Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sheryl CrowSHERYL Crow has inspired pal Jennifer Aniston to adopt a baby!

The singer — who adopted now 3-year-old Wyatt in 2007 — recently announced she has adopted her second child, baby boy Levi James, and sources say it has made Aniston — who’s good pals with Crow — realize that if Sheryl can raise kids without a partner in her life, so can she.

“Jen sees how happy Wyatt and now Levi make Sheryl,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “And Sheryl has told Jen, ‘Don’t wait for a man to make a family!’”

Jen, the source says, is already speaking to her lawyers about her options for adoption.

“Money isn’t an issue, but time is,” explained the mole. “Jen doesn’t want to wait four years, like Sandra Bullock did, to get her adopted child. She’s hoping it will take no more than a year.

“Sheryl has invited Jen to spend time with the boys so she can get a feel for what it’s like to be around a baby and a toddler. Jen is going to make sure to do that. She can’t wait to hold Levi — and eventually become a mom herself.”

In 2008, Crow — who has previously dated cyclist Lance Armstrong — said she had no qualms about being a single mother.

“For my whole life, I had a pretty clear picture of what my life was supposed to be. I was supposed to have a big career but at the same time a husband, the house and the kids. That’s what I knew. That’s what a successful life consisted of,” she said.

“A family doesn’t always look like girl meets boy, they fall in love, they get married, they have a kid,” Crow went on. “I said, ‘OK, I’m going to let go of what I think things are supposed to look like, because I can’t control anything. When I try to control things, that’s when I keep things from happening.’

“Two days before Wyatt came, I finished a Stop Global Warming college tour.

“When a baby comes into your life, the environment becomes so personal. Having him around, this little innocent spirit, really made me fearless about writing what I wanted to write and about not being afraid of who I was going to piss off. It created a lot of urgency about that.”

In December 2008, Aniston mused to Entertainment Weekly about having kids of her own : “I feel like that’s in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way,” she said.

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  • dougl4

    fyi, there is a nice high quality collection of all sheryl’s naked pics posted at

  • aplus

    I would suggest a hole in Jennifer’s head first, rather than a baby.

  • Peekaboo

    A baby??? Latest coveted fashion accessory for Anniston is a baby? God forbid. She is reported to be, and certainly seems to be, “obsessed” with her looks…if she is that self-absorbed, she doesn’t have her heart in the right place. The fact that she wants to hurry up and not have to wait like other mere mortals simply tells me that a baby would indeed be just for her own happiness, not a baby’s.

  • DJ

    Peekaboo… where do you get this info about Ms. Anniston? From what I have heard, she is nothing but a class act… so stop spreading lies… on the other hand, Ms. Jolie has adopted numerous children overseas, none in the US… you know why, she is nuts, even her own father stated that and that is why she adopts overseas… so stop the anniston bashing and if you have to speak the truth, talk about jolie being nuts!

    • stopthehate

      jen is more like a clown act to me, with her obsession on her looks and flat abs. well angie adopted overseas so what? why draw a boundary which race of kids need help? the important thing is she is helping. and what has jen done so far? oh wait, yes she was in mexico and now in hawaii flaunting her unnatural aging bod.

  • Maritza

    Well if Aniston is going to adopt she should do it quick while she is still in her early forties, she won’t want to look like the baby’s grandmother if she keeps waiting for the right moment. The moment is now!

  • TruthSpeaks

    This story is OLD! SBS you are so late since this was reported like less than 18 months ago!

    DJ, no disrespect but Jennifer know she had to go through some tests before adopting so it’s no surprise she either still going through the process or still haven’t because she do have to take psychology/mental tests.

    This proved if a person is fit to adopt a child and not because they have issues. So Peekaboo is right on certain things.

  • Alabama

    The same Jennifer/adoption story keeps coming around again every few months. I have to wonder about these “sources” who keep telling the tabloids such things. The sources couldn’t stay close to her if they kept spilling actual secrets — it would be too obvious who was doing it. And no real friends would publicize/sell the intimate details we seem to hear about her every week. So is it her PUBLICISTS spreading these constant rumors? YA THINK?? Cheryl Crow and really most other celebrities mostly live their lives without much tabloid publicity — they don’t have “sources” constantly dishing dirt about them (unless they’ve been doing things like sleeping with tattooed strippers!). So why do you suppose that everything about Aniston is always a headline? It’s not like she’s the hottest star around. Do you think that maybe it’s because her “sources” (her publicists) keep TRYING to create headlines? God help any kid who ends up as part of that circus!!

  • harley

    These dodo’s can’t find a man and then subject ‘their’ children to their neurotic’ lives.. Nature didn’t want them to have children for a reason. THey should remain old spinsters.

  • jay

    all u talking shit about sheryl, jennifer and sandra can kiss my ass… it’s probably old hags that are jealous that they had a succesful career and now want to have a family like any other person and it kills them inside. If people were never meant to adopt children then why not abort them all then?!! These women want to have a child and give them everything they never had and all u hags are just bitchin….

    All of u complaining really ask urselves wat have u done to better the world?

    • jainu

      These celebrities are ridiculous, completely lacking in any type of morals and family values. Now if there is a gynecological problem preventing Crow, Jolie, Bullock, or Aniston from having children then I apologize, but its hard to believe that they all have these issues. So it seems to me that they want a child (because its the in thing to do, or they feel it will fill some void in their lives), but they do not want the stretch marks, morning sickness, or weight gain that comes with pregnancy. They are selfish, self absorbed, and removed from reality. It always amazes me how any of us could walk outside our homes, poll 100 people about their religion, and we would find Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslim, etc., but if you do the same thing in Hollywood you get Kabala, Scientology, etc. Its like they have such unfulfilling lives that they have to search for things. And don’t get me started on the having babies and letting a team of nannies raise them. They don’t care if this is harming the child. They don’t care if the child has a father. Ridiculous.

      • heyhey

        this is rediculous! how would you feel if people were battleing your life out on the web?! cant you people get a life and stop trying to decide her life for her?

      • louise

        jainu, jolie has 3 biological kids, why did you include her in the list? lol. also having nannies is not bad per se, my youngest sister who is now 17 still has a nanny because of her condition and mom could not take care of us 24/7. we grew up to be independent minded and more understanding why our parents have to work and leave us to other people. the important thing is that mom and dad spend quality time with us when they’re home and that’s enough for us.

  • aplus

    heyhey is right. we dont have the right to decide her life for her.

  • Sue

    Well I think Sandra did what any “normal” non celeb does. Why should they be treated better than anyone else? What about all those reg people that want children , but have to wait years to adopt?
    She should do what all other people have to. She is no more special then the next person. I wish her the best.


    this page is pretty much like jennifer – BORING AS HELL

  • What?

    this article like the WHORE JENNIFER is very shallow and boring

  • veronica

    i am interested in finding a celebrity to adopt my unborn child i see u ave posted things on that so maybe u can help

  • Lily

    Those who said that Nature didnt give children to women they are awful people many mothers lost babies (stillborn) and we are good mothers if we adopt so dont blame them if for health reasons(like myself) couldnt have kids many women have cardiovascular problems and cant have babies because they can die.


    People, Jennifer refused to have a baby with Brad Pitt for several years, always giving him an alternate date, after this sitcom, after this movie, after, after, after. Brad was 40+, LOVED kids, and loved helping people, the last two of which Jennifer did not share. When he met Angie, she apparently loved children and wanted to help the people of the world – no wonder he moved on – I think he was sick of Jennifer’s selfish nature who only seemed to care about fame and her looks. Also, Angie did have 3 natural children (US citizens) and there is nothing wrong with adopting children of other countries which have much poorer living conditions and giving them a better life. All power to her and others like her who are willing to take in the unwanted of the world. Bottom line, don’t hold your breath waiting for Jennifer to adopt any child. It isn’t going to happen. Maybe, and I say a big maybe, Jennifer may have a natural child someday but she is in her 40′s now and who knows if she would even be able to. Don’t see it happening. Prove me wrong.