Blind Items!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blind Items1) “Which skinny starlet has a new party trick to impress her rich showbiz pals with? She has flunkies fill salt shakers with c*caine and dots them around the dinner table for guests to sprinkle on their canapes.” [Daily Mirror]

2) “Awkward for most people, but not for this actress. Do you remember last year in Cannes when this B list television and sometime movie actress was doing c*ke and playing s*x games with several people? Well, our actress has moved on, even if her career has progressed straight down. She and her new celebrity boyfriend, who is very familiar with our actresses’ k*nky s*xual proclivities which involve lots and lots of S and M are in Cannes together this year. Anyway, the couple ran into one of the guys our actress shared dr*gs and s*x with last year. Instead of the situation being awkward, the new celebrity boyfriend invited the guy to come along back to their hotel where they all took turns, well, with umm, each other.” [CDAN]

3) “This C-Lister used to date a celebrity who is now on the A-List. He was drunk at the Chateau Marmont this weekend and was heard to describe her body as a “Raisin on Toothpicks.” We think he just has sour grapes over losing her.” [BlindGossip]