Katherine Jackson Left Bruised After Fall

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michael JacksonKATHERINE Jackson has sparked concerns for her health — after she reportedly fell down a flight of stairs at her home in California.

The Jackson family matriarch — who has custody of late son Micheal‘s three kids Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II — was reportedly hospitalized after taking a tumble on May 17.

Katherine managed to escape with only cuts and bruises.

“She’s taken on way too much for a woman of her age but refuses to delegate the care of her grandchildren to others,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

“She has aged enormously and is desperately hanging on for the sake of her children, but her collapse on the stairs shows how fragile she really is.

“She’s the glue that holds the whole family together. If something happens to her, it would be all-out war.”



  • rara


    • Tracy Terry

      don’t let jermaine the fag have them either

  • http://www.twitter.com/escapade1814 Jen

    Hope Mama Katherine gets well soon. The family needs her. Praying for her.

    • Tracy Terry

      yes. does she bake cookies? i like those ones with the little swirls on them

  • chiquita bailey

    Omg….Thank god she’s ok…..what a strong women….i love the jacksons (please dont disrespect them)….

    • im4us

      Are you aware that she kicked all of the children and grandchildren out of the Encino house? Of couse MJ is paying for them to stay elsewhere, but she kicked them out over the stun gun thing, so reported. They are not as close as they tell the reporters. They are keeping face like always. MJ wouldn’t even see them for years before he passed except his nephews B-day shortly before his passing.Including his mother. I do hope someone is taking care of her. Maybe this is a way Jermaine and his clan could come back…to “help” her-(spend MJ’s money!) MJ was close to Randy and Janet(dunk). He loved his family from a distance.

  • cawobeth

    Consider the source of the story here, the Globe tabloid.
    I think of Mrs. Jackson often. My sense is that she is stronger than some may think she is. If she did fall, it may take a little longer to heal from a physical bruise because we don’t heal as easily as we age.
    Meanwhile, The Jackson Family is close and I believe she will get the support she needs.
    Just because these articles exaggerate the household & family circumstance, due to a fall, doesn’t make the speculation so.
    God’s speed, Mrs. Jackson.
    I know the tabloids don’t ruffle your feathers; been there, seen that. Though I am certainly not condoning their disrespect for people; especially you, of all people, during this sensitive month.

  • Elizabeth

    Katherine is a very strong women & has been the glue. She is a lot stronger then people give her credit for just like Michael was a lot stronger then people tried to say. He loved his mother so much. She has had to deal with a lot with all her kids & was very close to Michael. She does have a lot of help & will be ok. Like I said before she is very strong. I am 47 & always am falling or tripping. She is not the only one

  • Tracy Terry

    does Katherine suck good cock?

    • healed forreal

      You should be totally ashamed of yourself for posting such a question. I will NEVER read this blog again, if they are going to tolerate such insults!

  • Summy

    If Katherine managed to survive ALL the hell “Joe” put her through over the years, a “little fall” would hardly be strong enough to shut her down!

    Best wishes, and keep “Joe” as far away from the kids as possible! His arse is only interested in the $$$$!

    • nilda nicholasen

      i hope katherine jackson is better micheal j. wanted her to have everything and be in charge of his kids bt if anything happens to her she shd pick which family member she want to take care of his kids and god bless her i hope she lives forever i love all the jacksons even their dad jo he is a human being and im sure he has some good in him. bt i grew up with the jacksons musically and i will always love them . i do feel that that doctor shd not have been keep giving him meaning micheal such strong pain meds and smeone shd be responsible for that. peace and god bless m.j. and his family

  • im4us

    She KNEW Michael did NOT allow the kids to be around Joe and Debbie Rowe made it a fact in court. They spent Thanksgiving with him and many more times. I find that Katherine disrespects Michaels wishes when it comes to his children and he would have not approved for sure. They were his life. For his own mother to disrespect HIS wishes is disgusting to me. While SHE is collecting all the money and selling everything she gets her hands on.I see her in a whole different light than I did while he was alive. After watching her actions, I think he had it bad, real bad. She was just the lesser of the 2 evils. Her sweet little voice and nice things she says are BS!Her actions speak lauder than words. “But she was always there for him”. Screaming for Joe not to kill him, as she sat and watched. What a wonderful mother!

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