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Eva Mendes Unfazed by Sexiest Woman Title

Posted by Adam

Eva MendesEVA Mendes would rather have an Oscar than be praised for her looks.

The actress — who was recently voted the Sexiest Woman Alive in an internet poll — says she takes such accolades in her stride as she doesn’t want to let them go to her head.

“You have to take that stuff with a grain of salt, otherwise you would be destroyed when you’re no longer considered that,” she said.

“So you say thank you and move on. And you know what? I’d rather have an Oscar, thanks very much.

“I’m happy with what I have, but you know, today I got my make-up and hair done. Without it I am actually pretty much the girl next door.”

Eva, 36, recently insisted she’s happy with curves and is trying her best not to lose them.

“I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t mind that bit extra,” she said. “I don’t really diet because I don’t want to be without my curves.

“I won’t eat pizza and I’m careful about bread but otherwise I eat what I like.”