Sunday, May 9, 2010

Annette BeningANNETTE Bening admits she relies on her work to stop her from going “crazy”.

The actress — who is married American actor and director Warren Beatty, with whom she has four children — says she likes to keep busy so she doesn’t go insane.

“It’s very important,” Bening said of her work. “It can make you crazy not having that kind of intellectual stimulation and not using your brain, especially with tiny ones — that can really make you insane.

“In a way, women aren’t supposed to acknowledge that and [are suppose to] pretend that it’s all just fabulous and we love every moment and it’s just a wonder, and of course, it is a wonder, but it’s also tiring and really, really hard work and a lot of the time your life is not about you, it’s about what everyone else wants.

“In a way that’s a stage you basically never get out of. There’s that selflessness you need to find, and on the other hand, you hire a babysitter and you go out and you do your work.”

The 51-year-old also admits she’s a strict mom.

“I’m pretty strict, not insanely strict,” she said. “I like to think I know how to do that because they need it. It’s healthier for everybody if they have some limits.”

Still, the star insists her kids are proud of their famous mother and father.

“There are time when they’re embarrassed by me, but my kids are pretty great. That happens, but they’re also sort of proud too.”

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  • GH

    Wow..does anyone check the content before it is posted. How embarassing..

  • Lynn

    I love her! Work is important to help stop from being crazy! I totally understand this article! :)

  • kit henry

    Wow this is really important news! With floods. earthquakes, famine..we are concerned about the priviledged Hollywood Stars sanity!

    • Stella

      And yet with all of those important things going on in the world (which you profess to care so much about) you came here to, read the article, and then posted a response.

  • Bette

    Can’t stand her. Annoying. Yes, she’s real strict. That’s why she has two daughters and two sons, and originally they were three daughters and one son. No priorities except if it involves herself or her career.

  • Boris

    She hired a babysitter. His name is Warren and he’s been her regular sitter for 18 years now. How sad.