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Kate Hudson Thinks Cameron Diaz is an Aging Old Lady!!

Posted by Adam

Kate Hudson and Cameron diAZKATE Hudson is not a happy bunny!

The Bride Wars actress is apparently furious that Cameron Diaz has hooked up with her former flame Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez.

On May 2, Diaz was spotted leaving A-Rod’s $30,000-a-month penthouse with overnight bags.

And Hudson — who dated Rodriguez from May to December of last year — believes Diaz is bedding the New York Yankees slugger as a form of retaliation after Hudson hooked up with Justin Timberlake in January 2007 — just two days after he split from Cameron.

“Kate thinks it’s payback, pure and simple,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

“Cameron was actually in a serious long-term relationship with Justin. She thinks it’s a joke Kate would be mad. Kate is only upset because she hates being single.

“Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant.”

It was previously claimed Kate thinks Alex is a “joke” for getting jiggy with the Shrek star.

“When A-Rod and Kate were dating, he always told her that Cameron wasn’t cute or his type,” a source told America’s Life & Style magazine.

“So Kate thinks A-Rod is a total joke for dating Cam now.”

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  • roberta

    “Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant.”
    thats a harsh thing to say about diaz.
    kate hudson is the sort of woman who will have a hard time finding a man to love her and marry her, shes everything a man does not want.

  • Stacy Green

    Kate Hudson is just jealous. Cameron Diaz is not only pretty, but is very sexy. Kate Hudson always look dirty ( like she doesn’t take baths or shower). Kate has this slut look about her. Kate stop hating and take a bath.

  • debbie

    omg!..I personally don’t think either of these ladies are pretty!…and that is a horrilble picture of Kate Hudson..that is surely one pose she never need do again..and Cameron looks skanky like that to me she doesn’t bath and her hair is always sooooo unkempt!..twigged up..neither of them are prizes lol!

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  • Anonymous

    I think Carmon is a beautiful woman, way more sexier then Kate could ever be.

    beauty is in the eye of the person who loves another.


  • rick

    cameron diaz is to old

  • who cares