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Jennifer Aniston Happy Being Childless??

Posted by Adam

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston might be in her forties, single and childless — but she’s happy!

The actress — who’s had a failed romance with every man in Hollywood since her 2005 from husband Brad Pitt — says she’s fine not being a mom because she’s surrounded by the kids of her Just Go With It costars Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler and Dave Matthews.

“I’m constantly getting a kid fix!” she told Entertainment Tonight.

In December 2008, Aniston mused to Entertainment Weekly about having kids of her own : “I feel like that’s in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way,” she said.

Meanwhile, Aniston was reportedly left “shocked” when she found out about Pitt’s plans to marry his current partner, Angelina Jolie.

“When Jen was tipped to Brad and Angie’s wedding plans she was in shock,” blabbed one loose-lipped insider.

“For her it was like getting stabbed in the heart — for a second time.”

The source adds that Angelina “would love to call Jen in person, letting her know in no uncertain terms that Brad and her going to be together as husband and wife for the rest of their lives. But she’s got too much class to do that.”

“Brad and Angie getting married is Jen’s worst nightmare come true,” the source continued, “and it would surely bring back lots of bad memories of her own failed marriage — and Brad’s subsequent betrayal.

“There’s no way she go to the wedding, which will drive home the point that for her and Brad, there is no going back.

“Of course, that might not be such a bad thing for Jen. It’s high time she moved on with her life. And seeing Brad and Angie married at last could give her some closure. At least she would know it was time to finally let him go.”


  • gerome

    Jen doesn’t have to wait for Brad and Angie to get married before she can totally move on. Its been 5 years. She has been in many relationships after Brad. As the famous “girl next door” and “the good girl” it shouldn’t be too hard to keep a man.

  • jessica

    I don’t beleive that for one second. I am sure she could care less. Her life is full and rich. Why should she care? It seems to me that the rags are more concerned about keeping up tabloid fodder than the truth.

  • ykw

    I agree with gerome and jessica. She’s been involved with other guys. U can’t keep referring to Brad like he was her last man.
    He’s got a woman and a family.
    Leave him out of her life.
    We r tired of it and we’re not gonna take it anymore.
    Stop buying rags,

  • doubtful

    I agree with all these comments. I’m sure she isn’t losing any sleep over this BIG NEWS. Like the rest of us – she could care less.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Jennifer made a choice several years ago about what mattered to her the most. She wasn’t ready for a family, Brad was, she wanted to make movies and be famous. So she’s famous, and making movies, and he moved on. I wish them both the best. Wait ten more years and ask her what she wants then.

  • marie

    Agree with every comment so far. We’re living in the 21st century, not the 18th century where women were used for popping out babies just to keep their man satisfied!

    • andy

      was that an indirect statement aiming at Angelina, you old fart, people just can’t stop blaming, so you don’t agree with comment, because you have your own personal opinion, and that is Angelina, popping babies to keep, brad satisfied, BS, after BS, Angelina and Brad love children as much as Brad wanted babies, so did Angelina, and as far as Jennifer goes that women does not know what she wants, one day she says i want a baby, next she want to make movie, next she sun tanning in mexico, she is so full of BS! simple fact BS!

  • honest

    haa, lies lies lies, im posting this comment in the future. Right now brad and angie are over> marraige talks my foot, that was never in he works. also jen is not as heart-broken at least not anymore. the paps are just trying to milk every penny out of nothing