Lindsay Lohan Still Blaming Everyone Else!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lindsay LohanLINDSAY Lohan thinks she’s the most unpopular celebrity in Hollywood.

The Mean Girls actress has reached out on her Twitter account to a string of other stars, including Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and guitar legend Slash — because no one will tweet her back.

“I feel people are setting out to make me an outcast,” she said. “It’s terribly upsetting.”

Recent reports claimed Lindsay — who hasn’t had a hit movie since 2004′s Mean Girlsbelieves her best years are ahead of her, despite her troubled past.

“Lindsay believes her best years as an actress are in front of her,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer, “and hopes studio executives will give her another chance.

“Lindsay’s biggest obstacle in getting her life back together is herself. If she can avoid all the temptations, she has a shot at a good life.”


  • jake

    Isn’t she trying? She obviously hasn’t been drinking/ drugging because of the anklet- that report DID come out and proved that she had no alcohol in her.
    Leave her alone already- if you don’t like her- STOP reading articles about her. Charlie Sheen is just as bad- even worse- threatens his wife with a KNIFE while COKED out and everyone STILL loves him- it makes no sense! Women in Hollywood have it SO much harder

    • Reynaldo

      Well said Jake! I adore Lindsay and now i can’t help but feel sorry for her, not because of her behavior but for the way the media treats her. lindsay is tame compared with how celebs got down in the 70′s.

  • John

    I am on Team Lindsey!

  • TruthSpeaks

    So those celebs won’t tweet her back? Bet they wasted time tweeting with people who became famous for no reason at all. Lady Gaga is an hypocrite since when did she not made an ass of her self publicly. If Lindsay keep up the good work I’m sure she will get good movie offers and these same celebs will want to tweet her, just watch.