Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds on The Rocks?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Scarlett JohanssonSCARLETT Johansson‘s marriage to her hunky hubby Ryan Reynolds is on the rocks — according to In Touch Weekly magazine.

The tabloid says the couple — who wed in secret back in 2008 — rarely see each other, which is putting a strain on their relationship.

Another issue is the amount of time Ryan has been spending with his Green Lantern costar Blake Lively, according to In Touch.

Reynolds recently called the Gossip Girl star “flawless” and “perfect” — which, sources say, infuriated Johansson.

“Nothing is going to change unless Scarlett and Ryan can learn to compromise — and they won’t,” an insider said.

“Scarlett won’t cancel anything she has coming up or wants to go to, and neither will Ryan.”

Rumors about the state of Scarlett and Ryan’s marriage first surfaced in August last year when it was claimed the couple had come to blows over a number of issues — including when to start a family.

“They’re struggling to see eye-to-eye on almost anything,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “From when to start a family — he’s ready, but she isn’t — to her smoking and what she sees as his reckless motorcycle riding.

“What’s making matters worse is that their busy careers are keeping them apart, so they get really out of sync.

“It’s gotten so bad that neither of them is hurrying home just to start fighting again.”



  • goth lori

    divorced before the end of the year…guaranteed.

  • HMPO

    I believe papers will be filed after the 2 year mark.

    I do not understand why she does not want pictures with her husband. They both were at the Michael J. Fox foundation event. He came in earlier with some friends. She arrived later. Ryan took a picture with Michael and his Lovely wife. Why didn’t Scarlett want to be in the picture, standing proudly next to her good-looking husband. VERY STRANGE!!!!!!!!

    I suspect she can’t handle the attention he would get and not her. The only time I have seen pictures of them together. He is kind of moody and she is covering her face, which tells me she is not happy as well.

    He looked so much happier and has a wonderful smill when he was around Sandra Bullock. He also made some strange comments about Sandra’s marriage during several of the movie interviews. It was like he felt she has a better marriage (prior to the fiasco) than he.

  • Cantor

    Gee I just saw them at the gym last week in West Hollywood working out. Sure didn’t look like a divorce to me! Just because they live their lives like normal private people, and aren’t exposing every aspect of themselves to the media doesn’t mean they are unhappy or getting a divorce. Time will tell, but I think these two are in it for the long run.

  • Nancy Stephens

    Wonder if he’s gonna wanna get w/Blake now that the novelty of Scarlett is wearing off??B/C when he was getting tired of Alanis,he dropped her for Scarlett and now something tells me Scarlett is about to get a taste of her own medicine…Scarlett is ALSO about to get dropped for someone younger and hotter…

  • Nancy Stephens

    only time will tell,but these two -Scarlett and Ryan-are not gonna make it past the honeymoon phase something tells me…

  • Al

    I could be very wrong, but I just get the impression that Ryan in real life is a bit of a bore perhaps. Like Scarlettes on-screen hubby in “lost in translation”. Their paring is glamerous but just doesn’t seem right. But what would I know, apart from NOBODY is hotter than Scarlette. Take Iron man 2 for example. All that hollywood styling could only detract from her. In lost in translation, there was no hollywood “sexing up” and she just shines in that movie.

  • CERagsdale

    This marriage was doomed from the start because I do not see what Ryan Reynolds sees in this woman. I believe he is way too good for her. Has anyone ever read a bio on this girl — she is totally weird. They both support Obama so do I dare say anymore. But, look at the history of Hollywood marriages these days — more break up than stay together. They are all very narcisstic and do not know the first thing about true commitment. i.e. look how many times Elizabeth Taylor has been married? Pretty sad. I guess those who choose to work in Hollywood would be better off never getting married. Am I right? I think so for those who do not agree with me. They all live in a fantasy world and think everyone in this world owe them something. Pretty boy Ryan is definitely better off without her so good riddance to her. She has more hairstyles than Madonna.

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