Adam Lambert Feared Homophobia on Idol

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adam LambertADAM Lambert was worried his sexuality would be an issue while he was appearing on American Idol.

The star — who came out as gay after finishing runner-up in last year’s season of the hit TV talent show — feared he’d be treated differently.

“I was actually worried about [my sexuality] when I auditioned,” Lambert said during an interview on UK TV show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

“I thought ‘I’m not what they usually go for, I don’t know if it’s going to work out’ but it did, and thank God I auditioned.

“At first I remember Simon Cowell was saying to me during my audition, ‘Well you’re very theatrical’, and he always said that as a negative statement but I thought to myself that’s a good thing.

“Yeah, I’m theatrical and I’m proud of it, I think that there is a lot of room for that in pop music.”

Adam recently admitted he’s worried about ending up alone.

“I have a fear of being alone — not being alone by myself, but I want to fall in love, and grow old with somebody and I just sometimes get scared that it’s not going to happen,” he said last month.


  • JerryW

    As honest and humble as Adam is, he will not go through life alone. Being honest with the world about himself from the beginning just shows what a special person he is. He was more worried about being honest then the backlash it would have on his career..When he finds that special someone to share his life with, you better believe it will be one honest and heartfelt relationship. I gained a lot of respect for Lambert for not deceiving the public when asked over and over about his personal life to the point of hounding him. which by the way is none of our business.. Kind and honest hearts win in the end.

    • leilani aloha

      Yes, that is so so true & u said it all so beautifully:)
      Adam’s has an Amazing voice,very gifted & talented artist with a kind, honest & the sweetest personality.
      And all the media wants to feed us ( the fans ) is about who he sleeps with:(
      Maybe because he’s so gorgeous & adorable that they DONOT want to ACCEPT the fact Adam’s gay!

      Who cares, we just want to listen & buy his MUSIC!!!
      Adam, U rock!!!
      We Love Adam no matter what sexuality he is,
      he’s a kind human being like all of us!

  • megan

    When I first saw Adam I was at awe with his vocal talent. Finding out he was gay did not change how I felt about his talent. The media, however, could not step away from the fact. They wanted people to know Adam as the “gay” singer and mentioned it in every article written. There really ought to be laws about that kind of reporting. Are they allowed to print articles about people of color to define them? Do they print things like “…(insert name here),who happens to be black, …” No, so why do they try to shove Adam’s orientation in every article written? He is a singer who is admittedly gay, but it doesn’t define him has an artist. Just once I would like to read and article about him that doesn’t focus on the gay. How about that voice? That talent?

  • Alexandra

    So beautifully said Jerry.Thank you :)

  • Barbara

    I don’t believe Adam is the only gay singer in the business so why the hype? He has a wonderful voice and that is all that people should be concerned with, he is also a beautiful person and very humble and homest. I hope he will stay that way. He has a great career ahead of him and he should never fear about being alone. there is someone out there for him.

  • Rita

    I was a Glambert from Adam’s audition forward. I wasn’t concerned at all about his sexuality, I just wanted to hear him sing. I am so happy that Adam’s career is going so well, he acknowledges he is too busy to date or start up a new relationship. When the time is right, I am confident Adam will find the man of his dreams. That will be one lucky man!!

    • http://yahoo Dj

      Give me a break! Since when is feigning oral sex a show of promiscuous gay sex? Straight people engage in oral sex also. Grow up! It was a performance; and the song is very sexual, listen to the words. He was simply interpreting the lyrics, and being provocative, which is what performers do. Why should he apologize? Your ignorance offends ME, but I’m sure YOU have no intention of apologizing for it.

  • guilelessly feigned

    I liked him. that is until that horrific display he shoved down our throats, what with the simulated oral sex on stage. what a fruit cake freak!!! there is a time and a place for everything. that simulated blow job on stage for all to see was not the time nor place. what an idiot. just shows his inability to be discriminate. i can’t stand him ever since that point. did he even apologize for that show of promiscuous public gay sex and complete lack of class?

  • Julie

    Adam is admirable in so many ways, espcecially with his openness about who he is. His amazing vocals, stye sense and charisma outshines any male contestant who has ever appeared on American Idol. The special friendship that he has with Kris Allen earned them great respect from fans. They supported and cheered each other throughout the competition. On the finale show, when Kris was declared the winner, Adam gave him a genuine and loving hug, a scene that is embedded in my memory forever. When a person who is as talented, unique and funny as Adam is comes along in our lifetime, we should think about a sar that shines bright to light up our world.

  • dainty

    As I commented before in Adam’s FANSITE, nothing happens by chance. Adam’s actions can be subconsciously done to get a desired effect, during the AMA show. In Psychiatric Nursing or Psychiatry, what Adam did, was IMPLOSION — a therapeutic technique for PHOBIA where the patient is abruptly or suddenly shown the feared object. In this case the patient is the Homophobic Society. The goal is to desensitize the patient from the feared object. Implosion is in contrast to GRADUAL DESENSITIZATION, a therapeutic technique where the exposure to the feared object is gradual. Maybe unknown to Adam, his actions were brave, fearless, fierce and will greatly benefit the Gay community in the long run. He shouldered the blame and repercussions, even maybe lowering his album sales, but he had done more than maybe all those demonstrations and protests by other Gay communities. And that’s why I love him. He is man enough to have done that. And whatever his sexual orientation is, he is MY MAN. A man I could look up to, and be very proud of. Following and knowing Adam, makes me admire him more, for his humility, kindness and artistry. He is an inspiration for us to strive to be the best in our own individual field of endeavor, as he had done with his. Adam is such a blessing we can thank God for.

    • idontgiveaf

      and when is your release date?

  • Nolongerbeating88

    Adam is not gonna live alone! Lots of people love him as an artist and most especially as the person of he is! He is true and i like that!

  • G F

    don’t get me wrong. I like Adam. I just felt so let down with that display. I never in a million years would have believed you if you told me that he was going to do that on stage. I would have called you a liar. I don’t care if he mimicked hetero oral sex. The hetero/homo factor has nothing to do with the angst it caused, imo. I just am tired and sickened by “artists” that choose to push the limits on what is acceptable and decent behavior. Nothing to do with him being gay or straight. I could care less.

  • Bella Donna

    Lick my legs/I’m on fire. . .–PJ Harvey

    Yet when a *woman* does this short of thing, it’s perfectly all right. I think the reason for the furor over what Adam did isn’t because he’s a man, but because of the kind of man he is. Let’s face it, in the media, gay men are usually portrayed as being very asexual, so for a gay man to express his sexual, sensual side, it comes as a complete shock.

    Stepping out of the page/Into the Sensual World. . .–Kate Bush, “The Sensual World”

    • G F

      i don’t know about that …. just that if it were a woman i would have been just as revolted…same feelings..i don’t care who did it to who…

  • cranmother

    I am an “old” lady who loves Adam’s music. His sexuality is his business. I play his CD in my car and it makes me sing along and be happy! Makes me feel young!

  • sinjin

    i like adam lambert for himself and his ideals on being honest from the start well almost from the start i dont blame him for holding back on his sexuality I really dont think that it should matter to anyone but it does to some people he has a great voice and mad world he sang was great really well done should have won when i read that gene simmons had told adam lambert that he shouldnt have come out and let people know he was gay well i say this GENE SIMMONS GO STICK YOUR LIZARD TONGUE IN A WALL SOCKET YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE HIDING ANYTHING WHOSE BAND WENT OUT IN MAKEUP FROM CLOWN HELL AND FREAKISH COSTUMES FOR YEARS?? DID YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE??????????????

  • http://yahoo janice

    George Michael, Elton John, Freddy Mercury were all gay and all amazingly talented. Adam Lambert in my opinion is as great a singer as the three mentioned. Gay or Straight talent is talent, and this guy has it all. Looks, personality, charisma, charm and so so sexy!!!

  • man5tyl

    Adam Lambert Is Simply The Best ! Love Him Just The Way He Is.Perfect Voice Handsome Beyond Compare. Warm , Friendly Real…..Perfect !!!!

  • Enyaface

    Adam is an entertainer… I understand that he was concerned about his sexuality because middle America is still homaphobic. It’s a shame in this day and age but it’s still an issue. With Adam it’s all about the art and he is an artist. The best singer AI has ever had and probably ever will have. Talent like his only comes around once in a blue moon. I love that he’s theatrical thats entertainment baby… He is totally Hollywood and I for one never even thought that he might be gay because a lot of the rockers in Hollywood wear GUY-LINER. The 80′s for sure and in several circles still do..I love him and support him in everyhting he does…. ADAM ROCKS!!!!