Robert Pattinson Envies Daniel Radcliffe!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robert PattinsonROBERT Pattinson admits he’s a little bit jealous of Daniel Radcliffe!

The actor — who starred alongside Radcliffe in the 2005 movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — says he envies Daniel’s achievements and respects his ability on screen.

“I love the mix of stuff he has done in his career, always pushing the boundaries and stuff like that,” he said.

“I also envy his stints on stage — he is a great actor.”

Pattinson, 24, has previously revealed he’d like to speak to Radcliffe for tips on dealing with fame.

“I’d quite like to talk to him about it [fame],” Rob said last year.

“He has a very good method for coping with it all — well, from what I can see anyway. It seems like he stays completely grounded all the time.”



  • angela

    rob….you don’t need to be jelous you know… are infinite superior….you’re the best and guyz you know…after thinking a lot i think robsten are together coz if you remember in oprah’s show she asked
    -”i’m not gonna ask her (kristen) coz she’s so shy so rob there had been rumours about you”
    -”kristen’s pregnant”
    -”he just likes….he loves to shock ppl coz he thinks its funny……WE’VE ACTUALLY HAD THIS CON…..bla bla bla”
    so i dont think someone is gonna ask about having a baby with just a ‘friend’

  • angela

    sorry i mean having a CONVERSATION about having a baby.

  • Katie

    Both Rob has had their own success in different ways.Rob has starred in the one of the biggest grossing small budget films ever produced in the US.Daniel Radcliffe is the star in one of the Biggest money makers world wide.Daniel Radcliffe has been left alone more because Harry Potter was filmed in the UK.If twilight had been filmed in the UK I think Rob would have been left alone more also.

    • Ethan

      you girls have no idea what your talking about robert is jumping around his words he really envies daniel becuase daniel has had a boggir indevor in his career then rob and the only reason daniel has bin left alone is not becuase the movies were filmed in the uk its becuase he is alot smarter about where he goes when he goes rob like the attention he gets!

      • Katie

        Ethan-You seem to know alot about Rob and his where abouts.Are you a insider or part of the inner circle at summit?If you are,who is he really dating?Just give ignitials.Is KS still with Michael Aragarano?

  • Hal

    Of course you have reason to be jealous or at least envious. He has made zillions more pounds than you have. You will never catch up.

  • Katie

    Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t have a unmentiable person following him around everywhere like a lost dog because she can’t get a clue like rob does.So of course he wishes his life was like Daniels.

    • Kim

      That was funny Katie, I like that one. Oh and don’t forget Rob spends all his money on gifts for her too.

      Team Robsie!!!!

  • Tish

    I do not beleive Rob is envious or jealous or anything else of Daniel. What actor who admires another does not want to talk to them to get pointers? Rob is doing very well with his fame but I would advise him to watch the off the wall comments. Someday they may backfire on you. I have watched all of Rob’s movies and I have searched the internet and the one thing I have discovered is that there are a lot of jealous people out there that wish they could be Rob. Rob to you I say keep up the good work and continue to strive to fullfil all of your dreams.

  • Grav

    danrad is so adorable.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    I think he likes being the center of attention now that he’s getting used to it. Also, I do believe he envies Daniel and I think he’s very jealous of the attention Taylor’s been getting and how he handles himself. I watched him eyeing Taylor up on the Oprah show and he does look a little jealous, especially when they start talking about muscles.Rob knows in his heart that he’s not a very good actor, he’s just cute Edward.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you all have seen but K-Stew was caught on camera (see kstew411) backstage at a Rob Zombie concert lastnight (23rd May 2010) with her The Runaway’s co-star Scout Taylor Compton & without her so called boyfriend RPatz anywhere in sight it seems strange to me but I’m not sure if they’re really all loved up coupley dating & everything why wouldn’t she invite him too maybe it’s due to the simple fact that so called Robsten isn’t true but a publicity stunt by Summit Entertainment the studio behind the Twilight Saga & Remember Me & it’s got to the point of damage control & the studio even used Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz pay dispute for the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to cover up the lie that many fans of the franchise are seeing & what spin would the studio have for so called Robsten not being caught on camera (see Robert Pattinson Life for still images & video footage) since LAX on the 7th May 2010 over a fortnight ago & maybe the sighting of them together at Laugna Beach on RPatz birthday (13th May 2010) is simply a made up story by that fuckwit on the studios payroll Ted Casablanca’s blog The Awful Truth (Lies) on E Online. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    • Lisa

      TDG you are awesome liek for real here is the link:

      If you squint, you can see Kristen on the far side of the stage in her sunnies. From @Cullenizme

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        Lisa, I’m sure this simply proves one thing that so called Robsten simply isn’t true & that RPatz & K-Stew can’t stand to be in the same state as eachother too & maybe filming of the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn might be in serious strife too due to it & only the day before (22nd May 2010) this RPatz was caught on camera (see Robert Pattinson Life) buying a guitar with out K-Stew too & maybe the studio behind the franchise Summit Entertainment simply needs to do another photographic oppertunity of them both fast or maybe not it’ll be way too obvious to everyone too. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

      • Kim

        Yeah, it sounds like KS is on a road trip with Scout. They left supposedly on the 20th of May.

      • Lisa

        I agree TDG he just got there they have been apart and she goes on a week trip with Scout and then she has to leave with taytay for promos. Well I say Robsten ship is 3/4 sunk!!!

  • Lisa

    Here is a better one:
    . *New* pic of Kristen with Scout Taylor Compton and Rob Zombie (I think): @poutyscouty via @myfairytalelife

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      Lisa, I’m not sure but did you see my reply to you above at number 9 it’s good. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

      • Lisa

        Just got it girl you are awesome! Heading off for teh night ladies it is almost midnight here and I am going to turn into a pumpkin. Talk to you all tomorrow.

      • Kim

        good night lisa.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you have all seen this but those schoolgirls on the gossip site Robstenation are getting really edgy about seeing both RPatz & K-Stew together again & they say it seems like it’s been a long time since LAX (7th May 2010) over a fortnight ago & everything so maybe it’s good in a way that they can get used to the fact so called Robsten isn’t true & that they can simply get over the lie made up by the Summit Entertainment the studio behinf the Twilight Saga & Remember Me more easily. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m going to log off & so I’ll chat to all you regulars here on Showbiz Spy soon on the subject of so called Robsten not being true so goodbye & god bless. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • angela

    but i still believe that robsten are together….i mean think yourself about the conversation in the oprah winfery show!!

  • Heather

    Well good morning Ladies…I’m not sure where we are posting but this is the most recent so I thought I’d come here. I hope everybody had a great weekend.

    Has anyone seen this???

    I was absolutely disgusted…they have to give up the whole Robsten PR act sometime right???? This is just ridiculous!

    • Kayli

      It’s a completely pro-Robsten site using a psychologists point of view (who they say has never treated either star) and let’s face it why use a psychologist that obviously does not have enough clientele to treat if they can spend the time on this – unless of course it’s someone studying psychology who isn’t yet fully registered.

      But just have to say if true does not say much for RPatz choices. He thinks that a drug-taking, miserable, immature young girl would be the perfect mother for his children?

      Well Rob whilst we await the first word of our children to be Mama or Dada enjoy the fact yours will be saying f*** you. Great maternal material…

      • katie

        That psychologist Robby Ludwig or whatever her name is known to have worked with celebrities.So she was probably paid to say what she said when she was interviewed for the article.She is always on those shows on the entertainment channel saying why celebrities act the way they do because they were either dropped on their head as a child or some other stupid reason. :lol:

    • lilbit


      Someone needs to be taken out and shot at dawn

      That’s just gross, nice find Heather

  • Laura


    I agree that whoever wrote that should be shot. I mean at least back up the story by saying “When Rob said this, he really meant this” type of thing. If one is going to get a “professional” to analyze material. Give us the findings. In this case, they have none. :-)



  • ricks

    RP hs every rizon 2 b jelous of DR… He z jst gudlukng.. Bt 2 bcum an actor lyk Dan, he’ll nid ndr 6 lives… He already wsted 1 vd KS,, N twili8 saga z f***ing bore !! Wonder whr dey find producers 4 it…
    Rp z a no match vd DR.. Dr z a born actor.. so natural.. so hardwrking… N wt du v see RP duing?? Sht its a torture wtchng ne of d twili8 series…

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