Salma Hayek Against Plastic Surgery

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Salma HayekSALMA Hayek hasn’t been under the knife!

The actress insists her beauty is all natural — and admits she’s disgusted with the Hollywood trend of plastic surgery.

“No surgical tweaks. No Botox either,” Hayek, 43, told InStyle magazine.

“Look, I think it is terrible, these girls in their late 20s injecting their faces and lips.

“One told me, ‘If I kill my muscles now, I’ll never get wrinkles.’ Can you imagine?”

Halma — who gave birth to daughter Valentina, her first child with fashion tycoon Francois-Henry Pinault, back in 2008 — recently revealed that she gave up her place on the Virgin Galactic space expedition to focus on motherhood.

“I reserved my place with the Virgin expedition. And then I got pregnant. And now I’m a mother. So, I’m not going to go,” Hayek tells InStyle magazine in its June issue.

“I love scuba diving and used to dive where the sharks were, and now? No more sharks.

“Everything becomes about the baby. You are in second position, or third.”


  • wtf

    Let’s see how she feels when she’s in her 50′s or 60′s and isn’t getting the roles she wants. They all deny they’ve had anything done or would never get anything done but that’s a load of c@*p. And if you’ve looked after yourself you really don’t need to do botox or fillers until later in life – not in your 40′s.

  • Johnnie

    She is a beauitful woman but I do question her intergrity in her statements. Most all of those actors are in love with themselves and egos that barely fit into their homes. She is no different behind close doors I would imagine. Its easy to look beautiful if you have a nannie, gardener, maid and all the other necessities that the rich think is real life and that must have. What are they going to say? I have a nannie who to change those poo diapers, I have a maid(s) to clean my house, my lawn is professionally maintained. Please!

  • DEE

    Erm i think she has had a nose job, if you see pictures of her when she was younger her nose looked fuller and wasnt perfectly straight like it is now..

  • TruthSpeaks

    Okay she had a nose job but the difference is she didn’t have plastic surgery to make herself look younger and no botox too! Salma’s skin won’t age much because as some people forgotten she is not white more of olive/beige so won’t age much.

    So please the other actresses some in their 20′s and 30′s have face lifts including botox and Hollywood is taking a stand against it because it look SO fake and the public not fool that easy.

    Look at Heidi from The Hills so is so plastic she definitely looked like a barbie doll and wanted to take over Megan Fox’s role in the movie The Transformers. No hope directors and casting staff told her to forget about it!

  • TruthSpeaks

    I meant to say she in between…..The Hills she is so plastic….

  • Friborz

    Material Girl.