Saturday, June 5, 2010

Daniel CraigDANIEL Craig locked lips with another man at a gay bar last month.

And now we have some more information!

The Casino Royale star showed up to the Roosterfish bar in Venice, Calif., with a good-looking male on May 15.

After a few drinks, the duo hit the dance floor, and at the end of the night, they were spotted smooching outside, according to a tabloid report.

“When Daniel and his friend walked in, they looked like any other upscale gay couple checking out the scene,” said one onlooker.

The source said the actor’s male friend was “rubbing Daniel’s leg and his shoulder while they talked, and Daniel didn’t seem to mind.

“There have been celebrities in the bar before, but none as big as Daniel Craig. Seeing him on a date with another guy made it a night to remember. “

When the two were outside, “Daniel kissed his friend on the lips. It was an open-moth, passionate French kiss. In fact, Daniel held the guy’s head in his and pull him in for the kiss!”

Daniel, 42, has been dating film producer Satsuki Mitchel for the past few years. He was previously married to Scottish actress Fiona Loudon, with whom he has a daughter, Ella.[imagebrowser id=345]


  • Capt. America (made in China)

    good for him but bond cant be gay….its hollywood and about the money..most of american men will not watch someone in a alfa male role like bond because how can he get laid by every chick in the movie adn in the back of peoples minds know that he loves the big rooster

    • Victor

      Craig could kiss a guy at a gay bar and still get any woman IN THE WORLD he wants.

      • That’s right

        He couldn’t get THIS woman. I don’t care how famous or semi-goodlooking he is. I don’t want it if it’s been in another man. Period.

      • http://prrrrrrrt.com your an idiot

        @that’s right

        Haha I’m sure that you’re very important in YOUR universe were it’s a big deal TO YOU that Daniel Craig couldn’t land you. In the universe we all share though you’re just nothing special by any measure and no one really cares. Support the guy or don’t sure those are opinions, but don’t dilute yourself.

      • G

        @That’s right

        I notice you said “another” man?

      • Yadayadayada

        @ That’s Right – I agree, either you’re gay or straight. Can’t have it both ways, it’s not healthy. Although it’s a pity that the acting profession forces people to stay closeted to thrive.

        @your an idiot – If you’re going to be mean, at least do it with proper grammar. It’s “you’re an idiot” and “dilude” not “dilute.” Take a gander at a dictionary once in a while, it’ll make you look less like a total sh*t when posting.

      • straight ballin

        @yadayadayada It’s delude. D-E-L-U-D-E.

      • Yadayadayada

        oh my you’re right! well there’s my gaffe for the day! O_O

      • CC

        I dont see what the point is if a person wants to be with a female one minute and a male the next. A female could offer you the same things as a male could, intelligent conversation and good sexual chemistry. So whenever deciding to be in a relationship with someone it doesn’t necessarily need to be based on the gender, its about the foundation and the chemistry between the two. When it comes to the sex side of things, ok he’s been with a guy before you, so he’s been INSIDE a guy… whats the difference in it having been a girl before you, and therefore having been INSIDE the girl…

      • CC

        and i’m completely straight, but i accept and support gays and bisexuals

        I dont understand how people can be so homophobic and hateful?
        Does who someone love or decide to sleep with have any affect on you? No… so why should you care?

    • Wally

      Who says bond cannot be gay
      look at Roger Moore he looked gay
      i would make love to new bond anyday

  • beavereaterlol

    Good now maybe they will finally cast christian bale as james bond.

    • Ed

      Brosnan was the WORST bond ever. He couldn’t even pull off Mamma Mia! Christian Bale wouldn’t be a good choice either. I say stick with Daniel Craig whether he is gay or not. Why is this even an issue with people?

      • Jackie

        I agree. Craig is “the best Bond ever”.

      • perry

        people are homophobic

    • Yadayadayada

      @Ed – I don’t recall any Bond film in which 007 had to sing or dance, so making a reference to “Mamma Mia” is rather stupid. Brosnan was fine in the Bond films, if you want truly awful, lets revisit Timothy Dalton shall we??

      As for Craig, he’s better suited for a rugby or football film than as the debonair Bond. It’s quite painful to watch him turn Bond into an ape-man in Saville Row suits. His portrayal just lacks that cool under pressure and sly with the ladies manner, that is trademark Bond. :(

    • Gia

      I’m sorry but when I saw Daniel Craig kiss another guy in a movie it grossed me out. He was playing a married heterosexual who “HAD” to kiss an obsessed gay man who was stalking him and trying to kill his wife ala fatal attraction.

      The problem with him batting for the same side is he has long been regarded as a hetero; married before to a woman and dating a female but now is OPENLY kissing a man OUTSIDE a bar. I guarantee you he is about to COME OUT. As for whether he was a good Bond or not, only the first movie, Casino Royale was worth the watch – the second one he did sucked.

      Pierce Brosnan was a good Bond and got better in later ones but that “dinner jacket” appeal went out with Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton was actually a fantastic Bond and should have done many more of them.

  • Black Butterfly

    He’s a terrible actor and is NOT and NEVER will be able to do what Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan did for James Bond. I really could care less about his lip locking some guy – it’s Hollywood 75% or more of the men are gay. Who Cares?! Replace him…Christian Bale and those thin lips and lisp are not a good choice. I’d love to see Hugh Jackman step into the role. His tough, funny, sexy and cleans up REALLY well and he can handle all the action and unlike Christian Bale who beats up women in his family…he’s a genuinely nice guy and doesnt explode on the set b/c someone is talking while he is acting.

    • Brit

      What happened to Sean Connery? He was the first and best!

    • carrie

      Follow the news !Bale never hit his mim and sister and he was accused to verbal assault .His mum said it in Daily Mail.It was a familial argument!

      the better Bond was Sean Connery and Daniel Craig!

    • anna

      I agree Hugh Jackman would be the best Bond!

  • Rickson

    Daniel was a terrible choice as James Bond..darn near killed the whole franchise. We need either a super no name up and comer or ( ABSOLUTELY, DEFINETELY NOT CHRISTIAN “THE BEATER” BALE), some one who is actually british and cool, tall and sophisticated and NOT GAY! lol.
    Cmon! there is 6 Billion people on the planet..I’m sure we can find one more good James Bond!
    Thanks for letting me steam off!

    • anthcollin

      killed the franchise? the last bond made more money than any other– you fool. with the exception of the blond hair he’s pretty much just like the bond in the books

      • Gia

        Actually, the last Bond movie sucked even if it did earn a ton. It was horrible and had little life to it. So was that grating screeching Alicia Keys singing on its’ soundtrack.

        Casino Royale was the best of the two and I loved Craig in it but the last one was just plain bad.


    • Yadayadayada

      @ anthcollin – That did not account for inflation – you fool. Pretty much any movie now made more money, than anything older than five years old. It would make sense to count tickets sold, to get an accurate count on who is watching, then the dollar value with inflation adjustment to get a true gauge on money spent by movie goers.

  • ‘Er Majesty’s Victoria’s Secret Service

    Sean Connery is Bond.James Bond.FOREVER.

    • Victor

      He’ll kick your girly-man a$$!

      • Victor IS Victoria

        You’re a HOMO.Too.That’s why you’re so “touchy”.

  • I’m the motherffecking DECIDERERER!

    He’s a limp wristed swishy.

    • Victor

      I’d like to see you say that to his face. You’d be a goner!

      • Victor IS Victoria

        You’d be a BONER.

  • John

    Why the obsession with sexuality!!? Gay actors and actresses have been playing heterosexual roles convincingly since the advent of film, just as heterosexuals can portray homosexual roles convincingly-it’s acting. . . . Craig makes a great Bond and I hope to see him in the upcoming films.

    • Rickson

      Obviously your not a marketer or PR person. It’s how the audience “thinks” about an actor in a role when they know that the actor is “openly gay”. Yes, It’s about what draws the audience to PAY to watch an actor at work, if the audience knows that actor is gay trying to pull off as hetero..low sales! I guarantee it! Especially as a Bond character! and besides..Daniel was trying too hard and appeared it did not come easy to him doing the role as James Bond.

      • John

        I thought he made a really strong Bond in Casino Royale-Quantum was just a terrible movie. I don’t think you give people enough credit-I believe they can get past the sexuality. If it’s a good movie, they will come.

      • Rickson

        Well..even Quinten Terrentino doesn’t care for him either. I didn’t say I don’t like him because he might be gay..I don’t like him as a bond character..period.

      • http://prrrrrrrt.com pRRRRRT

        Tarantino is a hack that rips off B movies that no one remembers and makes them into “art house” gritty action comedies. That he doesn’t care for an actor means about as much as you and I caring or not.

    • Yadayadayada

      Let’s face it, Hollywood has been stocked with barely literate “actors” who are chosen to be famous, mostly because of their looks. If we weren’t so mesmerized by their looks, we’d realize much more quickly how terrible most of them are. A good actor could make you believe them as not only a different sexual persuasion, but ethnic and cultural background if they are compelling enough in their portrayal. A bad actor can only be propped up by their looks, editing and Marketing department! xD

      Let’s not forget, a gay person doesn’t “act gay” it just means they are attracted to someone of the same gender. If one comes out of “the closet” it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be handed lip gloss and a license to finger snap. And gay isn’t a transmittable persuasion, so really get over it.

  • Victor

    Daniel Craig is the best actor in the world now, and he is the best Bond in the franchise’s history, Casino Royale the best film. I don’t care who he kisses. He can kiss whoever he wants. Doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with them. And if he is, who cares? He’ll always be the best!!!!!!

    • Jackie


    • Mary

      Victor you said it all for me. I agree.

    • marie

      Daniel is my favorite BOND. I totally respect Sean Connery,
      but give me DC any day!(Gay or Straight)

  • david

    Rick, learn proper grammar. A poor speaking illiterate man could never be Bond either, and in fact couldn’t even get a job cleaning toilets on a movie set. As for your hateful homophobic (probably racist, KKK mentality also) attitude, go back under the rock from whence you came. Your pea brained, narrow minded ilk are the lowest class on the earth and will rot in whatever hell your mind believes when you leave this earth, and often while on this earth also.

    • Yadayadayada

      bi-now, gay later.

      And the double standard on sexuality is, I agree, disgusting. Men need to get a grip on themselves and their brittle egos, treat everyone equally or just stay home!

    • Gia

      So because Rick made a perfectly good point in his commentary he’s not only “homophobic” he’s probably a “racist” with a KKK mentality too? Glad you cleared that up because I thought Rickson’s theory on marketing was spot on.

      What people don’t seem to understand is we have always been an outwardly “Heterosexual” society. What people did behind closed doors was their business and the moral standard was what was on display. You may call people like me homophobic but your rant towards Rick was absolutely HATEFUL. The problem is shoving your lifestyle in the faces and down the throats of people is an act of total intolerance in itself. We are to accomodate every “new thought” and alternative lifestyle and take it as mainstream because you say so.

      When you learn to stop being illiterate in your reasoning and hateful in your responses, maybe others will think there is something to learn from you afterall.

    • Mann

      OMG You’re Gay!

  • lisa

    Big deal–he would be bisexual then. Homophobia and chauvinism at its worst. Bisexuality is great when it is a woman but a bisexual man is a freak? I don’t think so. I would so do him–and his friend, too. Americans need to get over their Puritan ick-factor and accept that fact that more people are bi than “straight” and if a man likes it both ways he is not gay, dummies. And if is is gay–so what!

    • marie

      The irony to all this is, Daniel looks so much like movie
      Legend icon, Steve McQueen, it is mind boggling that BOTH of them (especially Steve) had relationships with men!


    no suprise here. in high school and college.everyone I knew interested in drama was a butt pirate.thanks to the media it i now ok to be an out of the closet homo. the morals of the country have been destroyed by this kind of crap.this is NOT normal behavior..DISGUSTING

    • Yadayadayada

      yes, I agree it’s no fun being a fag. people just discard you on the street when they’re done with you, and that filter takes forever to disintegrate.


    IT IS FRICKIN IMMORAL…man or woman…not natural! Not ok to be a fag..

  • nobody

    neil patrick harris.

    • http://prrrrrrrt.com HUGHTHEWHAT?

      Hugh Jackman is perfect for Bond? The guy that grunted his way through the terrible Wolverine movie? The untalented actor that recycles one performance over and over? Why not just put Channing Tatum in the part he’s as generic as Hugh and cheaper.

  • Kevin

    The producers of Bond didn’t want Hugh Jackman to play bond because they thought he was too femine for the role. This is what they get. Being concerned about the masculinity of their actor for Bond has now backfired. Hugh was perfect the role.

  • Joe

    I question the story I have been to the bar in question, there is NO dance floor the bar is incredibly small and even with 20 guys in there, the place is packed

    • blow

      whatever you say mr craig

  • http://www.iphonemallonline.com Russ, Ian

    I want to confirm these rumors by saying that I gave Daniel a blumpkin last month in New York.

  • http://showbiz.com Jae

    Daniel Craig is nice looking. Does have sex appeal but does not appeal to me as James Bond. Bring back a straight guy for the role. As a heterosexual woman I prefer a straight man for this character role. Fans should expect to have the real thing.

  • amy

    I saw craig on broadway in “a steady rain” and he was amazing- he is also the first bond that I felt was incredibly sexy- you know how bond would walk in a room and if there was a woman there she would instantly leave the room and go to bed with him- I felt that with craig- incredibly attractive- and to think he is gay or bi?! what amazing acting skills- and I still think he is sexy.

    • marie

      The problem with “straight” guys(actors) is that they will almost always cheat, run around, and have mistresses on the side. Now, what is better about that than him being homosexual????

  • Will-Edward

    Listen Jae, what you really want is an actor to play Bond that you “don’t know is gay”. Someone who is “not out”. Someone who is not ever going to “come out”. That is the very best you can ask for. Because there are people who are very masculine and seem “typically straight” that would play this part very well and the casting crew who selects him would never even suspect he’s gay or bi, and neither would you. So just because you think you’ve got a straight actor does not mean you do. All you can go by is what he tells you. And that’s the real world we live in wheather you can accept that or not. Clue: Often times the way to tell if a man is secretly gay is his deep display of homophobia. They tend to think that if they seem to hate gays, there is no way people would supect them. Truth is, men who are comfortable in their own heterosexualness have no fears or hangups with gays. And gays respect them for it. And that’s the truth.

    • blow

      gays just say that to try and trick people out of their natural reaction to the homo sex (the heeby jeebies)

  • Rudolph Smith

    Daniel IS Bond – leave him alone and let him do his job – he cares as little about your life as you should about his unless you are his family or his friends – go toss-off all you wankers.

    • James West

      Im not surprised about Daniel Craig! His best roll was the retarted son in “Road to Perdition” Jackman is a Homo as well! and who the hell said that faggit with a Lisp Christian Bail woman beater would make a good bond! you people are crazy!

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Hugh Jackman is a very sexy man and a good actor as well; why don’t they consider him for a Bond role.? He keeps on getting better and better/

    • Yadayadayada

      Daniel Day-Lewis is more british than english, his dad is irish and his mom is baltic jewish(ie not english either). Day-Lewis would suck as bond, he is too intellectual and could never carry off a woman juggling debonair spy. He’d be like a cinema version of a cooler. The only one who comes close would be Clive Owen, who too alas has the same problem of being too cerebral for the role. Hopefully they’ll return to a dark haired less action hero-ish looking Bond if they re-up the franchise. I like you Craig, I just don’t like you as Bond.

    • Gia

      I think Clive Owen could actually pull off Bond. If you look at all the different ones including Timothy Dalton you can see each actor brought differences to his role and a great deal at that. If we combine all of them – Bond has everything we want in a sexy hero. Clive Owen tends to do less epic films – but I think he would make a fine Bond…looks wise, near perfect.

      • Mann

        You know, I saw Clive Owen play a Bond-like charactor in the move THE PINK PANTHER 2 (a deplorable movie, otherwise). Anywho…he was GREAT. He would be a very cool JAMES BOND.

  • john

    I always thought Daniel Day Lewis could be a great Bond. He’s got that dark, dangerous, mysterious intensity. Doesn’t hurt he’s english and a great actor.

  • WhiteBoysAreHot

    Ewwww! Not grossed at the gay thing as much but James Bond just cannot be GAY. PERIOD!! That is just one of those “top cat” roles where no gender bending is allowed. It is a role for manly men and women that are single w/no kids climbing the corporate ladder like me that actually find it hot to watch a man have multiple relations with nice looking women while saving the planet. Right now I am into relationships with an open window policy and until I settle down and pop out some kiddos I can dig dude flicks like this. But I absolutely, positively will NOT watch another Bond film with him playing this beloved sexist secret agent likable lethario. It will make no sense now. JB can’t be some man’s biatch. Ewwww! That like making finding out the actors that played June Cleaver and Claire Huxtable were real life lesbos–totally ruins the “supermom” personas on screen.

  • Crash

    Sadly, he is a pretty poor Bond, gay or not. He is only slightly better than the very worst, Timothy Dalton. (Sad, too, because Dalton is not a bad actor at all.) It’s too bad that the powers-that-be found Pierce Brosnan to be getting a bit long in the tooth. He was, quite possibly, the best all-around Bond, mixing very good dramatic acting and a flair for the Fleming/screenplay adaptation dialog, along with a certain impish silliness when called for. Absolutely, Connery was the sexiest; Lazenby the suavest; Moore the funniest- you could always tell that Roger was having fun in front of the camera. But Brosnan was possibly the best all-around, especially when considering the sophisticated and also humorous sides to the role.

    • Yadayadayada

      Let’s not and say we did. That’s as stupid as putting a white guy in a film about the Tuskegee airmen! Not to mention, do we not remember how silly it was that the Charlie Chan movies was portrayed by a white guy??

    • Perdita

      Timothy Dalton rocks – and he was the best bond.

  • Sérgio

    Now it’s time for a Black man as James Bond!!! :) … or even an Asian!

  • WhiteBoysAreHot

    Are you freaking kidding me with some of your comments? Are you this Brit boy’s publicist or something? Crowning him the greatest actor in the entire world now? Heck, don’t stop there, go ahead and annoint him the best actor in the whole damn galaxy and tick off all the hot two-headed green hunks on Alpha Centauri. Geesh! It is so obvious that you have a sexual attraction for the guy but don’t let that cloud your judgement.
    Sean Connery was the best Bond for straight-up acting chops and Moore was better with his witty expressions and sexy delivery. I didn’t even mind George Lazenby’s single stint–thought he was pretty good and played the last scene very well with his dead wife. Hated Brosnan because he still reminded me of Remington Steele and this gay Brit was never that good so good riddance to him. Let us find someone else. Hugh Jackman– NOOO! Can’t see it, wrong face. I agree with the poster that Daniel Day Lewis could work. But I would prefer maybe a newbie… like a modern-day Cary Grant with a similar look, build, and terrific accent like he had. (Remember Grant in North by Northwest? So Bond like!) —but STRAIGHT for Pete’s sake!!

    • happycamper63

      Cary Grant was bisexual.

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      I know he was dear….which if you go back and actually read my post I did say a modern-day Cary Grant– but one that is STRAIGHT!!! Arghhhh!

  • WhiteBoysAreHot

    Stop smoking whatever you are smoking…. no bruthas and definitely no Asians should play Bond. Sorry! That is what the triple X series is for– other ethnic groups to play that Bond like character. But not actual James Bond. He must be white and English. Besides, there is already too much of shoving black guy/white chick down everyone’s throat as it is for some folk. And most women of all races even their own don’t find Asian men that attracitve. No, Bond must be WHITE like I like my men. Have a blessed day!

  • Vee

    Jude Law should be the new Bond! He is goodlooking and extremely sexy. Also he is a damn good actor. He also loves women. He is British and not gay. In all fairness to Daniel Craig, he is a good Bond. But Jude Law should be the man!

  • Web Smith

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s have a contest to see who is more enlightened on the gay scene. Betcha that now that this is out of the closet, there won’t be another 007 film past the one that might already be in the shooting stages with the same actor. The studios don’t like to risk their money and the risk is too great.

    There hasn’t been a 007 since Sean Connery.

  • Dharmaville77

    My vote is for Clive Owen. But I think Daniel Craig is a great Bond, gay or not.

  • leonine

    I don’t have any problems with gays except that I don’t want them playing hearthrobs to women….kills the fantasy for me.

    Ray Stevenson of “HBO”S Rome” as well as “Book of Eli” would make the perfect Bond and from what I hear he is ALL male and definitely has the looks to pull it off. Luv ya, Ray!

  • hikari

    Several years ago, Craig was quoted as saying he thought Bond should do a gay scene. I thought he was just being provocative with the media, but looks like he may really have been serious. If this report is trustworthy, then we must conclude that Dan is at least bi-sexual, because that night out was a bit heavy duty just to be ‘research’ for a role. Wonder what his beyond-gorgeous girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell thinks? I’ve been envying her hardcore, but maybe without cause. I confess that I’d be disappointed if this ‘rumor’ is confirmed, because of all the naughty daydreams I’ve had starring Mr. Craig would make me feel really stupid. And misled, in a sense. But kudos to him for some stellar, Oscar-worthy acting playing straight, if true.

  • http://www.finestfirepits.com Star Carlton

    Let’s just hope they don’t remake “For your eyes only”

  • http://www.mail.com emeka

    It is sad to even contemplate that an alfa male like Daniel Craig who represents intense masculinity could be gay. If this story i true, then they should just get him out of the Bond Franchise because he would kill it with his sussies. A Bond man should be a real man for all intents and purposes.

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      I totally agree with you here emeka!!!

  • Maryann

    I agree about Ray…he was so good in “Rome” and at 6’4″ and British/Irish he is the perfect Bond. He plays tough guys like in “Punisher:war zone” as well as witty comedies like. “Rome” and “At Home with the Braithwaites”. He is still newbie enough to pull this off, too.

  • chris

    Who gives a shit! Get a life, and leave people alone….what are ya TMZ!!!!

  • hikari

    First I lost my job. Then the spill in the Gulf. And now Daniel Craig is gay? Not to seem flippant, but I am taking this news pretty hard! Granted, it is the National Enquirer . . . (but they were the first to bust Tiger Woods wide open and they were right about that one.) I know that Dan has been a fantasy object for women and men both since 2005 and he rose up out of that ocean. Straight women and gay men both like really built, confident men, and Dan fits the bill. But, wow. What a triumph of false advertising for this movie goer if he’s into men! This is a very public venue in a very publicly gay area (Venice), so it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in keeping his activities on the QT. Perhaps he’s been feeling stifled by the bohemoth that is the 007 franchise and wants out, and this is his way of getting an early release on his contract? Whoops, kind of unintentional double entendre there. Hmm. If we examine Mr. Craig’s pre-Bond career, there was quite a bit of gay subtext . . .but I hoped he was just taking parts for the work, not ’cause he enjoyed man love. In “Enduring Love” he plays a character who, though in a relationship with a woman, is obsessively stalked by another man, and by film’s end, his true sexuality is at best, ambiguous, like he’s just realizing that this other man fixated on him because he is in fact, gay, and has been only pretending to be straight. Oddly prescient? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Gia

      Well said Hikari. Enduring Love was one of those movies that stuck with me because it was soooo fatal attraction like but also because Craigs character was distant towards his wife and on purpose they didn’t really flesh that out in the film. That kiss with the other actor (forget his name) was necessary and made sense in the storyline – I think most of us understood why he HAD to do it but the kiss, while incredibly passionate acting, made me wonder whether Craig is a darn good actor and or if taking the role had everything to do with the subtext.

      I also remember him saying in an interview about bringing in gay characteristics for the Bond role and that sealed it for me. NO guy in his right mind before it’s even off the ground would suggest a gay Bond.

      • hikari

        This is for Gia who wondered about Mr. Craig’s co-star in “Enduring Love”. He is Rhys Ifans, best known as Hugh Grant’s slovenly roomie in “Notting Hill”. He also had a very butch turn in which he was nearly unrecognizable in “Elizabeth: the Golden Age.” I have no thoughts on Mr. Ifans’ sexual orientation. I don’t automatically assume either is gay because of one screen scene. But feigning sexual contact with another person of your same gender is a whole different level of ‘pretend’ than, say, taking music lessons so you can fake being a piano player when you aren’t. It’s a stretch for me to imagine that a strictly hetero man would be comfortable simulating gay sex acts onscreen for a part. One doesn’t have to be a ‘homophobe’ if one is merely uncomfortable being something one is not.

        Mr. Craig is within his rights to be true to himself. If that includes loving both men and women, so be it, I guess. This isn’t the first time he’s been snapped going to a gay club, and there are those provocative remarks re. Bond going gay. He played a known homosexual, Perry Smith, in the “Infamous” film. But he also played Ted Hughes, an infamous horndog for women. I fear his Bond is somewhat spoiled for me now, though my gay friend who thinks he’s fine will probably be happy with the current development. I can only imagine what a tremendous burden it must be, to have to epitomize the World’s Greatest Straight Man when one in fact, isn’t. Wonder if Sean Connery has heard the news? :-P If it’s true, then I’m guessing Dan is a Top . . . or does he just pretend to be one when he’s playing straight?

  • Flamnlocks

    Why are most of you accepting hearsay printed by a trashy gossip rag as gospel. Until Daniel actually says that he’s gay, why can’t he be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • Micki205

    I don’t know why everyone axctually believes all these scurrilous rumours – this was the National Enquirer after all. I have known Daniel for many years and can tell you all that he’s not gay. He will not dignify these rumours by responding himself – as is very well known, he guards his private life jealously and will not discuss family or friends with the media or the public. Whe will the citizens of US realise that Nat.Enq. are really only interested in selling their product!!!

    • Mary

      I believe you. I bet someone took a small thing and twisted it to get a hot story on a great guy. I really would believe that.

      If this proves to be untrue and his PR people have to come out with damage control, I hope he sues.

      Same with Rumors about Jolie and Pitt, always trying to spin something. Thanks for posting that comment.

  • tk

    I was there that night..He did not dance with the guy. He came and had a drink with a rather unattractive guy, stayed about 20-30 minutes and then left…It’s ridiculous how stories grow and get distorted! He was very nice and talked with other patrons of the bar.

    • Ass Kicker

      I really wish I could kick your ass, get this straight, Race isn’t important anymore. Soon the whole damn world will mixed and theirs nothing you can do about. Everyone will look the same, everyone will be one race because as you haven’t noticed more people in this world that are being born are more like Obama and less like Mel Gibson.

  • Dave

    “Great” that”s all we need a Homosexual James Bond.
    I’m getting sick of this PC crap, first black Klingons and Vulcans in Star Trek, then a black Guy playing Nick Fury, a black Guy playing a key bad guy in Thor, a black Kid playing young Spider-man and now a gay 007.
    How about remaking driving Miss Daisy and have Oprah being driven around by Christopher Walken, or the next war movie a black Guy plays Hitler.

    • Mary

      I wish I was there.

  • tk

    He was definitely there. I live in LA and took a bunch of Air New Zealand flight attendants there for a few drinks and in walked DC with another guy. We were all in shock; wondering if we were imagining it…He was nice and talked with several of the flight attendants!

  • Elton

    So him giving me a good bumming in London last year just means he might have been Bi-curious then does it.

  • The Truth

    Homophobe and hater here. Daniel Craig has got to be deleted from the 007 role, so he can start sequels to Le Cage Aux Folles and Brokeback Mountain. Nigger please.

    • Mary

      Very good comment. Each person who played Bond did make the character their own. I have watched over the years, I am 44 now. Always enjoyed the movie who ever played the James Bond character at the time.

      Daniel Craig, is a great actor and incredibly handsome. I can certainly understand why both men and women would be attracted to him, and if he is gay, I hope this will not damage his career. Just a lot of jokes / comments some of which cracked me up as I read further on this page.

    • Joemarcus

      Right on, dog!!! Brokeback Mounting (part II)!!!

  • Simon Templar

    Wow, if that were true, I wouldn’t mind at all!!! :) But honestly, this article sounds so fake it’s not even funny. Where are the photos? What’s the name of the other guy? When did it happen? Seems to me this was TOTALLY pulled out of the ‘journalist”s You-Know-What. And Craig being the worse Bond ever? Are you Craig-haters deaf, blind and plain ignorant? The man is an amazing actor, looks great and made me forget all the other Bonds the second he came on the screen! I love Connery, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan and even Lazenby, but when will people start to realize that they ALL played their OWN Bond. None of them tried to immediate the other one and thank God!


      Your on! 100 $ US!??
      I think he’s bi/straight. I hope he’s gay, but I have a feeling he’s Bi. (at best)

      He been in several hetero relationships… but even the best of us have off days. I feel him no ill will nor any harsh feelings gay/bi/trans etc (hehe).
      He’s a great f-ing actor, and a great Bond.
      You ever hear he’s anything different email me at thunderb1rd_usmc at yahoo dot com and I will make it up to you.. and I evidence prove me correct i will be the first to make good.

  • Philmybumup

    Its probably true, for years there were rumours about Rock Hudson “the epitamy of the perfect heterosexual man” look how that turned out.
    I remember being at Queen concert in the 70s “news of the World tour’ Freddie Mecury had made some comment to a French magazine about sexuality and they had written that he was Gay.
    During the show Freddie down played it, said it wasn’t true and that he was straight, look how that turned out.
    Elton John was actually married to a Woman for several years.
    A 100 bucks says Daniel is gay, but if it’s any consolation, he’s probably the “giver” and not the “receiver”

  • Rick Atwood

    Uhh, maybe women should start asking why so many hunky men are gay? Maybe it’s because so many women are really more like men; and as feminine as track runners. And then, for men with men, it’s less of a hassle to deal with all around: straight forward and real, not gushy game playing. It just gets sticky if you’re family-oriented. Then you have to make the choice. But what do I know? I don’t even have a dog………..

    • Mary

      You are cracking me up, some of the comments, just make me laugh out loud.

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      Good lawdy Rick…. geesh! Gay much?

      Men have been gay for decades and the number hasn’t increased because of some female revolution. It is just not as taboo anymore and more men are embracing it instead of living a sham of a life with some poor woman and children. Don’t blame your homosexuality on some myth of the maculinity of the modern woman. Be gay, love it, deal with it, and then own it. Or STFU!

  • Ilevel

    no weenie wiffers for bond!!!! NO NO NO!!! Our culture is effeminate enough. Why pollute sacred bastions of masculinity like James Bond with trout trollers?

    • Yadayadayada

      @jacksofolot – I think they call it a Renaissance Man. A masculine and culturally aware guy. Brosnan has never appeared metro-sexual, or an over-embracer of his feminine side. I hardly think a guy needs to grab a woman by the nape and drag her off to a cave to exert his masculinity to the world.

      • Gia

        Actually Pierce Brosnan has done other movies where I don’t think anyone would question his masculinity. The guy has added mass wrinkles to his face in attempt to look less boyish though I think that was a bad idea. Still, as an actor, an aging one, Brosnan is damn good especially outside of his Bond roles.

  • Jacksofolot

    Speaking of gay, did anyone see that gay performance by the last James Bond in Mamma Mia, what I saw definately brings into question his sexual orientation.
    I always thought he was a big girlie man.


    Well hell.. who cares?
    He has made a great Bond!
    gay or not he’s cool!

  • Jacksofolot

    Its true today its all role reversal, the men are getting weak and wishy washy and the Woman are getting more manly
    and aggressive.
    I was at my Daughters high school graduation last saturday,
    Most of the Mothers were positively gruesome, built and dressed like Men, shouting and jeering, the Dads were there all scrawny with their manicured Girlie nails.

  • Cosmo

    Damn, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Bateman, now Daniel Craig. The flamers are crawling out of the woodwork. Faggots.

    • Mary

      Cosmo, you crack me up.

  • tony

    The last Bond movie sucked (sorry for the pun); but Craig is the best Bond ever. And to be clear, while he may be gay, playing a straight alpha male is not as much a stretch for an actor as is being able to travel the world killing at will and banging the hottest chicks on the planets! ITS A MOVIE; HE IS AN ACTOR


    I’m a dude and i’m pretty happy for him, I use to homophobic when i was younger until i got a gay wing man and realized how awesome he was. But in the case of Daniel, who he portrays on the screen and his real life are two separate things. People shouldn’t be involved in what goes on in his personal life cause its none of their business…period.

  • Tricky Ricky

    Dan is a macho stud. Let me see half of you even dream of doing the opening to Casino Royale… you can hardly cross the street, much less rappel girders. Who he sleeps with is his business, and his lucky partner’s.
    Even that last whoshie scene with Capote in the “other film” didn’t damage him. I was surprised to see it…
    but I’m more surprised at how immature people are concerning sex and sexuality. Grow up. It is, and always has been, and will be… to each their own personal pleasure (and/or good luck?). You just have envy-itis.

  • ladyfan

    I am glade to see I am not the only one who thinks Christian Bale should be the next James Bond.

    • Gia

      I think Christian Bale “could” pull off a Bond but his jaw and teeth are wrong. Clive Owen on the other hand could absolutely do the role.

  • kevintonight

    Not good. Just won’t be able to take him serious in the role. It would be like a dwarf cast as Paul Bunyan, it just not believable anymore. I know it is only a role, but there needs to be some gravitas by the part of the actor. He should do the right thing and step down.

    • Simon Templar

      “Step down”??? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Number one, the guy went to the gay bar with gay friends of his. So don’t be scared, he ain’t gay. And what if he was? That a reason to “step down” from playing Bond? You my friend still live in the middle ages!

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      No, he is living in the real world. Perfect analogy Kevin with casting a midget as Paul Bunyan. Classic! And it would make a little sense as a real life gay actor playing a straight secret agent.

  • Tom L

    Roger Moore and Brosnan STUNK as Bond. Craig has been the ONLY actor to come close to Fleming’s vision for Bond despite the blond hair. And the man can out act all of the previous Bonds.

    As for the comments that he has to be EITHER straight or gay, what a lot of BS. Never heard of being bisexual???

  • Take No Prisoners

    WTF. I know Hollywood has always been full of gays and I don’t have anything against gays personally, but this hurts my male ego (I have a right) due to the Bond series. If this is true, then I can no longer watch Craig as James Bond. I don’t care what anyone says. If your gay, you shouldn’t be playing parts like this, because it sends out the wrong message to people like myself. Hey’ at least I’m honest!

  • toemas

    Bartender: How would you like your martini Mr. Bond?
    Bond: Forget the martini, I’ll have a COSMO!

    • Gia

      “Forget the martini, I’ll have a COSMO!”


  • kevintonight

    He just didn’t go to a gay bar with friends…he made out with his friend. It is not like he went into the bar going ah what the hell this would be good for a laugh…no he went in there on a date and made out with another man. Sorry, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I will not be able to take him seriously as Bond. And, I am sure there are plenty more people that feel the same way. Go be gay but if you want to play James Bond, well then you are out..buh bye If that is living in the middle ages so be it. But if he stays as Bond, I won’t go see him. I know you are saying “Good riddance,” and that is your right, but when it comes down to it money and the box office are the bottom line and this will hurt the next James Bond movie at the box office. To coin an old saying, “Money talks and bs walks,” my friend and don’t think this is lost on the movie studios.

    • bruce

      I feel for you Paddy.I dont hate on gays.If you can do your job you should not be fired.My point about Craig being Bond is this.The production company will not even hire an american actor to play Bond because Bond is all about image.They sell the image as a cool, sophisticated white englishman that always is the hero and gets the girl.Could Chris Tucker play Bond? No.Because he dont fit the image.How will a gay actor who is known as Bond fit the image.The actors that play BOND are known as BOND.Sean Connery is still known as Bond and he has not played the role for decades.
      Craig will be known as the biggest mistake in the Bond francise.

  • Paddy Man

    Why do so many feel it is ok to “Fire” someone just because they are GAY ??? No matter what your negative thoughts are, you will never find another BOND that can perform those “Opening Sequences” or look that HOT tied up to a chair NAKED ! Last Thursday my company appointed a new General Manager, on Friday he “FIRED” me because he does not accept homosexuality. COMPLETLY LEGAL IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA which is where I live ! I have a HOUSE payment, CAR payment and utility bills to pay. I also immediatly lost my HEALTH INSURANCE. And no – there were no other circumstances I am hiding from you. My co-workers were completly shocked. My supervisor actually cried as he walked me to the door.

    • Romantic Fool

      You are correct that being fired for one’s sexual orientation is wrong. You must have been very out for him to know you were gay.

      Straight people would be fired if they were sexually harassing, making out or discussing parts of bodies or sex act.
      Being fired because you come on to the same sex in the work place and influence productivity and moral is an acceptable reason to lose your job.

      Being fired because you are an effeminate man or masculine woman, despite doing your job well, is a case for the higher courts. If you did your job well, had no prior complaints or warnings, did not proposition others, did not behave or speak in a lewd fashion,did not dress in an inappropriate manner etc., you should not be fired.

      I was fired because I don’t speak Spanish. I was replaced by a young Latina since the college caters to undocumented and children of illegally here Mexicans. Now that is discrimination.

  • kdallas

    Whats the problem, a macho guy may be bi. To me this makes him even more attractive. Loved him then and even more now!

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      You could not possibly be a straigh woman and think that it is appealing to think of two MEN bumping butt, performing fellatio, and holding each other while looking longingly into each other’s eyes like with a woman. There is nothing sexy about a girlie man submitting to another. Horrible! At least I can kind of understand men’s attraction to girl on girl, seeing as though we are the softer sex and all. Still wrong to me but yet it doesn’t gross me out and I “get it”. But two big dudes???? C’mon be serious! Please, I beg you–be serious here!

  • Yeti

    Is it any business of anyone’s in here whether or not he’s gay or straight? Are you puffing the peter or taking it up the butt pipe? Worry about your own crap before you start berating a movie star about theirs. Guy makes millions a year for making movies….if he wants to smoke a little pole that’s his prerogative and the rest of y’all need to shut the fu** up about it.

    • WhiteBoysAreHot

      It is our business when we are the consumer of the Bond franchise and would like to continue to consume the product. This is a business matter now— free game!

  • TheGhost

    Sean Connery was the BEST James Bond. Roger Moore & Pierce Brosnan are tied for #2 Daniel Craig Sucks, in more ways than one. Timothy Dalton is dead last.

  • bruce

    Wow. They got rid of Pierce,who brought me back to the Bond series for a homo ? Wont see me buying Bond movie tickets now.
    I was one of the people that gave this guy a chance when everyone protested him getting the Bond role.
    By the way there is no such thing as Bi , either you suck d*%K or you dont. Period.
    Keep your gay Bond ! I will leave him alone.I will also choose how to spend my money.Thats MY CHOICE.
    I know my 16 year old son doea not want a gay Bond and iv not even asked him yet.I already know.
    So all you gays and gay lovers go see Bond.Most straight men will not go.I imaigine about % 75 of Bond tickets are sold to white straight men.So there goes a %50-%75 in sales loss.Money talks.
    We will have a new Bond for the next film.Again

  • Tina

    how about YOU stop hating on gays? or Bi? yes there is such a thing you homophobe its called liking the attributes of a male as much as you like female.

    fyi if you don’t like a gay bond then suck it up and deal with it cause gay or not it has nothing to do with the stupid series.

    i bet you were all over Dark Knight with heath ledger and he had a staring role in Brokeback mountain.

  • bruce

    Maybe he can not be fired for being gay . He will be fired if ticket sales drop by 50 percent.Makeing Bond films is about image.Image sells tickets.The image fans have of Bond is the ultimate striaght male.Not a guy that goes to gay bars and kisses men in public.He can be gay.I do not care.But i can buy what movie tickets I WANT ALSO.
    Bond movies are about making money.If his image cost the company money then he will be gone.It dont matter if that image is him being gay or being a wife beater.Start the new Bond search now !

  • bruce

    I never watched dark knight or BB mountain and i never will.ITS MY CHOICE ! I wont go see a BOND movie with a gay actor playing BOND thats MY CHOICE.So why are you hateing on me for MY CHOICES.IM not hateing on Craig.But i wont go see his movies.MY CHOICE. I can not have freedom to choose ? Why , because you disagree with MY CHOICE?
    When most Bonds fans make this choice he wont be playing Bond anymore because.Straight men are the majoraty of Bond fans and we spend the MOST MONEY on the films.
    Like it or not ticket sales will mean more than your little opinion.Your opinion is like an a$$hole.Everyone has one.

  • dave

    why do any of you losers believe Daniel Craig would ever be with you?

  • NilzBabay

    Most of the comments here are pretty disgusting. So full of mob mentality. I love how you all say Daniel Craig shouldn’t be James Bond based on some rumored report from some random gossip reporter who claims Craig was mackin’ on some guy. Guilty until proven otherwise I guess. This is not a new Hollywood trick. These rumors always float around about almost any hot sexy man in movies. If Craig is gay he should seal that closet shut if he wants a career because people like all of you can not separate fact from fantasy. A movie is a movie. I’m a gay man and when I saw Halle Berry in that Catwoman outfit I had a damned sexual identity crisis. She was that hot. But then the movie was over and I moved on. Yeah know because it wasn’t real people.

  • smokeandmirrors

    ok, people, you’re all missing a couple of points:
    1. as big of a SLUT as james bond is, i find it hard to believe that he(the character) hasn’t hooked up with at least ONE guy.
    2. it’s freaking hollywood.
    3. christian bale couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.
    4. sean connery was and always will be agent 007.
    5. everyone and their grandFATHER wants a roll with connery. gay, straight, bi, undecided, or into animals.
    6. it’s a fictional character whose reputation you’re all trying to protect.

  • kate

    hell, I am a straight female and had a crisis when I saw halle berry as catwoman. as for Craig, he could be into shrubbery and he’d still be a fantastic bond. I’ll pay 11 bucks to see him stand still.

  • smokeandmirrors

    in all honesty, i think it’s about time that BOND came out as bi. as a character, he’s been alley-catting around the globe for, what 50 or 60 years. it’s the friggin’ 21st century. shake things up a bit. i’d pay extra to see that plot line.

  • http://showbiz.com Jae

    Listen, Will-Edward. You have a right to voice your opinion and so do I. Don’t ask me what world I live in. I could ask you the same question. Gays and straights have opinions. We have a right in this country to have free speech and agree to disagree on any topic including this one. So don’t talk down to me about what I believe in. You made your point and I made mine. Another thing, I don’t need you to clue me on how to tell if a man is homophobic I can figure that out on my own, thank you. Male Chauvinist pig.

    • bond fan

      The sad truth is that if Craig were gay, he would lose the Bond role. Rupert Everett was in the running briefly to be Bond, but was decided against based on American homophobia. Its about money in movieland, and alpha men will not pay to see someone they know is gay play straight.

      Though with MGM’s troubles, Craig will most likely not return anyway. Remember Timothy Dalton? He was supposed to be in Goldeneye, but it took 6 years to sort MGM out last time.

      If Craig is gay, who cares? More power to him. It IS second hand gossip after all, and craig has played gay characters in films that have kissed men so BIG DEAL.

  • Anna


  • Astr8dude

    Bond has been, is, one of my favorite characters for as long as i can remember. I think the actor playing the role of 007 should be str8 as do the majority of fans and people in general would agree. that is why I hope this is untrue or unfortunatley for craig who i thought made a great bond is as good as done with in carrying the lead role for this great franchise. And I look forward to seeing who will emerge as the new bond, as will everyone else,..thats part of the fun of the franchise!

    • Rickson

      Im not homophobic or “kkk” or white supremicist type of mentality WHAT-SO-EVER! I like Daniel Craig just fine..just not as a Bond Character. I could care less what he does with his lifestlye or “ick” factor. I just didn’t care for him as Bond even before this issue. So there nah! lol

  • Mr Woo

    Bond goes around buggering men? The Man With The Golden Cum. Try Another Lay. From Russia With Glove. Thunderballs. You Only Thrill Twice. Moontaker. For Your Guys Only. Octococky. The Living Gayrights. The Girl Is Not Enough. Quanticum of Solace. Goldstinkyfinger. Dr. Oh. The Guy Who Loved Me.

    • hikari

      You think Satsuki Mitchell is ugly? Really?!

      Ms. Mitchell may BE a beard, but she sure doesn’t LOOK the part.

      Now, Hugh Jackman’s wife on the other hand . . well, discuss amongst yourselves.

      The fact is that being married/living with multiple wives/girlfriends and parenting children does not preclude someone from being gay. I find it a little murky that it took three weeks for this report to surface. But I also believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Mr. Craig has been surrounded by a haze for some time, and even seems to delight in fanning the flames at times.

      Only he knows for sure, though, and he has not deigned to dignify this rumor.

    • Gia


  • beard

    Considering what his beard ‘girlfriend’ looks like, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was gay.

    Pity he cannot live the life he wants if he is.
    That’s Hollywood for you.

  • beavereaterlol

    Like i said before christian bale will be the next bond just a little preview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fefbSmOYU4c

    • hikari

      Yeah, they can call Colin if they want a pocket-sized Bond with one eyebrow!

      Won’t happen. Not when Craig gets roasted for being too short at 5’11″. That is not short. A couple inches off Brosnan, sure, but Dan looks shorter ’cause he is so broad in the chest!

  • EG

    producers call Colin Farrell now?

  • http://showbizspy Jesse M.

    Could care less if he prefers snake to fish.However,as Bond,He’s finished if any of the money people have any brains!I don’t care how good an actor you are.In the back of everyone’s mind is the FACT that you are gay!The whole Bond being a womanizer goes right out the window!

    • Bunnie

      Ya, that!

  • Andrew

    Yeah, Right! Daniel Craig, dancing, touching and french kissing in a gay bar full of people with cell phones and no one thinks to take a picture? Give me a break!

  • Karen MS

    “The proof is in the pudding.” Where is the photo showing Daniel kissing another guy???

  • Bunnie

    Sad that people really, really need every single hot male star to be gay, even if it’s just another salacious rumor. I’m *still* waiting for Tom Cruise to come out, as well as Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, and all those other mystery gay men who somehow always end up married or with a woman for years on end.

    • hikari

      Timothy Dalton got his start on stage, and in his youth played mostly nothing but homosexuals. Mary Queen of Scots comes to mind . . . But I don’t remember him being accused of being gay. Like Mr. Craig, he’s had several well-documented liaisons with women and is a father.

      Obviously Dan is a gay icon. But it’hs hard to believe, actually, that a star of his magnitude would be seen in such a dump, if he was in fact there. So either the rumor is totally false, or Mr. Craig wants to implode his career by pulling a Hugh Grant, seen trolling for unsavory sex in the most unlikely area. Maybe he should make an honest woman of Satsuki Mitchell and slip her a little Bond posthaste to quell the rumor. Not that the same tack worked all that well for Cruise or Affleck–still rampant speculation there!

  • daltonlancer007

    Yadda…fyi…Dalton’s Bond is the closest to Ian’s to date….Daniel is like Timothy on steroids…both got it right…Brosnan thought he was still Remington Steele….he sucked…

    • hikari

      ‘Scuse me, but Brosnan did not ‘suck’. He was just Bond of the old school . . . the Roger Moore school, playing Bond more for the lighter fantasy elements of the character. And like Roger, he was easy on the eyes. Unlike Roger, it wasn’t totally ridiculous to have him doing a grittier scene or some of his own stunts. Fleming’s Bond is quite the nasty beast on the page, brutal, cold, casual user of women. When he was introduced in the 1960s, audiences were not ready for such a grim Bourne-like character, so the tradition has been to play Bond with tongue in cheek. Until the Craig era, the action was so cartoony, how could they not?

      Sean Connery is the quintessential Bond, though he was just so likeable, it’s hard to remember Bond is supposed to be a cold bastard. Pierce was a tad too pretty for the part, perhaps. He is just so genial and his light romantic-action persona did follow him into the part. Fans of Mr. Owen know that he exemplifies the cool, dashing and yet detatched facets of the Bond persona. Dan’s got the attitude down but lacks the polish and despite an impressive physicality, it’s not quite the right look for Bond as Fleming wrote him.

      Let’s face it: Fleming’s Bond is a completely obsolete contstruct. He was pretty unattainable even back in the 1950s, but at least he would have made more sense as an aspirational role model. Craig does a Millennial take on the role that would be completely foreign to Mr. Fleming. That’s why the Bond purists hate him. Each Bond actor has been a product of his times and has had to personalize the role for each generation of moviegoers. I’ve liked all the Bonds in their turn, but I think that compared to ‘Casino Royale’ all previous efforts have been silly and fatuous. CR had heft, largely because of its Bond. So whatever happens next, I thank Dan for giving us an amazing chapter in the life of Bond. He also did a very convincing portrayal of a man loving a woman in that film. Maybe now, Eva Green’s cryptic comments about the lack of real chemistry between them makes more sense. By God, that was an acting job!

  • Dicksareforchicks

    This dude is a fag! His next movie will be ‘gay royale” or the spy who blew me

  • daltonlancer007

    1 more thing on Brosnan…had he played Bond the way he played Taffin….he would of kickedbutt…alas…

  • Dicksareforchicks

    He jsut signed a deal for 4 new movies. Tentatively titled
    “gay royale’ The spy who blew me’ ‘for your brown eye only’ and ‘the man with the golden schlong’

  • Jonathan Pele

    This will have no impact whatsoever on the success of the Bond franchise. The next Bond movie will be released and will make it’s usual profit without skipping a beat. Daniel Craig plays a fantastic Bond. End of story. People of 2010 do not care if he sucks cock or not and neither do I. I am hetero just in case anybody cares. But like I expressed, this information regarding Mr. Craig’s enjoying both sexes in an intimate way will have zero impact on how much profit is going to be made on future Bond flicks.

    • hikari

      . . . . I care. A snakecharming Bond (sorry, can’t use your same phraseology without blushing) isn’t nearly as much fun as a fantasy object if you’re a female. We will have to see if there is zero impact on the franchise or if EON rushes out with a statement defending their Bond.

      Dan needs to do something really manly now in rebuttal like go to rehab . . .

  • WhoCares

    who cares if hes gay or not. hes still the best bond to date. Sean C second.

  • greg


  • kevin

    Craig will probably not make another Bond film anyway, since the franchise is currently on “indefinite” hold thanks to MGM’s money troubles. The series is now looking at a break of 4 to 5 years in between films, but it could easily end up taking even longer. This is especially true if MGM goes bankrupt and has to auction off the rights.

    But if Craig really is gay, it would likely mean the end of his playing 007. Younger fans would accept the news, but it would be a dealbreaker for fans that are older or more conservative. Whoever plays Bond has to appeal to a wide demographic and the studio can’t afford to alienate potential ticket buyers.

    • hikari

      I’d be sad to see no more Dan as 007, despite everything. Timing seems to be the curse of the Bond franchise. Pierce was initally screwed over contract negotionations in 1983. Timothy Dalton in turn got screwed when his 2 films were poorly promoted and the studio ran out of money. Re-enter Brosnan, who got screwed out of a 5th Bond film as being ‘too old’. Craig gave us an awesome debut; it wasn’t his fault that the next one sucked so bad. Dan is now into his 40s, prime age for Bond, but maybe there won’t be another film soon enough to utilize him until he’s deemed too old as well and put out to pasture for someone younger. Clive Owen (my personal pick, pre-Dan, for Bond) is even older than Dan, so MGM-EON had better get its act together if they expect Bond to continue with a decent, age-appropriate actor. If Dan is regretting the whole mess and wants out, I guess ‘coming out’ is one way to do it.

  • Capt. America (made in China)

    who cares… the bond movies have lost their edge.. i would only watch them if they get fezz from the 70′s to play bond or willow

  • smokeandmirrors

    in all reality, you people are hillarious. i’ve been asking people around where i live, and they ALL think bond is a closet case anyway, so why not have a gay actor play him. granted, portland, oregon is a good deal more liberal than a lot of places.

  • TruthSpeaks

    First of all Sean Connery was the FIRST and BEST James Bond ever and a survey around the world proved that!

    Pierce Bronson was the SECOND BEST James Bond because he was just as cool, serious eyes, slick, dangerous, fast and physical fit to kick ass with a quick think brain to get out of any troubles no matter the risks.

    Daniel Craig is the THIRD BEST James Bond an EXCELLENT Bond cool, serious eyes, slick, dangerous, fast and physical fit to kick ass!

    The WORST James Bond was George Lanzbey (think I spell it wrong) who did On Her Majesty Secret Service with actress Diane Riggs (from the British tv show The Avengers)who got married to James Bond and killed afterward. That was the ONLY and LAST James Bond movie George made till they put in Roger Moore.

    And last I couldn’t give a crap if Daniel Craig is gay or bi sexual. Some of you on here are such a hypocrite that I will remind you that karma does not discriminate so BE CAREFUL what you wish for! Someone close to you or you yourself may come out of the closet and you will feel to protect them/yourself from gay bashers. Life goes on there’s more important things to worried about.

  • http://lexusfourjoe@verizon.net Joey Says


  • NO Gay!

    being gay is wrong. dont care wat u say. READ THE BIBLE!!

    • evolveplease!

      Intelligent people don’t gives a crap what the bible says. They use their brains and worldliness to come to the conclusion that being gay is normal and acceptable.

      Brosnan was also excellent, but give me a break. He’s getting old! In Mama Mia, he’s marrying Meryl Streep!!!

      As for those who won’t accept a gay actor as James Bond, please learning what ACTING is. And thank God, your generation is dying off. As the younger generations are against the stupidity of homophobia.

  • joey

    how many gay guys have the name of their girlfriend etched on their body. He has a tatoo to previous long term girlfriend Heike Makatasch. Gay men do that, I don’t think so. He may have gay friends, he may kiss them when falling around or pissed, don’t make him gay

  • Sean

    It cracks me up and saddens me at the same time to read such such evidence that people can take pride in being ignorant. The idea that a gay man can’t be manly only means you think that if a man is masculine he must be straight. You’d be shocked to see how many gay men you see every day, whom you think are straight just because they don’t fit a stereotype.

    As for audiences not being able to accept an out gay man playing a straight character, why do audiences love actors who they think are straight pulling off playing a gay character? I work in the Hollywood entertainment industry and you’d be floored at how many actors you think are “straight” because they are linked to female celebrities, like to hook up with guys from time to time, because sex with other guys is plain old recreational fun. So many of you get so worked up over trying to define a man’s existence based on one word. By your rules is a guy who usually dates women, but also hooks up with men gay? Why do you care so much about a guy you have never met and his sex life that may include another guy you have never met.

    The only absolute I have found about male sexuality, is that the more upset a man gets when another good looking, masculine man is known to hook up with guys, the more he is dealing with his own sexual attractions to men. Do those of you who are so upset about Craig making out with a guy at The Roosterfish, realize that you are putting a lot of thought into gay sex? Personally, I hope that Daniel Craig is gay. He is a stud and when men like he come out, they help end the stereotype that a gay man can’t be manly.

  • Blake J

    So this article was found by a select few of homophobic assholes who were compelled to leave vial comments.

    You are just proving your own inferiority by trying to make being gay a problem.

    This is fake gossip, but you are just pouring out the prejudice anyway.



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  • Wat da ffff

    What the heck is wrong with you homophobic pricks, Daniel being gay does not make him less what he is, Rick,Gia,Dave and so on, Just because he is an actor does not men he has no right to be want he wants, or do you guys let others tell you what to be, He is gay live with it or ffff off.

  • Daashill Vench

    Totally gay. I spotted immediately in the way he interacts with women in his Bond films. No quiet, confident assurance like Connery. Though a good actor, you can’t deliver what you don’t have. Jackman has the same failing. Gay might be true in his case too. Not an indictment, an observation.

  • wow…

    Racism, homophobia. All I can say is I hope none of those with such comments have children. You’re part of the reason the world is in the sad shape It’s in. Promoting hatred and intolerance of difference is the most animalistic behavior one could practice. Hitler practiced this same behavior of intolerance. You people sicken me. If he’s gay while business is it but his own? You women say it would kill the fantasy? Maybe you should seek counseling or find a reality that would want you. The world isn’t here for your fantasy. For the men who say they feel threatened by an alpha male being gay, I know plenty of gay men who would squash your so-called masculinity. Long story short, tue World doesn’t give a damn about your fantasies or insecurities. Get over yourself and work on your issues. I don’t care what anyone says “Casino Royale” showcased Craig as a great actor. As did “Defiance” so in my book he is an outstanding actor. Seems that the naysayers are the ones with unresolved issues of ignorance.

  • kit

    Thought some of Craig’s pre-Bond work was excellent (“The Mother”?) and he was great in Casino Royale. I like the post-Bourne Bond much better, and think Dalton was just ahead of his time in playing Bond as a serious character.

    It’s bizarre to see people think being gay will harm your career as Bond. It never hurt Roger Moore. Unsurprising when Ian Fleming based the character of Bond on the very bisexual Cary Grant.

  • kit


    Pierce Brosnan lived a gay lifestyle as a teenager.


  • kakini

    Don’t forget TD either – he bearded for Whoopi Goldberg in the early nineties.

    So, assuming the Craig eyewitness reports are true, the *majority* of Bond actors have been, shall we say, acquainted with the ways of men.

  • Mikkey

    All I can say is awesome and good on him and I’m a guy but damn I’d eat him up anyway he is sexy as all hell

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  • tiffany

    there is noooooooooo way on earth that Daniel Craig is gay. im srry but there is just no way. 1. he is extremely hotttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. he has a wife 3. he is to go to be gay so take that rumor and shove it up ur ass bc i believe in Daniel Craig and if he said that he is not gay then i believe him completely.

  • http://www.aippg.net/forum/member.php?u=71434 Ferdinand Sumrow

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, Excellent stuff…I feel you’ve created some really interesting points.Keep up the good work.

  • Anne Carole

    Why all the fuss there are homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual people in every walk of life! Also, if Daniel Craig was not famous and rich nobody would give a toss about this. He is also not good looking in my opinion, in fact I don’t personally like his looks at all.

  • Jerome_Calder

    I think that there are some in this.. Daniel Craig has to be gay or bisexual…he is a lowlife piece. His looks are fading, he looks over 45 years. Why did he sank so low, attacking the reality stars – the k family. Even if he offer me his bum, I wouldn't take it for a million dollars ..

    • Tomsgoulding

      Please! Like a hottie celeb like Daniel Craig would ever offer himself to you! Keep dreaming boy!!!

  • Jan Smit

    he’s gorgeous! If only he was gay I’d be his any time!

  • Anonymous

    I think about him frequently. Such a totally attractive package. He gets better with age. I wonder what sort of man he is; what his personality is like.

  • Jarred Woodworth

    How can you knock a guy who plays the best james bond to be cast!!! anyone saying they would pass up a date to get to know him would be a fool. Gay or not, I’d be thrilled just to hang with the guy!!!