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Posted by Adam

Prince WilliamBRITAIN’S Prince William will marry longtime love Kate Middleton in what will be a “$40 million extravaganza” — according to the new issue of America’s Star magazine.

This is what they’re reporting:

Prince William is set to marry longtime love Kate Middleton in what promises to be a fairy-tale wedding — and Star has the jaw-dropping details about the $40 million extravaganza.

In the June 7 issue of Star — on sale today — we have eight pages of royal dish about William and Kate’s upcoming nuptials, including the A-list guests, the extravagant gown, where they’ll say “I do,” Kate’s surprise gift for William and more!

“William has always said he will be ready for marriage after his 28th birthday — that’s next month,” royal expert Nicholas Davies, author of William: King for the 21st Century, tells Star. “The timing is perfect for a wedding this year.”

Insiders estimate that as many as 3 billion awestruck viewers could tune in and the audience will not be disappointed by the ceremony with the couture gowns, lavish bouquets and priceless jewelry, including the 18-karat sapphire and diamond engagement ring William inherited from his late mother, Diana, which he plans to give to his bride-to-be.

And while Kate will certainly look to Diana and Prince Charles’ 1981 wedding when planning her own, she plans to put her own spin on the ceremony as a modern British bride.

“William will feel nothing but pride to see his beautiful bride,” says Davies.

Recent reports claimed that William and Kate — who began dating in 2003 — will announce their engagement in June this year.

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  • annie

    Really? I have to see it to believe it! Poor naive William!Smart, conniving Kate & of course her equally smart parents!I take my hat off to you if you pull this one off.

    • Sue

      ooohhhhh — You are so right, Annie. Her parents probably sent her back last year when left William because she couldn’t take the paparazzi. Does she think it will get better when they are married??? Call me crazy, but she has some shifty, lying eyes!!

  • traci

    At least he’s getting to choose his bride, something his father did not get to do (for forty years). I think a $40 million dollar wedding is ostentatious considering the charity work Prince William has done. He could set a good example by tightening the budget and donating the remainder.I also would not want his mother’s engagement ring. At the very least the stones should be re-set.

    • Sue

      I agree with you about the cost of the wedding and how that money could be better spent (it does come from the “people”). But as far as his father — he could have “chosen” his bride years ago if he weren’t such a playboy and, of course, had some balls!!!

  • Patrick

    just what our economy needs to hear about.

  • jds

    Stepping ahead of themselves, they aren’t even engaged least not officially.

  • fab43

    40 Million? Way to waste money!!!

    Our wedding was beautiful and unique and only cost us 5 grand!

  • Mark

    Do the royals earn any money on their own or is their lifestyle paid for by the “kingdoms” tax payers? If the tax payers foot the bill for that stuff and the royals really don’t do anything but where a crown and jet set around the world….whats the point? Tradition? Pagentry? The sofistication of having a “royal” figurehead? I know here in the USA we have a ton of our own problems but have to ask. Why is all that money, which could go to something much more needful, or just give the people a tax break, spent on a family with nothing more than a so-called birth right? There are Brits losing their jobs, homes and lives in this economy and a “prince” can allow that amount of money to be spent on his wedding. I would be completely ashamed of myself and and could never allow it. But….I never grew up with a sense of entitlement and royal requirement. You can do what you want on that side of the pond. I just don’t understand why it is done.

  • Gaynor

    I will try and translate to an equal emotional thing that a know you will go “oooh” becuase is does sound so mental when looked at from afar. It’s done in UK because we/they (I am a duel citizen) feel the same way about them as you do about y/our flag with the imagined emotional vision “star spangled banner yet wave – over the land of the free etc” . They royal family are a symbol of UK grit (as absurd as that is as they are the most privileged).They are often, for the older generation, a symbol that makes the older folks tear up and think of all things they love about their country and countrymen. They work tirelessly the Queen could sit on her rump and she works like a horse. She has a VERY VERY nice stable though :D

  • http://none Mark Adams

    This entire article is SPECULATION about ASSUMPTIONS and you readers with ‘opinions’ can’t even figure that out?. Nothing is fact. THINK, people, before you get all wired up about something that is not. “Kate’s surprise gift for William and more”! Really??? If Kate is keeping it a surprise and William doesn’t know – how do these American writers know? You think? No, you don’t. This is merely hype to sell the magazine – money is their bottom line. Gullibility, yours.
    I could have written this BEFORE Prince William was born and been just as accurate. Rubbish! And people buy and believe this stuff! And they are considered intelligent enough to vote! Let’s sell them the London Bridge while we’re at it. You people scare the crap out of me. Another mideast war, anyone?

  • Gaynor

    Oh and a short list of them get an allowance but once you can’t put your hand out and hit your mum or dad on a throne it rapidly gets cut off. The queen did not used to pay tax, now she does. They really do work a lot for charity. Their presence creates lots of tourism in flow to UK. They are seen as a symbol of Britishness, something to aspire to in terms of “properness” charity, “true grit” the Qeen Mum did not leave London in the blitz etc. They are (used to be) like the US Camelot Kennedy type of thing

  • http://n/a Christen

    I think William should step back and take a good look at Kate, because I think William is true, but I think Kate will give him a real run for his money, and I think that she will make his life a living hell if you ask me! I do not think she has what it takes to be royalty! Man! William “wake up” dont become of a victim of lies, and turmoil.

    • Kate

      You are either an ignorant American or an uneducated moron.

      Stop with the happy ever after, that’s not how the real world work’s. You have watched “Pretty Woman” WAY TOO MANY TIMES!!!

  • http://na callie crandall

    I hate to say this as I am trying not to Judge-but-the english are so snooty!It isn’t the royal family’s choice whom WILLIAM chooses to marry-and it shouldn’t depend on class-she shouldn’t have to come from a rich popular famous family-it’s the person inside that should count.
    She loves William and if she makes him happy than that is all that should really matter. But of course the royal family has always been about money and popularity and anyone whom is any less is treated like garbage-look at what they did to Diana and how they treated her. In my mind someone that doesn’t come from money and popularity that is just like everybody else with a heart of gold-that wants to make the world a better place to live-especially someone like Diana-in my mind that is what makes her a Lady and a Princess-because she came from working class and not the rich and famous and because of all that she went through she will always be a lady and a princess-but not because of the royal family-it will have been because of whom she was before them and whom she came to be after them and they are going to make it a living hell on this young lady too-because once again she’s working class-and she’s in for the fight of her life because of William’s family and I hope she can stay strong through that and people need to wake up and realize 1 thing”MONEY DOESN’T BUY TRUE HAPPINESS OR POPULARITY-it creates lonliness and isolation is what it does,so I strongly suggest that people accept her for who she is and if she is what makes William happy-then let him be happy and if they choose to marry-they should be happy for him and celebrate in what is suppose to be the happiest day of both of their lives. It takes one heck of a woman to be with what William comes from and his family and be willing to put up with their snottiness,and she’s tough and I commend her for this and for standing by her man.

  • JUJU

    God help us in this day and age that someone spends 40 million dollars on a wedding. It’s all ego, and stupidity. I guess their blood really is blue.

  • Charlye

    40 Mil, what is prince Will trying to prove? may be out-do his pops. I guess, the royal family, is exempt from this economy.

  • Janet

    Thirtyone years ago my wedding cost 1500.00 bucks for everything!! funny were still togeather and I’m still waiting for a honeymoon. I guess all the money in the world still can’t buy all the important things in life..40 million dollars for a wedding GIVE ME A FRUITCAKING BREAK!!!!!

  • Marti M

    Leave them alone, my problem is the 40 million and I think they are sensitive enough tone that down.

  • Praveen

    I know it sounds bad when the economy is down and you hear that celebrities are going to spend $40 million for a wedding, but that money will be spent on working people: seamstresses, waiters, caterers, ushers, security, etc.

    They, in turn, will spend the money in their local communities.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hire workers from some of the charities the price supports, such as firms that find employment for the disabled, former prisoners, etc.

  • Alexis

    See Kate Middleton and Prince William
    Ancestors-at-a-glance fan charts by at

  • john

    royals are just a bunch of blood sucking vampires while posing to be world saving jesus christ.
    wake up, citizens, we are not in the middle ages.

  • California Granny

    There is great difference between the two countries, namely US and Britain, and our cultural difference.
    Since US has no royalty, how can we understand the proud exceptance of British and their royalty going back hundreds of years. Britain has old traditions which we in Americaa do not have or understand for that matter. People here are ticked off for the 40 mil price tag for one wedding. OK, But over there it means they are going to see a show befitting to a future King, as the pomp and circumstance are important to British. Their traditions are to keep the Royalty alive and one way is to shine in special occasions. Who are we to critize that as the cost is not out our pocket.

  • Kate

    It’s pure speculation how much william and Kate’s wedding will cost – they have not even announced the actual date of the wedding!!!
    OH, AND YOU MORON’S shouting about taxes, can you even begin to understand the Royal Wedding will bring billions of pounds into Britain through tourism alone?

    This is going to be a very British event in the heart of London, with British Royality and the British public. It does not have to concern the rest of the world – especially if they only want to disrespect the Monarchy.

  • http://na RARO

    talking of a wedding costing that much and haiti children are dying not forgeting other starving children across the world…shame on britons…GOD IS WATCHING YOU..

  • rose charles

    annie on the godly mark… did you go to christian school …don’t listen to any negative commets…. i read the other commet lines and it’s seems those who god have touch, spokes his words…..

  • Natasha

    First of all for people who thought the magazine made up lies to sell, I am shocked they knew abt the ring of Diana and that is what William gave Kate and secondly 40 million is a big fat joke honestly, I like the royals and I respect traditions as I follow them bt I think the event can be extravagant and lavish without being tht expensive, they don’t have to pay for the venue or anythkg so y so expensive… I donno who’s the wedding planner lol

  • KMPW suck

    Another divorce in the making hahaha.

  • KMPW suck

    ^^ You are shocked?? why the Middletons leaked stories to the press all the time man wake up already.No one knew about the engagement and Diana’s ring only Kate’s family suddendly the story of an engagement before Christmas appears in the papers so obvious it’s not even funny.Those royals thought Diana was a hassel they haven’t seen anything yet with the monsters i mean the Middletons.


    C’mon people of the world! Royalties are the old version of politicians. If you don’t like them then have a revolution or people power! But who’s going to lead us? We can’t put God on their throne bcoz he may never exists. We have no choice & if you think people choose their politicians THINK AGAIN!

  • graphic design careers

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  • Maria

    I hope the price tag for their wedding is not 40mil. I know the British like to GO BIG for all royal weddings but what about the citizens. I can see if the royal family and Kate’s family paid for the wedding out of their earnings but NOT shouldering the brunt of it on the people of the United Kingdom.

    In addition, I hope William & Kate’s MARRIAGE does not mirror Will’s late mother’s marriage. Diana spoke of “isolation and alienation” from her in-laws. Not to mention her husband was in love with another woman, whom he met quite often. It was a loveless, selfish, inhumane, degrading, and RIDICULOUS marriage life that I would not wish upon a dog!!!

    What is love? “Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND and is NOT jealous; Love does NOT brag and is NOT arrogant”-1Cor 13:4. This what God intended love to look like here on earth. It is possible through Christ to demonstrate this kind of love to one another. I pray that Will and Kate come to know the ONE in which gave the ULTIMATE love gift for our sins (John 3:16) and learn to love each other with SINCERITY so their married life is fruitful and blessed.

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  • http://Google True love786

    I truly feel sorry for Diana, after what she went through. How could her partner not understand? Monster! I hope prince ًWilliam and Kate live happily ever after! I pray and blessed them both. I truly understand what it is like, when you want to keep your marriage and family together.

  • http://msn brent NIELSEN

    How can you see your self spending this kind of coin with the state of the poor on your country

  • http://msn brent NIELSEN

    american bow to there parent

  • http://msn brent NIELSEN

    40 million dollars to get married bull s__t

  • Johny

    Just one simple question:
    Do dinosaurs still exist in that country as well? I think they’re still living in antiquity for several reasons.

  • Tom Van Dusen

    My Congratulations to Prince William and Kate. Regardlaes of the money, they deserve it like anyone else in their position. So I will not put in a negative response to the cost. I just want to wish Prince William and Kate Middleton all the happiness in the world.

    My Best Wishes.

  • Georgy

    But that is too expensive!That system should be scrapped off people r moving foward!This is almost a scandal!

  • farzana

    Please people can every1 just leave the couple to live there lives as normal as possible! We all want fairytale lives and weddings, so be it that this is 1 very lucky couple to have it all! Just leave them to enjoy there lives together and be happy! I wish them all the very best as a royal but very normal couple! May GOD almighty keep them safe, happy,and may they lead a wonderful life together and have kids who will be the coolness of there eyes! William has certainly thru n thru his beautiful mother Lady Diana! All the best to the newly weds!

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