Robert Pattinson Works His Charms on Reese Witherspoon

Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert PattinsonROBERT Pattinson is still charm personified!

The hunky British actor — who’s rumored to be dating his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart – had new costar Reese Witherspoon “blushing” during preliminary meetings and table readings before shooting begins on their new movie Elephants.

In the flick, Pattinson plays a veterinarian who joins the circus.

“Rob worked with Reese seven years ago on Vanity Fair. He had a tiny part and he joked with Reese that, of course, she didn’t remember him from their time together then,” a source told Fox News.

“They joke a lot and Rob has her blushing and laughing all the time. He’s very charming.

“He went on about how she is this beautiful, super-famous Academy Award winner, and Reese loved it.

“She was flattered and giggling while he teased. It’s cute and it makes for a great movie set. Everyone is excited because they fit so well together.”



  • moushumi

    Reese is beautiful. i love her actings. she is a tellented girl. hope the movie will be so romantic.

  • Lisa

    Go Robert finally a costar you can flirt and have innocent fun with! You are single live it up!

  • FritoLay

    Haha, a flirt indeed!

  • ? Finally some truth! Reese has always been like a little ball of sunshine! lol

  • Autumn

    i love reese shes so beautiful one of my fav actresses of all times im glad there getting along so get ready girl cuase her comes the rumors full speed ahead lol

  • Autumn


  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    go for it, Reese, knock a chip off that cookie for me.

  • Kristin (the honest one)

    Tormented ones, get your facts right! Kristin does not want publicity at all and she hates the gossip and lies that are written. Reese has a serious relationship with her agent who is involved with her kids. She is a mature older woman not a whore that has an affair with every man she works with. Just because you lust for Robert doesn’t mean that everyone wants to fuck him. He is an immature young man that does not know what he wants. I don’t think she want to risk loosing the great life she has and a solid relationship for a fling. If she does she has shit for brains! I think she is too classy for that! You see how annoying you people are? Why do you talk such crap. This is a publicity stunt for the movie they are dong together.

    • lilbit

      Wow a publicity stunt for a movie….now where have I heard that before?

      • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

        What a wonderful idea to pair up 2 main actors as a PR stunt! I wonder why no-one’s ever thought of this idea before now. LOL

      • Kayli

        :lol: that is all. Although I do hate that the Reese fans are getting upset at this.

        To all the Reese fans, please don’t take us seriously. We believe this as much as we believe in another highly likely ‘relationship’ publicity stunt involving one Robert Pattinson. In fact I think we’re trying to prove a point to certain others about the wonders of these types of campaigns ;-)

  • Katie

    He works his charm with all the leading ladies.Didn’t he supposidly worked his charm also with Rosie? :lol:

    • http://ShowbizSpy Vampire Girl

      Yes, Rosie loves to spend time with him And she doesn’t mind the paps. She’s a real trooper!

  • thevptribe

    i think that no matter what mr pattinson does it will be considered flirting. he is so young and is still getting use to the fame. it will die down but just cause he speaks to a women/girl doesn’t mean there is something always going on. he is a great actor in my opinion and it honestly is his business about his love life:)

  • thevptribe

    oh yeah sorry forgot to add it is his business not anyone elses….thanks