Jake Gyllenhaal Bemoans Hair Care!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jake GyllenhaalJAKE Gyllenhaal says growing his hair was the most difficult thing he had to do when it came to preparing for his role in new movie Prince of Persia.

The actor — who also buffed up for the role — says having to pay attention to his luscious locks was more effort than working out at the gym.

“I grew my hair for six months and there was a lot of it,” explains Jake of his shaggy look for the film. “It took a lot of looking after.

“I had to shampoo AND condition. It was all that rubbing of the scalp that gave me those muscles actually. No other working out was necessary.”

Jake recently revealed that he struggled to fake a British accent for the flick.

“It’s daunting trying to do any kind of service as an American to such a beautiful, fluid speech pattern that the English all have,” he said. “We are just barbarians in comparison.”


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