Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kim KardashianKIM Kardashian IS dating Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin — but she’s determined to take things “slowly” — insiders say.

The socialite — who split from NFL star Reggie Bush earlier this year — was recently rumored to be dating Miles, but denied the claims — insisting she’s still single.

“They are dating,” a source close to Kim, 29, told Us Weekly magazine, “but she doesn’t want to rush anything.

“Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle.”

Back in May, Kim said she was single and on the hunt for a husband.

“I do not have a boyfriend. I’m on the market and I’m really happy,” she said. “I haven’t been single for years. I never thought I’d like to be single, but I’m on such a schedule that allows me to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and go to the gym.

“I’m not really the dating type. I’m a relationship sort of girl so you won’t see me out so much.

I really feel that the next one that will come into my life will be my husband.”

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  • Michael Mirzoyan

    Kim is astonishingly gorgeous.

  • CC


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    • Kris

      Umm its Kourt and by the way shes beautiful!!
      im pretty sure not every mommy looks as good as her!

  • Joan Conway

    The Kardashian ladies have “no legs” so to speak!

    Do you seriously think they will be trend setters 5 to 7 years from today?

    They will also be divorced too. Bruce Jenner didn’t do a good job of playing surrogate father and that they even agree on.

  • Joe B.

    Why doesn’t Kim like white guys? I think it is because daddy was friends with O.J.

    • trina

      kim doesn’t like white men, because they are not known for having big dicks. and plus you know what they say, once you go black you never go back!

      • The Hog

        I went Black a couple times, and I went back, but not to white chicks, tan skin Asian mama’s

      • Bill

        I was always told once you go black. We dont want you back. Sure this sounds as if it would be a racist comment. But, In the midwest this is a very common saying. And lets face the facts Kim is nothing more than an attention whore.
        And The hog is right about his comment..But, It’s once you go Asian you dont want caucasian.
        P.S. This is to be taken as a joke not the Gospel.

      • of course

        ^^^I hear that! On my end, a gorgeous black woman is usually a incredible freak with an endless sexual appetite, who aims to please. Flat assed blondes are the worst in bed! But I love those Japanese honeys….mmm….mmm…mmm!

        \/\/\/Ugh. Glad I don’t live in the mid-west. Sad.

    • Europemale

      Trina: Your information is False. Look it up. European men, whom are WHITE have the biggest dicks in the world, not black men.

      • of course

        that’s “who are white” (subject of the subordinate clause) and with regard to dick size-wrong.

  • Joe B.

    Why doesn’t Kim like white guys? I think it is because daddy was friends with O.J.



    • iu


    • The Hog

      You sound like a sad ass groupie hoping your lame ass message will get you to meet these to clowns. You think they are really going to call you up when they read your goofy message? Pleeeaaassseeeeee…..they just like you for the attention and the fame…your a nobody to the two ” Socialites” Stop dreaming honey, your not ever going to hollywood and have your 5 minute visit with the karnobody’s.

      • Kris

        “The HOG” ur just a jealous little Bitch!!
        and Judy trust me honey you dont sound like a sad ass groupie but this ass hole hog sounds like a sad as dick face!!

      • The Hog

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny funny FUNNY KRIS…..HAHAHAHAHA…WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a crush on one of the Karnobody’s? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA


    What a slut…Reggie Bush’s DNA hasn’t even dried up in her.

  • Ralph J.

    She doesn’t want to be treated good….She likes being mistreated…Sex tapes & all…lmao…Ho Bag…

  • randomasshole

    Kim will walk a mile up hill in the snow for some black cock!!

  • http://yahoo Breanna

    what a slut!!!

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  • Kingpunkfunk

    Hey…truly, more power to those girls; far be it from me to badmouth anyone – I just don’t know what it is that they do. What do they do? All I hear about is how quickly they bootstrap along to the next rich guy. In my neighborhood, ‘socialite’ isn’t the operative word here…

  • heavenhollywood

    i love it how she lovess the black dick lol i love kim and khloe soon as soon as kourt get some in her she wont go back neither where the kardashians rule

  • Jon

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  • mike santo

    That whole family should be killed. A bunch of Nigger lovers. Robert Kardashian is rolling in his grave because of his daughters only dating Niggs. I wish someone would do a Mark David Chapman on her and her sister. They are poision to all young white girls growing up. And all you black sisters out there, where are your balls letting these white bitches take your rich black men, step up and beat them down or assasinate them to send a message to all white girls taking your good men. STEP UP SISTERS please!!!!!!

    • C.K.

      Well Kim and Khloe choose to cohabitate with the stronger race. They hear the reports of the demise of the global white race. Anyway who would desire to mate with a species of men that hold Glen “Sob Sob Cry Cry” Beck out as a national hero/role model. LMAO!!!

  • Metal Mulisha

    If you wanna fuck a Kardashian, go after Kourtney. She hasn’t been ridin’ all these niggers for publicity. Ray-J tore Kim a new one and Kloe’s sasquatch ass is gettin rolled by that black B-Ball monster. Can’t have any good white girls theses days! (but go after a good lookin’ sista and…look out) Just sayin’.

  • DizDan

    Howd she lose the weight? Cookie diet in West LA, Spa Body Makeover in Santa Monica, or the quicktrim BS? All I know is my girl needs help like that! Any ideas anyone?

    • Mario

      C.K you are a genius and remember it was ” whitey” who created aids and war all over the world stealing everyone’s wealth. The white race is in terminal decline. Whitey is a minority.
      Go Bro Go

      • The Hog

        Oh you must mean rich powerful shot calling white men went to war and stole peoples wealth. Cause this white man has not, and you ” whitey is going down” blah blah non sense is just that, non sense. I am 39, by the time that if and when there were no more whites, well no one on here will be around to see it, and that means you to clown. So stop beating the racist war drum Cochise and relax.

  • mike santo

    Get HIV from a black NBA player and you’ll slim down, that where most of the HIV is, in the black population, FACT!!!!!!

    • BReal

      ATTN: Mike Santo you are complete ignorant ASS. Cut the crap with your blatant racist BS! How dare you assassinate the Black race with your torrid assaults. You are clearly a misguided dumb-ass with no class. Don’t hate–why do you care who the Khardashias are fucking and oh by the way they are “Armenian” — are they considered “white” in your racist handbook. Maybe if you would get your head out of your ass you could have a life instead of spewing venom on someone else….YOU ARE A MAJOR ASSHOLE–don’t hate loser!

  • john

    LoL… Everyone getting a turn hitting this chick. In a few years I think its gonna be my turn…!!

    • Sick and tired

      It’s amazing how much racism still exist and how IGNORANT some people are. You got to be freaking kidding me that you “NOTHINGS” are mad because the Kardashians LOVE black men. This goes to all of you “nigger haters”….pathetic. Well, to burst a couple of bubbles…they are not white and DO NOT claim to be. You should be embarrassed, laying claims on people who do not acknowledge your race. Ha ha…idiots!!!!! And to John….I very seriously doubt that she would even converse with you. Come back to Mars. And to C.K, you sure do know what to say…the stronger race. Prayer goes out to all you haters!

      • K

        ditto :)

      • The Hog

        So what do they claim to be? They look pretty white to me. You sound like you really love them, so you should ask them which race box they checked when they got a job. Oh that’s right, you do not have to fill out an app when you become a ” socialite”. I think the only requirment is to have a rich daddy, and go to parties in skimpy clothes and all of America’s silly dream world women will love you and watch your stupid tv show and make you more rich so you can buy your husband a 400,000 dollar car,while the working class women drive Honda’s and dream and wish they were you.

  • The Hog

    I am a white man and it does not bother me any more with the race thing, I ditched the white chicks years ago for the Asian honey’s. Asians are way coller chicks any day of the week, which get’s me to my point here. You know, These two are nothing but bimbo’s, they do nothing!!! Socialite means someone who just goes to parties and social events to be in the lame ” in ” crowd of Beverly Hills. I mean really, who cares about these two? They may be rich, but they are still no body’s, just a bunch of rich spoiled whites girls out of touch with real life America and our society is so lame we put them on pedestals. I will take a women from the real world before I would ever take one of these tramps. No matter the money, because in case the two ” socialites” have not heard, ” you can not buy real love, it is earned”. So have your fantasy world and stay disconnected from the real world people girls, cause you aint nothing anyway but rich bimbo’s. A bimbo is a bimbo.

  • Sick and tired

    John that should have been come back from Mars….you get the drift.

  • Mario

    The stronger race will prevail, you are too cool CK. White girls are so boring and physically unattractive, a straight shape with a FALAT ARSE. They think more about themseves than they are actually worth, boring to see sexually, how could a real man got to bed with a curveless flat ass ass.

  • http://yahoo Bettie

    I love the Kardashians. They live their lives just like anyone els. We are all one race. The HUMAN race. We all have red blood running through are vains. We are all people but, from different places on Earth. Don’t be jealous because someone has a better life than yours. They do work hard. Just because they like to look their best does not make them hoes or bitches!

    • The Hog

      Well love them all you want from your tv set, but I assure you, they do not ever care to know or love you. Your a nobody regular person.

  • K

    Wow I cannot believe how much racism is on this page! Why are you people even caring about which types of men these women date?? What does race have to do with it at all?? If Kim prefers a certain one, that is HER business. I’m surprised at our generation and at how low you adults think on here. Wow sad sad world. Cannot believe you guys are even using the “n” word on here and discriminating black people! Wowww. I’m not even white or black but I feel sorry for how some of you people think! Regardless if it’s online or in your home. You people must have really bad manners and mentality :(

    • The Hog

      I am not in the race card on here but it seems to me the racist comments are coming from every one. Not just the whites, so let’s be fair. And we should be honest here, some black people just love to see a white women with a black man it gives them an inflated sense of weird ego. And some whites are just jealous I admit, but the race card is played by all these day’s, not just whites.But every one loves to the fact that white people are not reproducing as fast as others and it makes them feel powerful, well, in 2050, you will either be dead or really old and will not be caring to much how many white people are left here. Get over it.

  • Kev

    Can’t this chick date a white dude once just as a lark? I’m all for her being whoever she wants to be with, but this is a little goddamn ridiculous.

  • Kesse

    OMG! I can’t beleive what I’m reading on this page.
    Anyway, one thing is for sure; Any human hating on another just because they are rich and famous will never grow and will never be happy. Even if you don’t like ‘em you can respect ‘em by simply minding your business! HATING ON PEOPLE UNJUSTLY WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU A SMALLER PERSON! LORD HAVE MERCY…

    • The Hog

      And your a day dreaming groupie that wishes you were a Karnobody being a ” Socialite”.

  • The Hog

    UUUGGHHHHHHH KHloey….u better lay off the socialite sauce honey or stay out of that black dress cause your beer belly is showing

  • Magnolia

    I went black a couple times and I’ll never go back. It was gross and NOT all black guys have big dicks. The biggest dicks I’ve ever seen have come from white men. I love me some white lovin’

  • SAM


  • Amanda

    Wow, what an ignorant person you are I am ashamed ….you are making us “white” people look bad acting so stupid…Maybe you are from a small ass town where you have never met anyone but white people, if you get out of your tiny town in the middle of nowhere you will find a little more culture but for now you just need to shut up….

  • Amanda

    And none of you white guys on here are as good looking as Reggie anyways… plus she is rich, really yall think you have a chance?? ha ha ha

    • The Hog

      I don’t think anybody on hear thinks they have a chance except lame ass chicks like you who wish they were her.

  • DrKayMS

    Who really gives a crap about the Kardashian girls? They are spoiled brats who have only made a name for themselves by their behavior around men and parties. They all make me sick. Beautiful girls – but not a brain cell God gave them in their head. I’m sick of hearing about them and their exploits. I just turn the news off or go to another page on the computer, so I don’t have to see them. They are ony stars in their own head. The lots of them.I wish they would just take them off TV and be done with it.

  • stevie

    the reason that those chiks are hooking up ith black dudes is for the cash money and fame do you think if reggie wasnt playin ball kim would have hooked up with him? get real foolz!

  • jay


  • jay


  • Annette

    i’am a white girl i have fucked black guys with big cocks hispanic guys with big cocks and whites with big cocks they were ok…im with a hispanic guy now with a nice average size one…and he can work it….my black friend told me …once you had a latino you will want his bambino…anyways big cocks …small cocks…whatever as long as they work it good

  • Girl

    Does it matter that the guy she’s reportly dating is half white? So she kinda likes it white as long as there’s some black in there I guess. U rock Kim, screw as many brothas as you want as long as they ain’t the ones I’m with. LOL . Face it, some white women just like it black and some don’t. Don’t be mad that a good looking talentless white chick like Kim would be more inclined to date a black guy over a white guy. She exotic looking and wants a man who she thinks looks good with her exotic juicy ass.

    • The Big Fat Hog

      You mean big ole greasy rump roast butt don’t you?

  • glyph

    Its just a fact of life that racist losers will always exist who are unhappy with themselves and dont have anything better to do with their lives than make silly comments like Mike Santo, Magnolia and Metal Mulisha. Ignore these assholes all they want is attention anyway- one can only imagine what THEIR women look like if they even have one compared to Kim.

  • http://yahoo jay jones

    big fat hog is just mad that he can’t have her big rump roast butt and we can!

    super black man!!

    • The Big Fat Hog

      Pretty funny..even though it is racist…but see this white man can handle a good crack..I don’t have sensitive skin

  • http://yahoo jay jones

    kim is a very sexy woman that just happens to be attracted to black men… with it!!

    super black man!

  • http://yahoo truth

    she must also be attracted to dogs

  • Ashley

    Fame-whore :roll: Their eye lashes look painful! Just sayin…

  • big al

    nigger loving white whores who like to lap up coon gizz and let it drip from thier bubble butts

  • Commie Smasher

    “The Hog” is right on the money. Kudos to you, my friend, for you are actually trying to make things better. The obsession with one race by the Kardashian sluts is a condition; if there were a high-profile all ‘white’ family that was this race obsessed they would have been given a roto-router-style psychological examination by the media that would most assuredly ‘proven’ that they were racists. End of story.

    Now blow us, leftist cocks.

  • Jake

    Nigger loving family.  Real classy ladies.

  • Mango Lady

    Nthing but a bunch of nigger loving mullato dropping kid, whores.

  • irish 1020

    Kim is a gross nigger lovin whore!!!!