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Posted by Adam

Scarlett Johansson SCARLETT Johansson and her hunky husband Ryan Reynolds are set to prove to the world their marriage ISN’T on the rocks — by renewing their wedding vows, according to reports.

Sources say the couple — who first got married in a secret ceremony in Canada in September 2008 and recently splashed out on a rusty old barn in Louisiana — are planning to mark their second wedding anniversary by holding another commitment ceremony, and have already asked friends and family to attend.

“They have already sent out ‘save the date’ invites for the ceremony, which will take place on their wedding anniversary,” said one insider.

“Like their wedding, it’s going to be an intimate ceremony with only a handful of family members and close friends. Ryan is close to Scarlett’s family, including her twin brother Hunter and her younger sister Vanessa, who lives near Scarlett and Ryan in New York.”

Reports last month claimed Scarlett’s relationship with Ryan was becoming strained because they rarely see each other.

Another issue in the marriage, In Touch magazine claimed, was the amount of time Ryan has been spending with his Green Lantern costar Blake Lively.

Reynolds recently called the Gossip Girl star “flawless” and “perfect” — which, sources say, infuriated Johansson.

“Nothing is going to change unless Scarlett and Ryan can learn to compromise — and they won’t,” an insider said.

“Scarlett won’t cancel anything she has coming up or wants to go to, and neither will Ryan.”

Rumors about the state of Scarlett and Ryan’s marriage first surfaced in August last year when it was claimed the couple had come to blows over a number of issues — including when to start a family.

“They’re struggling to see eye-to-eye on almost anything,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “From when to start a family — he’s ready, but she isn’t — to her smoking and what she sees as his reckless motorcycle riding.

“What’s making matters worse is that their busy careers are keeping them apart, so they get really out of sync.

“It’s gotten so bad that neither of them is hurrying home just to start fighting again.”[imagebrowser id=349]

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  • Tracy Terry

    me want to suck lady’s tits

  • Gazer

    I personally saw them as well in Louisiana, they were attending an outdoor music event (downtown alive, in Lafayette, La) I stood just a few feet away from them.

    The band that was playing I hear she is a big fan of….so they were there checking them out….

  • George

    Blake has NOTHING on Scarlett. Blake is the typical “Girl Next Door” you see at the mall. Nothing unique or special about her look. Scarlett is a bombshell….hourglass figure perfect face…why would he even take the chance?

  • Nancy Stephens

    If Scarlett and Ryan’s marriage were really solid they wouldn’t feel the need to “prove” to the rest of the world that it’s NOT on the rocks… I personally think they are on “borrowed time”…BTW George- I believe Ryan would get w/Blake given the chance b/c he grew tired of Alanis and she was the REAL DEAL-NOT some little slut…like Scarlett…and now Ryan is ready to move on to the next HOTTER,YOUNGER thing he sees…that’s just how guys like Ryan are… they are too shallow and full of themselves and too arrogant to commit to anyone seriously- thye are just out to have the hottest sex they can w/ whoever is the youngest hottest thing at the moment…the ONLY reason Ryan left a REAL woman like Alanis for a slut like Scarlett was b/c Scarlett is 10 yeras youngerw/a nice rack…and now that Blake has come along w/her long blonde hair and MUCH more toned physique than Scarlett( ScarJo’s put on weight and is starting to look dumpy)Blake is younger than Scarlett as well…

    • jade

      Any marriage these days is subject to scrutinizing— doesn’t matter if it is Holy-wood or not. I would not want to be famous for anything in the world. Imagine the pressure these people have every day having to keep up a certain “appearance”. I know how bad it is working in an office full of women. I can’t imagine my personal life being exposed to the world for comment. I think these two don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I wanted to renew my vows this year, but unemployment stopped that. I wanted to, because I love my marriage. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I could care less about what people think and I truly believe anyone brave enough to be in the spotlight must also embrace that attitude as well, or they will fall victim to insanity, drugs, or both.

    • RANIE

      It was reported that when the couple married in a secluded secret ceremony in Canada in 2008, they planned then to have a more public celebration here where more friends and family could attend; I guess the time is right for that to happen. Also if you notice this couple is extremely tight lipped about their private lives. I would love to see them walk the red carpet dressed, but they don’t. There was an article published about the pledges they have made to each regarding this marriage and looks as though they are making it work. He broke up with Alanis because he wanted a family and stability in his life. Her songs she wrote about him were not angry, but how much she loved him and missed him It took her over 2 years + to get over this relationship, you don’t grieve that long over a silly, shallow man. This guy has had a stable life. His parents have been married over 42 years. This is what he knows – Stability!! Give them a break!! Don’t be a HATER. It is not their fault that they Rich Gorgeous and Famous. How would you like it, if people were routing for your marriage to fail!!

  • Nancy Stephens

    well George, something tells me Scarlett is about to get a taste of her own medicine- she is about to get dumped for someone younger and hotter…just like ScarJo stole Justin away from Cameron and then Ryan away from Alanisb/c she was younger and hotter at the moment…thats the ONLY reson RYan married Scarlett and now he is ready to move on to the next hot young thing…

  • TheBride

    WEDDING VOW RENEWALS ARE FOR PEOPLE MARRIED FOR 30 YEARS AND MOST OF THE TIME MORE! THIS WEDDING VOW RENEWAL CRAZE IS ONLY BECAUSE THEY WANT PUBLICITY OR ARE ON THE VERGE OF DIVORCE. Keep it private folks. Go to counseling. Talk. Do something but work it out as two human beings…not two people and a mess of cameras. Yeesh, why do these people get married? You don’t HAVE to, you know!

  • Crazy

    what for? they should focus on how to keep their marriage for lifetime…many couples nowadays are getting divorced…hope they will live happily ever after like in fairy tales :)

  • Mikey

    I thought she liked them a little on the dark side. I got the impression she would do anything to make Obama’s ears flap like Dumbo’s.

  • Mikey

    Gazer says he saw her tits in Louisianna, and the band was also checking them out?…COOOOLL!!

  • niblet

    I think her badoodles are quite large and that’s about the only part of her that needs looking at. Her mind is a mush if she thinks this will help her marriage in any way. Maybe she should go back to oogling what she really wants, darker meat!

  • Timothy Foley

    Yes this must be a Private Matter however If someone as hot as ScarJo, can also be Smarter then Britney Spears, Lindsay, Lohan, Miley Cyrus, more power to her at least she is in touch with her Fans, so really Ryan Reynolds should be grateful for marrying her, Let’s hope this wroks out, I personally can not or will not Get Married Myself but living Healthy, Playing it Smart and Not being too Controversal Helps, Good thing ScarJo ain’t one of those Bad Celebs.

  • Chips

    I hate those people give the couple pressure and since always want them screw-up and separation.

  • Nancy Stephens

    I have to agree with Jade…I wouldn’t want my personal life or my relationship scruntinized either…and I also agree with niblet- her breasts or “badoodles” are the ONLY reason Ryan married her…and they are quite large…too large maybe…oh well boobs always win out over brains…Timothy I’m sorry but Scar JO to me seems very rude to her fans and not in touch with them at all..nor is she as smart as she claims to be…I still say she and Ryan are on borrowed time w/their marriage

  • Terry T.

    I think Scarlett needs to watch out for “NANCY STEPHENS” I have never seen a person with so much HATERED to another human being, As Nancy does to Scarlett. Scarlett might want to get a restraining order?

  • Nancy Stephens

    Terry,come on!! Or Tracy or whatever your name is- hey you’re not Tracy Thiessen by any chance are you?? anyway,let me assure you and everyone else that regardless of how much people bug me sometimes,I would NEVER,EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!I am NOT like that!!!

    • rickanddianne

      methinks thou doth protest TOO much. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Danceprancer

    Sorry RAINE but Ryan could have had stability and a family w/Alanis- she is pretty,talented,smart and she is ,most importanntly the REAL DEAL! She could have given Ryan a wonderful family and beautiful children if he weren’t so shallow-minded and stupid and would do a little thinking w/his brain instead of his you-know-what!I agree w/Nancy- Ryan only-and ONLY married Scralett b/c she is 10 years younger than Alanis w/a nice rack!He and Alanis have REAL history- you just don’t throw away 4 years together for a dumb slut who is 10 years younger w/fake breasts! And worse-all of you are ragging on Alanis b/c she is too old for tyan -or so you all say!I don’t agreee w/that either!Shame on YOU all for thinking 2 years older is too old!!!

  • Ranie

    Danceprancer, Alanis you know is pregnant and married in that order. Congrats to her. In an article written in 2007, Ryan said when he turned 30, he knew what he wanted more “Yes’s in his life” as opposed to maybe’s” so he moved on. She had 4 years to decide if she wanted him and his babies. Look at his dairy, there is a part at his parents home when he looks into the camera and said “if his girl was up to it, he would be home impregnating her!!” He did not leave Alanis for Scarlett!! Alanis told Howard Stern in an interview that Ryan was not cheating, but his leaving her caught her totally off guard. 2.5 years is not bad, but the new dude is 6 years younger, and they dated for about 7 months. As her bio clock is ticking, she finally decided it may be now or never.

  • Nancy Stephens

    I don’t think it looks too good for their marriage if they are renewing their vows after just 2 years together…what couple does that unless they are on borrowed time??I mean I could see if they were married a lot longer…but just after they finished the honeymoon phase?? Come on… this marriage is in trouble…

  • nancy stephans

    well we all know for sure that scarlett is pretty, gorgeus and well big boobed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her boobs are so round and sexy.. i need to have’ em… if i was her i would let otherhandy gay guys to touch my boobs hold them or even squeeze them without hurting them. pretty cool hah? i need only one bit of big boobs to make mine similar as hers! you guys wanna get pictures of it and pictures of boys holding my boobs?

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