Megan Fox to Star in New Pirates of the Caribbean Movie?

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Megan FoxMEGAN Fox is set to get the ultimate revenge on Transformers director Michael Bay — by accepting a role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

The actress — who apparently quit the action flick after Bay told her she looked unhealthily thin — is already busy plotting her comeback.

“Megan is mulling over a number of big movie offers including another sci fi franchise and a role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean,” reveals a source close to the actress. “She would play a mermaid who charms Captain Jack but she has a dark motive.

“Megan has always loved Johnny and is desperate to work with him.

“She’s grateful to Transformers for making her name but she’s ready to move on to better and bigger things.”

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  • yaright

    definitely will not go to see the Pirates movie if this talentless wannabe is in it. What the hell are they thinking!!! Poor poor Megan – she can dish it but she can’t take it. She likes to open her big mouth about other people but look out if you say anything derogatory about her. If the producers of Pirates have any brains, they will not hire this brat.

  • Crazy Kitten

    I hope not either, she will ruin the Pirates of the Carribean completely. No one likes her anymore, she’s a brainless chicken.

    • Crazy Kitten

      Yeah right, there are girls out there way better than her, I used to respect her alot until I read she wants to legalise weed and so in the U.S. Transformers made her who she is and also, what kind of idiot wants drugs legalised??? And Michael is right, he’s the director, he has the last say, not any other person, never bite the hand that feeds you buddy, yes, he does have a bit of an attitude but can u blame him for wanting girls to look a bit more healthier? Megan is gorgeous yes, but she’s also looking very thin and sick looking without the make up and so. She used to look way better when she had a bit more weight on her bones. And I am not jealous of her either, I know girls way sexier than her, she also had plastic surgery to make herself look like what she is now, so clinically she is a bit of a fake as well. I think Rosie Huntingon is definetly more beautiful than her.

  • http://No Kevin


    You need to shut up and leave Megan Fox alone you are such, a bully man picking on women you know nothing about. Megan Fox is 24 years old I think her casting for Pirates Of The Carribean 4 is her way of going into other projects away from Transformers. Speaking of which, Michael Bay insulted, her by telling her she is too thin and he fired, her from Transformers II because of that. Its more to that than Megan Fox being thin Michael Bay is known, for treating women like, prisoners and sex playmate objects. He, needs a reality check and he also, needs to apologize to all the women he mistreated. Everyone, must reap what they sow good or evil. yaright Megan Fox isn’t a talentless wannabe you are a jealous hater who wish you could be where Megan Fox is but, you’re not.

  • Jason Day, EMI

    I told you. And this is just the beginning.

    She has 5 (FIVE!!!) more pictures all lined up to do. She is a mega super star and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this from happening. She is an awesome person and she deserves it. Good luck Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Jason

  • http://Jenna.uck Jenna

    Doubt it. Remember her comments on disney not so long ago “fu*k disney”. Also the producer of pirates Jerry Bruckheimer has worked with Bay numerous times. Silly girl. Jason, what are the 5 pictures she has lined up, the few I’ve heard are just rumoured.

  • Crazy Kitten

    Exactly, Jenna is right. Michael may be a douche bag but he has some powerful friends too.

  • wtf

    right Kevin – so you think every person that makes a bad remark against this talentless actress is jealous? Hardly – why would someone be jealous of a no talent airhead that looks fake, has a big mouth, looks old for her age (I hate to think what she’ll look like when she’s 30 – she already looks 35 and she’s only 24), and is crazy as a loon. There are a lot of women in the world that are far more beautiful than her in every way that don’t act like a fake spoiled brat. Jealous – ya right.

  • farketmez

    No one likes her anywhere

  • Anthony

    Good Luck Megan, heard about you signing for that upcoming movie with Pacino and Diane Lane. Good job kiddo!

  • Billy O.

    Hey TONY!! Long time no talk to…yup, heard tha same thang bout MEGAN…She is going to be in the movie with that new director whose name I can’t recall. I text you later bro….

  • aisa

    you are all jealous coz megan is beautiful…….

  • U

    Megan fox fucking ruins everything. Jenna i agree with you.

  • angela

    This is so obviously not true.

  • stirred and shaken haters

    It’s interesting; the few haters keep getting louder when they know the eminent truth: Megan is hot.

  • Runda

    MEGAN FOX is a superb actress – any time anywhere, Transformers franchise will never ever be the same without her, they are definitely worse off without her

  • Matt

    Hehe girls hate her, but the fact she is an excellent actress and a very very hot chick!