimmy kimnmel, he’s almost funny.

  • Theresa Maria

    Oh, Conan, grow up! I think of the late night comedians, you are the most UNTALENTED of them. I never understood how you got the job in the first place. You must have a powerful dad or something!

    You’ve had it good. You’re rich and can lay back doing nothing for the rest of your life, probably. None of you late-night men are worth what they pay you, so look around you. The country is in turmoil. Americans are losing their homes. They’re losing their jobs. They can’t make ends meet and YOU are whining and whining because in the BIG LEAGUE of late-night television you lost. Big deal! GROW UP.

    Devote your time to some charities and do something really significant with your life. If you knew how stupid you looked on 60 Minutes you wouldn’t have gone on it.

    • thomas shroud

      GREAT comment. perfect. and can you believe the head line for this story. “tears into”….wtf? there is no tearing into…unless you consider “I wouldn’t have done that” tearing into??? muhaaaa!!!!! roflmfao!! these fuking “writers” are so weak….just pathetic. they have no shame and that goes all the way “up” to the big leagues like the times, nyt, newsweek, time mag, all the papers…they all lie the same way. so transparent.

  • brad

    Conan got screwed, along with his entire cast and crew, but he also did get paid pretty good for being forced out early. But Leno should have never taken the show back. One of the great things about the Tonight Show was that when the host stepped down, they were done. No takes backs. I really hope that Conan will come back somewhere, somehow. Hopefully at the same time as the Tonight Show, just to destroy their ratings. Who knows, maybe NBC will let Jimmy Falon have the Tonight Show then, dump him after a few months and bring back Jay again.

    • Jay Leno

      I was forced into retirement, though… Johnny Carson wanted to step down, it just took some suggestions from NBC at my suggestion for him to know that. Totally different from when I had to step down. Thats why I needed to step back in.

  • thomas shroud

    GREAT comment. perfect. and can you believe the head line for this story. “tears into”….wtf? there is no tearing into…unless you consider “I wouldn’t have done that” tearing into??? muhaaaa!!!!! roflmfao!! these fuking “writers” are so weak….just pathetic. they have no shame and that goes all the way “up” to the big leagues like the times, nyt, newsweek, time mag, all the papers…they all lie the same way. so transparent. so translucent.

    • http://yahoo AL

      actually hes getting 45 million for getting screwed over. why do you think nbc is paying him. they know they f***ed conan. why else would you pay someone for firing them.

  • puke breath

    tom m says:
    May 2, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    Leno is getting attacked by 2 of the biggest losers on the planet. Conan gets 32 million or 45 million or whatever to NOT work, and then has the audacity to say he got screwed, when his ratings were half of Leno’s at 11:30PM. The next time I laugh at a Conan joke will be the first time. Conan IS the joke. As for the philandering Letterman, the man is a complete disgrace. It is so obvious he fears Leno will recapture the late-night ratings battle, so he feels compelled to take pot-shots at him. Letterman is an embarrassment to his wife and family. He is a mean-spirited, vicious low-life that thinks he’s God’s gift to the planet and he could not be more incorrect. There’s only one late-night BOOB working at 11:30 PM, and he works in New York, not L.A.

    gotta admit, lovin this post.

    • http://yahoo AL

      well, actually hes getting 45 million for getting screwed over. why do you think nbc is paying him. they know they f***ed conan. why else would you pay someone for firing them.

  • Tim Turner

    Jay Leno and NBC have lost me as a customer… I cannot watch his show at all anymore- no respect for him or NBC. The cream always rises to the top and despite what NBC has done, Conan will rise above…
    Can’t wait to see him again on his own network!

  • jeff tumor

    years from now this will be a trivia question on jeopardy

    • poindexter

      hahahahaaa! jt hits it out of the park!

  • http://showbizspy joanne

    Love Jay, like Conan when he is interviewing someone only. If I had 45 million, I’d have tears alright, tears of joy from someone who is on disabality.

  • Lolita

    I’M 16, I like Jay and can’t stand Conan. :(
    You folks talk like conan is 20 years old or something. Conan is an old dude too, Jay is just older and …..geez!

    • Atilla

      I am 61, I like Conan :) and I can not stand Leno. :(
      You whippersnappers talk like Leno is the second coming. Conan is a young one compared to me. Leno is just older, gayer, less tolerable and he makes my bowels irritable. :(

  • http://yahoo AL

    conan got screwed because when jay leno started, he was bombing in the ratings but nbc stuck it out and he ended being who he is today. conan never got that chance because leno wanted his old job back. before conan took over there were interviews where leno admitted he didnt want to leave the show. he didnt want to sign his “release papers” nbc made him leave. remember, leno’s new show was bombing too, people seem to forget that, when that is very important when it comes to finding out what really happened and who really screwed who. in this case jay leno along with nbc screwed conan. there was a cable special on history channel and they were talking about the history of talk shows and they talked about the conan and leno situation and only further proved that leno did screw conan. leno’s own comedian friends admit he knew what he was doing.

  • Lolita

    LOL@ atilla
    Jay is NOT gay…….


    DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY STILL WATCH THESE STALE CELEBRITY EGO CIRCLE JERKS?Seems the talk show is an old wore out forum,I don’t think any of these shows have been growing viewers in 20 years.Back in the ’70′s it could be amusing to see old time coarse guys like Lee Marvin or Robert Mitchum come onto Carson 1/2 drunk and smoking like a chimney,but those days are now long gone.


    Leno is an idiot, Conan is by far superior

  • paddy boy

    do you think i am weird that i want to deep tongue kiss conan? i really want to share an intimate kiss with my handsome conan. he gets me hard when i think about his wavy red hair and pale white skin and how soft and fleshy his butt cheeks must be.

  • Duane D. Walter

    Watched Johnny Carson often. We Were contemporaries agewise. May he rest in peace!
    Jay’s ten o’clock is too soon to be put to sleep. Give me the somber eleven o’clock news and then wind up with Jay’s restful cajolery till midnighttime or so.
    Those other two seem to want to start something. Conan O’Brien and Dave Letterman are factors at night but the quietsouled Leno is the pick for a rest ful evening.

  • Dan

    Conan is an Idiot.
    If he was doing good they would never have replaced him. Think About it!
    Conan is kind of a JERK!

    • Dan IS a troll

      Go away Dan. You suck Leno ASS. We get it… we get it. You don’t like the taste of Conan’s cum so you prefer Leno anus. We get it, Dan.

  • paddy boy

    would you be mad at me if i told you how much i want to have an affair with conan’s huge size 16 feet? i feel the need to lick in between his toes and to suck the toe jam from out of his toenails.

  • Really Now

    These are all very nice and some very nasty comments. Where were all of you Conan Fans when you needed you the most? Apparently you were not watching his show because if you were, we wouldn’t be making stupid comments like the ones I’ve read here today. Don’t you find it unusual that Letterman is making comments about how evil Leno is while he just lost ratings lead yet again to Leno… Wow

    • Learn to write in English

      “Where were all of you Conan Fans “when you needed you” the most?” For fuck sake, learn to write properly you fucking jackass! Wow

  • conan o’brien

    Thank you all for your kind posts and commentary. Looking forward to serving you all in my capacity as host of the new conan o’brien show on TBS. Should be a gas. Andy will be with me as well as Max and the 7. So as you see, not much has changed except for the call letters of the station. Glad to be away from NBC for a lot of reasons that I haven’t touched on as of yet, however that will change in the very near future as I let all of you in on those highly guarded secrets.

    With Warm Regards,


  • sunnie

    I can’t believe that I read all of the replies. I would hate to have a friend like Jay. I need someone I can rely on. I will continue to watch Dave and sometimes watch Conan. As for the rest of you people thathave been writing in with comments, most of you should go back to school and learn to spell. You might want to work on your punctuation too. All of the foul language does not impress anyone either

  • joe35

    It was NBC that screwed over Conan, not Jay. NBC tried to fix something wasn’t broke, they broke it big time in the process, and tried to go back to the way it was. If they’d just left things alone, everything would have been fine. Indeed they both got screwed over: Conan got screwed out of a show, and Jay got his image screwed over by NBC wanting him to come back and take over for Conan. NBC is the villain, not Jay.

  • Kevin

    Why is letterman even talking, he shouldn’t even have a show he hasn’t been funny in 10 years. They should have given Conan Letterman’s show.

  • Kevin

    Why is letterman even talking, he shouldn’t even have a show he hasn’t been funny in 10 years. They should have given Conan, Letterman’s show.

  • Kevin

    I really like Leno, but the way this was handled was horrible, it makes Leno and NBC look bad not to mention, the reputation & history of the Tonight Show is kind of tainted, after the last few hosts were there so long.

  • Jimi

    I love how someone posed as Conan isn’t that illegal, do you think Conan has really heard of this site?

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  • bob

    For all the morons who say conan is great and leno sucks you are wrong. There is this thing called ratings that proves who’s better. Leno wins! It can’t be debated. Now go watch conan tell a dumb unfunny joke and laugh and prove to the world how stupid you are.