Miley Cyrus on Glee: ‘Honestly, Musicals?’

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Miley CyrusMILEY Cyrus hates the hit US TV show Glee — because it’s not very realistic!

The Hannah Montana star says she can’t understand why the program is so popular.

“Honestly, musicals? I just can’t,” the mouthy 17-year-old told Billboard magazine.

“What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?”

Insiders recently expressed their fears that Miley  — who was left red-faced earlier this month when a video hit the internet of her grinding with a 40-plus-year-old man — will go down the same destructive path as Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan.

“Everyone in Hollywood is worried that Miley is on the path to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan,” said one prominent Hollywood casting agent.

“It’s the oldest story in showbiz — when a child star grows up and loses his or her entire fan base.

“For every Jodie Foster that exists, so does a Gary Coleman.”



  • Adam

    Mouthy? Shut up.

    • Tracy Terry


  • Natalie

    Has she seen her own show? Not very realsitic either…

    • Tracy Terry

      i love her show. its better than some goofy musical

    • whoooooo

      Glee isn’t a musical you silly little girl. and hannah montana stinks.

  • Lady H

    Miley cyrus is a very talented young lady. I love her show, My daughter loves to watch her as Hannah Montana. Instead of putting her down and comparing her to lindsay. Why don’t every one mind there own bussiness. She is young and will make mistakes. Her mistakes have nothing to do with her talent.

    • Tracy Terry

      true. i wish people would look at Ashlee Simpson that way. let her make a mistake, though i don’t see any

  • Tracy Terry

    Miley is right. I’ve never liked musicals. they’re silly. all the sudden, some idiot starts singing and everybody within 200 feet joins in and they all know the words and dance routines… STUPID!

    • Boyd

      It’s not about real life. Musicals are about suspending belief. Until you go back and watch the genius talents of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly from the 40′s and 50′s musicals you should be quiet about what is stupid or not. Kids these days have no respect for art.

    • Tyler

      Hannah Montana is rubbish if everyone comapared it to Glee.

  • Hannah

    I think she is just mad cuz they ruined her song in one episode… glee doesn’t just “burst into song”
    and i dont mean this as she is going to become like lindsay lohan, but she should really keep from doing things that make her look bad.

  • Boyd

    She’s just young and going through that phase where she thinks certain things are cool and some aren’t. Remember she said she likes NIrvana and Kurt Cobain is her ideal boyfriend. Teens these days who being listening to Nirvana turns into poseurs and say stupid things and think it’s cool to diss everything.

    She doesn’t know about or respect the great musical classics done by the talents of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Cyd Charisse because she’s just young and dumb.

  • http://mileycirse Destiny

    u r so retared miley

  • Garrett

    Has she even watched the show? Doesn’t she know that the musical numbers are done as performances to MAKE the show more realistic? just go lose your virginity or something miley- oh wait you probably already have!

  • Carrie

    Sure, Glee’s not always realistic, but a lot of the shows that are produced for young teens and older are also unrealistic. What is the likelihood that one will stumble upon a national recording star living a double life or will have a successful web show like that on iCarly. T.V. isn’t always supposed to be real; it’s an escape from the world around us.
    Personally, I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus because she doesn’t always make greatest choices when it come to her actions. However, if she actually spent a week in an actually high school, she’d see it all a little differently.

  • Dennis

    I didn’t realize all TV had to be realistic.
    Her show sure as hell isn’t.

  • -.-

    the HANNAH MONTANA star can’t understand why glee is so popular because it isn’t REALISTIC?….WHAT?

  • elena

    I burst into song all the time.

    • K

      Same here love.

      • shaz

        yeah, me too. does that mean i’m not real? :p

  • Genesis

    “What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?”

    Umm…isn’t that essentially what you do in your music videos?

  • Marianne

    And what Hannah Montana WAS realistic? Are we all supposed to believe that all she needs to do is put on a blonde wig and have NO ONE recognize her…

  • Tay

    I love how she hates everything her target audience loves. LMAO!

  • Coca

    tv shows that are realistic get boring fast.

  • Arisai

    And i can’t understand why Hannah Montana was/is so popular u¬¬
    Realistic? It’s a freaking TV SHOW!!! not even reality tv is that realistic for god’s sake.
    Plus, Glee is not HSM, they don’t burst into song, and she should be grateful that Lea Michele didn’t sing the Climb right, because Lea would have pwned her.
    Just go back to the Disney Channel Miley, and STFU. Thanks

    • hey

      she just hates it cause of the way they used her song on glee! you got that rite, lea michele wood have sung it better than miley, now that wood hav been embarrasing.

  • rena

    better off no one wants to see her on Glee anyway

  • ^-^

    They’ll never want her on GLEE anyway. Besides she’s just mad that GLEE’s album is doing better than her album

  • whuuutt?

    hahaha. she makes me laugh so freaking hard. nice joke Miley, nice!And Hannah Montana? Living a double life? put on a wig and no one recognize you? is that realistic? yup realistic. sooooo sooo realistic! (Y)

    i don’t care if she makes mistakes! we all do! I’m not a huge fan of Glee myself. But she really has to really check what she’s saying. she’s just making herself look bad.

  • Tracy Terry

    miley, eat me

  • Big Caca

    miley rules!!!

  • Theynuh

    She was just expressing her OWN opinion. I love her and Glee, but if that`s her opinion about the show, then let us respect it.

    • Tracy Terry

      ok… i respect her… *snicker*

    • shaz

      yeah, but she doesn’t have to express her opinion on glee ALL THE TIME. she sounds like she’s sourgraping.

  • sara

    fucking idiot. she doesnt even know the songs in glee are rehearsals, performances, competitions. they dont just sing in the middle of the forest or down the hall where everyone joins. stupid teen, AND the surreal performances are the kind that aren’t really happening, like a dream, where they partly sing in the auditorium and partly imagine a scene. she doesnt know what shes saying nor what musicals are about. miley, honey, you’re just mad that EVEN pretending to sing badly cuz her character had laryngitis, Lea Michele sang the climb better than you.

    • Tracy Terry

      yeah miley, sara dissed you.. owned.. good sara

  • gerard

    She’s just pissed off because her song was the only one that they purposely and hillariously butchered on the show. Her ego is hurt. Simple as that. Now if they did a Miley Cyrus tribute show (god, no) then she’d be all praises and smiles.

  • Grimgrin

    Because a show centered around a pop star that for some reason no one can figure out that she and her alter ego are the same with Superman levels of ignorance and derp is realistic? Lol, okay Miley

  • TruthSpeaks

    A bit rich of her saying Glee is not realistic and a musical which it’s not. Last time I checked her show was comedy musical so who is she to judge? Maybe she pissed that she was never invited to be one of the stars of Glee!

    • K

      Hah, good one, shes not even good enough to make a cameo appearance!!!!!!!! Saying glee is not realistic, this comeing from the girl whos hit show is a bout an undercover superstar. Lea Michele alone has more talent. even with laryingitis, than all of the Disney channel combined. Musicals are about expressing frustrations we have with the real world. theres happy ojnes such as Hairspray, Grease and footloose. There is also powerful ones like Les Mis, Oliver, Wicked Rent and Spring Awakening, that express the change the human condition goes through. Glee channels the power of music into an everydday organic high school setting. There are elements of Musical theatre, but there is also drama, comedy and heartbreak. Id love to see Disney cover subjects like Homosexuality and Teenage Pregnancy and portray it with blind passion and emotion. Here i go ranting again. Sorry.

      • shaz

        well said K :)

  • EliQuinn

    What she needs to do is hush up , and maybe she can keep her fans. Her constant go at others is making her loose fans. Salena Gomez, Twilight, and now Glee, come on a smart artist would keep their opinion to themselves. Especially when their star is on its way down.

  • janna

    shes such a slut

  • Palmira Monahan

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  • Jordon Dahlquist

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  • trevon

    shes just mad that glee sung HER song BETTER than her.

  • Rae


    Her show is more “unrealistic” than glee is.

    Plus she sings all the time in her show.

    She is sooo jealous.

  • Raye

    Miley Cyrus….an actress? Really?

  • K

    Really, this coming from the chick who’s hot show is about an undercover superstar??? GLEE is a hell of alot more talented than her, selena and the jonas brothers combined.Shes just jealous that a Musical Dramady is more popular than her.

  • anonymous

    really miley? really?
    hannah montana is no reality either.

  • Jason

    Actually if Miley would watch the show she’d realize that most of the musical parts of the show are VERY realistic. They are either rehearsing for something or they are in a performace of some kind (concert, commercial, whatever). Yes there are some like she describes, but from what I can remember they have all been dream sequences where a character is imagining how they would react to something. I don’t really have a problem with her, but I have a HUGE problem with people who open their mouths before they do their research. In this instance, Miley and I are at odds.

  • mileyhater

    What the fuck is miley. Die you ugly bitch. Hannah Montana is even not realistic, weirdooo and so not funny. Glee is better and their voices are better than Miley’s. Damn… I hate miley cyrus. she’s ugly. bad.

  • Claudia

    if glee is a musical what hannah montana is? glee is amazing! and the actors of glee sing so much better than miley cyrus.

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  • Dori

    jealousy is an awful best…

  • Someone

    Seriously Miley? And a show about a girl who puts on a blond wig and nobody recognizes her is VERY realistic?