Chris Noth Reveals SATC Nightmare!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chris NothCHRIS Noth says it was “torture” making the new Sex and the City movie — because he had to work really hard to stay in shape!

The actor — who who reprises his role as Carrie Bradshaw’s Mr Big — was forced to get fit for the SATC sequel and was then left hanging for months while Sarah Jessica Parker and co soaked up the sun in Morocco.

“It was a nightmare,” says Chris. “I went to a health resort down in Brazil to get fit and work off my belly then came back, only for the girls to leave me and go off filming in Morocco for three months.

“I had to try and keep trim and fit until they got back and we could pick up shooting again. It was hard!”

Noth — – who recently announced his engagement to girlfriend Tara Wilsonrevealed last month that he likes ladies who dresses to impress.

“I just like the way a woman looks in certain kinds of clothes,” he said.

“I don’t necessarily know the names of fashion designers. I’m a little dumb when it comes to what makes fashion work.

“I’m not into Victoria’s Secret much.

“I find that a little over the top and kind of gaudy and trying too hard. As a fashion statement it’s like somebody who puts on too much make-up.”