Miley Cyrus ‘Desperate For Liam Hemsworth to Propose’

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miley CyrusMILEY Cyrus wants her boyfriend to propose.

Sources say the 17-year-old actress is desperate for hunky Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth — whom she met while filming their recent movie The Last Song — to commit to their relationship.

“Miley has always been in a rush to grow up, and now she’s getting impatient waiting for a strong commitment,” an insider said.

“She says if he doesn’t get more serious about their relationship, she’s gone for good. So she’s acting like a spoiled brat who isn’t getting her own way.

“She feels she truly loves him and wants to talk about spending their lives together. Liam just isn’t ready to go there.”

Miley recently spoke of her fears that Liam could leave the US, and her, at any time.

“I don’t want to be heartbroken. He could go back to Australia any second,” she said earlier this month. “But I’m happy. It’s different from anyone else because he really is just an awesome friend too.”



  • Crazy Kitten


  • Crazy Kitten

    Oops, sorry but anyway, Miley, try not to grow up so fast, enjoy your teen years while they last.

  • Nick

    I can’t believe that ppl fall for that kind of sh*t.
    Miley does NOT want to get married. She is way too young , get over it.

  • Crazy Kitten

    You never know, lately, she has been doing alot of weird things.

  • stephen

    Whats so sad is little girls throughout the world idolize this gal who is dressing and acting like a whore. Hollywood encourages that kind of behavior, but parents should disengage any of their children from further listening to this fake. She was fake when she was an idol, she was fake when she said good things and was sweet and wholesome. Now we see who she is. She wants what she wants and has no concern for the little ones who copy her. Lets turn every child watching the DISNEY CHANNEL into little whores. That is sad that Disney isnt concern about one of their own and how she impacts children. Hollywood is unbridled. Time to put a muzzel on it using our buying dollars. Stop watching Disney. Stop watching this teenage slut. Stop!

  • susie

    the video is dark, slutty, and any thought i had about my daughter watching this little whore are not justified. wheres billy ray when u need him? i guess being raised by him is like being raised by no one at all. Apparently, Disney and Hollywood felt it was time for Miley to graduate into whoredom. I would like to see this video cancelled so kids wont be able to see it. It should be an embarassment for Disney. Im reprogramming the tv to EXCLUDE DISNEY and anything that would show this child acting like a street prostitute.


    • Crazy Kitten

      I totally agree with you ladies, it’s time someone pulled the plug on Miley, I mean geez, every concert she does now or video she has on these sexy outfits and more and more disgusting things she is doing, that’s not exactly what little girls or any kid should see at all. I hope her parents pull her handbrakes up or Miley is history.

  • TruthSpeaks

    She have been trying to grow up too fast since she was 14 and her parents should be blame for that for not teaching her the right way to shed her good girl image. Sure there’s no such a thing as a 100% good girl but when Miley started to do some really grown up things one of them at age 15 was dancing on a pole like a stripper we all know where she heading for.

    Other people stick up for her saying she don’t drink, do drug or partying well a person don’t have to do either but when they pushing themself to the limit one never know where they will end up. For all we know she could end up in a psych ward if she go too far and a huge backlash comes with her fame and income going down the drain.

    She wanted to get married she just never actually said when but if she push Liam I hope he do the decent thing by running far from her! I see a very short relationship and she have no idea she may just end up like a cross between Britney Spears in her younger days (married 3times) and Lindsay Lohan.

  • Julie BubbleGums Lil SIS

    There is one thing I can guarantee you Susie your kids will learn no tolerance, or the fact that this young lady is 17. I have seen a whole lot worse and if you think this young lady is slutty walk around Wal-Mart and then tell me she is any worst than the rest of the young women out and about in anytown USA. The only difference is she is getting the edge to compete on the same level and deal with transitioning to the likes of Lady GaGa, Christina Aguillera, and all the others who are not country singers. And if you look at the outer package and base your opinion on that. Then it is easy to say you will have raised children into adults who are intolerant, ignorant, and unable to adapt to the world they will find theirselves in. And believe me as a former family and drug counselor often my clients were the offsprings of narrow minded individuals such as your self who thinks they are doing such a great service to protect their children. When instead you could use it as a tool to talk about self esteem, dressing modestly to allow her own inner beauty out, and not projecting a immage that is based on such shallow things as to be a part of the in crowd. I am sorry if I am too blunt. I am sick and tired of hearing parents whine about a young woman in a business that will use the children to know end and then they are left with nothing. Actors and Actresses, singers, and even us every day people have to reinvent themselves along the path of life. If it is the wrong path like with Lindsey Lohan then you can sit back and brag about how at 17 you knew she was going to be a slutty drug addict. But take a look around. Her manager, a music company, and publicist are not going to let her do this without a goal in sight. So kick it down a notch and get over the, “OMG SLUTTY STUFF”. She is still someone’s child. And more importantly she is God’s child. Would you like for God to judge your child as harshly as you are her? And lastly remember one thing, you are the parent! Not Miley Cyrus, Not Billy Ray Cyrus, or any of the other ones… YOU… what you teach is what they will repeat and emulate. And you really don’t want your child to look back and say, ” I hate you, because you never cared about my thoughts or ideas. Or explained why I could not see a girl who dresses like the rest of the R&B, Rock, and other music genre’s”. So good luck on opening your eyes and realizing her clothing is not going to make your daughter a slut. But your over protecting her may force her to become one, simply because you drove her to it, by missing golden opportunities to help her develop proper self esteem. In doing that she will not need boys or sex to validate who she is as a person.

  • chrissie

    I don’t think anything she’s doing is slutty…she’s a smart girl and doing what she thinks is necessary to lose her Hannah Montana persona and have a sustainable career. It’s a drastic step, perhaps, but it seems to be working. How many child stars actually go on to have successful careers as adults? She’s not a little girl anymore and frankly, I find her and her “new” career a refreshing change from Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and all the others. I think Miley has a good business head on her shoulders and will be around for a long time. I hope so….

  • saratogalewisville

    I find her just like any other teen, just finding herself. In a world of Hollywood…in my opinion…is healthy. She continues to be drug free as we all know how damaging that can be and she is growing up testing and learning her limits. Yes my daughter watches Hannah Montana on Disney, but the shows were recorded back in 2002-2005 timeframe. During that time she was still a little girl. Now she has grown up. I’d say lighten up. If her mother and father raised her to the best of their ability, I’d say she is not at more risk than a single mother working 2 or 3 jobs with 4 or 5 kids. We as parents can parent the best of our abilities even if you or your grandmother did it differently. She is not some high school drop-out who is having her 3 baby by 17, but yet a successful singer/actress. None of us are perfect and she is trying to rid herself of the Hannah Montana good girl image. Doesn’t sound bad to me. She actually seems pretty level headed and knows for the most part what she wants in life,love and career. Bravo Miley!!!

  • Dancerjona

    She is not some slut!!!! Now if this were a Rihanna page I’d have to agree, but this is not the case. Was Madonna a whore when she dressed in lingerie on stage? Or Lady Gaga for that matter and how about Janet jackson sun bathing in the nude??? Has Miley done these things?? Is she a whore and drunk like lindsay lohan? No. Why are you all wanting to banish her? Every Disney child star grows up and in the case of Gary Coleman (not a disney start, but a child star) he never found suitable employment after his teen years. Raven Symone transitioned and was playing a high school child even though she was in her 20′s. All kids grow up and she cannot stay Hannah Montana forever. Was Adam Lambert hated when he gave his racy performance on the past awards show this year? No….so leave her alone.

  • susana

    Miley is only 17! i dont think she knows what she wants. Shes just saying that she wants to marry him because she loves him1 But all people who love each other don’t neccessarily get married they just enjoy each others company. next thing you know shes gonna be toting around a kid on her arms and in the headlines it will be saying “I wish I would’ve waited i’m not ready for this”. Even though she think she may be ready, she is not. I think she shouldn’t do it.

  • http://Showbizspy mh

    People need to take a look at themselves and their own lives before you start critizing hers. SHe is a young woman now, not the little girl who started life in the business as Hannah Montana. She is just trying her wings and she will make lots of mistakes before she is in her twenties. There are lots of stars older than Miley and acting four times worse. If you don’t like her, quit commenting on her and take care of your own business. She has so many fans of all ages and she will always be scrutinized for her actions no matter if they are good or bad. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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