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Vanessa Hudgens Turns Down Buffy?

Posted by Adam

Vanessa HudgensVANESSA Hudgens has turned down the chance to team up with Sarah Michelle Gellar and bring Buffy the Vampire Slayer back from the dead.

The High School Musical star — who’s currently dating hunky actor Zac Efron – was approached by producers to work alongside Gellar in a big screen reboot of the hit TV show but, according to movie insiders, Vanessa wasn’t interested.

“She felt that with Twlight still so massive Buffy would not be the best option right now,” says one source.

“The idea was to have Sarah back but with Vanessa as a fresh, new character. The project has been shelved for now.”

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  • Pete

    Big mistake for her since after her image was totally destroyed, this could have really boosted her career. After all, what have she done in the last two years? Nothing worthwhile…

  • codymc

    Twilight? REALLY? That’s no reason not to do Buffy! Vampires don’t sparkle!!

  • Spikey

    Geller was never in the frame for this project so I expect this entire story is bullshit.

  • coco

    I smell bs.

  • Willow

    Sarah Michelle Gellar was never attached to the big-screen reboot of Buffy, so I’m not sure how reliable this story is.

    That being said, Vanessa Hudgens attached to anything bearing the Buffy name would be a travesty.

  • inlo

    SMG was never going to be in the “reboot” and has refused to have anything to do with a buffy movie for years so i am calling BS on this report. check you facts. or maby print a story where rupaul is going to be buffy and the whole cast will be in drag. that is about as credable as this one.

  • mjkbk

    This item is SUCH a fabrication.

  • Bookworm_Willow

    Seriously? The Kuzui camp (who had plans to reboot Buffy) has made it clear that they didn’t have plans to use any of the series cast members in the revamp (pun intended), nor do they want Joss Whedon in the mix either. The fact of the matter is this: If there was a movie made with the series cast & Joss Whedon, the crap known as the Twilight Saga would fall apart at the box office. Think about it. Buffy aired for seven seasons and ended in 2003. SFX Magazine listed the series at #4 on the list of Top 20 Shows that Shaped Sc-Fi (only being beaten by Star Trek, The X-Files, & The Twilight Zone). Not to mention, seven years after the series ended, it is still on air, as is its spin-off, Angel. As for Twilight, it just a bad rip-off of BtVS with lead actors/actresses who may be deemed “hot”, but for the most part can’t act. If there is any credibility to this story, Hudgens was right to turn down the role based on the fact that she (along with everyone else) knows this is a bad idea. I’d love nothing more than to see Buffy resurrected from the vault, with what was intended to be the original ending of the series (Buffy stepping to the side, revealing Tara), but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. In the end, I’ll stand by two things: Vampires don’t sparkle and then Buffy staked Edward… The End.

    • Robyn

      Of course the Kuzui’s aren’t really a “camp” so much as an ambulatory shambling mound comprised of equal parts ignorance, falsehood, self-importance, and lack of talent.

      GooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO Orgasmo!!!!!!

      To visit the “Ruang rak noi nid mahasan” fanclub.
      go to

  • Shayde

    I wasn’t going to comment, because this whole thing makes me wanna rip my hair out. What a tease. But I had a question for Bookworm_Willow, if she happens to check on this. You mentioned something about the “Original ending of the series (Buffy stepping to the side, revealing Tara)” and I would like to know what you meant by that. Revealing Tara how?

    • Bookworm_Willow

      Raven is correct. Initially, Joss wanted to bring back Tara as The First (in the episode in which The First- as Cassie- is toying with Willow in the library) but Amber Benson didn’t want to reprise the role of Tara in a manner that she felt would discredit Willow & Tara’s relationship. She also didn’t want to upset the fans. However, as for it not being the original ending of the series, I have asked Amber about this and she said she and Joss had talked about it and had planned on returning for the final episode, but upon the filming of the episode, there was a scheduling conflict as she was under contract and filming elsewhere, therefore making her return impossible. If I’m not mistaken, I saw an interview of her later on youtube where she said the same thing.

      • Horsegirl

        That was an idea for a plotpoint, but it was never the original ending for the show. After all, all that was to happen in the Summers home. The destruction of the town was crafted from the start of planning the season.

      • Bookworm_Willow

        Actually, the ending as it happened (You know, where Sunnydale got “all blowed up”.) was where Buffy was supposed to move away revealing Tara. Again, if I’m not mistaken, Amber Benson was filming in Romania.

  • Raven

    Shayde, I think Bookworm Willow is referring to Joss’s original idea that Buffy would be granted one wish at the very end of the series, and she chose to bring Tara back to life, once again demonstrating her selflessness.

    • Mel

      I would have loved for that to happen. Tara and Willow belong together, forever.

  • MrPointy

    I think I’d throw up if this happened.

  • Cristina

    Vanessa Hudgens as Buffy? Heck no!!! I’d rather have all the original casts even though they’d be older than have Vanessa casted as the greatest heroine.

  • daylight

    Actually that wasn’t the “original ending” for the series, just something Whedon wanted to do late on in the final season. Alas, the actress made herself unavailable…

    (Bookworm_Willow is otherwise correct on factual matters.)

    • Bookworm_Willow

      Please see my response to Shayde above.

  • Amanda

    The only way to make another BUFFY movie work would need to have Joss Whedon taking control of everything, even the cast. The reason the first one failed is because the people he was working with didn’t get it and didn’t seem to care.
    IMO, its Joss Whedon, or no Buffy anything on any screen.

    BTW, SMG said she would sign on for Buffy if she read the script before joining in on it. She doesn’t want to make a reboot if its going to make her career crash to the ground.

    • Jeff Ratcliff

      Unfortunately, the “people who didn’t get it” in the first film are the ones who have the rights to make a new one. They’ve been living off Joss for years because they produced the first film and get money and credits for both the Buffy and Angel series.

  • Johnothan Pedak

    Sadly this actually makes sense.

  • TruthSpeaks


  • Dan

    What a silly girl.

  • TJ

    stupid kid! what did she think that she was too “good” for the reboot? and did she really think that she would still be “twice” as famous as she is now if she did another movie besides buffy? she needs to start making some “good” decisions for a change. i don’t hate vanessa, it’s just i don’t think she chooses her roles that carefully. e.g. bandslam, worst movie ever made. she should do this movie ‘coz she’ll be remembered for a long time and will have a longer carreer if it is a hit. which it will! and besides, twilight saga ain’t that popular. buffy has been going on for years longer than twilight and all the twihards would go see buffy reboot out of interest. she obviously wants her carreer 2 crash 2 the ground.

  • tay

    stop making up stories. jesus christ. gellar would NEVER do a buffy movie w/ vanessa hudgens. joss whedon would NEVER pick vanessa hudgens to work w/ for a buffy project. this is the biggest piece of shit i’ve read this year. whoever posted this IS A FUCKING LIAR.

  • Delfi

    I have been a fan of Buffy since it started in 1997 and I’m still a fan to this day. Like a lot of teenage girls I enjoyed the thought of a small blonde girl fighting the forces of evil and winning, but more than that, this show taught a whole generation of young women the true meaning of ‘girl power’.
    The thought of Buffy being hyjacked by the trite nonsence brigade of today is hugely upsetting for me. What has Twilight ever taught this generation? Bella is the WORST role model for young women, and to be frank the fact that the writer has completely ignored any semblence of established vampire lore in order to peddle her sparkling hairdo of a leading man/vampire, is disturbing. It’s basically Mills and Boon with ‘vampires’.
    Buffy should only ever be resurrected by Joss Whedon and contain most if not all the original cast. Anything else would be an insult to the legions of Buffy fans and would only serve to tarnish the memory what is widely regarded as one of the best sci-fi/fantasy television series ever made.

    • Bookworm_Willow

      Love your sn- It reminds me of Attack of the Gryphon. Bonus points for the last paragraph. It would be an insult to the legions of true Buffy fans.

    • Tentara

      Very well done. Thanks for posting this. As a member of this aformentioned legion I was about to pull my hair out because of this article.

  • Patrick


    No not Vanessa Slut!

  • Helen

    As a BTVS fan for the past decade, I say HELL NO to Vannessa Hudges on this project. She seems vapid and BTVS in no way needs a “fresh” character. Fans love the appeal of the regular cast members. They made the series what it was. Not some new, tween fad like VH who will probably has the celebrity shelf life of butter left out on a hot day.

  • Tina

    Of, course a bunch of computer hugging freaks like you wouldn’t know a good movie if you saw it. Bandslam was loved by the critics. It only failed because of closed minded people like yourself. Your lives are junk. Continue to read your sci-fi and stay out of real peoples lives.

    • Stella

      Disliking a stupid movie doesn’t make somebody’s life “junk” nor does it make them nerds. Grow up, you idiot.

    • Tina

      Talking about the sanctity of an old cancelled television show does that.

      • Bookworm_Willow

        We talk about an old cancelled show, which, by the way, is still aired on television. Out of curiosity, what films do you like? I’d like to get a glimpse of what makes you think you’re the expert?

    • Tentara

      Well, aren’t you a pot calling the kettle black are you not being close minded by calling others opinions the opinions of people whose lives are “junk”. I won’t stoop to your level and call you names because I disagree with you. I’m bigger than that. I’m a nerd in a legion of Buffy fans,and this show will live on longer than this actoress’ career because what it stood for for many of us.

    • ranguvar

      I agree wholeheartedly with sci-fi nerds and ‘real people’s lives’ comment, but, are you saying that Bandslam is real life? Hmmmmmm…. I wonder what fairy tale you’re living in?

  • Stella

    Why would they even THINK of doing a remake? And with an annoying High School Musical tween idol too? Some things should be left untouched.

  • Selina

    Wow, I would love it if they made a movie to finish off the series! I was so heartbroken when it first went off the air, being a fan from the first episode. They need to really end it, Angel too, As for V.H. who the hell is she? Some tween that things she is all that? I have never heard of her except for on these kinds of sites, never seen a movie or tv show with her. SMG (now prinze) was the perfect buffy, she had the right amount of attitude, and athleticism that this series required. Go Buffy!

  • christy

    I agree having this movie come out would be exactly what the BTVS fans have been waiting for, it would totaly make up for the sad send off they had for the show, which didn’t sit well with me, but just to let you know the only way i would see is if the whole entire cast came back or others wise it just wouldn’t work out for me! I can understand what Vanessa is saying about the whole Twilight crazed but what Vanessa doesn’t know is that if it weren’t for BTVS the other Vampire shows and movies wouldn’t even exist cause BTVS set the bar for Vampire movies and brought a whole new generation to the Vampire saga, beside she talks about wanting to change her Imagae and get away from the HSM character, this could be a way to do it, i think she is crazy not to do it cause i know alot of girls espicialy girls who grew up with show like myself would jump at the chance to do this, if they want to do the movie go ahead and do it and forget about VH cause their are more other talented actress out their that would do ten times better job at than VH, beside if they did do it they should jump on it while the ironed is hott for Vampires cause if they wait it might be too late so please bring Buffy back to the big screen!

  • Sirius Recreant

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Joss actually posted here? Hi, Joss! Here’s my pitch (take it or leave it):

    The Buffster, Xander, and Willow the White are called out of midlife bliss (or, in Xander’s case…uh, er, well, never mind…) to battle an evil so great, that it requires the Chosen One, and Willow the White Witch, at the very least. (Recall that all the candidates are now slayers, so vampires are probably practically extinct, and the world is at peace, and everyone sparkles…) They’re called out of retirement by Giles, we hope (wouldn’t be the same without the Watcher!)

    The Great Evil? We need something too creepy for our jaded or sugar-coated youth (Twilight? Really?! That’s just softcore porn) to dismiss without some serious psychotherapy (like Jaws did to me… ). I thought about the Devil, but South Park has ruined his reputation. What idiot would lose sleep over that faerie-tailed old goat, anyway?

    So…how do we top Glory? (The First was lame, IMHO.)

    Cthulhu, of course! Whedon likes to go dark, so let’s have the Scooby Gang and their gleeful teen progeny face darkness deeper than the Ninth Circle of Hell: The abyss of Lovecraft’s imagination. Send audiences home crying for mommy…

    And the end? Pure spiteful Lovecraft…

    (Cthulhu eats Vanessa Hudgens’ character, then coughs out the bones. No sequel for her!)

  • Bookworm_Willow

    Love the idea, but we could add to the plot twist on this… How about factoring in that one “Wicca that won’ta,” did, but the spell only lasted for a certain period of time. Therefore, the potentials that became slayers went back to their normal lives… Perhaps some became watchers to help set up a new Watcher’s Council?! Ooh, and let’s toss in the Cullen family, just to make things interesting, because every true Buffy fan would love to see Edward & Bella get their arses kicked by Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies (Xander, Willow, Cordy, Angel, Spike, Giles,etc.). Also, as noone ever really dies in the Buffyverse, let’s bring back Tara as originally intended, Jenny Calendar, and while we’re at it, Anya would be a refreshing re-addition(as she technically did not die a natural death).

    • Tara_Fan

      It’s interesting that you said “Twilight Saga would fall apart at the box office”, if any of you haven’t read the Buffy Season 8 comic book series the bad guy is someone named Twilight.

      • Mel

        Haha. Joss came up with that whole plotline well before he’d even heard of the Twilight series.

  • Bookworm_Willow

    Oddly enough, I am a fan of the series, as well as the S8 comics. However, just to be clear, I was referring to the freakshow that Stephenie Meyer has seemingly turned into the next Harry Potter. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight. Oh no, in fact, they smoke, spark, then go *poof*, and turn into dust.

    • Mel

      Couldn’t agree more. The whole “sparkling vampire” bit was my initial turn off to Twilight. And then I read it… and realized it was more awful than I could have even imagined, and that the sparkling vampires was the least of it’s problems.

  • ranguvar

    First, if Vannessa Hudgens joined Buffy, it would ruin it. Second, regardless of who they bring it back with or how, Buffy had a good run, let it die and let us all look back upon it with good memories, rather than summoning it back from the dead and torturing it.

  • Chan

    hello!! okay, a buffy revamp now is brilliant, but asking Venessa Anne Suckens, nooo way! she could not be in this movie, she’d make it so bad, i mean it would be awesome to have Sarah Michelle gellar back, but even as an alternate character she would make it a joke, we don’t need sweetness and sunshine, we need kick ass, and she doesn’t read it to me.

  • Harry

    Okay no wait, i wish this were the case because if this were so than SMG and the original cast would be returning, but this aint true it will be a whole new cast which i think is DISGUSTING, Kristy swanson (in my opinion) did a terrible job with her role as Buffy Summers in the original movie but when it came to the TV series and Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped in it was if she was born to play the role & I am disgusted to know that someone else is going to take her role and ruin it. This movie is a soon to be travesty and is unfair to the original cast members of the tv show but most of all it is unfair that joss whedon will not be involved, that his creativity will be completely ruined by a bunch of people who just want to make money.

  • BuffyFan

    Vanessa as Buffy? HELL NO! She would kill the idea of Buffy. Remaking it is even more of a stupid idea. Just let this amazing show, that I still watch, rest at peace. Considering the tv show was already a reboot from the original film that wasn’t a big success. I think Buffy is meant to be a TV show. You can’t fit a great idea in 1-2 hours. If Joss, and the original cast and crew worked on it, this would be the best tv show to hit television. Again.

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    • buffy fan 1

      your a dumbass

  • VladThe Dark_King

    I have watched Buffy from day one and I have to say it would be great to see the show make a comeback. Either bigscreen or TV but face the facts unfortunatly all the cast and crew have moved on to diff things. Sadly as is the custome with the WB the show endend in it’s prime and we all miss it even great things have an end. Vampire or not….

  • koko

    Stup*d! Buffy is like the mother of all cool vampire film like super awesome. She still hopes to be cast in twilight?? poor Hudgens.

  • Aundrea

    Vanessa has nothing to do with twlight so why does she even care. She’s just mad that she’s not going to be the star of the show. You can still bring buffy back you don’t need her.

  • buffygirl

    loved buffy, wish there was a better send off for buff,giles,xan,and will then the way they ended the show.
    put VH in a buffy movie no way she would ruin it
    i say bring back original cast including angel cast spike,cordy and bring it on

  • http://yahoo buffy,willow,giles

    O.K. you know what BUFFY FAN 1 your a DUMB ASS.I KNOW IM WRIGHT

  • Mel

    I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing our beloved Xander than Nicholas Brendon. (Yes, Xander’s my favourite character.) The cast of the TV series worked so well together, even the baddies were popular – how can you not like Glory, despite her ruthlessness? – bringing back Buffy without Whedon and the much-loved cast would be a waste of money. Why are they actually choosing to go ahead without Whedon? Surely they must know how popular he is.