Thursday, June 17, 2010

MEGAN Fox strips down to her bra and knickers for the Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 advertising campaign.

Megan Fox

The campaign shot on location in Los Angeles and will roll out starting from July around the world on online on signature billboards in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.

In addition to the outdoor and digital campaigns, September will see the release of a Cinema commercial with Fox to showcase the collections, according to a release from Armani.

Fox, 24, has previously confessed that she uses her body to get herself attention.

“I’ve always laughed at actresses who complain about having to do sexy roles when they’re starting out,”  she said last year. “Who are they kidding? That’s the key to getting attention and moving on to better things.

“I grew up with this rebellious streak of not wanting to conform. I was sent to this strict Christian school that I hated and we were all told that the theory of evolution was wrong and sex was wrong. It was a nightmare.

“Women are supposed to project their sexuality yet there’s this strange stigma when it comes to talking about sex. I’m not afraid to say how much I enjoy sex. I’m not shy.”

[Picture courtesy of Giorgio Armani]


  • ladyfingers

    too skinny!!! body looks like a dang 2×4. her face is gorgeous though!

  • Joe

    I thought Megan Fox’s boobs were bigger. This is a disappointment. She looks like Vannessa Hudgens in that photo though. Oddd

  • Joe

    Her hair looks nice

  • whatever

    I’ll never buy Armani again. What a troll. Of all the beautiful women in the world they picked this anorexic freak. And that tattoo makes her look dirty like trailer trash. And so what if you enjoy sex – lots of people do so what makes you so different. You look like just another regular person you see at the mall hanging around.

  • Matt

    She is super hot!

  • ally

    her face is stunning

  • Lydia

    @ Whatever. I am not a fan of Megan Fox but if they offered me her body for free, I’d take it. She is perfect. I don’t see bones sticking out and there is not an ounce of excess fat on her. In fact she is tiny and beautifully curvy without being voluptous. As for her tattoo, nearly every single celebrity has one or more and it certainly does not look trashy. I take it that since you can recognise “trailer trash” so quickly, you must live in a trailer park yourself. Methinks you are an extremely vindictive and jealous person and firstly I don’t think you have the money to afford Armani and secondly I really don’t think Armani will lose sleep if you don’t patronise his business.


    The ”TAT” is not where it’s at….ruins a lady’s body, yeah, it does look like dirt

  • Joseph

    what are all of you people talking about to me Megan Fox is one of my perfect girls on the list i would do anything to atleast talk to her and if i could find a girl like that around Texas man i would be happy

  • http://bresnan karl

    megan fox is super hot i would love to sleep next to her for one night she has the perfect body why do you think bumblebee loved her