Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato: It’s Over!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Joe Jonas and Demi LovatoJOE Jonas and Demi Lovato are OVER!

Sources say the couple — who recently went public with their romance — have called it quits.

“Joe had his dad call Demi to break things off,” said one loose-lipped insider.

“Demi had a good cry but she’s already moved on.

“Demi is single and already exploring her options.”

Reports at the weekend claimed Joe thought his and Demi’s romance was getting too serious, too soon.

“Demi loves Joe so much, and she knows he feels the same,” a source said.

“Joe and her had a conversation the other night about how quickly the seriousness of the relationship was getting, and wanted to slow things down a bit.

“Obviously Demi didn’t like what he had to say, but she respects him, and the two are calming things down.”

Joe, the source said, doesn’t like the fact Demi is so open about their private lives.

“He doesn’t like everyone knowing everything, and that’s what ultimately pushed him over the top,” explained the pal. “They both care for each other a lot, just need a little ‘time-out’.”



  • Staci

    HAHAHAHAHA. Demi’s such a fail, no wonder it’s primarily her reason they’re over. She should’ve just respected Joe’s decision or at least tried to find a comprimise.

  • praw


  • praw


  • gwen

    hahah wow that didnt last long..she’s change too much..she’s not herself anymore..thank god i’m glad its over.. Joe deserve someone better.

    • katie

      I know dats what I said….she changed big time…

  • Reana

    Demi kept discussing their relationship in any interview she did, so I can see why they broke up. She has to understand it’s not necessary to blab about your private life to everyone.

  • Dakota

    Mkay this website is saying LIES. It’s different then the 15 websites that were all saying the same thing about this. There not over but i wish Demi would date Nick i mean come on. Demi is just to awesome for Joe.

  • Crazy Kitten

    And another Hollywood couple bites the dust, owchie

  • Milo Serious

    seriously? who uses their dad to break up with someone! Joe really needs to man up and break up with people face to face

  • TruthSpeaks

    Milo, I think he used his dad to break up with her to show how tacky she is talking to the press so gave her a taste of her own medicine in a way. Kind of like his father is his publicist!

    Serve her right and this is the girl that wouldn’t shut up about how great Miley is. She obviously was USING Joe since she had NO respect for him and his private life.

  • nojoud

    OMG everyone is so obsessed with this! i hope they will be just friends and continue the tour!!!

  • sophie

    staci idk why your saying demi’s a fail,she’s not if anybody it JOE! He had his dad call demi and tell her its over between them,i mean seriously?If ur going to break up with someone at least say it your self.

  • thatonegirlwhosupportsJemi

    Sophie, He Didn’t Get his Dad to Call Her. They Broke up in person Demi Told Everyone that on twitter. There is never a Right way to dump Someone though. No Matter What Happened Between Them.