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Charlize Theron Regrets Stuart Townsend Split?

Posted by Adam

Charlize TheronCHARLIZE Theron regrets ending things with beau Stuart Townsend.

Insiders say Charlize — who dumped Stuart, her partner of nine years, this past January following a trip to Mexico over the Christmas period — is desperate to rekindle her romance with the Irish hunk, but he’s not interested.

“Charlize realizes she has made a mistake,” says a friend of the single star, who has recently been linked to Keanu Reaves.

“She and Stuart are still the best of friends and even though Charlize is hinting at giving things a second chance between them, Stuart has made a point of moving on.

“He’s seeing someone else and enjoying his newfound freedom.”

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  • Timothy D. Naegele

    He will be besieged with women who are more attractive and emotionally stable, and do not come from screwed-up families like hers. It will be her loss, not his.

  • Boyd

    What woman is more attractive than her? And why would you suggest she’s unstable? She’s one of the most together of the hollywood stars. The fact that she is so strong considering everything she’s gone through is incredible. This story is just gossip. How can anyone know what they are thinking and feeling. Townsend is a loser who keeps getting fired from movies because of his attitude. He must be the unstable one.

  • plz

    Please this created tabloid stories and this insiders crap lol make me laugh like out loud, a slow day news i see, are you serious ? the one who looked desperated with his ridiclous attention desperated show with his staged photos trying too hard lol who comes all of the sudden 2 weeks this noboy or should say Charlize Theron’ ex” trying so hard to creat an ” existence through charlize theron name” again, this NOBODY who’ve living through Theron fame, he is nothing no career getting fired from movies, gosh he was living even in her house, a parasite personifies, he is not from Theron level at the first place, no matter how hard she tries to push him and help him, nothing ,it was about time to dump this paraiste looser who is just there to suck her fame, wondering how a succeful talented oscar winner beauty an international A list star was doing with that Clist thing for all this years??? she deserves someone from her level, and deserves an award for satying so long!

  • Maire Ni Treafan

    I think Stuart and Charlize are both beautiful in looks and personality, I think they were made for each other and I hope they get back together. Stuart adores Charlze and when he comes home to Ireland he talk about her all the time. We love Charlize in Ireland. I wish them both the BEST OF LUCK. Go on guys get back together and put this behind you.

  • Sunstar

    Charlize why don’t you just leave Keanu alone.. You have not had even enough time to heal your own heart let alone wreck Keanu heart… What a witch you are.. After 9 years of being with someone you just can’t jump into someones bed without feeling like a little Whore… Now don’t you feel sick about the whole thing…. Your too ugly for him anyways.. HaHa……

  • mary

    sunstar, what don’t you shut your garbage mouth of witch? you are the real witch, first Charlize split came on christmas its been 6 months ago, second charlize and Keanu are good old friends you stupid witch, they’ve always been helping and supporting each other, since years, she was helping him at the time he was confronted to the tragic accident of his partener, and third they went separtely after the diner they had, you little whore, go tell that to the nobody who put on a quite desperated show to exist, and honey it not our fault if you are an ugly jealous cow, don’t blame beautiful people aka Theron because of your own issues, star to not look at yourself in the mirror that could help you.

  • Sunstar

    Mary kiss my a$$ .. Your the BITCH, I am beautiful by the way… Your the whore… F=U….

  • TruthSpeaks

    Charlize is not unstable but did came from a home in South Africa where she was born that was kind of unstable. She and Keanu are great friends nothing more. Yes, it’s true she wanted Stuart back and she even said she wanted to get marry to him and have kids. Then changed her mind and now wish she didn’t rush in the break up. Beauty got nothing to do with it people can’t stay with someone just because they are beautiful.

    May be Stuart might get tire of the women he’s seeing and go back to her who knows but he was with Charlize for 9 years so it’s no surprise he’s enjoying his freedom. This man never cheated on her and I guess since she saw how there are so much scandals with cheaters in Hollywood she wanted him back.

  • are u kidding me

    Charlize never wanted to get back with that nobody that parasite, where did you get this from ?hahahaha, you’re so funny , he is trying so hard to get her attention with those lame ridiclous photos he sended , but he could only wish, she would not get back to a parasite who is nothing who were just there to take advantages from her, and suck her fame, why should she go back to a shallow person a parasite ? it was about time, how did she manages to stay with him all that time? i think it’s crazy for someone of her level : talented succeful oscar winner, UN Messsenger of Peace, face of Dior, Star at the walk of fame…intrenational Alist star like her , to even consider to be with someone like him, who would take him back? if he ” exists” it’s because of Charlize Theron, he was just a “Charlize Theron”‘s boyfriend and now is just a “Charlize Theron” ‘ex, and she never said i want to marry him, he knows that his ” 5 minutes” fame through theron are over now, she would not take him to red carpets, to oscars, awards shows…so his trying to act desperately with his rididclous show, to seek some attention from her again to exist, since that all what he has, since he has no career, (too bad ppl didn’t notice him despite all his attention ho efforts…) no matter how hard he tries, it’s over sorry for him, i think he should be with someone his level like him a nobody .

  • chloe

    Those ridiclous rags really have a lot of time in their hands to creat and put up stories…i agree with everyone it’s quite amusing and laughable.

  • lol

    This is like the most ridiclous thing i’ve ever heard, Charlize has moved on with her life, so they made up this story and an 1 hour later they came up with she is in a wonderful couple with Keanu Reeves, lol just to see this crazy contradictory people who had nothing better to do in their lifes than put up craps on people they don’t even know.

  • donna

    Keanu and charlize are together,i think they make an amasing couple! their intimacy and chemistry in the video was obvious to me, there is something , it was romantic and tender, it’s like a fairy tale happening right now.

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    I truly believe that Charlize fully regrets ending her relationship with Suart Townsend. She’s been seen with quite a few men in Hollywood since their breakup and probably came to the conclusion that the other men do not measure up to Stuart.She was a very foolish woman. All long term relationships become a bit tiresome after a while.As for Stuart being a parasite that is BULL SHIT. He is the talented actor between the two of them not her. If he hasn’t made any films recently it is because he has not found a role he likes. As for Charlize,I have not seen her in any recent box office hits recently. I hope Stuart moves on and finds a wonderful, emotionally stable woman who will love him and show him some respect. Something he didn’t get from Charlize. Hey Stu, Never take her back, Irish remedy for betrayal.

  • you wish

    To the nobody fan/M McKenna, honey stop your BS you are almost hilarious, you wish, im sorry for you and for nobody now that his 10 minute existence are over, the spotligh he has through charlize, but she will never come back with him , she is above him in every sense, and it was about time to move on, i mean the comparison is so big don’t even get me started , like everyone said who should get back with him lol, you probably love this nobody and is trying to be a funny delsuional, but he was indeed just a parasite truth hurts but that what he was, sucking Theron’s name, he is nothing, he has been getting fired for movies, he has a bad reputation in the industry no one want to work with him, and sweetie don’t even try to compare your “nobody” who has no career with an A list talented Oscar Winner, and who btw one of her latest movies Hancock made near a billion world wide 624 million dollars around the world, who is acclaimed by the critics for her strong performances in her indie movies, so if yout trying to put down charlize because of your nobody you should stop smoking lol, and charlize never been with few mans what are you trying to creat again shameful liar?? what man? Katherin Biglow and her best friend Jeremy Renner who is btw a friend of the nobody as well, who come to support her for her african outreach programm are the delusional mans?

    You nobody’s fans are funny really, if he exists now it’s beacuse of charlize theron, like everyone said he was just a charlize theron boy and now is just a charlize theron ex, nothing more,she was pushing him trying to help me, but he was empty a looser who just kept getting fired from movies, im so glad that she finally moved from that parasite, we should celebrate that, a class act theron is not from his level, he should get with someone of his level sorry, and you know he should keep still wh*ring himself in parties all drunk like what he does, like hitlon lindsay lohan..who knows maybe someone will remember him..

  • RC

    Charlize Theron is such a wonderful humain being, what a brave woman, a strong woman who bringed a real lesson of courage, someone else in her place would pick the wrong road like those spoiled celebrities we hear talking about suicide.. in her place i wonder what they’ll have done then..i admire ppl like her, she never give up , she worked hard beleive in her dreams came at this place and carved her name on the walk of fame only by her hard work, all by herself, not by the scandals, she is out of tabloids covers, private, stable, down to earth, funny, with a lot of sense of humour, all the co workers who worked with her said how much funny,talented and easy going she is, never had any problem in all her career, and what a talent her performance in Monster just blew me away, one of the best performances by an actor this last decade, a suprising chameleon actress, and producer, a wonderful activist who is realizing an amasing humanitarian projects in Africa, who chooses to share, help since her young age and give back to others, a woman who knows the real value of the life, i respect womans like her, i wish her all the best in her life!

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    Hey,’You Wish” – W-T-F-R-U to sling mud at me? I thought this was forum to discuss our opinions.If you had carefully read my comments,you would know that were based on my opinion.I didn’t say anything derogatory about Charlize.And I did this only out of RESPECT for Stuart. Because if you “Nobody Charlize Theron Fan” want to sling mud, then bring it on. I’ll bury you. A few facts you should know, honey. Stuart Townsend was a international Super Star before he met Charlize. And if he were such a parasite, then why did she spend 8-9 years with him, huh? I will be waiting for you…

  • huh

    Townsend an intrenational star please hahahahha oh gosh i was right whene i said delusional, honey we know that you are a fan of that nobody or should i say Charlize Theron’s ex but you should stop the delusion…Theron has waste a lot of time with this nobody in her place i wouldn’t stay that long, to me it’s a sign and a proof of a genuine humble authentic woman for staying with someone like him (someone who were just there to suck her name , live through her fame and take advantages from her) whene she could get any famous man or someone her level..

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    Delusional? Yeah I bet. Then why havn’t you, Charlize Theron fan, answered my question? Why did she spend 8-9 years with Stuart? Do you have 8-9 years of your life to waste on a “nobody”, huh? Tell me, can you name a movie that Charlize directed? The bottom line here is Stuart left Charlize because she was using her position on gay marriage to avoid committment. According to the press, she supports gay marriage and will not marry until it is legal in the Unites States. Well,Stuart had enough of that BULL SHIT and finally moved on. Stuart is famous on his own accord and very much loved by his fans. He didn’t “need” Charlize, he loved her. And I bet she knows this and now regrets losing the best thing she’s had in her life. Stu, Irish remedy for betrayal, Never take her back!…

  • huh

    hahaha you are so funny delsuional nobody fan, honey it’s her who dumped him and moved on, and she will never take this looser nobody parasite back this looser whom she helped with her money and pr him by her name in battle in seattle, he never succed no matter who hard she tires to help him , he get fired from movies gosh he didn’t even succed to work as a Clist in a serie, his serie get dumped, after 5 episodes, a looser parasite, she desevres an award for staying with him, and he could only wish to get someone her level, in her dreams maybe, glad that she dumped him, finally, she never regerts and wanted him back ,delusinoal nobdoy fan, where did you get this from deluisonal funny nobody fan, who want to get back with a nobody parasite looser who is just there to live through her spotlight? why would she? a proof of this bs created rags are crappy this hilarious story and then a second later of the same day another stroy she “falls in love with Keanu Reeves” and are making a wonderful couple, so sit in your bs b!tch, your nobody could only wish and if we are talking about this looser nobody right now it’s because of “Charlize Theron” once again, suck her name to ” creat an existence” since he got nothing no career a looser being fired, like i said she was too humble and genuine to stay with him, it was about time, but his 5 minute fame through Theron are over ,in 3 day ppl will forget him well actually he was never be known for his name he was most known for being “charlize theron” boy, and that a fact, so go blow yourself with your noboy b!tch maybe you should go help me and take some staged photos of him in bars and parties all drunk since that it’s all what he does maybe ppl will remmeber his face who knows…

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    You should get your facts straight before you make a statement.Hey honey,Stuart left Charlize FIRST because she was BULL SHITTING him.If you want to know the reason why,then read my comments above.You are seriously deluded if you think Stuart Townsend ever needed Charlize.Battle in Seattle is a Stuart Townsend movie in which I know he directed.How do you know Charlize financed the film, are you her Banker? He didn’t need her in the film as there were other well known actors featured in it.She was not the “star” of the film. If you ever had seen the film, then you would appreciate it’s message. Who the fuck are you to critize Stuart? Who gives you the right? What have you accomplished in your life? Not much based upon your attitude and writing skills. You are just an IGNORANT LOSER who obviously has nothing better to do than to trash Stuart Townsend spreading vicious ugly rumors about him. Well honey, you are in for a big surprise… Because if you think we are going to allow you to continue you are CR-A-Z-Y… As for Stuart appearing in films, we trust his judgement. At least he doesn’t prostitute himself for a script or take on a role he doesn’t believe in,in order to remain current.If Stuart is so unknown, then why is he photographed most of the time he appears in public,huh? Stuart is known as “The Vampire God” and if you don’t know that Vampires are now a big part of our culture,then you are insane. ” Your girl”,Charlize uses the press to further her agenda. She couldn’t be a stand up woman and keep her mouth closed about the details of her relationship with Stuart,she betrayed him with vicious lies in the press.Such as “we were becoming like brother and sister, hinting that the sex was boring, so I ended it after our trip to Mexico” Have you heard about the “lesbian rumors” about her, I doubt she wanted a man.It’s a woman she always wanted.It’s no wonder she won an Oscar for Monster.Wasn’t she “so convincing as Aileen Wuornos”,have to wonder why,huh? Speaking of monsters, have you ever seen the pics of her on the beach at Belize without her makeup? You still have not answered my question,if Stuart is such a nobody, then why did she spend 9 years exclusively with him? I take it you don’t have an answer.The truth of the matter is Charlize has not been in any box office hits lately and is nearing 40. She was even dissed in Hollywood for the gown she wore at the Oscars back in March.She’s is not a very nice person and less of a woman. We are all very happy Stuart has moved on and is enjoying his freedom with other women.

  • huh

    WOW what a crasy delusional fanatic nobody , is that you looser, hahaha, you are pathetic now that you have found nothing to say about her you are spreading vicious lies about gendre my godness how low will you get desperated hater and b!tch talking about disguting lies, you fshowed your true colors, disgusting shame on you make me sick, i undersatnd your frustration looser, since now you see the 2 minute fame of your NOBODY are gone, since charlize theron will not taking him to red carpet now and oscars hahahah , he is nothing, he got no job, he got fired from movies, fired from Thor like looser, dumped by everyone, dumped by the industry, dumped by Charlize, no one want to work with this looser, it been years he didn’t get a job, deosn’t even have a work as a clist in a serie, even series dumped him, what a shame, the few flashs he got where from being charlize’s boy toy in the red carpets and he is just Charlize Theron’s ex , your drunk nobody can”t equal the 1/3 of Charlize’s talent, fame, success, beauty, courage, in every sense, outside and inside, an accomplished young woman, who is 34 and not 40 envious liar b!tch, talented oscar winner, voted most beautiful woman in the world, face of the most prestigious fashion brand in the world 3 “christian Diro”, L’oreal.. Named UN Messenger of Peace, marked her name on the walk of fame, by her talented work, an Alist international movie star, who a built and accomplished her name by herself, a courageous and generous woman, who knows the real value of the life, a private stable woman out of the tabloids, who is appreciated and respected in the industry by her peers, and who worked with the most talented actors and directors, all her co wrokers who worked with her loves her and describe her as lovely funny down to earth woman, had any problem in all her career, unlike the noboy who got a bad reputaion who got fired from movies like “Thor”, so don’t even waste your disgusting saliva you liar, facts speaks for themselves hater, no matter how hard you try to hater on her creating your low shameful lies like a desperated hateful b!tch it doesn’t work, you are pitful, since there is nothing to hate on, one of her latest movie Hancock raised near a billion 624 million around the world, acclaimed by the critics for her powerful performances in her indie movies, nominated twice at the academy awards for best leading role at the oscars..i mean it’s so ridiclous to even “compare” your parasite NOBODY who played once a ridiclous vampire film who goes straigh to dvd a movie more about the died singer Aliyah….and who got dumped after 5 episide in a serie lol what a down grade is that a reference to you bwahhaaah, yes Theron was trying hard to push him taking him with her every where and pr him financially with her millions forget to add she is also rich than him ..but it’s already known, this looser doesn’t deserve it , and doesn’t deserve a class act A list like her, he deserves a nobody like him someone his level ,and for Belize he looked like a pergant middel aged ho with his fat bulging belly, yike, he is not even her high, charlize thank you for finally dumping this parasite, you’ve wasted a lot of your time with such parasite looser who is just good to get fired, get drunk on parties and suck your fame…we should celebrate that it was about time, she stayed with him because she is humble and genuine, like i told you now go take some staged pix of him drunk at parties since that what his job is now… but the worse is that even whene he wh*re himself to exist like a ho no one pay attention to him ouch…im done with you frustared hater and shameful liar, facts are here they speaks for themselves like i said it’s hilarious to even compare Charlize Theron aka Alist oscar winner international actress producer humanitarian, beauty Dior with ummm Charlize Theron’s boy toy.

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    LOL!, Huh, Huh – you are the one who is delusional.
    I noticed you STILL HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS. Why did Charlize spend 9 years exclusively with Stuart if he were a nobody, huh? Why,is she a Hollywood Career Social Worker? How about an answer to my question,do you think you can handle that with your limited intelligence? It seems to me that we keep going around in circles here, you keep using the same tired old bull shit material that does not have a fraction of truth to it.I’m not frustrated, I am elated! Do you know what that means,IGNORANT LOSER?
    Oh and about the movie Hancock,she was not the star of the movie, Will Smith was and it was he who drew in the fans, not Charlize. As I previously said, get your facts straight before you make a statement,honey.Know what,we all know who and what Charlize is.And if you continue bash Stuart,I am going to “unleash hell on you”.” Don’t get me started” I figured you would want to be done with me, I just got started on you,LOL! What’s the matter, can’t handle it? Yeah, that’s right, Stuart is known as the “Vampire God” and don’t you forget it, honey. And if you are still unconvinced,ask HBO about their hot show, True Blood. And the box office hits, Twilight. Stuart has the star power and capacity to pick and choose his roles and also walk away from a script it it does not suit him. As previously stated, he does not prostitute himself for the sake of fame or exposure or trample on art for both. The facts do speak for themselves and so will the future.I would be honored to have a drink with Stuart.So would a million of his other fans! Are you making cultural slurs about the Irish? You’re vicious remarks about Stuart will not tolerated, because we know him as a beautiful talented genuius actor/director. And we are all so happy that Stuart finally has moved on and found another woman who hopefully will give him the admiration and respect he deserves.And about you,you are a waste of human life. You are have the value of a cockroach, you shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe the same air we do.

    • sarah

      What you said about Aileen Wurnous is truly nauseating, she played well her role so she is like her what’s next she is a serial killer maybe, you might be blinded by hate and anger while talking to the poster huh but you are out of line , not only you lost all credibility but look like a raged fool, all what you’re doing from the begining is throwing lies. You and poster huh, need to stop acting like kids, although Theron is a nice admirable lady, with a succeful career, lately either with a box office success of the action blockbuster film she did or either with the small films who were projected and honored at Film Festival around the world Venice Film Festival, Toronto FF..receiving an excellent reviews, im not going to ask you what was the last time your idol Townsend played in a film? im not going to play this game like the poster huh, i respect him and don’t want to hurt your too over excessive feelings..

      They’ve loved each other spent some time together, after all this year it get to the point where the passion was gone we all lived this, we all know this, became more of best friends kind of borthers and sisters, those things happen everyday, im sure they’ll remain best friends, both of you should be glad that they’ve had a quite calm split some people didn’t even heard about it( not even a statement to the press, it happen in christmas)whene you look at the outrageous hollyweirds splits of this year, and their tabloid headlines circus, you should be glad that all this time together there were no scandal between them, whene you look at the rest of the hollyweirds couples) now they moved on, Charlize moved on with her life, both moved on with their lifes, you should moved on as well, you seems that you can’t get over it, both of you keep repeating we are happy they moved on so then be it, why repeating it over and over, both of you are just a no end repeating machines, acting like a kids, and getting to a point of a ridiclous crazy non sense , both of you should also respect the poster Maire Ni Treafan who is irish and love both of them, both of you should wish them hapiness, oh and you should go outside time to time lol.

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna


    There’s been alot of vicious Stuart bashing here recently and if you had read the various entries above you would know that.I am not concerned with your opinion of me and I am not going to answer any of your questions either.

    By the way, get some skills, “who throws lies”???

  • Maire Ni Treafan

    Listen to the lot of you, who do you think you are and what makes you thing you have the right to say such nasty things about someone else’s life. Charlize is a wonderful human being, Stuart is a wonderful human being and if they stayed together for all those years they found something good and wonderful in each other. They are both Embassadors for their countries and I adore them both. Charlize we love you in Eireans beautiful Emerald Isle and I hope you do not stop coming to see us. Stuart son of Eirean we love you. God Bless you both and guide you on your way what ever the future holds for you. xx Slan agus beannacht Maire.

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    Indeed, it is true that as civilized individuals we do not have the RIGHT to say nasty things about another(s) life. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to RESPECT intimate details about one’s own
    relationship(s) and not utilize the press to cause emotional pain and suffering.

  • Bret

    I just read that and i’m shocked:

    Thunder! Drama is already brewing on the set of “Thor”!

    Actor Stuart Townsend has been replaced by Joshua Dallas in the film adaptation of the comic book.

    A source tells “Extra” Townsend acted like a “prima donna” on set, and director Kenneth Branagh met with the producers to immediately recast his role of Fandral, an ally of Norse god Thor.

    On Saturday, Paramount told “Extra” they didn’t know about Townsend leaving the cast, but AP confirmed the news.

    Townsend, 37, starred in “Queen of the Damned” and is the boyfriend of Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron.

    The movie co-stars Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo and Tom Hiddleston and is expected to be released in spring 2011.

  • Bret

    Who tha’ hell this guy thinks he is?

  • Bret

    A girl talking about Stuart: “he was being a diva too on that set! he refused to do a lot of the preparation stuff that the cast was doing, like going camping and whatnot (it was stuff that would help them ~bond, basically, and know what a quest like LoTR would’ve been like) and he wasn’t cooperating at all when everyone else was pshyched about the adventure and everything. so peter said, enough of this, and got Viggo for the role. he got so much into the character that he even went out hunting and slept outside while camping. perfect for his role.

    this guy IS fucking diva.”

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna


    Do you believe everything you read in the tabloids? I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn…

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    Hey Bret,

    You are so full of ENVY of Stuart that you are engulfed by it.The rumors about the movie “Thor” are eight months old now, what else do you got say, “OLD JEALOUS ONE”?

    So, if I were to take on a role as a psycho, should I go and admit myself into a Psychiatric Facility and become one of the patients in order to prepare for the role?
    Stuart doesn’t need to camp out in order to prepare for a role, he’s above all that. Hold on Bret, let me get you a towel so that you can clean the grudge off yourself, “old jealous one” …

  • Marta

    Stuart, find yourself a gal that is not so much of a modern headcase. Get back to your roots and find a normal girl to marry!!!
    You should never go back with Charlize as a couple.
    Let her find another date for her gala events!!
    She can hide with the evasive Reeves in a bungaloo!!

    You are too good for her!!!

  • http://www, Gigi

    Dear Stuart,

    I love you and will marry you. Case closed.



  • Thedrewman

    Doubt it, fake story !!