Friday, June 11, 2010

Jessica BielJESSICA Biel doesn’t like kissing scenes.

The A-Team actress — who locks lips with Bradley Cooper in the forthcoming action movie — insists there is nothing romantic about getting close to her hunky co-stars because an on-screen smooch is so technical.

“It’s not at all hot,” she said. “There’s a bazillion people around, everyone’s in your face fixing things. It’s very technical and precise. Your face has to be in the right place and the camera has to be at the right angle. So it’s not romantic.”

The 28-year-old beauty also hates getting in shape for her film roles because she has to completely overhaul her usual lifestyle.

“It is so challenging, I did it for Stealth and Blade and it is not fun, so I felt for everybody as they were eating their chicken and vegetables and brown rice. Your whole world is different and it gets into your head a little bit. “

Although she hates exercise, Jessica — who is dating Justin Timberlake — recently had to get to her physical peak when she undertook a grueling trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa for charity.

Although she completed the challenge, the actress was in tears by the time she reached the top of the mountain.

“Right before we made it to Stella Point, which is right around 19,000 feet and you come to this plateau and you feel you’ve made it — then you realize you have 330 more feet to go and you find it feels impossible.

“As we made the hour-long walk to the peak I was in tears. I only had one walking stick left at that point and I was a complete and utter mess. I couldn’t move forward at that point, but I did.”[imagebrowser id=368]


  • jessica is the hottest

    that’s okay jessica, you don’t have to kiss me on the lips but i will kiss you on your lips….:)

  • bry

    get a life, dude..

  • Bill

    Oh the hardships the rich and famous must endure. She should feel so lucky to have those kinds of problems. Getting up to do a real job would probably kill her.

  • kev

    listen Jessica ur makin Millions so why r u complaining? This is ur job depending on the role, and everybody else hates to workout also but we do it to feel well about ourselves and other benefits. So when u think ur doin something stupid or hard trust me its alot harder in other professions.

  • Diego Sanchez

    I worked out hard. I lifted the weight on my head and got pump. It do good on my mussels. Could you look at my mussels and tell me that you like it?

  • Teensy

    I LOVE Madonna!! She sings snappy songs and is a nifty dancer too!!

  • bubba

    I wish my hands were made of pepperoni pizza.

  • Eddie Smeraldo

    I made Jessica get down on her elbows and knees and licked the pink one eye because it winked at me.

  • Missy Weepie

    Jessica DON’T PLAY LIKE THAT EDDIE!!!!!!