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Tiger Woods ‘Paid $3m to Keep Lovechild a Secret’

Posted by Adam

Tiger WoodsTIGER Woods has a secret lovechild, it has been claimed.

A journalist who helped the golfer hide affairs says he knows someone who has full details of the girl — and DNA evidence.

“There is a lot more to come out. Tiger will eventually admit to fathering a child,” said Neal Boulton, the man behind Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall — which airs in the UK later this week.

Rumors about a the secret child have circulated since the sex-made golfer, 34, split from wife Elin Nordegren — with whom he raises two children.

Theresa Rogers reportedly gave birth to a girl in 2003 and demanded $3million for her silence.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Tiger’s new $44m mansion will have its very own secret room — compete with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber — and pals believe he’s building himself a kinky sex den.

He says he’s going to use this room in his new mansion for healing and therapeutic effects,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But the guys closest to him are convinced he’s building some sort of ‘sex lair’ with which to entice his beautiful conquests for mind-bending sex!

“Tiger is one dude who can’t get enough sex — or at least he couldn’t before Elin caught him cheating on her last November!

“He’s been outed as a sex hound, and it goes with the territory that if you’re having that much sex — as with any other addiction — after a while you’ll start looking for better and better and more intense sex.”

“Right now,” the source added, “it’s all just speculation. But if he’s divorced, he can go back to sleeping with as many pretty ladies as he pleases — and you have to wonder if that oxygen therapy room is really a sex-lair-in-the-making for what may well be the newly divorced bachelor Tiger Woods!”


  • penelope

    Do you every verify any of this and these rumors about his new house from his so called “friends”? You are all despicable and his friends deserve whatever ill will comes their way. Anyone wishing to make up a story about Tiger can do so and post it on line. All of you need to crawl back under your rocks.

  • Zaia

    Dirty little nasty bastard. What a POS he is ???????????
    Who does he think he is ? Being able to hide his multiple affairs and an illegitimate child when you are one of the most famous faces on the planet ….. Oh yes I forgot he’s entitled because he’s richer than the common people.

  • diann holmes

    I’m surprised there’s just the one illegitimate kid.

  • Carmen

    Tiger Woods continues to humiliate his family in front of the world as more and more details of his sordid secret life come to light! Tiger Woods is an immoral serial adulterer and a despicable, remorseless hypocrite, who uses everyone for his own selfish purposes! His big act of contrition and repentance was all a show trying to get sympathy from his wife, fans and sponsors! Tiger has caused Elin and the children enough pain and suffering to scar them for the rest of their life. Tiger Woods’ name and reputation are tarnished forever!!!

  • Ade

    The new distracion has arrived. Why don’t you leave Tiger to live his life. If it is true, Tiger is doing just what we have been put on earth to do. MULTIPLY AND REPLENISH THE EARTH.

    Like Diann Holmes I am surprised that he doesnot have many more children out of wedlock. Over the months reports have been that Tiger was having sex with all and sundry, without protection. Well, if Tiger was having sex with so many women and they did not become pregnant something is wrong. It is either the women were lying about Tiger having sex ‘bare back’ ‘ or it might be that Tiger is just shooting ‘blanks. So is it a case of ‘WHOA IS ME, SHAME AND SCANDAL IN THE FAMILY, YOUR DADDY AIN’T YOUR DADDY BUT YOUR DADDY DON’T KNOW?

    If you are so concerned about Tiger’s children maybe you should do DNA’s on all his children. SHAME AND SCANDAL IN THE FAMILY!!!

    We welcome all the Tiger cubs.

  • Ade


    You’re at it again.
    It appears that Tiger is building a ‘sex lair’ for ‘mind-bending sex’.What are you waiting for.

    While you keep shouting ‘dirty little nasty bastard’ do you know how many women would like to join the queue? Maybe you can get a son or daughter out of him? and then count your millions. hahaha

  • diann holmes

    Serious question:

    What exactly should a wife/girlfriend do with a man that’s highly sexed like that? From the stories I’ve read, TW could have sex up to 6,7 times a DAY! Very few women could handle that. Give him permission to stray as long as he’s discreet, uses protctn, & no emotional involvement….Try, some kinda way, to keep up with him…Insist he take meds to…deflated him a little.

    Seriously, what can a woman really do especially if you are married.

  • Zaia

    Ade I don’t care at all about you think about me. But the way you defend Mr Woods ‘ actions speaks volume about your lack of morals and principles.
    If you think it’s OK to betray and destroy your family over sex well you are no better than Woody himself. Better to say you cheated on your partner too ?????

  • Ade

    I am just being realistic. You are angry with Tiger because he is a rich blackman. Had he been a poor blackman you would not have cared. Get over it. I will not waver in my support for Tiger Woods. Tiger’s wife mother and father divorced when she was six years. What are you going to say about them? Stuff your morals and principles. Get a life woman. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE

  • Ade

    Dian Holmes,

    His wife knew that Tiger was a ‘playboy’ before she met him. She was working as a nanny for a golfer from her country and he/his wife hooked her up to Tiger.(They would have known Tiger’s lifestyle). I read some where that the said golfer’s wife met Tiger’s wife when she was working in a shop in Sweden (I suppose it is the same shop where Tiger’s wife fork-lift boyfriend was working in the warehouse as mentioned in the book) and asked her to look after their children.

    Tiger’s wife as we are now finding out had love affairs with many pro-golfers and she never let out this to Tiger. Tiger only found this out when the Pro golfers started to laugh and redicule him about his wife past sexual affairs. So how would Tiger have felt that his fellow pro golfers were ‘eating’ there before him and never married her.
    She should not have married Tiger but live with him as is done in Sweden.

    Some how I never thought the marriage was right. So when I heard that the wedding was off just days before they were to be married. I thought it was for the best. When I heard a few days later that the marriage was on I resigned myself and hoped that the marriage would be a happy one. At one time I was wondering why they were taking so long to start a family.

    From what I heard Tiger’s father cried to break his heart at the wedding. He knew the marriage was not the right. He cried for his son at his wedding knowing he would not be here to witness the eventual breaking up of the marrige. That’s the reason Earl Woods was inflential in Tiger having an iron -clad prenuptial agreement as ‘ Speaking the Truth’ always says when ever she write.

    The marriage from the start was not about LOVE it was about MONEY. Money can buy you a lot of things but it does not always buy you happiness. Right now his wife has the wealth she craved but I don’t know if she is happy. She might be for all I know. She is probably right now in her COUNTING HOUSE, COUNTING ALL HER MONEY

  • http://showbizspy ANNIE

    Something this pathetic individual could try if he finds himself alone – it’s called erotic asphyxiation. A famous
    rock star tried it but unfortunately he’s not around to
    give Tiger his recommendations.

    • http://showbizspy ANNIE


      I’m not envious of a low life like Tiger. I’m upset that
      no one seems to mention the diseases he could have spread
      especially to his wife. His children could have suffered too as chlamydia poses severe risks to mother and baby both before and after birth.

  • Ade

    Why don’t you try it since you seem to know so much about it. That dead rock star was a fool , a ‘dead’ fool might I add. Why would Tiger try that when there are so many women out there who would give any thing to bed him?

    You, folks seem so cut up about Tiger’s sex life. It is all envy. E_N_V_Y

  • Ade


    You’re upset about Tiger giving his wife diseases???? Make sure that you don’t get diseases, yourself. That what you should be worried about.

    You obviously haven’t been reading well for Carmen talks about that topic all the time. That is Carmen’s signature tune. She cuts and pastes that everywhere. The disease angle has been done and overdone.

    Tiger’s children are strong and healthy so your ‘could have’ is irrelevant. Tiger gave no one diseases.

    Anyway, Tiger could not have given his wife diseases for he was not having sex with her. He was having sex elsewhere and those women seem to be fine ( what about her giving Tiger diseases from all the ‘alleged’ pro-golfers and the fork lift boyfriend from the warehouse ) . It is not only men who spread diseases, women spread diseases too!!

    There is nothing ‘low life’ about Tiger. Why did his estranged wife go with him if she thought he was such a low life. MONEY ! I guess, which would translate into ‘highlife’.

  • TruthSpeaks

    penelope, exactly I have yet to hear this on the news so that still a rumor. As for the woman who supposedly is the baby mother if she did have a kid for Tiger and then demanded $3m that’s extortionist and blackmailing! Do SBS know anything about the law? Suppose the baby turn out not to be Tiger….here’s the Maury Show….YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!!

    We see if it’s true unless he’s getting dna test the media would had gone all crazy all day about this.

  • Friborz

    it is his life.

  • Virginia

    I have to agree with Ade, in part anyway. Elin Nordegren is a money-grubbing ‘ho bag who wanted Tiger for one thing — money. Well, maybe two things — the other being a green card.

    And now she’s forgetting about the prenuptial agreement that she willingly signed. Regardless of Tiger’s infidelities, the prenuptial stands intact. Elin gets what Elin agreed to get — nothing more.

    Even though the lawyers may tell her differently, I mean they only want money too, the fact remains that the prenuptial agreement is tight.

    Too bad, so sad, Mrs Ho Bag Swedish Shoulda Stayed a Nanny in Blondeland.

    • Zaia

      Are you one of the bimbos Woody slept with ????

  • willc

    It’s strange that crap like this mysteriously comes up right before Tiger plays in a tournament. His private life is none of our business. Stop judging the next person and worry about your own life. The man made a mistake and doesn’t deserve this. I guarantee all the haters have secretes they’re tying to hide!

  • Ade

    After reading about this ‘lovechild fiasco’ which is emerging just as Tiger is about to start playing at the US OPEN, I had to go look for this child on the internet. The child which appears with Ms Rodgers seems to be a ‘white’ child. No where does that child look as though it has ‘African genes’.

    Look at Tiger, he looks as though he has just walked out of the CONGO FOREST or from a library in Timbuktu. No way can he make such a child.

    The child that I saw on the internet is certainly not of Tiger’s genes. Even the person reporting said that the child is ‘caucasian’.
    If Tiger paid her any money it is probably to keep quiet.

    Take it from me Tiger that child is not yours. If you are born into the African diaspora of the Americas you know these things.

    We have had centuries of experience, from the days of slavery to present day to know that you could not have fathered that child. We have experience of all the variations of the gene pool. No matter how much ‘cabilasian’ (you once called yourself- hope I’ve have spelt is correctly). That child cannot be yours

    Ask the Gulla people of South Carolina and they will tell you.

    Go and take a conscious look at your self in the mirror, Tiger, and you will see the child your own mother produced and she is Asian. A six foot plus child with distinctive African features.

    If no one knew that your mother is Thai, they will all assume that you have just arrived from Senegal, that you have just stepped out of Alex Haley’s book ‘ROOTS’. They will see you as ‘Kunta Kinte’.

    So have no fear Tiger, that child that I saw on the internet is not yours. If the child had looked like Mariah Kerry, you could say it is yours, If the child looks like Halley Berry’s beautiful daughter, Naylah, with those beautiful, gold Afro curls, you can say it is yours, If the child looks like Nicole Ritche you could say it is yours, even Nicole Richie daughter has curls hair signifying her African genes. The child that I saw on the internet has no such looks.

    Tiger you need to get close to some of the ‘brothers’ like the singer Shaggy. If fact you should have consulted SHAGGY before you went into that clinic and told everything. Listen to SHAGGY’s song. IT WASN’T ME. I repeat ‘ IT WASN’T ME’

    You have to mix with the ‘BROTHERS’ some more to become ‘STREETWISE’ Remember Shaggy’s song.


  • diann holmes

    Ade, since you looked up tigers supposed outside kid and declared her pure white, why don’t you look at pics of his kids with elin? What race do they seem to be?

  • Ade

    Diann Holmes

    This has made me smile. I have done that a long time ago. That one I’ll keep close to my chest.

    The reporter who saw Ms Rodger’s child also says that the child is ‘white’. Others have also verified that the child’s father is the Eastern European basket ball player. The Rodgers story was going on a very long time so I have been following it with interest. It has only come out now to disrupt Tiger’s game at the US Open. There will also be a programme concerning the ‘alleged’ child on Thurdsay on British Television. She herself has admitted in a way that the child is the basketball player from Eastern Europe.

  • Ade

    Not only is Theresa Rogers claiming to be Tiger’s baby MAMA, another woman, Devon James, is also claiming that she is also Tiger’s baby MAMA. I wonder how many more baby MAMAS will come out this week as he plays the US Open

  • Ade

    Diann Holmes

    you will be pleased to know that Theresa Rogers’, Lawyer Gloria Allred said that Tiger is not the father of her child. She claims the news is untrue

  • Zaia

    You need to get a life. You seem to know more than everybody about Woody’s life. So you know that Elin married Tiger for money . How do you know that ??? Do you know her personally ? Did you think that about her 8 months ago ?
    Not sure but as always the wife is always the one to blame.
    So before posting your ignorant and completely absurd comments maybe you should get your facts straight. You and the Tiger lovers are really really dumber than dumb. Just because Mr Woody ain’t the golden boy anymore you need to blame the innocent ones. Why don’t you blame the kids ? Maybe they are responsible for Woody’s miserable actions.
    As far as the comment made about Elin a gold digger. Well she didn’t chase Tiger he did. She didn’t want to date him he wanted. She doesn’t come from a poor family, she comes from a very educated and highly recognized family in Sweden. She comes from class and yes she degraded herself by marrying such a jerk like it or not.
    I believe you are in denial and still you want to make excuses for Woody. You need to open your eyes and face the truth. This is Tiger who brought this mess too bad he had to take down 3 innocent people…

  • Ade


    Good to see that you are getting ‘Zesty’. So you have changed your pseudonym. You can change but you can’t hide. You see we have already clashed over the remark you made that Tiger ‘going with anything with a pulse’.

    Oh yes, I do know a lot about Tiger Woods as I have been following his career from his youthful days. You have only come to know Tiger since he became a ‘wealthy’ blackman and his recent domestic problems. Yes, I take a great interest in the folks of my community. So I am well informed. I knew about Tiger since he was a lad unlike you who never knew that he existed until the problems with his wife then you jump on the bandwaggon.

    His wife went after him, just like all the other blondes he bedded. Do you see how they are also busy claiming he fathered their child. All this is because he is a rich blackman. If Tiger did not have money his estranged wife would not have noticed him. As she herself said he was ‘not her type’ . So why if he is ‘not your type’ why spread your legs wide open’.

    You comments ‘she didn’t chase him, Tiger did’ …’ she didn’t want to date him he did’ sounds like Mayella Ewing in ‘ TO kill A Mockingbird’

    Who said anything about Tiger’s estranged wife coming from a poor family. As far as I know she came from a very middle class family – mother politician and father journalist working in Washington.

    If as you claim she didn’t want to date Tiger why go out with him since she had a forklifter boyfriend at home. She fell in love as she said on the SECOND DATE. Work that out yourself, if you have enough commonsense to do so. That tells you straight away that she was ‘eyeballing’ him a long time ago and why not, he is a handsome guy.

    What do you mean that ‘Woody’ is not the ‘golden boy’ any more. Tiger was never a golden boy, his complexion does not permit him to be ‘golden’. Tiger has never told anyone that he is a ‘golden boy’ . He played golf and is exceedingly good at it. His golf playing is ‘golden’. His record at the top, bar the great Jack Nicklaus, testify to his ‘golden’ ability. His marriage has nothing to do with his ability at golf’

    Again, you are jealous of Tiger Woods’ god-given talent. His talent has nothing to do with his wife in the same way the Golfer Greg Norman ,who cheated on his wife , told the court in his divorce case, his talent at golf had nothing to do with his wife.

    Of course his wife came from class as you noted but TIGER IS CLASS. HE is in a class of his own. Why do you hate this man so much, ZAIA, because he is good at what he does- PLAY GOLF. Without his excellent ability at golf you would not have known him. You certainly would not have known his wife!!! You know Tiger’s wife because of the golfer TIGER WOODS, his wife’s claim to fame.

    If you think that his wife degraded her self by marrying Tiger why is she degrading herself, further, by asking for his money, YOU DUMB BITCH .

    Who are the 3 persons he has taken down when his estranged wife is walking off with millions after five years of marriage. You are a real idiot.

    Believe you me, I always get my facts right.

  • diann holmes

    Ade, my point was that all the children (tw kids with elin & the mistress children) appear to be white. Elin is pure caucasion, & TW is Asian/Black mix. It is possible for him to produce kids that look caucasion.

  • Ade

    diann holmes

    I don’t want to get into Tigers children’s affairs but I will say this

    Why all those black men, mulatto men, quadroon men and octo roon men were hung during the days of slavery when they got white women pregnant if the children looked caucasian.

    Why did white women during the days of slavery who had illicit affairs with black, mullato , quadroon, octoroon men quickly put them in the slave cabin or put a pin in the mole of their head to kill them if they looked so caucasian.

  • Ade

    diann holmes

    That should have read ‘ quickly put the babies they produced in a slave cabin or …

  • diann holmes

    Slavery……??? Ok then. All I’m saying that a mixed black and caucasian can produce children that look white…at least Mediterranean white. He’ll never produce a child that looks Nordic, like his wife. To me,TW’s kids look Italian or Greek or Portuguese. As a matter of fact, the little girl kinda looks like Suri Cruise.

  • Ade

    Suri Cruise’s parents are both white???

  • Ade

    Carmen, Zaia and all the other Tiger haters out there who swallowed this aticle above about Tiger having a child would be very disappointed to hear that the TV documentary that Tiger fathered a child was pure and utter ‘faeces of the bull’ in street parlance ‘BS’.

    The programme although interesting in showing the rise of Tiger and the commitment of his father (and Joe) to his development as a great golfer proved nothing about him fathering a child.

    The documentry showed how Tiger is managed by IMG which I found a bit ‘unreal’ and ‘disturbing’. These people really and trully managed Tiger’s life even down to what seems to me hooking him up with women. There is no way on God’s earth could Tiger have known about all these ‘places’ and ‘women’ without him not being managed from somewhere.

    The reporter also stated that even the script that Tiger read out at his apology was done for him as they were all given transcripts before hand and Tiger came in and just read as though he was on auto pilot what was written.

    Other than his mother and his friend from University all the other people in the room were all business people, strangers, they were not friends or family, the documentary stated.

    This more or less confirmed what I suspected, especially when he read that his wife did not hit him.
    The documentary stated that Tiger had ‘lacerations to his face’ and ‘ blood to his mouth’

    The programme ended with the exact words written above ‘There is a lot more to come out. Tiger will eventually admit to fathering a child’. It also stated that there is a little Tiger running around on a golf course somewhere.

    The man proved nothing about Tiger fathering a child. Everything was mere speculation. Joslyn James featured and with tearful eyes claimed that she was pregnant twice for Tiger. The first time she had a miscarriage going to one of his golf tournaments and the second pregnancy she had an abortion. She showed tatoos on her back for the two children she lost. It was really weird.

    However, parts of the programme which were of interest to me was seeing Tiger’s first caddy, TOMMY, the African-American chap from Augusta. Tiger’s father chose Tommy to be Tigers’s caddy because he knew the golf course at Augusta inside out.

    It was great hearing and seeing these blackmen of Augusta who were once caddies to white golfers. The black community is just across the way from Augusta golf course The black caddie turned golfer, Lee Elder, Tiger’s hero was mentioned.

    I digress – [Lee Ryder was the first African-American to play on the Ryder Cup Team in 1979 after breaking the Color Bar at Augusta in 1975.

    Lee Elder was playing at Augusta when Tiger won his historic victory in 1997 by 12 shots.]

    The History of black golfing in America is yet to be told, fully. The path beaten by African- American golfers such as Pete Brown, Jim Dent, John Shippen , Charlie Sifford, Calvin Pete and the Queen of Negro Golf, Ann Gregory who won over 300 tournaments worldwide and died in 1990 is yet to be recognised.

    These black caddies turn golfers were the forerunner of Tiger Woods. Lee Elder, Tiger’s hero was playing too at Augusta in 197 when Tiger won.]

    Mindy Lawton spoke of Tiger’s loveless marriage. It was also Mindy’s mother who phoned the National Enquirer about Mindy and Tiger and they followed them and took photographs of them in the car park. To keep the photographs from being published Tiger (through IMG) had to agree to pose on the cover of the Men’s fitness magazine whose sales skyrocketted.

    I found it a bit sad though to hear how Tiger is managed especially after hearing the poignant remark made by Tiger’s first black caddy, Tommy, that ‘Tiger is merely a Caddy for IMG’

  • diann holmes

    Ade, as far as I know, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are both white

  • diann holmes

    Ade, as far as I know, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are both white

  • Ade

    Diann Holmes
    That is exactly what I wrote although he and his former wife Nicole Kidman did adopt Conor, a black child.

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