Sarah Jessica Parker Living Out of Her Office?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sarah JessicaSARAH Jessica Parker has been living out of her OFFICE as she works solidly to make the new Sex and the City movie a global smash.

Sources say Sarah and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, have been spending lots of time apart these past few months — and their relationship is becoming strained.

Apparently their marriage never really recovered from the scandal over Matthew’s alleged affair with a 25-year-old woman.

“For a while Sarah spent most of the time living out of her office while Matthew was at home alone,” a source told Britain’s News of the World newspaper.

“They have two houses in New York and they’re often in different places.”

The source adds that Sarah and Matthew’s show of unity at the rehearsals for the recent Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles was “bizarre to see”.

“Even though they were both in LA they arrived and left the practice run separately,” said the mole. “And they didn’t say a word to each other during the run-through. Of course next day when the cameras were on they were joined at the hip.

“Sarah’s eating is erratic. She seems to be trying out a new diet all the time. She’s also becoming a fitness fanatic and a hardcore follower of Madonna’s personal trainer Tracy Anderson’s pilates regime. If anything she needs to rest and eat more. She’s the thinnest she’s ever been. It’s a combination of too much work, stress and the problems in her personal life.”



  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    too ambitious.

  • TruthSpeaks

    A lot of people are saying Sarah Jessica do not look so hot anymore since she is so skinny. In one recent photo at SATC movie premiere, she had on a nice dress but showing her back you could see the bones. Her face is aging too quickly with all that crazy diets and losing weight she’s on.

    Her husband just as famous as she is since who could forget Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and all the great broadway shows he done. I’m not surprise he cheated on SJP because I hated to say it but she looking like a hag. The other ladies from SATC around her age and older looked better than she does because they’re not fanatic about dieting and losing more weight.

  • SpandauBallet

    I can’t speak for what happen at the Oscars, though they may have been called into and released from rehersals at different times as Matthew was part of the John Hughes tribute and Sarah presented an award with someone else.

    However a few months before (December 2009) I was at the closing night performance of the Off-Braodway play “The Starry Messenger” that starred Matthew. There in the audience, third row center, without the benefit of cameras to capture it or gossips to comment, was in fact Ms. Parker.

    Whatever difficulties they may have at times, and over the past 17 years, they were together that night.

  • Jamar Bryington

    Wow. That Kim Kardashian is wierd. I love following the Kardashian’s just because they’ve always got something wierd going on. Hope you keep publishing stuff about the Kardashians.