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Posted by Adam

Josh BrolinJOSH Brolin has mischievous side!

The Hollywood hunk has revealed how he let Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem struggle to find his Los Angeles home after receiving faulty directions from their car’s GPS system.

“They come here from Spain, they’re jet-lagged also. Everybody gets stupid when they’re jet lagged,” said Brolin, who invited the sexy couple couple to his house for lunch.

“They were on their way to my house. [My wife] and I had set up a nice thing for them… finally I get a call from Penelope that says, ‘Josh, I’m very sorry but I can’t find your house’. And then I hear Javier in the background going, ‘Where the hell is his house? We are like in the forest right now!’ It was too interesting going back and forth. It’s much more fun not picking them up.

“Now Javier is going to be so p**sed at me, but that’s OK.”

Brolin stars alongside Megan Fox in new movie Jonah Hex and recently admitted it was “very nice” filming sex scenes with the Transformers star.

“Those scenes were very nice,” he said. “But it was all a little uncomfortable because of the prosthetic I had to wear as Jonah Hex.

“There’s kind of a rope-idermis halfway on my face and that’s not ideal in that situation.”[imagebrowser id=406]

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