Dennis Hopper Tributes

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dennis HopperDENNIS Hopper‘s friends, loved-ones and co-stars have been paying tribute to the late actor.

The Hollywood legend — who passed away Saturday aged 74, due to complications caused by his prostate cancer — has been praised by numerous celebrities friends who are keen to pay their respects to the screen star.

Dennis’ Easy Rider costar Peter Fonda — who he also wrote the Oscar-nominated script with — admits he was “blessed” to know him.

“Dennis introduced me to the world of Pop Art and ‘lost’ films,” he said. “We rode the highways of America and changed the way movies were made in Hollywood. I was blessed by his passion and friendship.”

Dennis’ Hoosiers costar Gene Hackman admits he also felt privileged to work with the late star.

“As an actor, one is always taken by someone who is different,” he said. “An iconoclast, Dennis was an artist and I will always treasure having worked with him. He will be missed.”

Isabella Rossellini, who starred alongside Dennis in Blue Velvet, has revealed she was shocked by the late actor’s kindness.

“When I first met Dennis on the set of Blue Velvet, he had just come out of rehab,” she said. “I was afraid of him, but Dennis turned out to be infinitely kind, compassionate and understanding. He had gone to hell and came back from it with great wisdom. It will take me a while to realize and accept he isn’t with us any longer.”

Former Guns N’ Roses rocker Slash was also quick to take to his Twitter page in honor of the film star — who was also known for appearing in Apocalypse Now and Rebel Without a Cause, as well as directing several movies.

“You take the great ones for granted until they’re gone. RIP Dennis Hopper,” he wrote.

Actress Christina Applegate also wrote, “Sweet Dennis Hopper. Bless you for your gifts you gave us all these years.”

The actor was surrounded by family and friends for his final moments and dozens of bouquets of flowers are being left at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.