Michael Jackson’s Kids to End up in Care?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jackson FamilyMICHAEL Jackson‘s three young children could end up in CARE.

Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, seven, are currently living with their grandmother, 79-year-old Katherine Jackson.

Katherine also helps care for five other grandchildren at her LA home.

But authorities told her to move them and their mum Alejandra Oaziaza out after complaints that one of her brood had been seen brandishing a 300,000- volt stun gun and another had slapped his brother in the face.

But Alejandra and her family are still living at the Jackson family compound and there are fears all the children may now be taken away by Child Services, according to Britain’s News of The World newspaper.

“These are really tense and frightening times. With eight kids in one place it’s a burden for Katherine,” a source said.

“Officers asked for the numbers to be reduced, but nothing has happened. It’s just a few days before they check back, and they have enough grounds to take all the youngsters into care.

“It’s a nightmare and we are terrified of the next step.”



  • terry

    The children shouldn’t have been given in Katherine’s custody in the first place. Alejandra is jobless, and jermaine doesn’t pay her child support , there is no way she can move out, unless Katherine will give her money, from MJs 3 allowance obviously. Take the kids away.

  • I Love MJ

    Haven’t the kids been through enough already – with the passing of their father? I was under the impression that Alejandra and her kids were moving into a condo owned by Katherine. If the kids are moved it should be to Rebbie’s. These rags that spread gossip and lie’s should have some respect and at least make an effort to print the truth – all of it.

  • http://internetexplorer margie peterson

    It’s all about the MONEY, they don’t give a rats behind about those kids, the MONEY follow the kids. thoes kids are fine leave the kids alone. i am sure there are kids out there thats being neglected, abuse and homeless go after those kids. leave Michael childrens and his money alone.

  • Mim

    Everyone involved & all who wants to be involved knows that Money is attached to MJ’s children, so whom ever gets them will get paid…If they can’t stay with Katherine as MJ wanted-> then Janet or Rebbie should step up and take over

  • brad

    Don’t think that janet EVER considered having the kids, she always cared about her own life. rebbie would only take them for the money, she has a pretty bad financial situation, and three daughters who barely take care of their kids. She sees MJ’s three occasionally.
    Katherine helps everyone in the family with money except janet and Randy, the rest are being supported by her in a way or another and especially the grandchildren, even those who are 18+. Joe too.

    She is a very wicked woman, people who work for her know this very well. Alejandra is still in the house, she doesn’t have the means to move out, unless KJ pays her bills and support in the new house.
    The DCFS and children’s lawyer should act and take them away. They are not treated well in that household, they are tolerated because of the Money, if somehow that would go away they will give the kids away to their mother.
    People shouldn’t believe anyone in this family ever, they are full of lies, and most of them crooks who barely pay their bills. I hope the kids will be taken away from ALL of them. It was a mistake to grant custody to Katherine. My aunt worked in that house for a while now, and she sees and hears a lot. It is a total mess. And those three kids are not loved. People should understand that.

    • Miss


      I believe in you. I heard of some persons that know the Jacksons, talks the same that you.
      You accept talks via-email??

  • http://yahoo danosky

    I am very sorry for these wonderful kids who dont know the next step to follow.SOME TIME I WISH MICHAELs DEATH IS A DREAM,FOR HIM TO WAKE UP I KNOW THAT NO ONE CARES FOR HIM OR THE KIDS.PLS Children welfair or care should step in and help out b4 its too late.

  • andy

    i love MJ very much and well as his children, but i still feel they are better off with KJ, i feel very sorry for MJ kids they will suffer the same fate as he, in all due time, because the media will trash them like they did Mj, When KJ is gone all hell will break lose, for the kids but only for the money. God please look out for those children, they are good kids that only knew of love, now hate from everyone that lives in that house.

  • diana

    i am a huge michael fan
    and i think that who cares how many people stay in the house
    michael wanted a big family and that been around everyone is better for the kids to interact and the Jackson grew in one 2 bed room home and they came out fine
    but i think that the 3 michael kids should get extra care because they just lost a loving thing in their life
    the media should leave them alone and the government and the child care should not bug into their life. they will suffer because of the rumors and they need someone to tell them the truth and i think KJ is the best one at it .

  • diana


  • MJsecretlove1994

    Who is telling the media about how the Jackson children are behaving….this is causing problems….I bet it is LaToya and her big, greedy mouth.

  • http://www.whathappenedtomj.com Michael Miller

    I’VE JUST READ. “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson the King of Pop” by Leonard Rowe; Jackson’s long time financial advisor and friend.. This is the book where all of the secrets are told. I now know who killed Michael and why. I hope they all go straight to jail. Them and the ones responsible for Peter Lopez’s deathwhich was not a suicide. Michael wasn’t Gay its just all a media blitz to take attention of or this book.

  • raven

    I agree with MIM I feel that Janet or Rebbie mainly JANET needs to step up and take so control. I am not worried just for MJ kids but all the kids that live there. I would hate to see all of them taken into CPS.

  • Diana Dodd

    Being an adoptee once upon a time, this news is so frightening to me. These children can become separated and bounced around from house to house. That won’t be very pretty at all and they can in up in a house way far worst if at all where they are now.

    All anyone can do is pray and let God take it up in his hands for Ms. Jackson and Michael’s children. They don’t need anymore hardship than what they have now.

    God be with them all, in Jesus name Amen,Amen

  • jojo

    Brad I agree with you, I know that Katherine Jackson took those kids just for the money. Dr. Kline said that in so many words on TMZ. However I don’t think that Rebbie should get them also. She was the one that stayed out of the spotlight and all of a sudden since Michael died she doing concerts in Las Vagas. I also feel that Diana Ross should not get them, why would you take them form one elderly person and give them to another. I think that Janet should step up and get them. I do beleive that MJ would have wanted her to take them in a case like this. She is not with Jermaine Dupri anymore who seem to be all about himself. She is letting go of music and doing more acting which is more kid friendly. She has a six bedroom house and her own money so I feel she is the better choice.

  • MoneyMoneyMoney

    Brad, I have to agree with you. I know somebody who lived down the street from the Jacksons when he was growing up. He didn’t have anything good to say about Katherine, either. She turned a blind eye to the abuse Joe gave Michael, which included keeping him locked up in the house like a prisoner, and she didn’t do anything about the way this was causing Michael’s mental health to deteriorate. She wanted money just as much as Joe. I realize Diana Ross is not young, but I think Michael’s will should be honored. CPS needs to remove the children and place them with Diana Ross.

    • Miss


      I agree with all you said!! You accept talks via-email??

  • andrea

    michaels childen should stay with there grandma or one of michaels sister the oldest one or one of his brothers but not outside of the jacksons home i heard that some of the family is moveing out but think of how hurt the kids will be if they have to laeve there grandmas home and how grandma will feel if the kids leave they are michaels and that is way it whould hurt katherine because the kids are michael and she love him her son who is gone forever so just get those other people out of way then they will have peace in the home for mjs kids.

  • TruthSpeaks

    Apparently either this story isn’t true or Katherine took back Jermaine’s children to live with her! It was reported not too long ago that his kids now lived with their mother in another home. As for Janet Jackson, she would be the best option for her niece and nephews to live with if anything happen to Katherine. Janet is richer than all of her siblings and it was reported that she worth over $150 million up to $250 million. She made all that through performing, tours and acting. Jermaine would be a pain in the butt because he seriously don’t have any money and had kids with his brother’s babymother who now is his wife! That is mess up at least Janet got her head screw on right and Tito is a cool guy hardly hear much trouble from him.

  • Tracy Terry

    i’ll take his ‘daughter’, she’s cute

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