Simon Cowell, Mezhgan Hussainy Planning Baby?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simon CowellSIMON Cowell and his fiance Mezhgan Hussainy are reportedly planning to start a family.

According to Britain’s Heat magazine, the millionaire music mogul is keen to have a baby with makeup artist Hussainy after the pair get married later this year.

“They can’t wait to have a baby! Simon would make a great dad,” a source said.

“He’d be a great role model. He’d encourage his kids to work hard, and he’s proof that if you do, anything is possible.”

Simon has even gone to Mezhgan’s family to declare his intentions, the magazine says.

“They told Mezhgan they were very happy for her and very happy she had finally found the right man,” said the source.

“They said Simon was a great guy and very charming.”


  • liz

    OH come off it!!!! Seriously! Okay here is the real news honey. Simon Cowell IS NOT getting married i repeat IS NOT getting married. Its a rumor dumb butt! Pay attention. People magz dismissed it they are just together. And yes Simon would make a excellent father in my opinion. But, Simon would be a better father of Paula’s baby if she ever had one. Have u ever watched them on American idol! As sooooon as Teri left his life he was ALL OVER HER!! Even when Ryan said last season “either get a room or one of the both” and Simon answered “We did” and Paula shot the im gunna kill u for sayin that glance. really … get the real facts