Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Betty WhiteBETTY White is kinky little devil if this latest report is to be believed!

According to insiders, there’s a small collection of photos which depict the the actress, 88, and her late husband, television host Allen Ludden, engaging in sexual activities.

There are said to be four photos in total. The pics in question, which are reportedly being shopped to various media organizations, were recently found in a box belonging to Betty.

The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia.

Meanwhile, Betty has insisted she won’t go down the same route as sex tape star Kim Kardashian by becoming a reality TV star.

“I shouldn’t be negative but they [reality TV shows] are not my favorite things in the world,” she said. “I don’t like them.”[imagebrowser id=379]


  • mc

    I want to age just like Betty!!

    • http://hotmail zoey

      i realy know


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  • http://myspace

    Betty,you are what the epidemy of the worls most beautiful women is.You have it all.

    • jasmine

      OK so what about sex pictures. She was married to the person she loved and did what came naturally. Hell! I have sex pictures with my husband too, anybody want to write about that?? Get a life people

      • Ashish

        Send it to me

  • Real

    Aw c’mon! Why give a fuss about this?! I’m glad she had sex with the person she loved, but that’s no business of mine nor should be anyone else’s.

  • tomas

    Shopping around sex pics of Betty White? Betty seems cool enough that it wouldn’t even phase her… but really…

    The person who’s selling these pictures will probably die a slow and miserable death.

  • haleyg

    she really must have a hard time after snl.I FEEL BAD FOR BETTY WHITE!

  • ANN


  • Judith

    Apparently the person reporting this has a sad little life. If this is true it was between her and her husband….does anybody care. Does anybody care what you do with your spouse? Well, they shouldn’t. Its not illegal or immoral in that circumstance. TO NEW (if you can call it that) REPORTERS>><<GET A LIFE!!!!!

    • Helen

      I agree with everything that Judith said!,infact I was going to write the same thing. I love Betty White just the way she is in every way.

  • Rob

    I read years ago that she & Allen were swingers & had some pretty wild parties, how about it Betty, true?

    • Betty

      No Comment Rob.

    • jasmine

      Rob, will knowing that get you an extra buttered biscuit or a raise in salary, what if they did. SO WHAT”S it to you

      • executioner

        he’s that little nosy town crier. up in everybody’s business. the kind that should be executed. hang him by the neck until dead publicly at the town’s square. see how many people are nosy after that.

  • Austin

    I love Betty. I wish the Media would stop trying to find ways to make her look bad. And Come-One…It was her husband for God-Sakes in those picts. Its not like she was having an affair or doing anything wrong.
    Well, She is still a Lady to me, And she has more class than most women that walks the red-carpet in my eyes.

  • Lisa

    Who cares? Just because she is a public figure doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a normal sex life, so what if she has pictures of her engaging in sexual activities, it is none of our business.

  • octi-pussy

    I know for a fact that Betty love doin the nasty!

  • gmlala

    They are pics with her husband!!! You go Betty! I love you even more!

  • susieq

    betty white would look good no matter what she wore,even her birthday suit. love you betty

  • susieq

    betty white would look good no matter what she wore,even her birthday suit. love you betty

  • Grateful

    Hat’s off to Betty White! She is living life and she was enjoying her husband! Do you mz. Lady! Stay positive and full of life!

  • Michelle Michaels

    You go girl! One of the best reasons to watch tv or film.

  • sinjin

    i dont see what the big deal is she wasnt always old and if she and her hubby want to be naked all the time and have photos more power to them personally i think its great

  • http://Showbizspy Livia Alexander

    Too bad that sex has to be labeled bad or nasty —when it should be considered a natural part of human behavior.

  • Suzanne

    Who cares… i’m sure lots of married couples have stuff like that GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Betty!!!!

  • Walter

    To whoever it is that has these alledged photos, put them in a brown envelope, mark it personal, and return them to Ms. White. Those are her memories to cherish.

    • executioner

      nah that’s asking too much. that would require the person to be a decent kind caring human. the wretch that is shopping them around is the type that will sell their soul and mother and daughter to a pimp (pimp being the lowest form of life on earth) to make a little coin in order to buy drugs and whatnot. the wretch should be executed. hung by the neck until dead.

  • Wynne

    How about the sleazebag who found the lockbox “belonging to Betty White” returning said lockbox to her instead of stealing it and trying to make a buck? What a jerk.

  • Joe

    The question on my mind is who took the pictures. Is there a third person invovled in this that we don’t know about. If there is than way to go Betty.

  • Jean

    Ha Ha I would’nt be at all surprised if Betty had left the pic’s on purpose, you go girl!

  • Annie

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Betty. 88 and goin’ great!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    Good for Betty!!! If you really know about Betty White, you know she and her husband were very, very much in love and she never really got over losing him. Why is it that young people think older couples never experienced passionate, animalistic, lusty SEX! It isn’t something new, people! And please try to remember, you too, God willing, will get older yourselves.

  • Teresa

    So Betty was/is a little freaky…so what wrong with go girl but Betty come on and whiten those teeth.

  • Bruce

    What’s next, deleted nude scenes from The Three Stooges movies? Some rocks are better off left unturned.

  • Ken

    Now we know why Alan died so young.
    Betty reminds me of my grandmother.
    She was a kick in the pants as well!

    • executioner

      sick fuck. crude.

  • Kevin

    Instead of shopping the photos around the person should be returning them to Betty White. Let her decide if she wants to share them with the public. Those are personal items of a loving couple. Betty has always been as far as I know a thoughtful and loving woman, not to mention beautiful.

  • Gene Bremer

    How old was Betty White when these pictures were suppose to be taken?

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  • Cesar

    I can’t believe these people trying to make money off Betty White and embarrising her in the process, these people have to be the lowest scum of the earth to do that to a 88 year old lady.
    I’ll bet they’d sell thier parents down the river for buck. Why not, they already sold their souls!

  • Will-Edward

    Leave Betty alone darnitt!!!!!!!!!

  • YoOhioGuy

    everyone has sex even your parents; get over and leave Ms Betty alone at least it was with her husband.

  • Jag

    Oh, come on! It was her husband! So what? If anyone should be writing about anything, they should be writing about the fact that someone was disgusting enough to try to sell the pictures!

  • ml

    This is ridiculous! Please Betty White alone! She is such a sweet lady who has lived a nice clean life.

  • ml

    Sorry about my grammar. This is ridiculous! Please leave Betty White alone! She is such a sweet lady who has lived a nice clean life.

  • Quasimodo1957

    Oh boy! I can’t wait. I’ll have to file it next to the Wilfred Brimley sex tape on the shelf.

  • Juanitaville

    Betty White is the person we idolize now. Think of this, however: She’s in her 80s, presents a wholesome image, and people of all ages love her (myself included).

    When I was in my 30s and 40s I did some things that were far from the person I am today. It was a different time in the 70s and 80s. There’s no way I would do those same things today at 66. So, Betty was in some photos that may have been risque. SO WHAT?!

    We should cherish and adore BW as long as we can. I, for one, will appreciate this woman who amplifies true goodness and high moral character.

  • LC

    I love that she’s getting kinky with the love of her life. You’re supposed to keep the sex creative. We should take lessons from her. That’s why she and her husband lasted a lifetime. Go Betty!!!!

    • Padme

      yes, one of the photos shows penile anal penetration. the other one shows facial goopage. and a third shows oral anal contact. most exciting and adventurous. kink at it’s best. i know i am going to learn from those pics.

  • informedwoman

    Aren’t you supposed to have sex with your husband? This is hardly breaking news.

  • Betty White Lover

    I remember my mother talking about Betty White and Allen Luden as a couple. They were admired and obviously in love. People talked about how young, beautiful Betty White put her career aside to marry Luden who had health issues. I’m glad they took pictures but the person who “found” the photos should be arrested for theft. I guess this is the new way to explain how you got hold of something that you shouldn’t have. The police are never around when you need them.

  • Sarah

    there happily married for how many years now?? i think everybody should just leave it alone…. every happily married couples make love

  • John

    Yeah, DEEP THROAT BETTY !! Oh, Betty she does SWALLOW just like Kim Kardashian !!!!!!!!!

  • Scuba

    Stay strong Betty-I have been a fan of yours and Allen for a long time and don’t let these creeps hold you back. Your special and everyone should appreciate and realize that.

  • http://gmail wendy carter

    betty white and allen ludden , so what only they could appreciate those pictures if they exsisted. luv u betty!!

  • http://yahoo so

    Betty White, Dont let some ingnorant sobs make you feel bad. You were very much in love with Alan, I watched you guys on password, I think it was when I waa little, always loved your sence of humor and you grace. You are great and alot of people think so. So live on and be free honey, you deserve it.

  • GGIL

    ok so what if MS White and her late husband do have pictures its NOBODYS BUSINESS BUT THEIRS. PERIOD

  • http://bettywhite terr hoss

    I have absolutely loved betty white since I was a young child….am now 65. She is amazing and hope she lives on and on. I would truly miss her! Wish I had her SPUNK.
    All of you looking to attack her, shame on you and get a life….


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  • ramon gutierrez

    Me gusta

  • jan

    Love the pictures of Betty White – however, would love to see some from her days of “Life with Elizabeth” She was pretty then and is pretty now. How wonderful that she is doing so great at her age – I am 76 and don’t have half the energy and stamina that she does! Go Girl!!

  • jennifer

    i was looking for sex pic.

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    whatever the biggest compliment is times it by seven! :)

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