Leonardo DiCaprio to Live With Bar Refaeli?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leonardo DicaprioLEONARDO DiCaprio is set to move in with his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

The Shutter Island hunk reportedly told his best buddy Lukas Haas to move out of his Hollywood Hills home to make way for the Israeli stunner.

“Leo caved in and asked Bar to move in with him after she basically gave him an ultimatum,” a source said. “She virtually threatened to walk unless Leo gave up his bachelor ways. She meant it.

“So I think Leo bought himself time on a wedding proposal by suggesting Bar moves in with him and they live together.

“Lukas — who had been living with Leo for nearly seven years — has moved to a cramped West Hollywood apartment. It’s a lifestyle downgrade and he seems bitter.

“Leo and his friends have a long history of carousing and partying — so maybe Bar wanted to put distance between Leo and Lukas. I think she basically told Leo he needed to grow up. Apparently that meant giving Lukas his marching orders.”

Leo recently admitted he’s “starting to think more and more” about getting married and starting a family.

“I definitely feel a need to make my life about more than just my career,” he said in March. “I was thinking to myself how little of it has been lived normally as opposed to being spent on some far-off movie location.

“Family is something I’m starting to think about more and more, especially now that my grandmother is no longer around. “It makes you think about the impermanence of things and how important it is to be part of a family – to have some meaning apart from your work.”


  • Farah

    I think so Leonardo DiCaprio should not marry the Israeli
    model as she over exposes her body and move out with her.As such women can never become better housewife’s.All the fans disagree with Bar Rafeali marrying the cute Leo.Leonardo DiCaprio marrying her is unimaginable as he should not
    share the apartment with her. We all wish you well Leo
    and don’t make a mistake to marry a model.

  • Christie

    Hollywood model type girls are not the answer to his family anticipations. You think she will seriously give up her career to take care of the children!!! Are you kidding me, he should not kick his virtually homeless friend out just because she says so. That house is plenty big!! Why can’t they all live together? So what if Leo likes to party, he is rich, talented and good looking, he has the right to have a good time. He has settled down a bit, not as wild has he used to be. Leo seems like he loves to have fun, that is who he is!! Why try to change him? Bar seems like she is way to controlling. He needs a woman to love him for who he is and still be able to give him the family that he deserves and to be there for him no matter what. That is why the only successful marriages in Hollywood seem to be those couples who one is famous and the other has nothing to do with Hollywood. He needs to find a down to earth all American girl who can enjoy him and his lifestyle and still find balance with family and children.

  • mattied

    Well all the best if this is at all true. Everytime they get back together for a few months, it their getting married, going strong, etc. if so, so be it. I think its to get us all talking and clicking on links and it works. i would really rather hear about his career. But hey people forget he was on and off with his former girl, lived with her too, went to games and dinner too, and so on. But he didnt marry her… so we will see. Hey if you can have all this with a real commitment why not until women wise up like his last girl and say all or nothing it’s we give up everything body, soul, morals, and end up with nothing. Go Leo

  • john

    Leo Dicaprio,Kate Winslet a cute couple.

  • http://yahoo.com Jam Manango

    well guys. let them be. It’s not our lives! if Leo wants to mlive with bar rafaeli then we have nothing to do. just hope for their best! that’s all folks! :D

  • ariel

    I feel sorry for Lukas

  • Melissa

    I believe more in real love at first sight – they
    just don’t really look like a positive couple.
    I think that maybe Leo should reconsider –and
    and not marry or settle just yet. there is a lot more than supermodels – you just have to search from within -and you’ll find your true destiny!
    Real love lives forvever in heart..

  • Alisha

    This will come to pass…he won’t like the change and she won’t get the fairytale she’s wanting. Wish them the best, though! Either way, it doesn’t affect MY life.;-)

  • Bequi

    I agree with what everyone has said thus far. Truly it’s not our concern, but as admirers of his our heart goes out to Leo that he not make a hasty decision based on an ultimatum. When you force someone to change who they are from within, you are not getting the true person. Pictures I’ve seen of Leo and the model never have good energy. The only time I saw them smiling was at a game and it wasn’t at each other. I don’t know, I don’t think she is the leave my career have babies type, she’s only what 24? It’d be best for Leo to find someone out of the spotlight to have the “normalicy” and “family” he seems to “say” he wants. There is no rush, there are plenty of caring, loving and sincere women out there looking for someone like Leo. Be certain before you marry Leo, as it will cost you greatly in the end if it doesn’t work out. We love you and desire nothing but the best for you….

  • http://realhijab.spaces.live.com Gema

    I don’t know if leo reads here or not, but I have to say that:
    Be carefule Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Obviously marriage is needed, but you are absolutely doing the wrong thing if you marry that model girl (B.R). I think it’s the worst thing that you have done in your life…. especially converting to a lower-level religion is the worst. People should progress in their lives, but by doing this, you are converting to a lower-level religion which means adversity. It’s that girl who should convert to a higher-level religion not you. I am reeeeeeeeeeally sorry for you if you do that.

    I’ve head of you being impressed by Islam and the muslims while doing body of lies in the middle east. I hoped (and still hope) that you convert to Islam (the last religion that and the only religion that God wants people to believe in). Islam is the highest level religion (because it is the last and the most complete religion which has been sent exactly for the people of this time (who can easily perceive it) and if you (or anybody else) convert to Islam, have made yourself sooooooooooo prosperous in both worlds.

    Obviusly The US government and that cancer-like country don’t like you to become a muslim (I’m not sure, but it seems so)….

    but the best thing for you is becoming a muslim and then marry a muslim girl, and there’s no problem about your acting in the movies, it’s no more than going to another country (like Iran whose the majrity of people are real muslims) and continue acting (they will welcome you).