Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Britney SpearsBRITNEY Spears is at war with her father Jamie — because she desperately wants to be alone with her kids and he’s not allowing it, insiders say.

Under the terms of her court-ordered conservatorship, the troubled star must be supervised by another adult when she’s with Sean, 4, and Jayden, 3.

But the 28-year-old feels that she’s mature enough to parent her sons on her own when they visit her.

“Britney is furious that she isn’t trusted to care for her own kids without supervision,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She gets into screaming matches with her father Jamie because she can’t have quiet time with the boys without bodyguards, nannies or another family member.

“She’s had enough of the watchdogs, and she’s afraid her sons won’t feel bonded to her as they get older because there are always other adults around.

“Little things set her off – like being told what the kids should eat. Britney has always been fond of junk food, and she sees nothing wrong with getting take-out pizzas or hamburgers for the kids.

“When her parents or a nanny suggest the boys shouldn’t eat so much fast food, Britney sees it as interference and resents it.

“She feels there’s nothing normal about being watched all the time.”

“When it comes to making decisions about the boys, she’s being overruled by her father, Kevin, even the hired help – and Britney blames it all on her dad.”

Recent reports claimed Britney wants to have another child by the time she hits 30.

“Britney says having kids and become a mom is her biggest achievement. She loves her boys and she desperately wants to have another baby,” a source said.

“She knows times is running out and is keen to get pregnant by the time she hits 30.

“Britney says that, although her relationship with Jason is unstable, she’d love nothing more than for him to be her baby daddy.”

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  • http://showbizspy glenda

    Britney Spears father is nuts! He is driving Britney crazy! He is way too controlling. I guess without Britney working and following HIS orders; he will be without a paycheck!!!!!! He needs to back off.

  • kyle9

    this story is dumb. the story about chelsea handler’s ripped off comedy sex tape is funnier. check out

  • Laura

    She is still just a trainwreck waiting to crash again!

  • Sarah

    Another bogus, fake story about Britney. First it was that her Dad made a rule that she cant go without a bra, which was later confirmed to be a lie by her people, than the one recently about her wanting another kid by the time shes 30, now this. The National Enquirer is known for lying about celebrities especially Britney none of there storys are true. The sad thing is that people are so gullible they believe everything they read even if they sound so stupid like these ones. Its very hard now to get information about Britney, because she lives a more private life so people just make up stuff about her. I doubt that her life is so much controlled as people make it out to be, she still has her freedom its only certain stuff like finding the right doctor, or lawyer that he controls. Jamie’s the one who saved her life and got her career up and running, so people need to stop critising him. And Glenda for your information Jamie Spears has never lived on Britney money, even when she first came out. He had his own job and lives in the same house where Britney was brought up. He gets paid by her now, because he quit his job to take care of her.

  • obsessively nonchalant

    please in the name of God britney do not have anymore children. she is indeed a trainwreck waiting to happen again. think back a short while ago what britney was like. there is no way on God’s green earth that she is ready for that kind of pressure again. she already has 2 kids that were COURT ORDERED away from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have any idea how bad a situation has to be to reach that level???? COURT ORDERED!!!! she shouldn’t be selfish, she already has 2 wonderful kids. be satisfied. there are already too many people on this planet. we all need to stop having kids for a while. all of the earth’s resources are being used up. why would britney want another child? she had so much difficulty with being a mother with the kids she already has?????

  • Kev

    I feel for her. The only way she will ever get what she wants out of life and to be happy is to find Jesus Christ. Nothing else in this world matters, its all about Him! Cry out to Jesus, Brittany…

    • Ekron

      Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth in Spell Hell for You!

    • Mike

      What the hell does Jesus Christ have to do with it,Keep your religious views to yourself. I’m tired of everyone throwing his name around like there some kind of holy roller and there the first one to cut you off as there leaving the church.Hypocrites and by the way how does it feel to know that the book you hold so dearly was voted upon to decide what part of Christ’s life you were allowed to see into. And sure you can tell me I’ll rot in hell but he’s your guy not mine, You see as a witch we don’t believe in hell its a place made up by the catholic church to use fear to get people in the door to give donations!!!!!!

  • kev

    Oops, guess I spelled her name incorrectly but you know what I mean.

  • gmalabdelgadir

    we must respect our dady becuz they were our base

  • tonya

    What trailer trash!

    • Sue

      You are so right!! She says her biggest achievement is becoming a Mom — Hello — all that takes is spreading your legs you idiot!! BEING A GOOD MOM and MOTHERING YOUR OWN CHILDREN TO ADULTHOOD is an achievement!

  • Lauren Kaminski

    I’m on her dad’s side! She wants another kid & that’s not good for her.

  • Katie

    If she is still having tempertantrums because she is still unstable and not getting her way what is she going to do when this baby she wants decides to either poop,pee or puke on her designer gucci blouse she is wearing?Having a baby is not going to keep Jason interested in her.A way for her to keep him interested is by quit throwing these hissy fits when she doesn’t get her way and learn to take care of her self by getting healthy mentally,physically and spiritually.No older man is going to want to be with a 28 year old who is still having hissy fits like a two year old.

  • Paula Gorman

    This piece of trailer trash needs to stop being a kid herself before he has another! Junk Food! Hello!

    Of course she wouldn’t know any better because Mommy and Daddy have been banking on her all their lives and taught her nothing.

  • Suzanne

    Time is running out to have kids at age 30? What? Idiots.

  • http://Msn Linda

    I think her father should not be so controlling and let the girl have visits with her children unsupervised. When she is in a manic state or out of control then she needs supervised visits. Once in a while its okay for chilren to eat fast foods but not as a continuous meal. I think Britney is doing well and they should not put so much pressure on her after all she is 28 years old. If they dont stop taunting her she will quit singing and nobody gets paid. They forget one important factor and that is Britney makes the money she should be in control of her own life. Just because someone makes mistakes and has a nervous break down doesnt mean they should lose their parental rights for ever. I love Britney she has always been trying to break free of a controling mother and father. Let the woman Live.

  • http://showbizspy marhartm19586

    People get real Britney is to blame for her own problems, when are you and she going to get it. At the age of 28 sne is still acting like an immature teenager. And she needs another child like she needs a hole in the head. Once she decides to “grow up” act like a 28 year old instead of 2 year old then and only then will the courts take her seriously. Us common folks have to accountable for our actions so why shouldn’t Britney. It is a parent’s job to guide their children to do right no matter how old they are. Britney is a mother and she needs to act like one instead of a whiney, screaming 2 year old. My granddaughter is only 9 and she is more mature than most grown-ups I know or the ones on here.

  • britney spears

    Hey ya’ll, it’s me Britney Spears. I just want to clarify all the rumors. I haven’t been fighting about being watched while I have my kids or that I want my ex o be my baby daddy. The true story is I want MY daddy to be my baby daddy and my mom has a problem with it. Well hopefully my daddy will also be a grandpa again if mom allows it. I think she will cause I’m gonna give her $10,000. Bye ya’ll

  • Shyla

    A typical trailer trash mom. I saw a picture of her recently lighting a cigarette while she was 8 or 9 months pregnant. Her belly was completely exposed too. She was in a very short tank top. All trailer trash moms should be supervised that closely. Good for all these people. Bless them for making sure these kids aren’t hurt.

  • robert

    leave Brittany Spears alone!

  • Chris C.

    LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert


  • Peter

    That’s a good way for both of you to rekindle you’re relationship

  • jay

    I honestly think Britney should just leave everything behind and go on a trip on her own somewhere like morocco or the middle east and somewhere no one will bother her. she should work on herself and PROVE that she is capable of taking care of her kids. SHE NEEDS LOVE herself and she needs to learn to love herself first. SHE IS GOING through so much and carries a weight of pain in her heart and she just needs a time off. feeding kids junk food is not okay at all. she is known to have abused drugs and I can understand why the father would want to be involved, God forbid she’ll do something crazy. she basically needs to leave the kids with her family and go on a quest alone or with a close friend she trusts, and she needs to find herself. she is all over the place. I wish britney well, she is the best.

  • jay

    what’s wrong is that is something bad does happen GOD forbbid, then people would be pointing fingers and say things like “where were her parents” etc etc. the father is stepping in, and britney wanting another baby when her own relationship is dysfunctional. there is a psychlogical problem. when a woman wants a baby in these circumstances. she is looking for love for herself, she wants to feel wanted and yearned for as a person and by having a baby she is having a responsibility. and someone please change her stylist because really, her wardrobe’s been nothing that suits her beautiful personality and she can do much much better, better than the britney we’ve known so please people get your work done!

  • June

    What a load of horse shit. The story does not even hold up to the casual gossip reader. It annoys me that I wasted my time reading it.

  • Dave Takahashi

    leave Britney alone

    oh hi Britney

  • buffy

    well if jamie is so great why is britney hanging out with that loser Jason her now boyfriend and why did britneys sister have a baby so early in her life

  • buffy

    and yes her family is living off her money and so are all the other leeches in her life

  • buffy

    every photo every story is money in the bank

  • Texas1111

    Okay just leave the poor girl alone we all are human beings and have problems and live differently, so u all people calling her trailer trash, i think u have issues, no one is perfect in ths world is perfect so get that tru u thick head, u crazy people…

  • sharonsmith

    she is just like madonna the only classy thing i seen of spears was the m.j. video, in that she acted like a lady. this girl needs help i cant believe parents let their little girls idolize her, same goes for madonna and lady gaga thats no lady thats gag gag eek

  • Katie

    I have read that she is always happier when she goes home to visit Kentwood Louisianna to the ones who truely know her and truely love her for who she is and not for what she is. Since she gave custody of the kids to Kevin why doesn’t she pack up and go home where she belongs in Louisianna.She has nothing keeping in LA except horrible memories.I think she is also depressed her career didn’t pan out like she wanted it too.She probably thought she would be somewhere with multiple grammys sitting on her fireplace mantle and having several more cds out.Her story is actually very sad. :sad:

  • Kj

    Let the kids eat junk food but not too much. Brit should allow some quiet time with her boys. I mean she came this far doesnt need to be treated as a kid to kid her children. (so pathetic) Dad neds to lay the f*** off and let her breathe. Maybe take a few steps back to see how she can handle it. But i mean she does need to have her life back SOON and giv her a chance. NOBODY’s PERFECT!!!

  • Randy

    Why is this news?

    • Stacey

      that’s just it it’s NOT it’s all bullsh*t lies,the press love to blow things out of proportion something small could made this story this big piece of sh*t lie,who the hell are all of these these “insiders” anyway it has to be someone “inside” so it’s all fake don’t believe the national enquirer they love making these stories up.

  • milo

    another fake story and same awful pic of britney. the tabloids have nothing to write about except to pick on britney spears. one photo of her and it’s millions!!!!!! the media needs to stop producing these fake ass stories about britney, they are trying to put a bad reputation on britney forever, what pathetic ass holes!!!!!

    Long Live the Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • Sanumi-ohunayo

    I wudnt want 2 fix blame but fix d problem. Britney at 28 is wonderful and ful of strength, but why cant she cook and made decisions earlier than trying 2 buff up now. Its a pity and girls out there should b watchful bcos u should make yourself before making your career

  • Kyle

    This website is so bogus.
    They lie ALL the time about Britney stories just to get readers and commenters and viewers as well.
    You people are sick, annoying, and selfish. Go away.

  • Bal

    Britney’s a bitch nd u crazy fans r too

  • star

    Is this going to the latest celebrity victim that dies? At first they try to drive you crazy, then they force you to leave the country, then you come back and you’re dead.

    Leave Britney alone. Celebrities aren’t treated humanely because this world values greed over anything else. To people around Britney all she is, is a gold mine.

    Britney, get you AND your kids away from these people. Does anyone really believe K-FED? Look at him! If anyone’s feeding the kids junk food it’s his fat ass!

  • randy

    britney spears= trailor trash with money

  • naomi

    leave all the rumors behind, please understand this poor mother, don’t see her through the media eyes. She’s just a poor girl, maybe been spoiled a bit, but she’s become a mother already. People charged her insane and keep her away from her children. How would it feel for a mother?!!!!

  • Lou Orsten

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  • tim

    Maybe she’s just vocalizing. A concert tour might be on the way.

    - obgyn gilbert


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