Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato to Take Their Relationship Slower?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joe Jonas and Demi LovatoJOE Jonas has told Demi Lovato he wants to “calm down” their romance.

The Jonas Brothers rocker apparently thinks their relationship — which was made public a few months back — is getting too serious, too soon.

“Demi loves Joe so much, and she knows he feels the same,” blabbed one insider.

“Joe and her had a conversation the other night about how quickly the seriousness of the relationship was getting, and wanted to slow things down a bit.

“Obviously Demi didn’t like what he had to say, but she respects him, and the two are calming things down.”

Joe, the source said, doesn’t like the fact Demi is so open about their private lives.

“He doesn’t like everyone knowing everything, and that’s what ultimately pushed him over the top,” explained the pal. “They both care for each other a lot, just need a little ‘time-out’.”

Demi recently revealed she’s glad her relationship with Joe is out in the open.

“Every time that I’ve started to date someone, I’ve had private relationships, and there’s just so much stress trying to hide it and keep it quiet, that if you just come out and say. ‘Ok, we’re together,’ you don’t have to worry about keeping it such a secret,” she said earlier this week.

“It was not only scary coming out to the public eye, but also the people who we work with, the people who are going to be on tour with us all summer, who are obviously nervous — because you never know what can happen.

“But, I think ultimately, everyone who knows us knows that we’ll always be best friends, no matter what happens.

“We’ve always had an incredible bond, an incredible friendship.

“He knows me better than I know myself, and I know him better than he knows himself.

“There’s been so many times where if it wasn’t for our fans, I don’t know if we’d be together, because they’ve opened up my eyes to seeing — because I thought I was the only one who had a crush.

“And then I would see Jimmy videos online, and feel like, ‘Oh my gosh! Maybe there is something.’”



  • jonas loves

    I hope they will break up
    I hate Jemi and demi but I love joe

  • http://none Me

    If I had my say…. I say that they make a horrible couple… Nuff sead LOL eww Jemi

  • Rebecca

    i don’t want jemi to breakup… they make such a cute and adorable couple

  • bitchh

    they both suck ew

  • http://www, jenny

    @Jonas love obviously the fact that u hate jemi and demi but love joe explains everything…. ur just an obsessed fan who one day hopes to be Joe’s wife… tragic…. GO GET A LIFE

    I’m glad Jemi are slowing down but hope they arent totally off

  • jasmine

    i love jemi i hhope they dont break up i love them

  • Kate

    omg,i hope they don’t break up!! ): although joe is right about demi sharing their relationship to the public so much…

  • sara

    i’m sure u are jealous of jem!!!
    this article is ridicules!!!!!!!!!
    stop writing these stupid things whic is not true!!!
    i love jemi and i’m sure they won’t break up!

  • Chris_Max

    “He knows me better than I know myself, and I know him better than he knows himself.”

    Demi, you obviously DON’T know that HE’s a very private person. Coming from a GUYS perspective, Joe didn’t like the fact that Demi talked about it 24/7 and she’s on his tail 24/7. Poor guy, give him room to breathe. Secondly he was 10x happier with Camilla. I mean Camilla WAS just using him, but he WAS in ‘head over heels’ ‘I miss you when you’re not with me’ crazy in love with Camilla.

    Joe, you should just follow your brothers’ foot steps and marry a girl with a good heart, someone who would accept you Famous or Not Famous. Someone who is NOT in the spot light. Remember you did say

    “Get a rep for breakin hearts now I’m DONE with superstars’

    Be a REAL man and Keep your word

    • Samantha

      You’re right about Demi being insane thinking she knew him so well, then going off talking about him 24/7. And you’re right about him being 1000X happier with Camilla. BUT, you are 10000000000% wrong about her using him. I know what happened between them. She was in no way using him, ever. You couldn’t be more wrong about that. It is the last thing she ever wanted to do. And if she was, don’t you think she would have been out there milking their breakup for some press? What has she said? Nothing. Exactly. This bitch is using Joe. She’s a stupid child with a big mouth who wants to be famous. She was riding his coattails. And he deserves better.

  • A_Nony_Mouse

    I’ve always liked both Demi and Joe and for a while I thought they’d be a good couple. Then it actually happened. I think they’d be better off as friends. Demi obviously does NOT know him as well as she thinks she does because I don’t know him and even I could tell he didn’t like talking about their relationship all the time.

    Honestly I think they are on their way to being over. I do believe that they’ll stay friends after though.

  • Homes

    It’s not “jimmy videos”..its “jemi videos”…

  • Diana

    She’s ASKED about him ALL the time.. Don’t blame her!! God! She says a LITTLE too much sometimes, but when u are asked, u are asked. Saying something like “id rather not talk about it” will cause SO MUCH more drama! God. Demi deserves happiness, and Joe and Demi are both happy together. Idk though. If Demi’s happy, I’m happy.

  • Morgan

    I hate Jemi, I love Demi and I love Joe just not together. They are better off just as friends, I do think demi was getting a little big headed with the whole “I’m dating a Jonas brother!” thing. Joe will find his dream girl one day :)

  • Cherilyn127

    I liked the couple but when they came out joe just looked so uncomfy in all the pics….I felt really bad for him. Honestly as a fan I just want him to be happy and he obviously isn’t happy. Demi ruined their relationship when she went public.

    • JoeJonasGirl0676

      I agree with Cherilyn… :) That’s all.

      Gotta go peeps.

      • JoeJonasGirl0676

        I agree with her to a point, but I don’t like them together. That’s all. Sorry about that.

  • http://n/a maria

    joe y demi are the best couple since zanessa era.go jemi.

  • Hopeless Romantic

    He is a private person I can see that but what they need to do is to communicate more, I have a suggestion for them if they are into reading I recommend they read the titiled “The Five Love Languages” They should also take a step back. There is nothing wrong with if they truely love one another then it will be worth it in the end.

  • Hopeless Romantic

    Not because we are fans and they are celebrities we have the right to be always in therir private lives. Let them live their lives their way. Demi too must realize that the media sees her as an easy target to get information. She should take a step back and realize that she is the one being targeted for information.

  • Clascs act

    Be true to each other

  • hello

    i agree that demi does show off their relationship in the public eye too much plus she is always talking about him in her interviews, i agree with joe trying to slow things down. Demi is taking this relationship waaaay toooo faaaast! but i love them both and hope that they’re not over!

  • July1970

    Taking the relationship slower, in what way? We know what Joe’s PURITY RING represents…. So what is it to go slower? When Joe entered into the relationship with Demi, he should be aware that the press, fans, paparazzi will have feasts and will always be there to ruin their dates and special moments, and these are just some of the many consequences of being in the business and being in love (if that’s true) with another famous individual. But if you’re in love, will you be complaining that it’s getting too serious too soon? True love does not complain…. notwithstanding that what you’re hearing are words of endearment from your special someone. At Joe’s age of 20, he should be mature enough and be responsible in making his own decision and should be ready to take consequences… especially if it’s about LOVE. And guess he has to be reminded that he entered into a relationship with a teenager who should be protected in any other way as she’s so vulnerable….. Well, I hope he’ll act like are real man…. If he truly loves her, fight for their love, but if its just for publicity and Demi is just his real BFF, then he better protect her too…. Any relationship, whether intimate, friendship or even employee-employer relation is a two-way traffic… Just think about that…

  • shayle

    i don’t understand all these fans of Demi and Joe who are saying “i hope they breakup” “i hate Jemi” and “they both suck ew”..

    if you were actually their fans, then wouldn’t you just want them to be happy? If they like each other, great! Let them be happy together, instead of sitting around, saying how much you hate them, cause thats not gonna have them magically breakup just cause you said that.

    Let them be.

  • Anwen

    I was happy when I heard that Jemi was together. But I don’t like ‘Jemi’ anymore.I love Joe but i’m happy if he’s happy. but Demi just messing everything. She’s sooo public about them and keep saying bla bla bla..She’s just trying to get publicity,which is wrong.Perhaps they should learn something from ‘Zanessa’.

  • glam

    i love jemi i hope they don’t break up………

  • Kelcy

    JEMI JEMI JEMI Together Forever!LOve Them(K_^^)

  • miaka

    i think they would make a good couple, i mean, they have sooooo much in common, both have great voices. but joe is too hot for demi, i reckon. i hope he grows his hair again

  • Vanessa

    She sounds like a very immature little kid and she is in that respect too young for him. I think Joe is smart to cool it off. Working together & her being managed by their dad could make for a sticky situation if they break up. For that reason I never thought this relationship was a good idea.

  • mad

    I think they will be back on in no time, especially when they are touring with each other this summer. They are perfect for each other and are meant to be. Joe needs to talk to her about how he doesn’t like everything to be public and Demi needs to listen and understand what he is saying. They just need to work it out.

  • Jackie

    I hope they split. She is a wannabe Hayley Williams.

  • vanessa alvarado

    dudes listen to ur slefs u sound like obssesed idiots im also a fan but i dont c anything wrong with bing in public i think its nice joe dont get her pregnant im just saying

  • tina

    yea really what do you guys think joe just wants a reason to breakup and i belive that ashley is making their realation ship public too

  • http://123 SH

    يامرحشا , كيف الحال ؟

  • http://123 SH

    HOW IS jemi ?
    I do not know who is jemi LOOOOL
    DEMI IS THA BEST :p <3<3<3

  • http://123 SH

    HOW IS jemi ?
    I do not know who is jemi LOOOOL
    DEMI IS THE BEST :p <3<3<3