Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartRUMORED lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were “all over each other” at the Eclipse after-party in Los Angeles Thursday night.

According to E! News, the pair — Rob, 24, and Kristen, 20 — couldn’t keep their hands off each other while attending a rooftop party at the Thompson Hotel.

“They were kissing, nuzzling, holding hands and embracing,” a source revealed.

“He’s so into her. The way he looks at her is so passionate.

“She was so smiley.”

Recent reports claimed Rob and Kristen’s friends can “totally see” the couple getting married.

“I can totally see them doing it,” blabbed one pal.

“So many times now they’ve made us think they had already done it. They’ll go away for a long weekend and then, when they come back, Rob will refer to Kristen as his wife, and she’ll be all giggly and blushing.

“They’re just crazy about each other. It’s like an addiction.

“If any Hollywood couple is likely to elope, it’s Rob and Kristen.

“A big wedding would be her worst nightmare. She hates being in the spotlight, and even if she wasn’t a celebrity, she wouldn’t want a big ceremony; she hates people fussing over her. She’s like an anti-bride.”[imagebrowser id=416]



  • Ashleigh

    i believed this story up until the ‘she was so smiley’ part! lol! :D also isnt it amazing that nobodyt thinks to take a picture of any of these PDA displays? hmmmm… also would like to put this out there-

    • eagles125

      Ashleigh, when the sun becomes black happens at the end of the world. In Revelations a third of the uns and the moon becomes black. Revelation 8:12.

    • Tracy Terry

      i’d like to put this out there… Kristen looks great naked. i was hiding in her closet when she was undressing and got some really hot photos

      • Katie(biggest Twilight Saga Fan EVER)

        YOU ARE A PEDO

    • Laura

      eagles125! Sun becomes BLACK whenever ther is an ECLIPSE!!!!! :)) You got it now? Smart boy this Rob…

  • Emma

    Lies! I think they’re in love but they would not be “all over each other” at a hollywood party.

    • Tracy Terry

      where did i put that pop tart?

  • Elizab eth

    Ashleigh does this mean they are a couple for real or are we just mocking the story because its all bull??? I read they didn’t leave together ?

    • Tracy Terry

      i was waiting in the wings

  • Kayli

    They didn’t leave together – they DID have pictures together and those were for a few members of the press and fans that managed to be at the aftershow party.

    Other reports state that with the exception of those photo’s they hardly spent any time together during the aftershow at all. They had separate tables, away from each other.

    As with all stories relating to this shambles of a relationship this report should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    There is a good photo of Rob (although I hate he was caught in that moment) eating, you can clearly see Kristen behind him (backs are toward each other), but they don’t look ‘all over each other’ in it, despite the fact that neither one of them appears to be with anyone else.

    • Tracy Terry

      maybe they just want us to THINK that they are not sleeping together.. Kristen suggested this to me in bed last night

    • kimk34

      acually they are photosw of them together…and they are one of them eating together….kristen is eating and he is sitting beside her talking to her…they are also a video on you tube that girl caught on her phone while she was there..rob and kristen together dinking and having fun…idk if they are together but i think they are…for one thing you don’t look at someone the way they do and not have feelings…i also watched a video of them and taylor anserwing questions and you can toally see it…

  • eagles125

    E was not the only news agentcy there. The others reported that they were not sitting together and were hardly seen with each other. How can they be all over each other?

    • Tracy Terry

      toilet breaks

    • meiyee

      did it even happened? after after party….but no pics to prove it did happen. And Rob said that he needed to work at 5am, did he even go there? All in all, did this ALL even happen? E is not trustworthy we all knew that, and others reported that probably are just “copy cat”.

  • Tracy Terry

    nice legs, Kristen

  • http://showbizspy Thinker

    So did he mean when the sun turns black, that’s an eclipse and he was being funny b/c that’s the name of the movie? Imagine the “Robstens” actually believe he will make an announcment on the next eclipse that they are a couple for real LMFAO ROTF :)

    • delle1

      It’s ok pewart,let these haters think what they want to,they’re all idiots anyway……..
      Actually,you are right….there were two parties.The 2nd one was for cast,crew and friends only which is the one that Rob and Kristen were together.He didn’t have an early morning shoot it was delayed for an afternoon night shoot…….Kristen had her WTTR premiere at the LA film festival………there are heaps of pics of the 2nd party where they’re sitting together and there’s even one with Sam Bradley in it…..hope this info helps….oh and they left the party at 3am…….

      • open book!

        Welcome Honeybee!

        I recognized the picture. I thought your old name was fun! This one (delle1) is boring. Remember now? Yes, I thought so.

        Anyway, I recognized your writing patterns. When u are describing Robsten u get very excited… Oh, well! Keep hope alive!!!!!!!!! I hope it all works out for u.

        Oh! By the way did u catch the comment R made at the E! Live premiere?

        I would be angry if my significant other was advertising, “people just have to sleep with me I guess” in response to the question “how can fans understand the RPatz fever.” Hmmm! Keep hope alive, Honeybee! Keep hope alive!

        Here is the link to the interview below. Take care and don’t be such a stranger o.k.

  • pewart

    I heard there were 2 after parties. The first party is where these pictures are coming from. The second party was on the roof of the Thompson Hotel. The PDA rumors are coming from the Thompson Hotel party which I understand was just for cast, family of cast, and close friends. Robert and Kristen did not leave the first after party together, but it sure sounds like they ended up together at the second one!

  • Autumn

    unbelievable they arent together he talked to her but the werent even near each other they ate by each other but thats it whats up tracy terri long time no hear how are you man? everyone knows the truth but they cant except it lol how many times do we need to tell them that???/

  • Autumn

    rob has said that he doesnt believe in staying with one person so that should tell you guys something

  • hello

    kinda looks like there cuddling

    • KayliUK

      It looks like she is speaking to him about something, in a loud environment people tend to lean toward the person they are talking to so that they can hear better. His hand is quite clearly in front of him – almost like he’s going to cover is mouth or something. As Kristen is leaning forward you can quite clearly see that there are NO other arms or hands around her – something I expect when ‘cuddling’. Are you really clutching at straws – the heart shaped indicator kind of gives that away.

      It looks NOTHING like they are cudding!

    • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

      Yet another Robsten clutching at straws and coming up empty! LOL

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      hello, I’m not sure how the other regulars her on Showbiz Spy can open the link you put up but I can’t so can you please put it up again & it’s meant to go orange when it’s put up right. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • katie

    They both had to much to drink.It doesn’t mean anything when Rob had to get drunk before he would make out with the shrew.

  • Twilight

    E! News said this? The same E! News that said they had told Oprah all about their love only to have Kristen say it wasn’t true? That it just too funny! And I cannot understand why any of the pr people for them would let them go on a red carpet dressed the way they are! The actors that play the wolf pack were the only ones that dressed nice!

    • KayliUK

      Twilight – that would be one and the same E! news. SO it’s very believable, wouldn’t you say? :lol:

      • Twilight

        Yes so very reliable! Because we all know how trust worthy E News is! LoL

    • open book!


      O.K. I could not resist responding to this.

      E! News is like saying “Candy is Healthy”

      U like it but eating to much of it will rot your teeth! in E! News case it will reduce brain cells……

  • Autumn

    hey guys look how funny this is its so stupid they are not together lol

    • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

      Autumn-You’re preaching to the converted! LOL We all believe you, but the poor sad Robstens/shippers and sheep refuse to believe what’s in front of their eyes. We’re just hoping they’ll eventually see the truth. Well, we can always hope. LOL

  • Twilight

    I don’t look at the movies as having anything to do with the books. Not at all. So for me I can watch all these K fans run around acting like there is a full moon out! In my opinion you have the Books that tell the Edward & Bella story then you have the movies that tell the K & R story of them hanging out in the woods. Two very different things going on. I wonder what the K fans will do when there is nothing more to obsess over?

  • suzette

    The Rileys premiere???? Why wasn’t RP there???????? Where was all the support from the Twilight cast??? Could it be that Summit has no investment in this movie?

    • KayliUK

      Could it be that despite what is said during PROMOTION of Twilight, that the cast reall doesn’t like Kristen at all and that is why she had no support from them?

      I mean I don’t know, but for such a ‘friendly’ group you’d have expected someone to be there for her.

      • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

        ITA, Kayli. TL was at the premiere for The Runaways, yet he didn’t even bother for WTTR! Looks like everyone is well and truly pissed off with her attitude.

  • hey yall

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    “the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races”.

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    “You smoke a joint and you are likely to kill your brother”.

    “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind”.

    Is this what we believe in contemporary America? I sure hope not.

    I saw this post in Los Angeles…thought you might get a kick out of it…I can’t believe that we still go by this law that was made for the above reasons…Often times America is a deeply disturbed, very very mentally ill nation.

  • suzette

    In my opinion the closeness of the cast was so over done at EP. Of course they always say they get along but at EP everyone of them went way over board to get it out there. odd? No one supporting her at the WTTR since they are all soooooooooo close…!! Is really strange. Wouldn’t RPs family have shown up if he was working????

    • open book!

      Hi Suzette,

      Are u new?


      Good eye! Yes, R’s family would have shown up to WTTR to support K. If they were dating. Also, yes E! Always, goes overboard it’s pretty sad.

      I hope u stick around u are very intuitive!

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you have seen this but RPatz & K-Stew were caught on camera (see Robert Pattinson Life for still images) sitting next to eachother at the after party of the official Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere on the 24th June 2010 & they were not looking very coupley at all & they were not getting all loved up too & why didn’t RPatz go over to sit at the table of the crackwhore herself K-Stew & not the other way around it’s simply a clear indication that his pulling away from her & why wasn’t she caught on camera mingling with his family at the event too maybe they’re pulling away from her too & maybe drinking all of those Stella Aritos (maybe there is a marketing ploy with that but anyway) beers is his way of blocking her out by getting drunk & why didn’t any member of her family (Mann-Stewart) arrive & walk the red carpet with her & even she has been caught on camera (see kstew411 for still image) leaving the red carpet to walk over to the barriers to give her father a hug it seems strange to me why her father wasn’t permitted to cross it too & why did they let his father arrive with him & walk the red carpet too maybe it’s Summit Entertainment the studio behind the Twilight Saga & Remember Me simply proving to her who is boss & that her recent behavior simply isn’t tolerated. I’m sure that the other after party didn’t happen as many gossip sites & gossip magazine sites would’ve had either still images or video footage of it put up by now & why if they knew where the venue was couldn’t they send a photographer it seems a logical thing to do but wait the fuckwit Ted Casablanca blog The Awful Truth (Lies) on E Online (the source of this story) isn’t logical at all never has been & never will be too. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    P.S. I’m so happy that you have put the UK back at the end of your name KayliUK

  • Elizab eth

    The picture was not all that clear of them supposedly cuddling. I couldn’t make it out lol. Where was that photo taken???

    • Donna

      Hey Alison,
      Ohhh I pray you really were there coz’ I sooo want to believe they’re a true and real couple. Every pic I see Rob whenever he looks at her is soooo amazing. He looks so lovingly or in love at her I can’t stand it. Even the press conferences and tv shows when he looks at her is the same way. I think she has been better looking/staring at him as well in a new light. thanx

  • Alison

    Hey guys I DID happen to go to the Eclipse premiere and i made it into the after party which was AMAZINGGGG!!!!! and im no robsten believer or not- believer, but after the after party night, let me tell you, robsten is real!
    they were cute and nice taking pics and all, but after all the cameras went away, they hugged forever!!! im NOT kidding. my friends and i were staring and felt the need to look away. It was so cute. they were holding hands for a while and them separated to their other castmates. rob then went back to kristen and they HELD HANDS even more. it was adorable! once the cameras came out, they sat next to each other to eat, but didnt cuddle anymore till the cameras were gone. im now a robsten believer. definatley.

  • open book!

    Food for Thought!

    With success come fame, attention and false pretense from people who seek fame and attention. Before u believe anything about R/K. First ask yourself, is the information being revealed as “fact” can be easily found in interviews or pictures? For example “fact” R/K smoke cigarettes. U can find this information by doing your own research online. If the person who claim to have inside information on R/K is made up of primarily what can be found on the Internet than consider the rest a fabrication.

    History, time and repetition will reveal the real truth about an actor’s personal ethos. If an actor’s ideology changes too wildly or too often every time they present themselves to audiences off screen (meaning in interviews) then there’s reason to pause and be speculative.

    I’ve said this before R/K are new to the media and a mystery to audiences. So laymen can claim anything they want about them as fact. Only judge R/K on their good work and actions (performance and interviews) if the good outweighs the bad then u have your answer on their personal rectitude.

  • stella

    oh my god allison, are you serious?!

  • suzette

    open book! Thank You. I went to the pictures of the after party. Who is the very pretty,feminine,blond???? Does anyone know?

  • addy

    all i’m saying is that, kristen wears robs clothes constantly, the way they look at eachother is just adorable, rob’s only denied the relashonship once latley -& all he said was when kristen and him will become a real life couple is “when the sun turns black” or whatever. they linked arms (back in nov) hes always got his arm around her, even though all you say she went to budapest for her work – why would they fly to england together right after? his aunt has said they’re together, as well as the director of twilght. they were pictured together in england with HIS friends, on new years. i mean, that kinda proves it to me. idk what everybody else thinks, but yeah.

    • KayliUK


      Oh God that is so funny – They DID fly back to England right after Budapest. Rob immediately went home to HIS FAMILY ON HIS OWN.

      KRISTEN didn’t even leave the airport – she went directly to the USA from there. If she’d have stayed why was she the only one that got through the Volcanic ash to get back since ALL FLIGHTS were stopped.

      Do you reall think that his ‘aunt’ is his best friend right now for all the stuff she supposedley said? Sweetie it just wasn’t true.

      As for Allison – there were press/media at the aftershow party ALL night, they didn’t disappear. So the only people that saw this cuddling were surprisingly Robstens who are using it as confirmation, and Eonline (and other gossip sites that have picked up and run with the story). And let’s not forget Eonline’s source was so accurate about them declaring their love to Oprah, that Kristen herself completely denied it.

  • Elizabeth

    So Autumn what do u say about what alison told us. Shall we throw a celebration because alison gave us proof of Robsten? Llmao.

  • addy

    if they ever do go public, that will suck for you.
    because you obviously can’t stand the fact of them ahaha.

  • Autumn

    did it ever acure to you that the arent together its called FWB I KNOW HER COUSIN OMFG

    • Kicks

      Ok let’s say they are FWB, just good friends, PR they sure don’t look like they are looking for anyone else, they seem pretty happy with whatever they have going on.

      • x

        That’s what the media and the studio wants you to think.Pattinson spent so much time in England without being photographed, the same goes for L.A..
        He could have paraded a dozens of playboy-bunnies and the media wouldn’t report it because it would destroy business with shippers like you.

        They push this showmance to get the exclusives for Twilight otherwise Summit will boycot them and obsessive fans like you who let gossip media think and tell you what to believe would jump ship.

        It’s all marketing and this type of promotion is as old as Hollywood.

  • addy

    haha, uh okay sure ya do :)

  • Alison

    haha yea right!! you know her cousin as much as i know her dad (which i dont, so my point is u dont either). and i KNOW what i saw at the party, which was NOT just friendship.
    and kristen does wear robs clothes constanly, which im sure isnt summit telling her to for PR. seriously, cut the crap. i know for sure i WOULDNT wear my “friends” clothes for pr. and she has a ring which has robs name on it and the necklace that he gave her.
    OH! and did i mention the fact that robs bff Sam Bradley went to kristen “welcome to the rileys” premiere?? and why would he do that? oh yea! to support his bffs girlfriend. if kristen and rob were “just friends” sam wouldnt have been there.

    • KayliUK

      Erm – maybe Kristen and Sam are friends. Since they spent all that time together as a result of the Rob connection. It still isn’t confirmation that that Robsten exists.

      I go to see a friend play in band, someone I was introduced to by an ex, just because we’re no longer together doesn’t mean that my friendship with the other person has to go south. Likewise you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to get a connection like that. Especially if your friend happens to be a musician/actor etc. You show support no matter what.

    • x

      Then why does Scout Taylor Compton wear STewart’s t-shirt in one of her twitpics.

      I guess this confirms she sleeps with her.
      Or are Scout’s tweets not proof enough of her and Stewart’s relationsip?

    • KayliUK

      Thanks X these Robstens seem to think that wearing each others clothes is an indication of undying love. No matter how many times it’s pointed out that this means nothing it is still brought up as the main EVIDENCE.

      But thanks to you we can add another name to the many that Kristen has slept with based on the Robsten theory.

      I hope that both she and Rob get regularly tested, because soon NO-ONE will have been exempt from this relationship :lol:

  • addy

    thank you alison!

  • Alison

    ur welcome!! :)

  • Robot Patternson

    something tells me addy and alison are the same person. never a good sign when u start talking and replying back to yourself on a message board mate! damn these kstew fans get all pissy dont they! haha

  • Laura

    I’m glad you guys mentioned Rob’s interview for Brasilian post because he gave you all the answer : their relationship will become official after “The Eclipse” -Sun becomes BLACK whenever there is an ECLIPSE!!!!!
    So not only our vampire is so romantic but he also speaks in metaphors … What a man!

    • KayliUK

      It could also mean:

      When the Sun becomes Black in reference to a bible passage – translation regarding the end of the world ie NEVER.

      I wonder why no one is picking up on the exact question:

      WHEN will your relationship become official?

      If it’s Eclipse then great the sooner these two idiots realise the SUN does not shine out of their back ends the better.

      If it means NEVER – there’s your answer (it isn’t EVER going to happen).

      So really STILL DOES NOT CONFIRM ANYTHING is what I’m trying to say.

    • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

      I think it was Rob showing her usual British sense of humour again! He knew that all the Robstens/shippers would think he was talking about the movie, and of course, they are. PLEASE, PLEASE learn to understand the British have a VERY wicked sense of humour! LOL

      • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

        Ooops! I meant HIS usual British sense of humour!
        Shrew doesn’t have one.

  • Elizabeth

    The robstens will look on their calendar when the next eclipse is near and will actually believe he or they will share with the public that they are an item. Awwwwwwwww that is so cute lmao. Not!

  • Popatlal

    AIII KI BAKWAAAAAAAAAASS karde rende ne! o ji rob to na aisa kar hi nai sakdaaa inna sona munda hai changa jaya :D haaye main mar jawannn.. ini ghatiya harkat aur rob kare.. na ji naa.. aur wo bhi sabde saamneee… ooiiiiiiiii tauba meri! sharm ni aandi twanu je sab sochde hue bhi? besharm logggg. Sanskari aiga ji rob. wo Kristen hi kameeni. chaalu ladki. phasa gayi hogi ji rob ko. wo ni kar sakda hai na na na. tauba meri! rab hi bachaye twanu! sharm kar tauba merriii!

    • http://showbizspy Vampire Girl

      Please translate into English!

  • minniegiesenhagen

    so are they together or not i read in a mag they split. they need to get back toghter. she needs maybe not to wine so much but he needs to understand her point of views. hes acting like hes a star and is really caught up on himself get over it and get back together. u love her robert pattionson.

  • Laura

    Guys , please don’t take his words exacltly like they are…I mean use your minds- Vampire Girl was right- he has a particular English sense of humour; when he said ECLIPSE , he meant ECLISPE (THE MOVIE ); I’ve never seen these two as close as at the Eclipse premiere in LA. I’m convinced that he had that moment of ” Eclipse” when he was interviewed.

    • KayliUK

      Erm Laura – I am British, and I’ve been told I have a similar sense of humour. I’m just pointing out that this STILL ISN’T PROOF.

      And how do you KNOW he MEANT Eclipse (the movie).

      Stop using it to hide behind the fact you want them to be together. And by the way you won’t have seen them ‘as close as they were at the eclipse premiere’ as you don’t KNOW them. Unless of course you can see what goes on behind closed doors :roll:

      • Laura

        Dear Kayli- to speak formal like Rob’s dad :)),

        I wasn’t telling about any proof!!! it was a reply at those who interpreted Rob’s saying that he meant NEVER!!!
        When in fact that metaphor could as well mean an ECLIPSE!!! Thaaaaat Eclipse…
        As for them being a couple…come on, if there are persons here who spotted them holding hands an so on, beside what we all saw at the premiere…I mean what do you guys what to see? For them having sex in full street? :))

      • gyh

        i think he means he’s NEVER going to confirm they’re dating so don’t wait for it.

      • KayliUK

        Laura – your lack of knowledge of the written word, is a strong reason why you should not ‘speak formal like Robert’s dad’

        I know what an Eclipse is in fact I have seen many (partial anyway, as there are not many full Eclipses), I was merely pointing that you have once again jumped on this to mean that he MEANT Eclipse the film, when there are other ways that could be taken.
        It is also the fact that you say HE MEANT – meaning you KNOW that he meant it in this context – so please, enlighten me as to how you know Robert, maybe you could ask him to clear up this whole Robsten/Nonsten thing.

        BTW – did you see the pictures of him getting cozy with his former girlfriend Nina Schubert at the Eclipse aftershow – you know the girl he speaks about as being the love of his life!

      • KayliUK

        Sorry – I meant to add – By cozy, I’m referring to the fact that they were photographed together, whilst in a conversation, just going by the Robsten theory.

        I’m still waiting for the Kellen/Peter love triangle using that theory.

  • ashlyn

    u all just hate kristen, which is pathetic.
    when she does smile its “fake”
    when she doesn’t smile, shes a bitch.
    she doesn’t smile, because shes nervous!

    • Laura

      so what’s with this video?????? it;s from August 2009 man!!! come on, wake up!

      • Rocket

        Wake up? Not asleep, dreaming or delusional, unlike some. Guess you are right though, in 10 months she maybe no longer “over boys”. However, there seems to be more proof that she prefers to spend her time with a certain female friend as of late as opposed to the PR requirements with RP. Show us some recent NON PR movie related pics/videos of KS/RP together. Will wait.

  • Rocket

    This video may already have been posted, if so, sorry. Scouts comment…(1) the obvious (2) she prefers men as opposed to boys, said in regard to her dating Rob. Rob=boy? Shippers: Don’t tell me I’m grasping at straws here to negate the Robsten, her castmate meant something, unless she just gets nervous in interviews and says dumb things also.

  • lily

    @ Laura,
    i agree!! what do these people want?!! i mean holding hands, wearing robs clothes, having a ring with his name, isle of wight, i mean come one!! its not just PR.
    i think they all just hate kristen. if it was someone else then they would encourage his relationship. kristen is a great lady and rob loves her…why cant people just accept that fact?
    and just because he said he wont admit they are in a realtionship, that doesnt mean hes single or not with her. they like their privacy

    • KayliUK

      You really are delusional and yet you also seem a little saner than the usual bunch because you admit yourself that he might not be with her.

      The holding hands a pap shot caught at the right moment. The IOW holding hands proven photoshopped as the person who made it admitted it wasn’t genuine. The clothes? It’s not just Kristen and Rob wearing the same things it’s their co-stars and co-stars in other films too, therefore this argument must mean their sleeping around/in love with a lot more people than just each other. If you mean the proof with that white shirt because it has the same tear (google Cam Gigandet – he’s wearing the same white shirt that has the same tear – is he in a love triangle with them or maybe it’s the style of the shirt).

      The Isle of White – hardly a romantic getaway with 20 other people and not one photo of them looking loved up – even the little girl who got that precious photo admitted they looked nothing more than friends and there were 4 others with them on that day. The ring is a new one, and yet again it looks like ti has been photoshopped. Sometimes it’s really obvious to spot the fake photo’s from the real photo’s.

      Budapest – WORK, this was proven by Summits/Steph Meyers own websites and yet people still believe Kristen came over for a lovers getaway.

      I’m not denying that there may not be some sexual relationship going on. I just WON’T believe it until there is undeniable proof in the form of a statment from them.

      Until that happens people should stop with the ‘it’s obvious they are sooooooo in love’ comments. There is just as much proof against a relationship between them as there is for one.

      • Rachel

        Evening Kayli – recovered from the football yet!! I see we have more delusional robstens around. It is rather creepy that they are obsessed with proving this relationship. I still don’t get why they don’t find a robsten board – oh yes cause they would have no one to talk too…

      • KayliUK

        Hi Rachel – I’m taking out some England angst on the nutters LOL.

        If you think this lot are delusional you should head over to the “Robert: ‘Kristen made me laugh on set’” board.

        Apparently her making him laugh is a sign of their true love. I better not tell one-eyed mikey down at the newsagents that making people laugh is a sign of love. He already keeps asking for my number, and he’s a funny guy, amkes me laugh all the time but I don’t think my dad would appreciate me bringing home a guy older than he is – having said that I don’t think my other half would either :lol:

      • Rachel

        Hi Kayli so have you recovered from the recents weeks crap with the EW interview. Though I recognise from what open book said that it could have been edited to suit I still don’t get why Rob sais nothing..

      • http://yahoo mystifyme

        seriously, what is your problem Kayli? why does it really matter to you if some people believe Rob and Kristen are together? you really use your energy to reply to all these believers, why? i mean you could just brush everything off but no, you’re out for blood. you are not any better than ay of the posters here, you are just as cheap.

  • Rocket

    After party shot. What do you suppose he is telling her?

    No, you are not a loser
    No! You’ve had enough
    Go ahead and throw up, you won’t be so grumpy

  • suzette

    If you pay close attention to his expression when he says”when the sun turns black” and how caught off guard he was my opinion is he meant NEVER. As far as hating KS goes that is ridiculous. I don’t know her so how could I hate her. In interviews with her “actual statements”she is hateful,bashes her fans,always puts RP down,uses every opportunity to bring attention to herself, says she hates all the attention but does all she can to get it including always using RP to get more attention. Her language is gutter trash.Actions in Austrailia speak for themselves.Then lets add the rape comment. I could write a book …on the trash behavior. Its sad that many of you are still supporting her. Many of you call her Real& Honest. She is one of the least REAL & HONEST out there.And by the way the regulars on this site are really awesome smart people that state the facts. I think everyone has a right to their opinion but all you KS fans ever say is the JEALOUS card. When you watch KS in action her own interviews (not gossip) who could be jealous.

  • Cheesecake
    • Ashley

      Are you freakin kidding me?! Yeah… GC isn’t on Summit’s payroll at all! :roll:

  • RE:

    Stewart had nothing to do with Pattinson’s casting.

    Hardwick had to admit in the Vanity Fair interview and during a Twilight convention that Summit producers told her to look for all Harry Potter actors after they failed to find one in America.
    She went through a catalogue and saw his picture contacted him and had to talk with him over phone several times to even convince him to come for the audition. At that time he needed a job and his agent convinced him to go.
    Summit hired Pattinson, they don’t care what a teen actress or a crazy hippy director thought. They were the ones who assigned Hardwick with the search among the Harry Potter cast and without their approval Pattinson wouldn’t have gotten the part.
    Stewart can’t get parts for herself as the privious and unemployed months show, she is not in the position to tell studios who should they hire.

    • Ashley

      You are so right. Too bad all that isn’t widely known. Certainly would make CH & KS look like the dumbasses they are for ever trying to claim credit for his casting. :roll:

    • Michell

      Re: thanks for the info. I always thought it was weird that an “actor” would have any say in casting. I cant stand hearing this story OVER and OVER again. KStew gets so much credit for this it is annoying.

  • Robot Patternson

    I love the damn lack of brains from these peeps…this one woman said this shit……”Only bottom dweller sites like Popeater would ever publish a story like this. Since 99.99% of the world believe that Rob and Kristen are together and are also very happy for them” where the hell do they get off thinking that 99.9% of the world thinks her way or gives a shit?! what an idiot!

    • Nic

      In their world it is.

  • Autumn

    you guys its called obsessive fans lol they all want them to be together its rediculous if you ask me they want rob/kris to be edward and bella plain and simple. rob likes all women he may not be cause he doesnt want one he wants to be single if he is doing what is with kristen what makes you guys think he isnt doing with other girls he see talks to or works with he is a guy after all he not committed leave him be they are best friends just like her and taylor she used to make out more with nikki reed and willing to if you ask me then she would with rob she likes nikki and would do it with her then rob geez

  • gargamel

    So just curious here, how does that commenter from UK feels everytime she sees robsten sitting together,and eye-sexing each other, must be pretty hard huh.
    If u’re holding out to that ‘ULTIMATE’ PROOF of admission of their relationship, i myself will PREVENT them from SEXUALLY INTERCOURSING in PUBLIC. Coz that will result in MASS SUICIDE of nonfans!
    I wished kstew had not made any statement bout her choice on keeping her personal life privy. That would’ve given me a reason to understand your CRUSADE.

  • Laura

    “that commenter from UK ” obviously is a fan of Rob and jealous of Kristen :)) I can totally understand that by the way…you have reasons to be :))

    anyway it is clear why they wanted to keep their privacy anyway!!! internet is full of nonsens articles after this premiere (fake relationship, suspicious); I mean if they wanted to do that for publicity they would’n have hidden it , right? Some brains are full of nonsens!!!

  • KayliUK

    Laura and Gargamel

    I appreciate your love of my comments

    I actually DON’T love Robert Pattinson (he is an image, portrayed to make people like you think he’s wonderful). Just like I don’t HATE Kristen Stewart. I do not THINK she is a very nice person and I don’t think she is a very good actress.

    As for NEEDING them to have sexual intercourse to prove they are in a relationship – as you have brought this up maybe that is what YOU secretly desire – honey when it comes to the sex scenes in breaking dawn they won’t really be going at it, it’s called acting!

    The proof I am refering to is a STATEMENT (and before you think I want them to stand in front of a podium and read from a pre-printed documented that’s not what I mean), I’m talking about an interview where both of them say they are together – until then YOU don’t KNOW if they are together just like I don’t KNOW that they are.

    How does that make me a hater, or a ‘lover of Robert who is just jealous.

    A lot of pictures can be explained away by being photoshopped, the genuine can be explained away as being promotion (where did you last see them look that way at a non-promotional event). The loving looks if using the theory of the Robstens can be interchangeable between other castmates if you look hard enough. As for the publicity – why give the loving looks, then ‘hide’ the relationship. It’s people like YOU it’s making a mockery of, not me. I can accept whatever their relationaship is/was. You Robstens however are sick and twisted and can’t even bear Robert Pattinson working with female co-stars without sending threats out, can you imagine if he ever did want to date outside the KS bubble – his girlfriends would be hunted and shot (sadly I’m not joking, as this was an actual threat seen on a Robsten site)

  • Laura

    Dear KayliUK,

    you wrote a loooot, so that makes you quite interested in this topic…hmmmm I wonder where this passion comes from?
    I’m not really a Robsten fan, I just like the movies, but if they are a couple in real life is not a problem for me ( I could only be happier).

    • KayliUK

      I’ve said before I LIKE Robert Pattinson, I have an interest in his career for personal reasons, and no I’m not claiming to know HIM, or HER like others do to prove their points, but I do have a reason to want him to do well and I have the contacts that tell me things about him (but you may start your chants of liar now – I’m used to it).

      My passion as you put it, does not stem from a relationship that may or may not exist in the real world. But the need to defend myself from people that call me retarded and a hater because my opinions are different – I think you’ll find that this is human nature!

      And BTW I’m not talking about KS calling her fans retarded, just those that use her as a role model and repeat the words she says.

  • gargamel

    “I can accept whatever their relationaship is/was. You Robstens however are sick and twisted and can’t even bear Robert Pattinson working with female co-stars without sending threats out, can you imagine if he ever did want to date outside the KS bubble – his girlfriends would be hunted and shot (sadly I’m not joking, as this was an actual threat seen on a Robsten site)

    WHO WOULD BELIEVE THIS: I’d say SAVE YOUR ENERGY for a “more” POPULAR stars to critique. OBVIOUSLY YOU’RE GOING FULL BLAST on your crusade. Is it because, you believe they’ve MADE it?
    Yeah, if there are no SELF-PROCLAIMED critique around,there will be no REACTIONS. As barry m. sez’ “YOU GET WHAT YOU GET, WHEN YOU GO FOR IT”

    I am a PROUD TWI-TARD. But would you admit to being a FUCKTARD? Coz you just FUCKED UP YOUR “CRITIQUE” CRUSADE. Will never work man. Fans are fans. You can’t convert em’.

  • gargamel

    kayli UK,…kindly google the word OBSTINATE. I just thought i could teach you some vocabs. here.

    • KayliUK

      Hey – gargamel I googled obstinate and it came up with your name. Funny – no kidding people google it now!

      Why are you saying I’m launching a crusade – is this the Spanish Inquisition – have you been watching too much Monty?

      Do you know what obstinate means? Afterall you have followed this post with another, then another, and then another, all claiming I’m some sort of crusading critique.

      It amazes me that I’m also being accused of being one person posting as many – dearest I, along with the other people on this site, are not sad enough to stoop to the Robsten levels of posting under many email addresses and names.

      Have you ever looked up delusional? I’m just teaching YOU some vocabs.

  • gargamel

    i think this is what the other website is referring to


    Hahahahah,…i just accidentally killed myself here. Is this that site, where there’s 3 posters taking shifts (24/7),to keep it going. And sometimes they do one-liner comment to make others think there’s actually more than 3 people (haters) here.

    Just asking.

  • gargamel



    EVEN MADE IT ON TOP. It’s not hard to guess that
    they are possibly somehow related to either stars
    pre-twilight. Relatives of their previous partners
    publicist, agents that have been replaced, direc-
    tors (as someone here claims) that dislike kstew,
    former classmates who have been pissed,former
    fans and boyfriend who have been ditched.

    THE VERGE OF LOSING ‘IT’ because these fuckin’
    STARS won’t GO DOWN,….
    They’ve haaaddd enougghhh of these HYPE,…
    they’re TIREEEEDDD.
    “Why doesn’t my BLOG count against these INGRATE
    SHITS, why are they still around and making money
    TAKING AWARDS? I don’t care,..i’ma keep on blo-
    gging to keep fellow haters like me alive. We
    have to be heard, these fans are blinded. They
    shld. be warned and constantly reminded.



  • Elizabeth

    There were some unexpected pics taken of these two at the premier and they didn’t look all lovey dovey to me at all. If they were lovey dovey (which I do not see), then there should have been pics taken, for crying out loud, someone snapped a pic of RP eating a chicken wing, that was not expected, so where are these pics of supposed “Robsten”. Next time someone should just snap the camera pic if they are holding hands, making out etc. Now I am not denying one bit that they might have had something, it’s natural. Like others are posting Friends With Benefits, they most likely had an affair but I do not see them being in love or committed to one another, not not at all.

  • Sandyeddiag

    While I love Twilight (the story, the books) and all, Please Please hurry and end this saga, because I’m soooo sick of this mess….They are together…They are not together..This use to be fun, but in my opinion, these two people have literally destroyed this fantasy love story. I use to think Robert was so good looking and classy. Now, after all of the ridiculous mess that he says, has said, and doesn’t say, he just looks like a typical silly boy to me. I can’t hardly watch the previews of Eclipse, because all my mind sees is Kristen (Bella) cursing and giving everybody the finger, smoking, smoking drugs, and dressing like a boy or a hooker. Their mess have messed up my mind, and I can hardly enjoy this beautiful story again,inspite of the fact that the media is now trying to say good things about dirty mouth Kristen so this movie can sell. I now really enjoy watching Vampire Diaries and Tru Blood. Also, why would you want to be with someone that either can not or will not tell the world that you’re his girl? If he can’t or won’t shout it out loud to the world that you belong to him, then why do you want him? Kristen is like a but call on the down low….Not kool…

  • http://facebook paulette

    wlang makakatalo sa twilight ever, even harry potter and titanic wley yan twilight pa

  • http://facebook paulette

    i want to haver alot of magazine of rob kristen picture and etc. pag nag birthday na ako sana mag regalo ang jampit ng pics ng twilight kahit ano basta nandoon c rob at kristen promise gustong gustong gustong gustong gustong gustong gustong gusto ng twilight

  • http://facebook paulette

    sana marami pang mag comment dito at marami pang mag ka gusto sa twilight

  • Lavender_2462

    this is so last year why can’t you get up to date on your reporting robert pattison has said he is traumatized by going out with kristen what a baby