Justin Bieber Falls Out With Mother?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Justin BieberJUSTIN Bieber has fallen out with his overprotective mother.

Sources say the teen star is desperate to cut ties with mom Pattie Mallette following a series of arguments over his lifestyle.

“He wants to enjoy the perks of being one of the hottest stars on the planet, and Pattie’s trying to keep him grounded,” an insider told the National Enquirer.

“Justin’s been complaining non-stop about how controlling his mom is. He loves her, but he hates being treated like a child. He’s gotten a taste of freedom, and now he wants more.”

Mallette is also said to disapprove of Bieber’s friendships with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

The Baby singer was recently thrown out of a movie theater after he tried to sneak into the premium seating.

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  • wtf

    methinks this boy is getting a little too big for his britches. Way to go mom for trying to keep him on the straight and narrow and not end up like the rest of the losers in Hollywood. At his age he should be concentrating on his music career (it’s not going to last forever), and he should not be spending time chasing the likes of Miley Cyrus and all those other pop tarts. He’s just going to become another has-been if he doesn’t get serious.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you. Justin Bieber. You better watch it. At the rate you’re goin, you’re gunna be a another hollywood jerk. I think that would dissapoint your mom and you’re fans.

    Think about it.

  • ahhh

    I think that all of this is just a big fat rumor….I mean he’s like tha most famous guy on the world right now….y wouldnt he want some freedom????but underneath it all he’s talked of how his mom can b to strict but maybe shes not used to her son being a mega star….give them a break world its just a typical teenager and mom situation going on and yall make it a top story.

  • http://twitter jerrica smith

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    i love justin beiber

    • talon

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  • http://twitter jerrica smith

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  • http://twiter jerrica smith

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  • Rebecca

    If his mother was smart she would pull him out of that world for a while. Just because he’s famous, he’s still a kid, and still not experienced enough at life to make the best decisions for himself when it comes to these things.

  • http://twiter jerrica smith

    i love hollie ashley and justin bie

  • http://twiter jerrica smith

    ashley and savannh rock and so dose hollie and caileigh and so does kaiya and makenzie and we all love justin bieber from jerrica serena smith we love u justin bieber hahaha :)

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    i go to regent park give us tickets justin bieber hahah :)

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  • Macy

    Okay this is a little overboard. Justin loves his mom, and they didn’t have a “falling out.” Pattie approves of his friendship with Taylor Swift, and might be a little bit iffy on Miley Cyrus due to her racy preformances and attitude. Justin is a teenager and just wants a little freedom. But kudos to Pattie for her to keep her son grounded. Justin does know that fame can change him and he won’t get out of control. <3 you Bieber boy.

  • http://www.showbizspy.com/article/206282/justin-bieber-falls-out-with-mother.html Livvia

    I do like Justin. But i reckon he has been getting some bad press lately, and no wonder his mom is protecting him. If all this fame gets to his head he will be a has-been, I think his mom should pull him out of the lime light and keep the press and media off him for a while, just until things calm down. Then get him level-headed because he is no different from me and you. Well done mommy Bieber (y)

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  • http://www.twitter.com/kaarlafurtado Karla Furtado

    Well, I think he’s kind of right, he is in his prime and just want to take things which comes along with his career. Justin is one of the teens but world famous, but he has is to know enjoy it! I’m a fan of Brazil, I’m in love with the music of it, not by him, after all, how can a person like that nor do I know right, but one day he came to Brazil, he does not want to see who is on stage .. Justin a kiss from your fan number one of Brazil .. by: Karla Furtado <3

  • anon

    Teen stars lose their self-identity and go crazy because of blogs like this. They’re human beings and stop publishing and analyzing their every little move.

  • TruthSpeaks

    No some of you got it wrong, because when some parents get TOO OVERPROTECTIVE that just drives their child/children overboard to have MORE freedom. Some people are clueless on how to raise children and it’s simply is they need to balance things out along with some compromising when they’re older. Keep them close to home like prisoners or shelter lives those kids be the ones that end up disappearing, coming into harm or just fall into the trapping of drug and alcohol abuses. I have children, nieces,nephews and godchildren I helped raised and everyone of them are living a normal balance life so I and the family don’t worried ourselves silly.


    I Think that justing i getting a little to big for his boots and all the girlzz sreaming over him isnt working loool as mucth as i love his music he is getting a little ott lool but i still love him lol but he needs to remember if it wasnt 4 his mom u wouldnt be where he is now

  • taylor m

    i think he is too young to be followed by the paparazzi.he can’t afford it. maybe he is popular now ,but 10 years later ,he’ll be nobody. it’s not a good thing to be famous quikly.

    support JB

    my BFF is a bing fan of JB ,btw