Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keanu ReevesKEANU Reeves and Charlize Theron make the “perfect couple” — sources say.

The South African actress turned to the actor — her costar in the 1997 film Devil’s Advocate — following her recent split from longtime beau Stuart Townsend.

And although Theron is still said to be pining for her former flame, insiders believe Charlize and Keanu are already more than just good pals.

“Charlize and Keanu make a great couple, and everyone is thrilled at the turn of events,” a friend told the National Enquirer.

“Keanu kept Charlize’s spirits high with his goofy sense of humor and low-key, easy-to-love manner.

“He makes her laugh, which was just what the doctor ordered for her broken heart.”

Earlier this month, Keanu and Charlize stunned onlookers with an intimate embrace as they left a Beverly Hills restaurant.

A fellow diner at upscale eatery Bouchon revealed Theron, 34, and Reeves, 45, were enjoying each other’s company and seemed in no hurry to end their date, tasting several red wines before selecting a bottle and indulging in several snacks before starting their meal.

“Keanu and Charlize were having a great time. They were constantly laughing, almost disrupting other tables with how loud they were,” the source said. “They were wrapped up in each other’s conversation and having a great time together.”

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  • Karl

    My buddy banged her. sorry Keana

    • Charlize Theron

      Keanu and Charlize were having a great time

  • hope so

    I hope Keanu and Charlize it’s true! im one of Keanu’s biggest fan and to have someone like Charlize is like a dream come true, someone as great as him, they both are down to earth, beautiful, talented, Alists, they both share trajedies, they have a lot in common.

  • Mark

    You got a lotta class Karl

  • steve

    she has always been stunning just needs to take her head out of her ass maybe he can do it

    • Simon

      Keanu is gay isn’t he?
      What’s going on here.
      Keanu and tom cruise maybe!!!

  • nivek

    You mean Keanu isnt gay? Sorry, my bad… Tom Cruise is pulling it off.

  • Steve

    K. Reeves is gay, and it is well known in Hollywood. Just a shpping mate and for show.

  • Steve


  • Amanda

    I love the both of them and hope the “rumor” is true!!!! Yeah Karl, your an r-tard. Yeah I am sure your buddy did bang her in his dreams.

    • Lisa

      Deanna, you took the words out of my mouth. Why do they say she is “pining” she DID dump Stuart. Why does the media ahve to make the woman out to be weak? Maybe her and Keanu are really good friends? Can’t 2 people enjoy each other’s company without rumors starting? If it is true, I say good for them, but let’s leave them alone. Keanu has managed to pretty much stay out of the tabloids.

  • Deanna

    Um, I thought she dumped Stuart. I don’t think she’s pining or nursing a broken heart.

    • Lisa

      Deanna, you took the words out of my mouth. Why do they say she is “pining” she DID dump Stuart. Why does the media ahve to make the woman out to be weak? Maybe her and Keanu are really good friends? Can’t 2 people enjoy each other’s company without rumors starting? If it is true, I say good for them, but let’s leave them alone. Keanu has managed to pretty much stay out of the tabloids.

  • Truthbetold

    HUH? I am a huge Keanu fan but I always thought he was gay!

  • Zeke

    Dear all,
    just a gay people seems on everyone a gay person on everyone, drop it off, try to make more possitive comments!
    Be happy Keanu and Charlize!!

  • Beverly Z.

    I am really happy for both these great actors! I love them both.

    The pictures on this article of Keanu are not to be believed….

    Keanu is a nice looking guy….why would someone take him looking his worst and plaster it all over the Net? Whoever did this, shame on you!

    Go for it, Charlize and Keanu – life is short

  • cwalker

    I read or heard keanu say in an interview post ‘sweet november’ that theron makes him think very maternal/marriage thoughts…something like that.i did not take it to mean he was infatuated, but that something about the chemistry there was good, she was a good friend, someone he liked to spend time with and the type of woman he could concievably see himself with.however this works for them (as consoling friends, a couple) my best to them.a great friend or soul mate are a rare thing in life.kudos.

    • Simon

      Dating a female in public doesn’t mean he is not gay.
      Ever heard of Tom Cruise and Rock hudson’s life stories!

  • Crazy Kitten

    I totally agree with Beverly Z. They would make a great couple, even better than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Keanu is way hotter! I’d definetly date him, reeoww!

    And Keanu isn’t gay, last story I read, he was dating a twenty year old model unless they broke up already???

  • cwalker

    beverly z: i hear you. catch keanu blinking, he looks out of it?shame on them.a frame before or after, he is fine.a very handsome man, keanu.
    as I always say: “any day is a good day when you can quote a keanu reeves movie!”

  • barneslx

    I think he’d be great for Sandra Bullock. They have such a great on screen chemistry. I wonder if they could be a couple?

  • tina

    I agree with barnslx I think Keneau and Sandra Bullock would be the perfect pair.

  • Vicky M

    Keanu, you rock.
    I am a huge fan of Keanu Reeves.


    keneau deserves a real nice women,of his choice unforuntly
    Sandra Bullock had made a bad choice in a marriage partner
    Keneau as a friend but nothing else….
    Charlize stayed with her beau a long while and I do not know any bad stuff on them….but he should he should be
    careful of throw backs…..

  • charles

    She had a wacked wacked childhood and her mom wacked her dad dead. Increase your fear of people who had wacked childhoods and your adulthood won’t be so f’d up. I learned too late. My loss, your gain.

  • linda

    Im Keanu’s fan i would love to see him with Charlize too, they would be too perfect, not that Sandra is not that attractive, to me she looks more like his older sister, Sandra is older than him, and i want to see him one day with his own babies, with Sandra is not gonna happen she’s 46, also she is not stable she has a lot of relationships, she do tabloids, expose her private life to the magazines, it’s the opposite of Keanu who is private,to me Charlize it’s too beautiful to be true she’s 34, she is stable, private, out of the tabs,one of the most beautiful and talented woman in the world and imagine their babies? it’s like a dream.

    • Paul Holzer

      Perfect couple. Both are Quirky ,slightly out of round, excentric, talented whatever . Love them both, all the happiness in the world

  • Rebecca


  • Sunstar

    Hi Kenau, you better watch your heart and your feelings cuz you might get hurt and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you cuz your to sweet of a man… I know you need support and so does she but she is just on the rebound and might be using you for that. So just be careful dear.. I know she is your friend but still she might have second thoughts and get back with her man of 9 years.. It’s to soon don’t you think.. Don’t fall in love with her cuz she really don’t know what’s she is doing.. It’s up to you if you want to play the game.. Ya know.. I really feel for you so much so take care and be happy.. I am looking forward to your new movie… I have loved you since you were 15 or so.. I am 46 and have been trying to get ahold of you.. I know your a very private person and I don’t blame you… So am I.. I am a sweetheart and would do anything for you. I think that your so hot and the sweetest man on this earth.. You have tons of fans on this earth and I feel for you. I am serious.. I wish I could meet you in person someday.. Your so layed back and cool.. I know your not gay.. I have 2 black and white cats which I love and I watch all of your videos and seen your cats. They are so cute and special.. I feel we would get along so good.. Virgo and Capricorns are soulmates… We get each other.. I am worried about you. Just watch your back ok.. Much love, Shannon from Michigan… XOXOX ( Facebook & My space ) Look me up.. P.S. I love all of your movies also.. lol

  • Sunstar

    Oh ya, and I am stable, beautiful, no wrinkels lol, 5′ 6″ and 115 lbs. I have long brown hair in the middle of my back and soft skin. I take care of myself. I know what life is all about and I was born in Cali, raised in Fla 5 times, Tx 3 times and all over Detroit.. I am a city person and a country gal.. I used to go to Canada to play bingo.. I really love the water and boats, harleys, horses, camping, travel, and I am tomboyish and girly also. Please check out Facebook in your friends list.. If you want you can write me at If you change your mind about her.. Ok,, sorry I guess.. That’s enough.. Take care Kenau I am not a stalker I am just truthful… Bye 4 now… Please fine me.. lol

  • my god

    Omg sunstar you sound like a psycho scary freak like seriously, are you for real? im kinda of shocked, hope he will not cross the road of such psyhcotic scray old woman of 46 like you,god help us.

  • Butler

    Keaunu must be full of good intentions.Charlize is my homegirl(Benoni,SA) and definitely not someone you could mess around with.This is hollywood coulpe for years to come.Big ups!

  • Sunshine

    DITTO !!!! go back to your cave sunstar you are scaring the world with your pyscho mind… get a grip woman.

  • Sunshine

    Hey for some of you who can’t spell his name … uh especially you Sunstar who is freaky over him… his name is spelled KEANU!!!

  • amos faleye


  • R762


  • Sunstar

    Sorry, I was drinking and if I spelled his name wrong it was because it was really late in the morning.. lol I am not a Psycho people… I just don’t want him to get hurt that’s all. SO CHILL OUT…. Mind your own shit.. I was just telling the truth… I am not a FREAK either.. I don’t have a cave and I do have a grip.. So lay off.. Hey, he is 45 what’s the problem…. The world can go to hell for all I care… lol F- all of you downers… Sorry, Keanu I didn’t mean it.. Shit happens .. Ya know..

  • Sunstar

    Remember Charlize is a homewrecker anyways.. She has broken up some relationships.. She butt’s into peoples business and that makes trouble.. Her EX want’s her back and she won’t even talk to him about there relationship.. So what’s tell ya… I am just concerned for KR that’s all…. Friends are friends and that’s the way it should stay…. So get off of my ass for being worried about him…. Get it..

  • sarah

    What are you talking shit Sunstar you psyhcotic freak, jealous psycho, theron is a class stable lady who never been a homewrecker or whatever shit you’re talking about you old lunatic envious jealous old hag, trying so hard to creat shit as a desperated crazy freak, just because you think this celebrity will marry you or something, what a freak, an old hag of 46 years old who act like that my godness, someone need to tell you to WAKE THE F-CK UP already, you are crazy scary, better go find some help , and try to get a life and get connected to the real world, what do you expect you think that this celebirty will marry you or something? can you look at your scary delusional desperated self?

  • sarah

    And also stop telling people to chill out here ,and putting stuffs on people you don’t know, you are the one who need to chill out, sicko, keanu will probably not even notice you, i got a breaking news for you Keanu will never be with your pathetic scary ass GET IT better take care of your scary delusional self.

  • scared

    **Sunstar** Y O U. A R E S C A R Y. Visit a Dr.

  • donna

    I think they make an amasing couple! their intimacy and chemistry in the video was obvious to me,there is something, like everybody i wish this is true, to me it was romantic, it’s like a fairy tale.

  • Leave A Reply

    Is Keanu looking for a long term relationship with another actress with her own production company? Friends I can see, but a life partners? Nuh, uh.

  • Randy

    I like Keanu and Charlise…………Me, I would do either of them…………………………

  • http://www.showbizspy andrea

    I’ve always loved both charlize and keanu on and off screen,tho i was abit disappointed when i learnt keanu is gay,i so do hope this is true bc it will be the perfect romance on screen come true!

  • http://www.showbizspy andrea

    and i do agree with beverly z,the pictures suck! u can do better than that!

  • Karen

    I think Charlize and Keanu would make a great couple. I have watched them in several movies together and there is an undeniable chemistry between them. Sweet November and Devil’s Advocate were terrific and they were just as much so in each. They are both beautiful people and since none of us have any real say in how things turn out between them, I will simply say “whatever will be, will be.” Take care all.

  • Mrbigmac

    Keanu likes to shove things in his tukiss LMAO

    • Katie

      You are sick.Where do you come up with such perverted vile comments?

  • wilburina

    Keanu has NEVER been romantically linked to any female in the known universe — that’s because he’s gay — & so what? I mean, think about it — from starring roles “Bill & Ted” to “The Lake House” no immoral paparazzi has managed to reveal any indecent liaison btwn Keanu and any member of the female persuasion.

    • Lisa

      PSSST….yes he has been linked to women in the past. He had a long time girlfreind. she was pregnant with his child, but lost the baby. The relationship ending, and teh woman eventually died. It was a wile back. Just because someone keeps their business private doesn’t make them gay. How narrowminded are you? And to sunstar, I really don’t believe Keanu will read this, so why bother with the love notes?

    • D

      Yes, he has been linked with several females. One is Amanda De Cadenet, former wife of Duran Duran John Taylor. You have NO idea what you are talking about. That is just one of the women he had a long term relationship with.

    • Simon

      oh come on Lisa.
      how convenient – the baby died, then the girlfriend died.
      He is gay and we all love him for that!

  • Just Me

    All of you just need to get a life……….(Sunstar, Sunshine, Sarah and My God) And quite hating on each other!

  • girlfriend

    Don’t you all know that KR had a Fiance’ or wife or something like that back when he and Sandra Bullock made Speed? She actually ended up dying of some sort of cancer. Doesn’t everyone know that? He’s not freakin’ gay!!

    • Katie

      I knew he once had a fiance/wife but I didn’t know she had died of cancer.That is news to me.

      • Lisa

        I thought she died from drugs. Sorry. I know she miscarried their baby. I thought his sister was the one with cancer.

  • Lisa

    Jennifer Syme was his GF, she had a miscarriage in 1999. went into a depression and crashed her jeep,killing her. His sister, Kim had leukemia

  • Vee Girl

    So the answer to this question is Karl..why do you breathe?? WHat a moron, and so typical of a MAn..are you jealous that it wasnt you?? SO what if she did BANG your buddy..Jealousy is a terrible thing..

  • Mrbigmac

    Please Keanu is a pole smoker, not that there is anything wrong with that but it makes me sick to see that during this modern era celebrity’s still see it necessary to hide their sexuality.

    Keanu man up you sausage sniffer

    • Katie

      How would you know what Keanu sexuality is?Unless you are the other person.Who really cares if he is straight or gay.He is good looking man.

      • Mrbigmac

        I don’t care if he is gay! Although I am a straight man I have no problem saying if I thing a man is good looking or not.

        I would say he is above average in the looks department but would give him high marks on morals as you never hear anything negative about the man.

        All I am saying is if you like the baloney pony then ride with pride

  • Mrbigmac

    Most Excellent !!!!!

  • scott robinson

    ust because KR hung out with cruise dont make him gay! aint noone in hollywood ever took a picture of him kissing or holdin hands or being romantic with another man! thats just the paparazzi makin their money! yall need to stop hatin on the man hes been in more straight relationships including this one, than half of u and because ms theron kissed a woman deeply in MONSTER dont make her gay either money talks B.S.walks. the GURU has spoken.

  • jacob

    keanu is a virgo.Charlize is a leo.I`ve never seen two more in love!

  • Mrbigmac

    It’s ok if Theron kisses a girl in fact it makes it better. All I am saying is that it is ok for Keanu to come out of the closet and proclaim his love of penus< :) butter

    • Katie

      For a man who claims he straight in his comment above you talk alot about mens private parts.

  • Mrbigmac


  • Mrbigmac

    Now Katie is that nice of you to say! I am not talking bad about Keanu I think he is a fin actor, a nice looking gentleman and a good man.

    I just think it is sad that with all the strides made by the gay community that stars find they must hide their sexuality in order to maintain a false front.

    I can assure you I am a straight male and have never had a gay encounter, well there was this one time when I was very young we took some ludes and the next thing you know we are singing show tunes in fish net stockings but I am not sure if that would be considered a gay thing not that it’s bad to be gay mind you.

    I am just saying you don’t need to pretend that you like carp when you really want the beef.

    I still like you Katie :)

  • Sal

    Charlize is wonderful and so is Keanu but the poor man is gay. What does he need to do to proove it? The guy has done everything except write it across the sky in smoke and you guys still don’t catch on.

  • ghd

    Hack again?!

  • Simon

    Hot! as always, Keanu.