Ashton Kutcher to Star in Magnum, P.I. Movie?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher could be replacing George Clooney if he plays his cards right!

The Hollywood hunk — who’s married to actress Demi Moore — is the hot favorite to play Magnum in a movie remake of the Magnum, P.I. TV show made famous by Tom Selleck in the Eighties

Clooney was reportedly approached for the role, but turned it down.

“Ashton loves the old show and the character and with George seemingly out of the running, Magnum is his if he wants it,” blabbed on Hollywood insider.

“There may even be a part for Demi.”


  • KJinSeattle

    I’ve been hearing about a Magnum P.I. movie for a couple of years now and I have to say I’m not excited about it. And I’m not alone in this. A Google search for Magnum movie will bring up plenty of sites showing that people are overwhelmingly against any film being made that does not cast Tom Selleck in the role which he made famous (and adversely, which made him famous).
    Unlike many of the ’70′s and ’80′s TV shows that have been “reimagined” into feature films, Magnum P.I. was not a one dimensional show. Sure it was formulaic, fast cars, pretty women and shoot outs. But the character of Thomas Sullivan Magnum was not just another TV detective. He was funny, intelligent, loyal to his friends and at times, prone to being sentimental. Magnum had a deep back story involving his Vietnam War years and the woman whom he loved, lost, found again, lost again and eventually fathered a child with).
    As mentioned earlier, any internet search will show that fans of the show want to see Tom Selleck playing the role. They want to see Magnum where he would be today. The director of the new film, Rawson Thurber, has stated he is only interested in his own vision of Magnum and that he would not even consider cameo appearances by Selleck and the rest of the cast. This is clearly a mistake. One which will lead to yet another ho-hum theatrical remake of one of the eighties greatest detective shows.
    The question to ask is “Why not Tom Selleck?” The fans want him. He still looks great for a man in his mid-60′s. He is willing to reprise the role. All of the other main characters are still willing and able to appear as well, with the exception of John Hillerman (Jonathon Higgins), who may be too ill to return.
    Obviously, the answer is two fold. First, Selleck’s prior films have, with a few exceptions, never done very well at the box office. The studios may be nervous that the original Magnum may not be able to deliver. They may also worry about his age. But the studios need to remember that Harrison Ford was able to return for another Indiana Jones film (a role that originally was offered to Tom Selleck, but he had to turn it down due to his Magnum commitment), and that movie did well with audiences.
    The second part of the answer ties in directly with director Rawson Thurber and producer Brian Grazer. These two seem to be more in love with themselves and their own egos, and seemingly have little or no interest in delivering a movie with a ready made fan base.
    I hope that the fans will get organized and contact Universal Studios and let them know that they will not see a Magnum P.I. movie that does not star Tom Selleck.

  • Raiden

    Tom Selleck or no movie, period!!!

  • Alexander J. Colvin Esq.

    KJinSeattle makes a lot of great points. I would rather there be no Magnum movie made than one without the original cast. Either do it right or leave it alone or at least wait til I´m dead. It would break my heart. Tom is doing a great job as Jesse Stone which is getting great ratings. He has a good script for a Magnum Film but Hollywood has no class and goes for money rather than doing the right thing. They never learn from their mistakes and it is tragic.

    They will keep dragging it out until the current cast are too old and then they will finally get round to doing it. I will never watch it though because for me there is only one magnum. How could ashton playing any kind of private eye or war veteran. Are they going to say he served in Iraq. What a joke. He is an ex male model.

    What a disgrace.

  • blake

    You cannot have Magnum PI without Tom Selleck! Leave it up to Hollywood to mess this up. They’ll probably get Demi to play his long lost wife, Lindsey Lohan to play his daughter although she may be in jail, Simon Cowell to play Higgins, Jamie Fox to play TC, and Coli Ferrel to play Rick. It would do about as good as the “Miami Vice” remake which I believe it went straight DVD on opening weekend.

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  • blake

    You cannot have Magnum PI without Tom Selleck! Leave it up to Hollywood to mess this up. They’ll probably get Demi to play his long lost wife, Lindsey Lohan to play his daughter although she may be in jail, Simon Cowell to play Higgins, Jamie Fox to play TC, and Colin Ferrel to play Rick. It would do about as good as the “Miami Vice” remake which I believe it went straight DVD on opening weekend.

  • jake

    Hollywood studios and the produces are so out of touch when it comes to reproducing successful TV series. Example, Miami Vice without the original cast, the movie BOMBED. However when they did it right, example, Sex in The City, the movie made MILLIONS. Magnum PI without the original cast will cost the studio millions, and the Director and Produces along with the replacement cast will give the critics a field day of negative reviews. So go ahead Hollywood throw your money away.

  • matt

    I too will not be going to the movie if Tom Selleck is not in the title role. I also want to see as many of the other original cast members. No Selleck no go!

  • Gregg

    No New Magnum Movie WITHOUT Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast. Period! Ashton Kutcher????? Are they serious? Doesn’t Universal realize that Magnum fans are now in there 30′s and 40′s and have a lot of money to go to the movies?

  • Andy

    You need a new name for the ‘old’ face (Tom Selleck does not look old!) so they don’t bring any of their fame to an already famous role!
    Check out a fantastic actor named DAN PAYNE
    He is 6’4″, and played volleyball like Tom Selleck and looks the part brilliantly!
    You have to HAVE TO check him out for the sake of the film! Put big names in other roles that won’t detract from the story and greatness of the original. A big name will replace not honor it!

  • KOJohnson

    Dan Payne is obviously the only choice to play Magnum. He has the physicality–the looks!–the brains, and the humor, plus enough masculinity to give the role the strength and broad appeal that it needs. Dan Payne. Absolutely. Oh–and he’s a terrific actor. That’s what I look for, in a movie. Terrific actors.

  • egidio

    Actually the only actor for the movie is Tom Selleck. It is a serious advice to Hollywood, millions of fans would watch the movie and the story about Magnum today, still taking on a case with his friends TC and Rick, is fantastic, hoping that these actors are still in good shape.
    Egidio Carnevale, a fan of Magnum p.i. / Tom Selleck , from Pescara, Italy.

  • marian

    Dan Payne would be a perfect Magnum PI. He has the same looks and statue of Mr Selleck and is a wonderful actor who would bring back the charm of the old Magnum.

  • Larry

    I agree that Tom Selleck is the only actor that should be considered to reprise the role of Thomas Magnum. I can’t believe that they would consider Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher has yet to make a successful movie, and I for one will not watch any movie that he is the star. There is no way he can even come close to filling the shoes of Tom Selleck. Wise up hollywood and give the role of Magnum to the one actor that deserves it, Tom Selleck.

  • Val Laurente

    Please ask Tom Selleck First. No Selleck, wouldnt watch it.

  • Lena

    The only other actor that could pull off Magnum PI besides Tom is Matthew McConaughey. He has the same charm and humor as Selleck.

    • Lee Beaton

      Dwayne Johnson could play Magnum.

  • Andy

    It is unthinkable to have a Magnum movie without Selleck. I want to see where Magnum is at this point of time, not some rehashed B.S that will have no character or depth. Any movie without Selleck must be boycotted.

  • stadyeiWR5

    There truly obviously a lot to know about this. I think you created some fantastic points in Features also.

  • josh gagner

    Magnum=Tom Selleck anything else wont work!!!!! ) please dont ruin the best TV show of all time, please….

  • http://yahoo Denise

    I totally agree that no one could or should do Magnum but Tom Selleck himself. For eight years he was Magnum and no one could do the part justice. Can you see Ashton as a war hero and with that famous mustache no less. Now that’s down right funny. Nothing against Ashton but he would be ridiculous in this part. It has to be Tom or no one. I won’t be watching it.

  • Yoshiko Mccarraher

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  • Dave Roderick

    They say Ashton Kutcher is being considerd for the role
    of Magnum. What a joke. Is he going to wear clip-on
    mustache as well as clip-on muscles. I say if there is
    no Tom Selleck, that we boycot the movie.

  • Yama

    We want Tom Selleck!
    (Indonesian fan)

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  • jwpicard

    Ok here is my pick. It is NCIS in Hawaii
    magnum – Dinozo
    Higgens – Ducky
    TC – LL Cool J
    Chris Odonelle

  • rich

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  • Deborah

    I agree with many of the previous comments – I hope someone in charge is watching these posts…PICK TOM SELLECK – he’s still HOT in his 60′s. We remember him from the original Magnum and I won’t go to see it without him – it would be a disgrace to him and we love him. PICK TOM SELLECK!!!

    • rich

      Its a movie about a guy in his 30,s.Josh Hartnet would be perfect for it.Thats like saying sylvester stallone to play the first rocky.

  • jazzselect

    no Tom Selleck= boycott
    Tom Selleck said himself he wanna do it!
    How hard can it be to write a script of some old guys getting together again.

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  • Ralpherino

    The only actor that would have a hundred to one chance of pulling off Magnum is Vince Vaughn! It’s got to be Selleck!

  • AleXander

    Yeah what you all need to understand is that no one is interested in watching a bunch of old men running around hawaii breaking there hips. Yes it needs an up grade, yes more than tom selleck can play the part, and no you can ask an actor to copy the way selleck did the roll,They would laugh at you and walk off set. its not about carbon copy but a fresh take The cast that would do the best job, in my opinion:

    Gerard Butler as Tom Magnum
    Xzibit as TC
    Eddie Izzard as Higgins
    Scott Caan as Rick
    Ferrari 458 Italia as ROBIN 1

    What made Magnum P.I. great was it was an 80s version of film noir. Dark lighting, voice over, complicated plots of betrayal, femfetals, and a hard boiled private investigator all mixed with a little bit of military intrigue in the back drop of Hawaii. All that can be recreated with a different cast, as long as the script is good and you get a seasoned cinematographer. I have to say I really hate the nit picky fans who wont give something a chance just because its new, my god you all sound like my grandmother. Lastly you are right, its not going to be the same, it will never be the same, even with the old cast. They will put a different spin on the character and you all wont like it and you will just complain about it like you do with everything else. Nobody in hollywood likes fanboys and fangirls for this reason. You cant enjoy something for what it is you have to compare it to everything else. this is part of the reason so many books are made into films, because Americans dont read anymore and no one knows when changes are made. Correction, no one reads anything that dosen’t involve a little boy witch or gay vampires

  • Bea

    It would be absolutely brilliant for Tom Selleck to be able to bring Magnum back to us. Instead of trying to copy, copies are never the same in quality as we all know – cheap and mostly nasty, why not continue showing the next phase in Magnum’s life by the man that gave us all so much joy and relaxing TV viewing. My family would ONLY be interested in Tom Selleck’s new adventures- all generations of my family agree. Spare us try hard immitations- spare the actor considering playing Magnum the disappointment of a flop. Get real and offer Tom his role!