Megan Fox Desperate to Prove She’s Still Relevant!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Megan FoxMEGAN Fox will being doing her best to stay relevant over the coming weeks.

The actress apparently feels like her reputation has taken a knock since she left the Transformers movie franchise, so will reportedly being stepping out for the paparazzi to show that her career isn’t on the slide.

“Megan feels like her reputation has come under fire since she parted with the Transformers franchise,” says a source close to the star, who was recently photographed cavorting in a bikini with boyfriend Brian Austen Green.

“She’s making a point of being seen and showing that she’s not affected in the way some may think.

“She wasn’t dumped and her career is not on the slide. If getting a bikini on helps show that she’s over the whole episode, then she’ll do it.”


  • Whitecatthorn

    HOw pathetic can you get Megan? And when will you stop with the surgery? You really are looking FUGLY these days!

  • whatever

    interesting how she’s always slamming the paparazzi and saying she hates her photo being taken but she’ll use them to try to stay in the limelight. You are a pathetic fake looking wannabe who will never make it in the business due to your attitude and lack of talent. And I’ve seen the pictures of her cavorting in her bikini and she doesn’t look any better than anyone I’ve seen at the beach. I don’t honestly know why there is such a fuss about her looks – she looks fake – fake tan, fake lips, big phony pout. Yuck. I’ve seen better women walking around the mall in my hometown.

  • TruthSpeaks

    Just like Kristen Stewart she’s finding out that the paparazzi can ruin a celeb’s reputation fast. Megan bite the hands that feed her and if she didn’t wanted to do another Transformers movie all she had to do was either go through it saying it’s her last and keep her mouth shut. But no she go diss the director and acts like she is bigger than Angelina Jolie who she actually compared herself to in looks and lips. Please! Angelina been in the business for like nearly 15 or so years so obviously she done something right to stay that long. Megan been in the business less but already dissing people and getting skinny to point of seeing her bones and have the nerves to diss the director when he said she needs to gain weight. Her roles in the Transformers is stressful and active so being too skinny she would be putting her health at risk which the director would not wanted to happen. He may be hard but at least he was showing concern and she flip on him! Selfish!

  • Katherine Syner

    Wonder which dude could adore this crazy girl. She actually is attractive but who would like a crazy chick?